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RAINFORESTS FACTS In this project you are going to explore the rainforests. WARMING-UP TASK: 1-Load this URL : id=rainforest a)Do the quiz on rainforests. Write down the answers in the form of a paragraph. b) Watch and listen to the movie. Note down important vocabulary .

2-Load this URL : Open the link “Rainforests� and answer these questions: a)What is a rainforest? b) Where are the rainforests? c) Draw a diagram of the rainforest strata. Explain what each stratum is like and what animals live there. d) Choose an animal that is unique to the rainforest and describe it. If possible, draw it with all its parts. e) How do animals protect themselves from predators? f) What is the soil of the rainforest like? g) Why are rainforests important for the environment? h) Which foods are found in the rainforest? i) The Yanomami are one of the best-known indigenous peoples living in the rainforest. Find out about them in the internet. Useful sites:

j)The world’s rainforests are endangered. Find out which human activities threaten them. k) Find out NGOs that work to preserve the rainforest. Choose one and explain how and where they operate. (Useful sites:

l) Write a memo with six recommendations to help preserve the rainforest. ORAL PRESENTATION Explain your findings, concentrating on: -how and why rainforests are endangered -how and why the indigenous peoples are facing extinction -an NGO of your choice that works to help the environment and peoples of the rainforest. -your 6 recommendations to help stop the destruction of the rainforest.


a learning sequence about rainforests