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Michal Mrรกz___Architecture portfolio___2010 - 2013

Info Michal Mráz Kmochovo nám. 42, Zásmuky, CZ +420 732 867 461 March 21st, 1991

Education 2010_pres. 2002_2010

CTU_Faculty of architecture Grammar school Kolín

Czech English Russian

native speaker advanced, active passive

PC Photoshop, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, InDesign, Artlantis, Office Driving A, B, C [B actively] license

Work experience 2013 Půdy realizace s. r. o. Manual worker Conversion of an attic 2012

Southwestern advantage Door-to-door dealer of educational products Arizona, USA

Interests Running, cycling, reading, juggling


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Michle development Home for the elderly Housing below the hill Summer cabin/ fishermen´s island Basic studio



2013 2012


Příbor_streets renewal Fire station in San Francisco FEL scape_student study




Hunting observation



Voluntary studio Michle development Studio Kuzemenský&Synek 1 Summer semester /6th/, 2013

[Task: the city district managed to buy from minor owners marked site. It expects finding a major partner. The site will be lent and the city itself becomes coinverstor. The city or private developer give architect the task to check the possibilities of returning this desolate site into the city structure. On purpose without accurate parameters. The city requires basically dense development. In current economic situation it assumes dividing it into planned or unplanned phases during the realization under the condition of feeling of finality and factual permeability of the site. The break could last up to ten years. Different categories of housing are preffered. Min. 5 % no-barrier living and 5 % social housing - belongs to the city. Maximal accent is put on quality of an exterior space and its hierarchy. Prove of the flexibility and universality of the proposal in the way of exchanging the functions /housingoffices etc./ is required. The obvious part of the solution is the solution of a relation to the Botič stream.]

Nusle is a charismatic quarter. In the shade of the Nuselsky bridge, at the bottom of the valley it perhaps doesn´t even recognize that the city spreads all around. Uncompromising carpet of a block development stopped before the Botič stream which recalls its existence here and a bizarreness of the whole quarter culminatess in a surreal picture where between a rumbling railroad and a factory the children shouting is heard. I like bizarre things, they stimulate my imagination. But the punch line should be different here friendlier.

I am talking about Nusle but it is still the Michle district. But considering the morphology it certainly belongs to Nusle´s firm development rather than Michle´s fragmented one. In the grasp of Tyrš´s hill and a Jezerka park, in the place where the old mill used to be there is the real morphological border. There are few starting points in my proposal. The impermeability of Nusle´s inner block structure is one of them. The usability has been lost in the chaotic tangle of garages, extensions, walls and bushes. The space consumption of some of them is nearly hundred percent of the space. The value of the inner block is somewhere else than in using it as another parking place. It should be the supplement of the public space enabling diverse ways of usage. From the closed ones serving as a garden to private ones serving as workshops or studios or the fully accesible ones. Combination of all of them forms an interesting city. But the balance in Nusle has been tilted to one side only. What I propose is comparatively sparse and completely publicaly accesible

development. It is not a block any more. Houses don´t stick to each other. It is rather a cluster of slightly deformed solitaires which are capable of reflecting the surroundings in their shape and by the way of placing them create a block-like structure. The second starting point is the lack of public spaces. I mean public spaces usable without the feeling that I am at risk of being hit by a car. Not mentioning cars there are way too many obstacles in the streets anyway /I mean also impossibility of establishing a commercial first floor at many places due to panel buildings/. Shortly it is too fragmented. That is why the system of shared spaces for people and cars is part of my proposal. Cars should be only one of the parts of a public space not its dominant feature. Parking at the surface is then time-limited and the number of parking spots is also limited. The last point considers the usability of the city. Living at the suburb in a family house is still a valid ideal. But I think that qualities of this kind of living could be fullfilled also in the city and surpass them in many ways. The main benefit of living in the city should not only be job opportunities and service but also possibility to rest and relax without weakly ritual exodus to the countryside. Therefore I detach a large space for public garden nearby the Botič and I build enough larger apartments for families of which a considerable part has own garden or at least loggia or balcony. Big houses also offers office spaces designed to be used rather by small business subjects. These spaces are easily rebuildable to apartments in the case of changing the demand. What is the punch line then? Instead of bizarreness I offer comfort. Instead of slightly unfriendly Nusle´s streets I offer the feeling of safety. The urban living with the essence of countryside.

row houses along the river


1+kk 38 m2


2+kk 58 m2


3+kk 69-95 m2






XL_a 3+1 95 m2 XL_b 4+1 125 m2



A 2

Civil buildings studio Retirement home in Podvinni Studio Kuzemenský&Synek Winter semester /5th/, 2012

[Task: The developer obtained a site between a residential complex Podvinný mlýn, the Rokytka stream and a park Podvinní. The task is to propose a home for the elderly. It should combine a nursing home, home for the elderly and a day care center. Total capacity is circa 80 people. The goal is to get to know the user, his needs, wishes, interests, fears and firstly the everyday life and reflect it in the proposal. The second theme here is the residual and „wild“ character of the place. Lack of urbanity? Romanticism? Inappropriateness? What is the adequate image of the house? Looking for the harmonic whole.] The starting point of my proposal is a statement ´retirement home as just one of options of living in an old age´. Generous house with ambition to provide the sense of safety and the wormth of home is offered. Also the freedom of movement and feeling that my life is not in the hands of others now. Upcomming stage of life is certainly possible to be lived through with gentility. Using the potential of the site unilaterally is not the goal. Vice versa. The more the people will pass by the more interesting the interactions will happen. Leaving your current home

for the retirement home is perceived offten very negatively. It is probably caused by the feeling of transition to the last stage of life and the closeness of death and also the idea of the home as a hospital-like building. I´d like to forget these images and offer a house where one can find just another quality of living just little different from what he was used to so far with opportunities of mental and physical growth and making new relationships and a life in a cummunity of people of the same age. But it shouldn´t become a ghetto! It is open also for outsiders. The image of a house in touch with the nature around appears in my mind. Interior should appear informal. Exterior on the other hand is quite formal looking but not distant - it is transparent so nobody should be feared to enter the lobby and café where both worlds meet and continue inside to have some lessons and get the feeling of living here. Both insiders and outsiders could spend the whole day moving among jacuzzi, senior club or café having a good time. I can also spend a day in the elevated courtyard. Let´s call it the eden

garden. It is calm, I see the sky, trees in the park and I am outside. There is also one special place. Although with transparent walls still with own microclimate. Place where I can forget about everything and relax or meditate doing undemanding activities, where I have my own corner with flowerbed, workbench with tools or just a favorite archchair. I like it the most when it´s raining, with raindrops drumming on the roof - pleasant afternoon. I can live in my own apartment or with my partner. Rooms are modest but cozy, adaptible when I need care more often. All of them has the balcony with the view of the river. I can watch the people passing by with the safety of the apartment behind my back. Because the space along the river is small the house barely fits in there so the treetops touch the windows of the room. They also function as shading in the summer, on the other hand in the winter when the leaves fall down and the sun declines they let more sunrays to come inside. Walking along the house is romantic, almost mysterious. Especially the ´outside corridor´ - tunnel-like space where the trees touch the house and where the sun projects leave pattern on the plain facade. The path leads to the roaring weir. When it is sunny there are people sitting nearby enjoying their cofffee or having a barbeque. After passing this interesting space opens up in front of you. Trees are much older here - one can feel the time in their bark and branches. And then there is just a park in the fall having all kinds of colors, in the winter plain white. Looking forward to moving in the home for the elderly don´t have to be something odd. I don´t have to go here with the feeling that I am going to die here soon. I could really enjoy the time here and enrich my current life. Ideally I wouldn´t even notice any significant change.

garage entrance

the main entrance




facade along the river














up: interior of the park coridor down: view from the park, on the first floor a coridor from the picture above right: interior of the inner greenhouse


Residential buildigs studio Housing under the Paví hill Studio Jan Aulík Winter semester /3rd/, 2011





[I am closing the gap in the city structure, opening up the Paví hill by the narrow staircase and a ramp and using the shape of the hill for building a housing and a gym in the slope.] 1:2000

Multiple ways of building in the slope

25 m

125 m




Simple, but no connections with the hill.

View, terraces, but not effective.


Possibility of placing a larger volume.




Interspace usable as a ŘEZ B garden.






1:2000 25 m

125 m

1:2000 25 m

125 m


RAMPA ramp




SCHODIŠTĚ staircase

ŠIKMÝ VÝTAH inclined elevator


3. NP






3. NP

4. NP

4. NP

3. NP

4. NP



3. NP

obchod se sportem 3. NP

2. NP

A 4

Basic studio II 2nd task_summer cabin Studio TichĂ˝&Trojan Summer semester /2nd/, 2011

[Task: Multi-space object at the specific site.]

Sunny summer cabin, place for a boat and a pier.

Rolling huts, Olson Kundig architects

A 5

Basic studio II 1st task_fishermen´s island Studio Tichý&Trojan Summer semester /2nd/, 2011

[Task: Single-space object at the specific site.]

I propose a floating fishermen´s island also used as recreational. It has a tiny shelter and a steps to water all around the object. It can be freezed in the water in the winter.

A 6

Basic studio I 2nd task_church remake Studio TichĂ˝&Trojan Winter semester /1st/, 2011

[Task: After having relief done make an OBJECT inspired by the chosen object.]

A 7 [ T a s k : choose a favourite architecture. Analyse it and design a RELIEF inspired by the chosen building.]

Basic studio I 1st task_relief Studio TichĂ˝&Trojan Winter semester /1st/, 2011


Idea student competition Reconstruction of chosen streets 1 in downtown Příbor

Michal Mráz


[Task: propose how to renew chosen streets in the city center in connection with reviving the square of Sigmund Freud. Creative solution luring to visit the town is expected.] Příbor is a beautiful town of a small scale and incredible diversity of places. Due to close distances it is pleasant for walking and with overall nice atmosphere. However some of the places have already lost their spirit and substantial part has been taken by cars. It would be enough to change rules of the game - narrow boundaries for traffic and widen them for pedestrians and cyclists. Clean up and better define various places. My proposal follows few basic themes. Diverse street profiles. They could bear much more than two turning lanes and a narrow pavement. There is place for trees, pedestrians, cyclists and cars. Crossings. They shouldn´t be places of no one with painted area larger than actually used one. Turning radii could be smaller - there is no reason to drive through as fast as possible. Filling the gaps with houses. There is still enough space in the city center. There is no reason to build in the periphery when there is enough space inside. They can also bring new commercial first flor, new apartments and spaces for little business - everything very needed. Connection of the core places. The core of the town should be created by the Freud´s square, Čs. armády street and the Lidická street which leads to the house of culture deflecting through the Piarist´s garden. These places should be the most attractive parts of the town. Cyclists availability. Bikers hate drivers and drivers hate bikers, thats obvious. I propose independent infrastracture for them. Important is to make it a closed system with no interruptions. It is obvious that after demolishing the block of the hou-

ses near Čs. armády street the only Freud´s house remained just because it is the Freud´s house which left it as a last man standing. I propose building a new object nearby /mostly apartments, hotel, commercial first floor/ which could strengthen the lower part of the square and better articulate the entrance to the city center from the south. The square could bear quite a lot of parking spots and there will still be enough space remaining for the town fair or likewise happenings. Crossings are slightly elevated and are made of different type of paving. Cyklists have their own little roundabout - solution with a touch of a Dutch inspiration. It is safer and drivers always look in the direction where there could appear cyclists. Following Čapka street deserves to become more like a town promenade which corresponds with the solution of the next crossing where there are pedestrian moving prioritazed over the cars. Simple reorganization of the current crossroad and three new houses [b, c, d] newly define the zone with restricted traffic right next to the Freud´s square. The last crossing on the Lidická street changed from the asphalt field to an enjoyable place which is dominated by a full-grown tree with a couple of benches below in its shade. Ideal for gossip makers who could gather here or for bikers to have a little break because the cyclist lane would be recreational rather than one used for commuting. As I´ve already said, Příbor is a beatifull city which unfortunately suffers from current way of life. Towns and cities should be planned as a whole at the same time as in detail. We can´t just stare at the sattelite view and draw the roads with a T-square. [Dutch inspiration: watch?v=FlApbxLz6pA]



4 b









The Freud´s house is not the last man standing any more. It´s got a companion which at the same time strengthened the entrance to the city center from the south.




Although it´s not called the square in fact it is one. More intimate than the main Freud´s one - ideal for town fairs. The paved space will be guarded by a big tree after a while. [Shown with ideal placement of the fair stands.]

A street with a diverse profile. Together with Lidicka street it is a town promenade. Two trees as a gate to the park. A bench and a bicycle stand under each one of them.

Crossroad where there is clearly visible who is prioritized. On the way from Penny Market to the square now there is the only one pedestrian crossing. Diameters for turning cars have been reduced. Simple reorganization enabled the creation of the calm space right next to the square. The two new corner houses let people comming from Ostrava look between them as a greeting of welcome. In between two houses [b] the seats of the local bar expand out. Behind them there is a park. What to do with as big space as this one? Another square? No. A place with a couple of benches shaded by a tree is enough. This is where the gossips come from.

Demarcation of the basic triangle. These places have to be connected enough. One-way circular system in the town center. An ideal place for placing a central bus station. What could be better than arriving in the town and getting off in the heart of it? Not at the periphery as usual.

Dramaturgy of the town

Roof landscape



Landscape, scenery

pavement_2,0 m

two-way bicycle lane_2,0 m

parking/tree/island for crossing_2,5-2,7m

one lane of the road_3,0 m

pavement_2,0 m

View from the square/ Standard street profile

space for opened door_0,5 m

The final strip_Qualities of Příbor which should be protected and even upgraded


B 2

Idea competition San Fracisco Fire Department Headquarters

In cooperation with Jan Ret

[ARCHmedium proposes the creation of a fire station for the city of San Francisco. The new center should not only be a practical space designed to respond to the needs of firefighters, but must become an icon of the city which rose from the ashes and a reminder of the tragedy, a building that not only the people of San Francisco but the entire world associates with the image of the fire department.]

Imagine how cool would that be to see your heroes who silently guard your city and watch their daily routine, to watch trucks go back and forth, ships so close you can almost touch them and helicopters ready to take off. Those brave men shouldn´t suddenly emerge from somewhere and after job is done dissapear again from our sight. They deserve their job to be valued a lot and their headquarters to be one of the basic parts of the city because it is their service we can rely on when things go bad and we need to know that they are here.

That´s why we propose the connection between the two completely different worlds - a firestation and a park. Life saving and leisure. It may seem absurd but we think this is exactly what we need. It will remind us that the danger is always here but also that we know how to diminish consequences of it. It seems like a huge golden rescue ship anchored to the pier ready to float off easily recognizable among the piers. The park is the extension of the city expanding to the water with a firestation facing it. You can observe the station, watch the ships slowly floating in the bay or just relax letting the city behind your back to be simply forgotten. The firestation itself is a linear-organized complex working place with everything under one massive roof. The advantage of this scheme is simple but effective organization of the garrage and doc-

king spots making everything watchable from the park like in the theatre. A cove sepparates those two parts so firemen don´t get interrupted. The privilage position at the rooftop belongs to a control room lying right next to the hose tower and an excercise tower with a climbing wall in it. The scheme of the inner spaces is simple - visitors center and a little training facility at the entrace, truck garrage and supplies, residence and at the end sports and leisure with 25m pool, jacuzzi and the gym, all this with large slide door at the side to be opened in the hot summer days to let the air go in. The park is a simple grassed deck with a few landmarks on it. It has the hill with trees at the top - being at the elevated point and watching what is going on down there or just the „cut off“ feeling is just a great way to relax. Summer theatre right next to it uses the inclination of the hill to place seats. The terrain is slightly inclined in few more places. Firstly at the entrance so you can easily watch the firemen. The second one is in the top right-hand corner and it makes sort of natural tribunes so you can watch people playing football, kiting etc. At the tip of the park there is a wooden deck - the same as the ones scattered all over the park. It is a great period of time we live in and it may seem that life is so carefree and easy it may lead to the lack of interest and make us think that everything is possible and it will be done by itself. Our proposal tries to show that things won´t happen without people taking action and to wake people from letargy.

1.1 visitor centre 1.2 truck garage 1.3 locker room 1.4 main entrance 1.5 technical rooms 1.6 car garage 1.7 fit centre 1.8 gym 1.9 pool

N 50 m third floor - roof

10 m

2.1 training centre 2.2 day room 2.3 presentation room 2.4 offices 2.5 residence 2.6 main kitchen 2.7 cloak rooms

3.1 helipads 3.2 towers 3.3 dispatching






second floor




2.7 sport centre




2.6 car garage

first floor 1.1

1.5 1.2

1.3 1.4

1.7 1.6 1.8


support System

residence truck garage visitor centre

B 3

Workshop/competition FEL-scape Reconstruction of a study Faculty of electronics, CTU

In cooperation with Jan Ret Pavla Enochová 1st place_students vote

kitchenette for students spacious sofas living landscape semi-transparent partition, cable strings library

[Task: reconstruction of the current space to the study, place for relax, enabling project exhibition and presentations with projections. Workshop led by doc. akad. arch. Vladimír Soukenka.]



made by nature, provided by: Jan Ret, Pavla Enochová, Michal Mráz =




fragmentace krajiny

intenzita krajiny intenzita krajiny

Our design approach reflects the needs of the study as well as a relaxation space. The theme of the space is the ´living landscape´. By forming it we get various spaces permeating throughout the three zones. The central theme is the possibility of individual/collective study and at the same time many ways to relax, lie and sit down. The first part is located just by the entrance and it is café-like space with many people passing by in the corridor and incomming and outgoing students. The flexibility of the central part is ensured by the ceiling electrical connections and movable triangular tables gatherable into groups no matter how big. The last part belongs to the ´living landscape´ itself. It´s made of plywood coated with long-haired carpet and filled with pillows.



obytná krajina

made by nature, provided by: Jan Ret, Pavla Enochová, Michal Mráz poloprůhledná příčka (kabelový výplet) prostorná pohovka




místo pro konference

fragmentace krajiny

obytná krajina knihovna poloprůhledná příčka (kabelový výplet) prostorná pohovka "kuchyňský kout" pro studenty místo pro konference malé stolky jsou vždy po ruce knihovna variabilní křeslo pro jednoho nebo dva lidi "kuchyňský kout" pro studenty

LIVING LANDSCAPE: undulating space which offers inexhaustible number of ways to sit or lie. Everybody can find their own place either “up the hill” or just at malé stolky jsou vždy po ruce the base of it. The surface is coated with high-hair carpet. The whole space is filled with pillows. OBYTNÁ KRAJINA: zvlněný prostor, tvořený jednotlivými pronikajícími se rovinami, nabízí nepřeberné množství variant posezení a poležení. Každý si může najít svoje oblíbené místo, ať už nahoře na vrcholku "kopce" nebo si jen lehne na zem a opře se o jeho úpatí. Povrch je potažen příjemným materiálem - kobercem s vysokým chlupem či polstrováním. Celý prostor je vyplněn polštáři. variabilní křeslo pro jednoho nebo dva lidi

OBYTNÁ KRAJINA: zvlněný prostor, tvořený jednotlivými pronikajícími se rovinami, nabízí nepřeberné množství variant posezení a poležení. Každý si může najít svoje oblíbené místo, ať už nahoře na vrcholku "kopce" nebo si jen lehne na zem a opře se o jeho úpatí. Povrch je potažen příjemným materiálem - kobercem s vysokým chlupem či polstrováním. Celý prostor je vyplněn polštáři.

kavárenské prostředí:

nízké stolkyatmosphere: café pohodlná křesla větší ruch low tables comfortable sofas noisier

kavárenské prostředí: nízké stolky pohodlná křesla větší ruch

část pro studium: variabilní stoly stropní elektrické přípojky intimnější prostor variabilita křesel

variability of the sofas variabilita křesel

study: triangular tables ceiling electrical connectionsvariabilita uspořádání stolů more intimate space

obytná krajina: ležení válení zevlování

část pro studium: variabilní stoly stropní elektrické přípojky intimnější prostor

obytná krajina: ležení válení zevlování

variability of tables variabilita uspořádání stolů

living landscape: lying resting relaxing

variabilita ležení

variability of lying variabilita ležení

C 1

Construction of a hunting observation near Kolin, Bohemia

[Hunting observation /cz.: „posed“/ is an archetypal construction which is a part of a Czech landscape for centuries. „Kazatelna“ is then a special type of it which doesn´t need any support of a tree or branches. Our construction provides quite a good thermal comfort therefore it is used all year long. It was made by the two of us in a month in a local workshop.]

In cooperation with Radim LĂśwe

ERURYpWUiP\[PP ERURYpWUiP\[PP pine beams, 100x100 mm

]SUDFRYiQtQDFLUNXOiUFH ]SUDFRYiQtQDFLUNXOiUFH processing with circular saw



assembly of a base and a shelter VPRQWRYiQtSRGVWDYFHDND]DWHOQ\



connection of two parts with VSRMHQtND]DWHOQ\ threaded rods VSRMHQtND]DWHOQ\ DSRGVWDYFH



transfer to the site by a truck




In Prague_9/9/2013. © Michal Mráz

Architecture portfolio_Michal Mráz  
Architecture portfolio_Michal Mráz  

CTU Prague, Faculty of Architecture