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Selected works from 2012 / 2018

About me

Hi there!

I’m Melisa Raush a recent graduated on a double degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Design Development in Elisava School of Design and Engineering from Barcelona. As an industrial designer I like to experiment through my work in order to obtain complete and different projects. My goal is to develop projects that provide solutions to current challenges in creative and innovative ways. Solving the needs of nowadays consumers and providing them with new usability and interaction experiences. I believe in innovation as an essential tool to generate these new user experiences that attract and seduce consumers, thus obtaining unique products that stand out and have a meaning in today’s society, saturated with objects and messages.

About the projects

As you are going to see here I present some of my personal projects, from graphic and communication to packaging and product design. A good industrial designer has to be able to design and produce an object or service taking into account all the aspects associated with it. Create an object goes beyond simple formalization, there must be cohesion between all the aspects that compose a product, granting integrity and presence to the idea. Thanks to that, we can reach our consumers in a beautiful and deeply way, thus create a connection with them.

Travel adverts

Phatic function Referential function

Language is defined as the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way. So, with language humans can express their feelings and thoughts to another person, the reciever.

Advertising is the lenguage and tool that companys uses to communicate with their objective consumers. These advertising where design for a travelling agency usign the differents functions that language has. Thanks to that we can understand all the elements that take place in the communication process of a product or service.

Project developed in partnership with Amaia Aranzabal, 2016.

05 -

Graphic Design

Metalinguistic function

06 -

Design Portfolio

In the Barcelona of the sixties and seventies came a transgressive and daring movement, known as the Gauche Divine.

07 -

Product Design

Gauche divine eyewear

Referential function

Design Portfolio

Elsa Peritti. Oriol Maspons, 1966

The group was formed by liberal young boys who where open to new European’s trends and to the world of arts, culture and intellectuality.

People who sick to to break with the past and conventions of the Spain of the sixties. The glasses reflect the values of this movement, the Gauche Divine, imitating the rigid positions that models adopted in the photographs of the time. Therefore, the design is characterized by straight lines and sharp forms, expressing the modernity of their values.

Project developed in partnership with

08 -

Laia BurgueĂąo for ZEN Barcelona, 2016.

Product Design

09 -

Women Gauche Divine Model

10 -

Design Portfolio

Product Design

Save and Safe

11 -

Save and Save Usability secuence.

It is designed to be carried inside the seat post so the user is able to do basic repairs any time during his journey. Due to this fact he is unconcerned about possible robberies or having to remember to keep the kit every time he goes riding. All the design process was focused on the essential shape of the basics tools that are implement in the kit in order to dialogue with the users to achieve an easier usability experience by remembering and indentifying the original and classical tool. The toolkit implements in a very simple and comfortable way all the basic tools for any kind of adjustment that the user could have using his bike.

12 -

Project developed in partnership with Amaia Aranzabal, 2017.

Design Portfolio

Save and Safe is a toolkit that offers a double confidence to urban bikers.

Save and Save tools including a screwdriver set, hex keys set and a Torx wrench set.

13 -

Product Design

Video. Save and Save on daily life.

14 -

Design Portfolio

Glazer Vodka is a bottle intended to reflect a clear intention to recover the aesthetic and ritualistic values of vodka as a quality and stylish drink. Currently, especially in southern Europe, vodka, as and alcoholic beverage, has lost prestige and has become a typical drink to drink on the streets or in houses just before attending a party or nightclub. Because of that it has become quite accessible and economically beverage, with large divisions of quality and debased. Glazer Vodka intends to return to vodka criteria of prestige and quality, thanks to the aesthetic values represented in the bottle.

Project developed in partnership with Silvia Sans for The Glasberries Design Awards 2016 inspired by BA Glass. Winner of the Customers Honorable Award.

15 -

Product Packaging Design

Glazer Vodka

Design Portfolio

16 -

Glazer Vodka Family range.

This is reflected in the geometries that run along the outside of the bottle and the cap, creating a texture reminiscent of ice. The design play with the purity and simplicity of the geometries represented to achieve a subtle and pure texture. In this way we enhance the values of prestige and quality that we seek to attribute to the alcoholic beverage.

17 -

Product Packaging Design

Glazer vodka aims to connect the user with the cold and pure origin of this spirit drink.

18 -

Design Portfolio

Glazer Vodka range of capacity 500ml and 700ml

Milk has been part of the food based nutrition from the earliest times. Formerly the milk was distributed house to house every morning, fresh, ready to be consumed.

Simple interaccion of Mu Bottle thanks to the cap.

19 -

Product Packaging Design

Mu Back to origins

20 -

Design Portfolio

MU is a bottle intended to buy milk in bulk. Transmitting the traditional and ritualistic values from the past, while giving new prominence to the product.

Thanks to a reusable and easy to use bottle we can empower users to return to traditional and characteristic ritualism of the sale of bulk products, offering fresh and high quality products.

The top of the bottle, made of silicone food compatible, allows a very simple and easy way to open and close the bottle, ensuring proper sealing and maintenance of the product. Thanks to that a nice and simple interaction between the user and product is achieved, improving their day by day routine. Project developed in 2017.

21 -

Product Packaging Design

To get a graphic line acord to the product, which would bring out the caracteristics of milk, a line of simplicity and elegant purity has been follow to give strength and character to the product.

Design Portfolio

Mu Bottle on daily life.

22 -

Silicone food compatible cap prototipes.

OMS Law 2571/3

23 -

Product Packaging Design

Are we really aware of what contains the food we eat?

Cereal packaging after the application of the law.

In Spain, around 19% of the population does not read the labels of the food they eat. - BerbĂŠs Asociados with IMOP, 2015

The communication of the products must impact the consumer directly, clearly and concisely. For this purpose, a regulation has been applied that follows the foundations established in the tobacco law that obliges the tobacco companies to include in their packets and products sanitary warnings, using shocking color photos, texts and a telephone number or web page to quit smoking. Based on this reference, the objective of the campaign aims to clearly communicate the components present in the food. Highlighting those harmful, synthetic and damaging substances imposed by the industry. The project consists of redesigning the packaging of the food industry in accordance with this new regulation, how manufacturers would adapt their communication proposals to meet these new requirements and still attract their target consumers.

Project developed in partnership with Amaia Aranzabal and Laia BurgueĂąo,

24 -


Design Portfolio

This project was born as a critic to show current eating habits and promote consumer awareness about what they are buying, so they can understand what ingredients contain the food purchased in the supermarket.

Product Packaging Design

Application of the law on a variety of supermarket products.

Olives packaging modification.

25 -

Croissants packaging modification.

26 -

Design Portfolio

That’s all for now!

If you feel I’m the kind of person you would like to work with or simply want to know something more about me please don’t hesitate to contact me on: +34 622276492

Or drop me a line on LinkedIn:

Melisa Raush

Design Portfolio

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Design Portfolio  

Hi there! As you are going to see here I present some of my personal projects, from graphic and communication to packaging and product des...

Design Portfolio  

Hi there! As you are going to see here I present some of my personal projects, from graphic and communication to packaging and product des...

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