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november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action



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2011 Fun DayDQGBanquet Dates 1RYHPEHUWK±0'5$ 1RYHPEHUWK±0'5$

OUR R O F D E N U T Y STA 012 2 R O F M A R G EXCITING PRO EDULE H C S S ’ R A E Y NEXT ON O S D E T S O P E WILL B Two separate Series, each series has its own points, prizes, banquet and contingency. All MDRA races have set prices. Check us out on the web at or call 717-249-6036 for information.

Race the series and tracks that make you a better racer. MDRA has more members at Loretta Lynns each year than any other organization on the East Coast. MDRA philosophy - Motocross racers promoting motocross races. The MDRA is proud to announce the following sponsors have committed to the 2011 Season. Welcome EVO Industries, Headcase MX, Montgomeryville Cycle Center and MGX Unlimited. If you would like to get involved or join them, please call Rod Yentzer at 800-650-1001.


november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

2011 MDRA

4 Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

Belair 344 U.S. Route 1 410-879-3586

Severna Park Baltimore 800 Ritchie Highway 7511 Belair Road 410-647-5880 410-663-8556






Go to the DER web site ( or for additional information and directions. There will be free camping and plenty of room. The Blue Diamond MX Park will provide food.

NOVEMBER 20-21 AT BLUE DIAMOND MX PARK SATURDAY – 50CC, PEE WEE AND YOUTH 50cc @ 12:30pm for a 1/2 hour then Pee Wee @ 1:30pm for 1 hour (approximately 2 mile course). Youth @ 3:00pm for 1 1/2 hours (approximately 5 mile course) using the mx track, supermoto through amusement park, woods trail and dirt flat track.

SUNDAY – MAIN EVENT FOR A, B AND C CLASSES C Class, Masters, Golden Masters, Sportman, B Super Seniors @ 10:00am for 1 1/2 hours. A & B classes @ 1:00pm for 2 hours (approximately 8 mile course) including mx track, ATV track, supermoto through amusement park, open woods trail, grass track, 1/2 mile flat track, really tall stony down hill, a dried up mud bog (hope for rain) and some fun and fast straight grass sections. No bark busters needed, all trails wide open.

$ LAST EVENT OF THE YEAR CHALLENGE WHO ARE THE FASTEST OR THE BEST? $ MX riders vs H/S riders, vs Enduro riders. ECEA riders vs NEOC Series, Series, PA Championship Series, District 7 Series & VCHSS Series. $ NETRA All come to Blue Diamond MX Park on November 20-21 to settle who are the fastest riders on the East Coast. $

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november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

So what do we do in the off-season, you ask? I’d say to keep reading your copies of MRA and to patronize as many of our advertisers as you can. Please remember that most are the ones that not only advertise in our pages to keep us going but are also sponsoring racers and races to keep everything local alive. Why in the world would you ever consider buying something from a large online mail house or from someone from out of the area? Let them know that you appreciate them and their efforts to keep racing alive in our neck of the woods. You can also browse the thousands of race images online at our website. Race photos can be used to show appreciation for sponsors, they work great on resumes, and they are always at the top of a list for any racer as one of their favorite holiday gifts. You can link to just about every photographer’s website from MRA, and one of my favorites is Jim Bull Photo, not that I’m partial or anything. Please, however, check out them all, as these are the guys out on the front lines promoting what you do. We’ll be back with one more issue after this in December to promote the holiday gift giving season and to wrap up the rest of this year’s racing. As always, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. We have some big plans for 2012, so we certainly hope you come along. We’ll see you at the track.


Hello Race Fans

I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers. It’s a special holiday that we can all get together and be thankful for the things we have. I know it’s easy to complain as soon as something doesn’t go quite our way, but I’ve found that there is always somebody that has it worse off than we do. Please remember this holiday season to be kind to your family and friends and to be thankful for what you have. Also, if you have extra, there’s no better feeling in the world than sharing something with those who don’t. So it’s hard to believe that we are here at the end of the season in the great Northeast. I remember a year ago when we were planning the new season. There was much talk about where to race, who’s doing what and is the racing world coming to an end as we know it. Well I’m happy to report that we’ve all made it through, that we’ve all had places to race and that we are already thinking ahead to next year. Coming up we have our year-end award banquets, the MDRA Series in early November and the D7 Series in late November. The PA State Hare Scramble Series also falls in early N o v e m b e r, with the NEOC in early December along with the MAMA Banquet. Champions will be c r ow n e d, and the celebrations will be large. We congratulate all the year-end winners in advance.

6 Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

Cameron Smith #15 holds off Chase Smith #14 in the 85 class.

Dave Smith #60 worked his way to the front in the 40+ class on the new 350 KTM.

Colton Smith #41 took the win in the Open B and 250 B class on his Don’s Kawasaki ride.

BCTRA at Delta Short Track District 7 Dirttrack Series Delta, PA, October 1st, 2011 • Ryan Henderson

“Smiths Dominate Delta” After the cancellation of the September race at Delta, we were pleased to be able to get the October race in without the rains. It was a very quick night due to the threat of potential downpours and the worries that we would not get the event in. Things ran very smoothly, and everyone was pleased with the racing. There were many repeat winners for the night, but the one name that seems to jump out the most is the last name Smith. Three different Smiths from three different families claimed double victories. Dave Smith #77 was the first to double, winning both the 40+ and 500 2-valve classes. He walked away from all of the other seniors, showing that the new KTM 350 was a serious weapon on the short track. The second Smith to take home two titles was the #41 of Colton Smith. Colton walked away in the 250B and Open B classes on his Don’s Kawasaki ride, despite his troubles in the 250 Sportsman class. In attempts to take the sportsman lead away from Roy Miller, Colton went down and was unable to fight his way back to the front. The third Smith to take home two wins was the #15 of little Cameron Smith. Cameron was able to hold off Colton’s little brother, Chase Smith, in the 150cc 4-stroke class and take the win. He also held off Chase, Trever Williams, and Douglas Cook in order to win the 85 7-11 class. Tyler Scott #70 impressed everyone with his rides and wins in the 50 (4-8) shaft and 50 chain (4-8) classes. Ethan Stroh was able to take over second in the shaft class followed by Milan Temple, Britney Thomas, Tyler Cunningham, and Dylan Cunningham. Stroh also came in second in the chain class followed by little Matthew Scibek. Scibek held off Nicholas Crone in the 50cc (7-8) class and took home the win. James Chapman #72 represented the older generation with his win in the 50+ class. Perry Phillips #18 got out front and ran Delta Short Track Series10/1/2011 Results 40+ 1) David Smith 2) Brett Friedel 3) Darren Phillips 4) Jack Stedding 5) Billy Young 50+ 1) James Chapman 125 2S / 86-150 4S Wtr (12 up) 1) Jeff Standiford 2) Todd Martin 3) Tyler A. Rylee 4) Josee Stedding 30+ 1) Perry Phillips Jr 2) Roy Miller 3) Brett Friedel 4) Sean Simmons 5) Albert Cook 6) Jack Stedding Open Twins/ Vintage A&B 1) Matthew S. Langrehr 2) John Howell

500 2-Valve 1) David Smith 2) Michael Cortese Jr 3) James Chapman 65 (7-11) 1) Chris Thomas 2) Trever Williams 3) Karl Wheeler 4) Robert Wheatley 5) Damon L. Ream 6) Douglas Cook 7) Melanie Siegel 8) Nicholas Crone 50 Shaft 4-8 1) Tyler Scott 2) Ethan Stroh 3) Milan Temple 4) Britney A. Thomas 5) Tyler Cunningham 6) Dylan Cunningham 250B 1) Colton Smith 2) Kyle T. Mcgrane 3) Anthony Crabbe 4) Samantha Bergman 5) Kenneth Kolsovsky

away with the win in the 30+ class. Roy Miller took home second followed by Brett Friedel, Sean Simmons, Albert Cook, and Jack Stedding. The 125 class win went to Riding Solutions’ Jeff Standiford #56 followed by Todd Martin, Tyler Rylee, and Josee Stedding. Matt Langrehr #13 rode his Bultaco to victory in the vintage class over John Howell. It was the #25 of Chris Thomas who won the eight-man main in the 65cc class. Trever Williams came in second followed by Karl Wheeler, Robert Wheatley, Damon Ream, Douglas Cook, Melanie Siegel, and Nicholas Crone. Kyle McGrane #3n pulled away from Tyler Rylee in the 85 12-15 class for the win. The Women’s class ended on a bad note when Elizabeth Fitch went down in turn four, where Nicole Henderson ended up on top of Fitch’s head. The race had to be stopped in order to remove the bike, ending the race. Erin Kissinger #32 ended up taking home the win followed by Delaney Cadden, Josee Stedding, Melanie Siegle, and Hailey Marshall. Nicholas Henderson #29 fought his way past Tyler Phillips in the Open A class and then walked away with the win. Henderson also won the Open Sportsman main. Joey Alexander #14 got a bad start in the Adult 100 class, but didn’t let them stop him. He battled his way past Matt Langrehr and then put in a charge to chase down Sam Bergman. With a lap to go, Alexander passed Bergman like she was sitting still and ran away with the win. All in all, it was a great night of racing and lots of fun. We need to thank the BCTRA for the wonderful job that they did. Check out for the 2011 Timonium Indoor dates and information on other rides and races.Photos and more race information can also be found on my website at www. 6) Shain Bourassa 7) Jeff Standiford 85 (7-11) 1) Cameron Smith 2) Trever Williams 3) Chase Smith 4) Douglas Cook 85 (12-15) 1) Kyle T. Mcgrane 2) Tyler A. Rylee 50 Chain (4-8) 12mm carb 1) Tyler Scott 2) Ethan Stroh 3) Matthew Scibek Open A- 251cc & up 1) Nicholas S. Henderson 2) Tyler S. Phillips 3) Erin Kissinger 4) Cory S. Strickler 50 (7-8) 19mm carb 1) Matthew Scibek 2) Nicholas Crone 250 Sportsman A/B ProSport

1) Roy Miller 2) Matthew S. Langrehr 3) Joey R. Alexander 4) Colton Smith 5) Darren D. Phillips Jr 150 Air Cooled 4 Stroke (9-15) 1) Cameron Smith 2) Chase Smith Adult 100 (150cc Max) 16 up 1) Joey R. Alexander 2) Samantha Bergman 3) Matthew S. Langrehr 4) Cody Bauer Women 100 (150cc max Air Cool) 1) Erin Kissinger 2) Delaney Cadden 3) Josee Stedding 4) Melanie Siegel 5) Hailey Marshall Open B- 251cc & up 1) Colton Smith 2) Anthony Crabbe 3)

The Adult 100 win went to Joey Alexander #14 on his Red Rocket.

Jeff Standiford #56 took home the victory in the 125cc class.

Nicholas Henderson #29 wins the Open A and Sportsman on his Riding Solutions Honda.

Justen Schulz 4) Michael Cortese Jr 5) Jason C. Cunningham 6) Brian Nuse 7) Darren Phillips

Sportsman/Pro251cc & up 1) Nicholas S. Henderson 2) Mitchell Harvat

District #6 Hare Scramble Race Sponsored by

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november 2011

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Motorcycle Racing Action



8 november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Jimmy Decotis was the 250 Pro Class overall winner with 1-1 moto scores.

Jesse Pierce was the winner of the Iron Man Classic on Sunday as well as 7 of his 8 motos on Saturday.

Phil Nicoletti returned from a summer in Australia to win the first Open Pro moto.

Kawasaki Race of Champions Raceway Park, NJ • October 1-2, 2011 • By: Scott Lukaitis The motocross world was very different way back in 1976. Two-stroke machines dominated the racing scene, and current champions Ryan Villopoto and Dean Wilson weren’t even born yet. On the East Coast in the State of New Jersey a new track was only a year old. Old Bridge Township’s Raceway Park started racing on what was once an open field next to their drag strip. The Race of Champions was started as a special year-end event, and now 35 years later it is still going strong. Early on, the race was sponsored by a local country club, but when Kawasaki and their Team Green program came along a couple of years later the race took on its current sponsor. Over the years the Race of Champions has  been the site for stellar performances by a multitude of Team Green riders like Billy Liles and Donny Schmidt in the early days and most recently Kyle Chisholm and Ryan Sipes in more recent years. James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto even used the race to make the jump from minis to the full sized classes. Just about every top mini bike rider has at one time raced a Race of Champions event. Despite the current economic conditions and less than stellar weather predictions, more than 800 racers competed at what is known as the one event to attend in the Northeast each fall. Racing action takes place over the weekend, with practice on Friday; Mini, Amateur and Vet Racing on Saturday; and the Pro Expert and special event racing on Sunday. Saturday Racing Torrential rain on Friday drenched the already soft racetrack, and the rough and rutted conditions proved that only the best would succeed when it came to Saturday’s racing action. Mini bike racing was controlled by Kawasaki mounted Austin Forkner. The Loretta Lynn’s class winner won 5 out of 6 motos he entered to show the Northeast crowd how fast kids from the Midwest are. Forkner put on an excellent display of riding skills to take 3 overall victories and the first-place trophies. Novice class racing produced some of the best action on Saturday. Local racers Mike Giovanniello and Richie Trevelise have done battle all season long, and the KROC was no exception. This weekend Giovanniello got the better of Trevelise as he won 3 out of 4 motos and the overall in both the 250C and 450C classes.  Jesse Pierce was perhaps the most dominant racer all day long. The young Suzuki pilot was at the front of the pack when the checkered flag fell in 7 of the 8 motos he entered. The one moto he lost saw him starting from dead last to17th at the end of the first lap and 3rd place by the end of the moto, going by 37 racers in the process. Pierce will be a rider to watch at the

Mini Olympics coming this fall. Vet class racing was dominated by New England Team Green rider Keith Johnson. Kawasaki’s generous contingency for the event made Johnson’s  drive from Massachusetts worthwhile. He won 6 motos and 3 overalls in the 25+, 30+ and 40+ Expert classes. Sunday Racing  Sunday dawned with sunny skies and cool autumn temperatures. In addition to the premier class motos, there were three special intermission motos .The Iron Man Classic event for Amateur Racers was dominated by Saturday’s top racer, Jesse Pierce. He won going away and was rewarded with a new Kawasaki KLX110 for his victory. The Mt. Holly Kawasaki/Fox Mini Cycle Shootout was won by Austin Forkner, with Brandon Hartranft and Tanner Stack rounding out the top 3, and the Kessler Cup for 65cc racers was won by David Milana. The Expert class portion of the event began with the Traxxas Dash for Cash. The top 10 racers in morning qualifying would compete in a one-lap winner-takes-all moto. Connecticut’s Josh Clark was the winner. We would see more of Clark all afternoon. Geico Honda’s Jimmy Decotis has been coming to Raceway Park for the KROC since he raced mini bikes several years ago. Jimmy’s energetic and flashy riding style is a favorite to the fans in the Northeast, and Jimmy didn’t disappoint them this weekend. His 1-1 moto scores gave him the overall in the 250 Expert class. Decotis was followed across the line in moto #1 by Pennsylvania’s Mike McDade and local racer Ronnie Stewart. The second moto had Decotis out front again followed by Dash for Cash winner Josh Clark and McDade. Decotis scored the overall, while McDade’s 2-3 gave him second and Clark’ 4-2 was good for third. 450 class racing wasn’t as secure, as bike problems wiped out two of the top contenders. Back from his stint racing for the Monster Kawasaki team in Australia, Phil Nicoletti returned to Raceway Park. Hailing from New York state, Nicoletti has made several trips to this local track during his career. Nicoletti was the man to beat in moto #1, as he got to the front early and held on for the victory. Clark was 2nd, and 250 winner Decotis was third when the checkered flag fell. Moto 2 saw Nicoletti again battling for the lead with first-year pro Joey Peters. Nicoletti’s bike expired, and Peters had trouble shortly thereafter. Dakota Kessler was virtually born at Raceway Park and has raced there his entire life. Kessler’s hard work paid off with the second moto victory. Following Kessler and Clark was McDade in 3rd. Clark’s consistent 2-2 motos gave him the overall followed by Decotis (3-5) and McDade (7-3) for the overall.  Set your calendar for the first weekend in October next year for the 36th annual KROC.

Results 25+ A: 1) Keith Johnson 2) James Evans 3) James Singer 4) Robert Quinn 5) Frank Eckel 25+ B: 1) Thomas Greenhoe 2) Jeremiah Ellis 3) Nicholas Peccarelli 4) Jim Kooinga 5) Steven Lewis 25+ C: 1) Wesley Santos 2) Steve Oldham 3) Eric Azcona 4) Steven Zarra 5) David Houseal 250 A: 1) James Decotis 2) Michael Mcdade 3) Joshua Clark 4) Dakota Kessler 5) Frank Lettieri 250 B: 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Alexander Odell 3) Robert Piazza Jr 4) Anatoliy Adamitskiy Jr 5) Jarek Balkovic 250 C: 1) Michael Giovanniello 2) Richie Trevelise 3) Justus Mirth 4) Timothy Richardson 5) Matthew Curiel 30+ A: 1) Keith Johnson 2) Barry Carsten 3) Gregory Pamart 4) Scott Sheak 5) James Evans 30+ B: 1) Jeremiah Ellis 2) Chris Buckman 3) Jonathan Getz 4) Luiz Peregrino 5) Jose Silva 30+ C: 1) Peter Cook 2) John Kelly Jr 3) James Picaeiello 4) Robert Cavill 5) Anderson Zanette 35+ A: 1) Gregory Pamart 2) Scott Sheak 3) Robert Quinn 4) David Born 5) James Mcilvaine 35+ B: 1) Wesley Phillips 2) Michael Biondo 3) Michael Benson 35+ C: 1) Chris Feeley 40+ A: 1) Keith Johnson 2) Barry Carsten 3) James Mcilvaine 4) Pat Barton 5) Steve Nickerson 40+ B: 1) Jonathan Getz 2) Patrick Muro 3) Thomas Griffin 4) Anthony Maladra 5) Scott Taylor 40+ C: 1) Robert Cavill 2) Raymond Dobbin 3) Robert Cornish 4) Fabian Tavella Sr 5) Robert Moore

Josh Clark used consistent 2-2 motos to take the Open Pro class overall. 45+: 1) Pat Barton 2) Michael Tippin 3) Joseph Fritz 4) William Sargent 5) Raymond Desiderio 50cc (4-6): 1) Reed Cooper 2) Drew Rodbell 3) Cole Bader 4) Travis Mecking 5) Sean Rahilly Jr 50cc (7-8): 1) Deegan Harper 2) Justin Allen 3) Michael Corcoran 4) Chris Delo 5) Robert Morgan 50cc oil/auto (4-8): 1) Drew Rodbell 2) Roman White 3) Nicholas Romano 50cc Open (4-8): 1) Deegan Harper 2) Chris Sweeney 3) Brian Espinoza 4) Sean Rahilly Jr 5) Jake Gilbert 65 (10-11): 1) David Milana 2) Jared Buccheri 3) Justin Rodbell 4) Devin Kusmider 5) Henry Scheetz Jr 65 (7-9): 1) Hunter Santo 2) Jordan Jarvis 3) Danny Congdon 4) George Doherty 5) Cody Groves 85 (12-15): 1) Austin Forkner 2) Miguel Correia 3) Brandon Hartranft 4) Andrew Maroney 5) Jeremy Smith 85 (9-11): 1) Tanner Stack 2) David Milana 3) Jared Buccheri 4) Jake Beaudoin 5) Devin Kusmider Jr Mini (9-13): 1) Austin Forkner 2) Brandon Hartranft 3) Miguel Correia 4) Tanner Stack 5) Jake Beaudoin College Boy (14-24): 1) Max Tannenbaum 2) Franklin Nogueras Jr 3) Raynear Mejia 4) Shawn Macdonald 5) Billy Carling Open A: 1) Joshua Clark 2) James Decotis 3) Michael Mcdade 4) Broc Schmelyun 5) Dakota Kessler Open B: 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Nick

Fratz Orr 3) Scott Clark 4) Nick Desiderio 5) Franklin Nogueras Jr Open C: 1) Michael Giovanniello 2) Richie Trevelise 3) Justus Mirth 4) Timothy Richardson 5) Cole Schilling School Boy I (12-16): 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Jarek Balkovic 3) Kevin Tompkins 4) Alexander Odell 5) Todd Maksymiw School Boy II (14-16): 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Jarek Balkovic 3) Kyle Pollak 4) Jon Borrello 5) Robert Piazza Jr Super Mini (12-16): 1) Austin Forkner 2) Brandon Hartranft 3) Alexander Nagy 4) Miguel Correia 5) Tyler Kirschner Women: 1) Amanda Brown 2) Chelsea Newbold 3) Mariah Andrew 4) Samantha Fritz 5) Nikki Stewart 125 2 Stroke: 1) Kyle Dillin 2) Nathaniel Page 3) Wilson Fleming 4) Justin Tompkins 5) Matthew Cornish Girls: 1) Fleming Shannon 2) Jordan Jarvis 3) Jamie Astudillo 4) Karly Morgan 5) Shelby Benson Kessler Cup: 1) David Milana 2) Devin Kusmider 3) Justin Rodbell 4) Danny Congdon 5) Hunter Santo Iron Man Classic: 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Jarek Balkovic 3) Jason Astudillo 4) Franklin Nogueras Jr 5) Anatoliy Adamitskiy Jr Mini Cycle Shoot Out: 1) Austin Forkner 2) Brandon Hartranft 3) Tanner Stack 4) Miguel Correia 5) Jeremy Smith Dash-for-Cash: 1) Joshua Clark 2) James Decotis 3) Chris Canning 4) Broc Schmelyun 5) Frank Lettieri


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9 november 2011


Motorcycle Racing Action


10 november 2011

Jake Cranston #54, Richard Kastle #333, and Tyler Wozney #760 charge into the first turn of the Open A Pro Am.

Grantely Herbert #6 fought his way past Michael Corcoran #80 to take the win in the 50cc 4-8 A/B class.

42nd Annual Blue Gray District 7 Gold Series/Delaware State Championship New Castle, DE, September 24th and 25th • Ryan Henderson

“Kessler and Peters Split Wins in 250 and Open Pro Ams” Blue Diamond Motocross Park and the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association hosted the 42nd Annual Blue Gray, along with the 2011 Delaware State Championship. The crowd was on their feet to watch the 250 and Open Pro Am motos. James Coen #4 led the Open A charge into the first turn followed by Dakota Yohe #578, Joey Peters #535, and Tyler Wozney #760. Yohe was able to take the lead from Coen before the end of lap one, but it was Peters who worked his way out front by lap two. Wozney also made the pass on Yohe to take over the second spot. Peters began to check out, and it looked as though no one would catch him. After being involved in a first turn pile-up, Dakota Kessler #449 put his head down and made a charge through the pack. By the last lap Kessler worked his way up into second and closed the gap on Peters but was unable to make a pass by the finish. Peters wasted no time getting to the front in the start of the second moto. Coen held the second spot followed by Wozney and Kessler. Wozney and Kessler slipped past Coen and battled until Kessler began to pull away from Wozney. With one lap to go, Kessler was able to reel in Peters and take home the win, giving him the overall. Peters ended up with second followed by Wozney, Yohe, and Coen. The first moto of the 250 Pro Am began much like the Open. Coen grabbed the holeshot followed by Daniel Corbin #167, Peters, Wozney, Kessler, and Yohe. Corbin worked his way around Coen on the back of the track to take over the lead. Peters took over second at the end of the first lap and was all over Corbin. Peters took over the lead as Corbin dropped back. Kessler made the charge to the front and eventually took the win in the moto. Peters grabbed the holeshot in the second moto over Coen, Juan Sanchez #994, Yohe, Scott Carpenter #19, and Wozney. Peters checked out and let the competitors battle it out behind him. Yohe worked his way up to the second spot followed by Coen and Carpenter. Kessler had his troubles on the first lap and had to come from the back of the pack to salvage as many positions as he could. At the end of the moto it was Peters, Yohe, Coen, Carpenter, and Kessler. The overall went to Peters with his two - one finishes. We would like to thank the Baltimore County Trail Riders Association, Blue Diamond Motocross Park, members of MAMA, Lucas Oil, Ellicott City Motorsports, and Cycle Effex for all of their help with the event. Thanks to Pete’s Cycle for their generous donation of the KLX110 and for all their support. You can check out photos and articles on my website with updates on races at You can also check www.BCTRA. com and for the race schedules and information.

RESULTS 25+ 1) Bruce Cahall 2) Justin Kidd 3) Thomas Whitehair 4) Drew Kibler 5) Eric Azcona 250 A/ Pro Am 1) Joey Peters 2) Dakota Kessler 3) Scott Carpenter 4) Dakota Yohe 5) James Coen 6) Jesse Deryke 7) Daniel Corbin 8) Juan Sanchez 9) Keith Rose 10) James Ide 250 B 1) Jacob Hartranft 2) Nicholas Ferrell 3) Colin Richards 4) Keith Pierce 5) Charles Wernig 6) Blake Betsill 7) Dylan Allen 8) Timothy Walls Jr 9) Tiana Alfano 10) Jesse Pierce 250 C 1) Dylan Blettner 2) Michael Giovanniello 3) Richie Trevelise 4) Sean Demoreland 5) Dean Bush Jr 6) Anthony Montana 7) Matt Langrehr 8) Broderick Weaver 9) Steve Smith 10) Nick Henderson 30 and 35 + Dash 1) John Bowlin 35+ A 1) Barry Carsten 2) David Born 3) Brett Friedel 4) John Bowlin 5) Michael Lewis 6) Wade Blevins 7) James Mcilvaine 35+ Amateur 1) Tim Cranston 2) Michael Benson 3) George Little 40+ Dash 1) Robert McWhorter 2) Robert Rose 3) Tom Gamber

50+ 1) Mike Farmer 2) Brooke Tyler 3) Wayne Sody 4) David Resch 5) Raymond Scocco 50 4-6 Oil C 1) Tyler Wood 50 4-8 A/B 1) Grantely Herbert 2) Michael Corcoran 3) Justin Luckett 4) Sean Rahilly 5) Andrew Rodbell 6) Callin Kauffman 50 4-8 C Beginner 1) Alexander Brion 50 4-8 Multi Spd 4 Str 1) Riley Huston 50 4-8 Oil A/B 1) Andrew Rodbell 2) Alexander Brion 3) Callin Kauffman 50 PW Shaft 1) Andrew Rodbell 2) Jack Spliedt 3) Kristian Henderson 4) Brooke Bowlin 65 10-11 1) Justin Rodbell 2) Henry Scheetz 65 7-9 1) Cody Groves 2) Jack Rogers 3) Henry Pendleton 4) Grantely Herbert 5) Gage Beatty 6) Jacob Gast 7) Kyle Savvas 8) Dustin Otto 9) John Pantazes 65 7-9 Beginner 1) Justin Luckett 2) Katie Benson 3) Michael Corcoran 85 12-15 1) Brandon Hartranft 2) Coty Schock 3) Jeremy Smith 4) Mark Hushon 5) Mason

Joey Peters #535 took home the 250 Pro Am win and finished second in the Open A Pro Am.

Katie Benson #8 is just one of the many young ladies representing our sport in the local districts. Richards 6) Kyle Henderson 7) Jordan Desombre 8) Kyle Abrams 9) Alec Hoffman 10) Bobby Otto 85 9-11 1) Tanner Stack 2) Shane Desell 3) Justin Rodbell



WE WILL BEAT ANY PRICE! Service and Machine Shop


1611 N. Salisbury BLVD., Salisbury, MD

Phone: 302-322-3808




S719143 9143

Motorcycle Racing Action

Traveling all the way from Montana, Tanner Stack #38 rode his Kawi to wins in both the 85cc 9-11 and Junior mini 7-11 classes.


1113 N. Colebrook Rd., Manheim, PA 17545 • (717) 665-0406 •

10) Cameron Pettit Open A Pro Am 1) Dakota Kessler 2) Joey Peters 3) Tyler Wozney 4) Dakota Yohe 5) James Coen 6) Robert Malkiewicz 7) Jesse Deryke 8) Scott Carpenter 9) Richard Kastle 10) Steven Good Open B 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Jacob Hartranft 3) Colin Richards 4) Cameron Siegel 5) Brian Wasson Open C 1) Steve Smith 2) Richie Trevelise 3) Dean Bush 4) Michael Giovanniello 5) Sean Demoreland 6) Karl Ciamaichelo 7) Broderick Weaver 8) Dylan Blettner 9) Anthony Montana 10) Jakob Lopata

Schoolboy 12-16 2str 1) Michael Pettit 2) Brandon Garlock 3) Kenneth Venarchick 4) Mark Hushon 5) Ryan Dragunas 6) Nicholas Ferrell 7) Matthew Cornish 8) Brandon Hartranft 9) Coty Schock Schoolboy 12-16 4str 1) Kenneth Venarchick 2) Keith Pierce 3) Michael Pettit 4) Anthony Montana 5) Timothy Walls 6) Dylan Allen 7) Chase Beach 8) Mike McGovern 40+ A 1) Barry Carsten 2) Robert Mcwhorter 3) James Mcilvaine 4) Dean Bush 5) Mike Farmer 6) Brett Friedel 7) Michael Lewis 8) Brooke Tyler 9)

Cameron Siegel #10 took two moto wins in the College Boy class but lost the overall due to trouble in the second moto.

Tim Whitehair 10) Tom Whitehair 40+ B 1) Steve Cathcart 2) Terrance Newbold 3) Tim Craston 4) Robert Cornish 5) Eugene Kaczka 6) Charles Toller 7) Carl Spincic 8) Michael Clark 9) Terence Schappell 10) Jack Stedding Super Mini 12-16 1) Brandon Hartranft 2) Jeremy Smith 3) Coty Schock 4) Brandon Garlock 5) Mark Hushon 6) Mason Richards 7) Alec Hoffman 8) Jordan Desombre 9) Kyle Henderson 10) Kyle Abrams

Gamber 5) Terence Schappell Woman 1) Amanda Brown 2) Chelsea Newbold 3) Tiana Alfano 4) E Wernig 5) Anna Sheubrooks 6) Raquel Anderson 7) Samantha Resch



Belair Severna Park 344 U.S. Route 1 800 Ritchie Highway 410-879-3586 410-647-5880

Vet 30+ A 1) Barry Carsten 2) John Bowlin 3) David Born 4) Tim Whitehair 5) Tom Whitehair 6) Wade Blevins Vet 30+ B 1) Robert Bove 2) Sean Simmons 3) George Maybroda 4) Tom



Dakota Kessler #449 fights to get his bike from a pile-up in the first turn of the Delaware State Championships.



Baltimore 7511 Belair Road 410-663-8556


“FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED FOR 73 YEARSâ€? *Finance offer subject to credit approval, applies to purchases of new Yamaha Motorcycles made on a Yamaha Installment Financing loan account from 10/1/11-12/31/11. Minimum contract length is 24 months and maximum length is 36 months. Minimum amount financed is $5,000. Fixed APR of 3.99% or 12.99% will be assigned based on credit approval criteria. Monthly payments per $1,000 financed based on 36 month term are $29.52 at 3.99% and $33.69 at 12.99%. **Customer Cash offer good on select 2010 (and prior year) models between 10/1/11-12/31/11. Offer good only in the U.S., excluding the state of Hawaii. Dress properly for your ride with a helmet, eye protection, gloves and boots. Do not drink and ride. It is illegal and dangerous. Yamaha and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation encourage you to ride safely and respect the environment. For further information regarding the MSF course, please call 1-800-446-9227. Professional riders depicted on closed courses. Š2011 Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. All rights reserved. •


november 2011

11 4) Walter Benitez 5) J Wilson 6) Ryan Trevelise 7) Henry Pendleton 8) Henry Scheetz 9) Cody Groves 10) Dunovan Ivory College Boy 1) Daniel Corbin 2) Nicholas Ferrell 3) Jesse Deryke 4) Cameron Siegel 5) Brandon Langley 6) Brian Wasson 7) TJ Irvin 8) Mark Alfano 9) Mark Mercer 10) Jake Cranston Girls 1) Anna Sheubrooks 2) Katie Benson 3) Shelby Benson Jr Mini 7-11 1) Tanner Stack 2) Shane Desell 3) Walter Benitez 4) J Wilson 5) Justin Rodbell 6) Ryan Trevelise 7) Dunovan Ivory 8) Henry Scheetz 9) Cody Groves

Experience proved to be important in the muddy conditions. Barry Carsten #31 pulled away in the 30+, 35+, and 40+ expert classes.

Motorcycle Racing Action

Roy Bowlin gives his daughter, Brooke, a pep talk before she makes her racing debut.

12 Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

Brad Espers (27) wins Junior and Supermini along with 85/150 (12-15) B.

Mike Weimer (4) has that R.C. look taking the win in Senior A.

Team Green PA State Championship Doublin Gap MX Park • September 24-25, 2011 • By: Jim Bull The AMA Team Green PA State Championship race came to the Doublin Gap MX Park in late September. With it came great weather for racing along with a good turnout of racers to chase the factory contingency money from all four of the Japanese manufacturers. As usual, Saturday offered a practice day for the racers prior to Sunday’s racing activities. This race is always exciting to watch, as it brings the best racers from both the eastern and the western parts of the state to do battle with one another and is always a prelude to the Tri-District Cup race that was held at Pleasure Valley in late October. In 250 A racing action, PAMX racers Dylan Slusser would swap the 3-1 finishes with Mike Mcdade’s 1-3 to take the overall

win. MDRA regular Broc Schmelyun would finish consistent 2-2 between them for second overall. In Open A action, the trio would again battle, with Mcdade taking the top spot followed by Schmelyun and RP Boswell from Boston, VA, in third. Slusser would grab fourth followed by Jeremy Cook in fifth. The day offered great racing action in all classes. You can check the results here, then log onto the MRA website to catch more action shots. A memorial ride was also offered in memory of Brad Kuehne, a former MDRA racer who was lost to a tragic traffic accident just over a year ago. A scholarship fund has been set up in Brad’s memory, and proceeds went to the worthy cause.

9/25/2011 Race Results 250 A 1) Dylan Slusser 2) Broc J. Schmelyun 3) Michael Mcdade 4) Ty S. Newcome 5) R P. Boswell Jr 6) Zak Riden 7) Johnathan Wells 8) Jeffrey Yentzer 250 B 1) Joseph L. Michaels 2) Arie Reachard 3) David Bonant 4) Kaleb Chronister 5) Jonathon M. Sauers 6) Joshua Black 7) Matthew M. Melhorn 8) Austin Foit 9) Taylor E. Smulsky 10) Michael Jones 250 C 1) Mike A. Tyler 2) Hunter S. Ringrose 3) Brett Rossi 4) Seth Galloway 5) Al F. Potechko 6) Matthew W. Brady 7) Benjamin M. Thompson 8) Aaron Fenchak 9) Jarrett D. Thompson 10) Shawn Sparkman 50 (4-6) 1) Callin Kauffman 2) Carson Cahill 3) Ryan Canaguier 50 (7-8) 1) Gage B. Stine 2) Chase Yentzer 3) Julian T. Cempa

SB - 4 Stroke (14-16) 1) Ryan Clites 2) Jonathon M. Sauers 3) Arie Reachard 4-Stroke/CB (14-24) 1) Samuel Greenawalt 2) Joey D. Deneen 3) Michael A. Payne 4) Joshua Sexton 5) David Bonant 4- Stroke 1) Jeremy Cook 2) Broc J. Schmelyun 3) Gregory S. Lamey 4) Clayton Powers 5) Neil Hainsey 6) Dylan Slusser 7) Patrick J. Stout 65 (7-11) B 1) Jarrett M. Frye 2) Gauge Keith 3) Gage B. Stine 4) Chase Yentzer 5) Joshua Doporcyk 6) Christian M. Mccauley 65 (7-11) C 1) Colton B. Yentzer 2) Bryce L. Adams 3) Mason Bowman 4) Orion D. Gregory 5) Colby J. Hill 6) Korie Steede 7) Julian T. Cempa Plus 30 A 1) Michael Bear 2) Rick A. Barrett 3) Pat A. Stansbury Plus 30 B 1) Brett D. White 2) Thomas G. Baney

Plus 25 1) Jeremy Cook 2) Kristopher Shumaker 3) Ryan Miller 4) Kirk Ryan 5) Clayton Powers 6) Andrew Lupton 7) Pat A. Stansbury Plus 45 1) Rick A. Barrett 2) Gregory Henry 3) Matthew Cempa 4) Thomas Nagle 5) Jeffery L. Miller 6) Jack B. Machuta Jr 7) Jeff A. Kish 85 (9-11) B 1) Jarrett M. Frye 2) Dain Vallie 85 (9-11) C 1) Gauge Keith 2) Tyler Weary 3) Austin Bear 4) Korie Steede 5) William R. Paulus 85/150 (12-15) B 1) Bradley M. Esper 2) Timmy Crosby 3) Jonathan Doporcyk 4) Christian D. Mikita 5) Patrick A. Stansbury Jr 85/150 (12-15) C 1) Lauren Plate 2) Nick Hess 3) Bayley Oberlander 4) Jennifer Kish 5) Alexander Beam 6) Nicholas Keruskin 7) Kerstin King 8) Noah Brennan

3) Justin Palencsar Plus 30 C 1) Daniel Langowski 2) Douglas Orischak 3) Matthew Losch 4) Leonard Karn 5) Neil Ebert Jr 6) Manuel Julian 7) William E. Kuehne 8) Marcelo Perez 9) Andy Lewis 10) Christopher Felts Open C 1) Seth Galloway 2) Hunter S. Ringrose 3) Al F. Potechko 4) Mike A. Tyler 5) Austin Davis 6) Aaron Fenchak 7) Jarrett D. Thompson 8) Raeslee P. Weimer 9) Matthew W. Brady 10) Neil Hainsey Bomber 1) Donald Confer Open A 1) Michael Mcdade 2) Broc J. Schmelyun 3) R P. Boswell Jr 4) Dylan Slusser 5) Jeremy Cook 6) Gregory S. Lamey 7) Ty S. Newcome 8) Johnathan Wells 9) Jeffrey Yentzer Open B 1) Neil Ebert III 2) Thomas A. Coluzzi 3) Jonathon M. Sauers 4) Joseph L. Michaels 5) Samuel

Colton Yentzer races to the win in 65 (7-11) C.

Joey Deneen soars to the win in School Boy 2 Stroke. Greenawalt 6) Matthew M. Melhorn 7) Kaleb Chronister 8) Michael A. Payne 9) Joshua Black 10) Austin Foit 50 (4-8) Oil 1) Carson Cahill 2) Ryan Canaguier 3) Breyden A. Campbell 50 (4-8) Open 1) Gage B. Stine 2) Chase Yentzer 3) Julian T. Cempa 4) Callin Kauffman 5) Landon Nealy Junior Mini (9-13) 1) Bradley M. Esper 2) Timmy Crosby 3) Jarrett M. Frye 4) Jonathan Doporcyk 5) Patrick A. Stansbury Jr 6) Bayley Oberlander 7) Austin Bear 8) Nicholas Keruskin 9) Colton B. Yentzer 10) Christian M. Mccauley SB - 2 Stroke (12-16) 1) Joey D. Deneen 2) Cole Mizak 3) Daniel C. Rosebosky 4) Cory S. Gilliam 5) Joshua Wetzel 6) Robert Winter

7) James Barry Senior A 1) Mike A. Weimer 2) Rick A. Barrett 3) Brad Stepp 4) Ewell K. Gilliam Senior B/C 1) Brian Semder 2) Jeffrey S. Groff 3) Thomas Nagle 4) Douglas Orischak 5) John D. Ward 6) Jeffery L. Miller 7) Andy Lewis Super Mini (12-16) 1) Bradley M. Esper 2) Timmy Crosby 3) Daniel C. Rosebosky 4) Cory S. Gilliam 5) Blake Bowman 6) Nick Hess 7) Kevin Bednar 8) Robert Winter 9) Patrick A. Stansbury Jr 10) Christian D. Mikita Women 1) Raeslee P. Weimer 2) Lauren Plate 3) Samantha L. Adams 4) Sarah Sexton 5) Kerstin King 6) Mimi Greiner 7) Mary J. Michaels 8) Chelsea Sparkman 9) Alicia Styer 2-Stroke 1) Joey D. Deneen






















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november 2011

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Motorcycle Racing Action

0,'$7/$17,& :,17(56(5,(6

14 november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Kayla Willders wins the Women’s division.

The Adkins Brothers both grab a couple jackets in the 50cc divisions.

Hambone takes the win in 50cc (4-6) Stock.

Cole Brian wins the 85/150 (12-15) C championship.

Honda offered contingency at all Mainline rounds in 2011.

2011 Mainline Awards October 15, 2011 • By: Jim Bull The Mainline Series is an end-of-year two-track championship series that includes racing at Sleepy Hollow MX and Pagoda MC. In its second year, the series proves popular for many racers that like to stick close to home to do their racing. For others, it’s just another opportunity to add some contingency bucks and add another notch on their resumes for the following year. The 2011 series included eight races and saw over 550 different individuals take part in the events. Class Mainline Series 2011 RESULTS 25+ A 1. Lee Wallace 101 2. C C. Aughinbaugh 99 3. Casey M. Clark 71 4. Matthew Schwartz 50 5. Gregory Pamart 29 25+ B/c 1. Bryan Simcox 122 2. Steven J. Hoffman 103 3. Mike R. Futer 85 4. Martin M. Limpar 62 5. Tyler Moyer 57 30 + Vet A 1. Ethan Waybright 100 2. Gregory Pamart 60 3. Todd G. Weindel 53 4. Paul J. Waslin 41 5. John P. Spotts 40 30 + Vet B 1. Joseph Hegeman 103 2. Chris Boltz 83 3. Martin M. Limpar 70 4. Kevin Kolb 57 5. Patrick J. Farrell 45 30 + Vet C 1. Joseph Schaufele 99 2. Neil A. Ebert Jr 76 3. Steve Bohlen 75 4. Jack Mattera 45 5. Jeffrey Mull 39 35 + A 1. Ethan Waybright 102 2. Todd G. Weindel 70 3. Gregory Pamart 60 4. Paul J. Waslin 40 5. James K. Max 27

40 + Senior A 1. Garry Willders 107 2. Eddie Anewalt Iv 101 3. W Roach 28 4. Jeffrey D. Miller 22 5. Daniel Portz 15 35 + B/c 1. Joseph Hegeman 110 2. Marty Harmes 104 3. George L. Sabo 58 4. Kevin Kolb 54 5. Larry S. Desimone 43 40 + Senior B/c 1. Marty Harmes 106 2. Robert W. Schuler 79 3. Thomas Beck 71 4. George L. Sabo 54 5. Larry S. Desimone 53 45 + 1. Gregory S. Lykens 90 2. Robert W. Schuler 86 3. Mike J. Cepress 60 4. Steve Bohlen 54 5. George P. Sparks 42 Women 1. Kayla Willders 115 2. Caitlyn Sparks 100 3. Taylor Stevey 60 4. Alayna Wacker 47 5. Sarah Gaffney 41 Super Mini 12-15 1. Brennen C. Weindel 100 2. Taylor Stevey 52 3. Sean Betham 38 4. Dallas Shahan 30 5. Ronald Perry 29 School Boy 1 12-16 1. Stanton A. Bowers 88 2. Chase N. Miller 73

champions received a nice end-of-year jacket, while the first-place finishers all received an HJC Helmet courtesy of Sullivan Bro’s Racing. Honda stepped up in 2011 and offered contingency at all eight rounds while other local sponsors contributed to the cause. Stay tuned for upcoming info on the 2012 series here in the pages of MRA, and please check out images from all class winners at

3. Arie Reachard 67 4. Dominick A. Dreisbach 59 5. Aaron Albright 49 School Boy 2 14-16 1. Nate Kreider 107 2. Cole Martin 30 3. Korey Holby 29 4. Luke T. Palonicola 27 5. Avery D. Brown 26 Collegeboy 14-24 1. Lowell Spangler 77 2. Alex Maldet 73 3. Dylan Brajkovich 60 4. Gregory S. Lamey 52 5. James D. Munch 48 Jr Mini 9-13 1. Ricky Deck 119 2. Mathew A. Boyer 110 3. Cole Bryan 81 4. Jake Bari 59 5. Austin Daniels 52 85 9-11 C 1. Damon M. Gibson 96 2. Alex Thomas 93 3. Drew Gentile 60 4. Wesley Shaffer 44 5. Brandon Wolfe 44 85 9-11 B 1. Austin Daniels 60 2. Jordan Jarvis 29 3. Zakary Shaffer 28 4. Tyler M. Kozik 15 5. Dain Vallie 14 65 7-11 B 1. Alex Thomas 71 2. Jordan Jarvis 59 3. Jamie B. Astudillo 28 4. Zakary Shaffer 27 5. Michael Blankenship 15

65 7-11 C 1. Damon M. Gibson 103 2. Josh Hoover 91 3. Colby D. Noll 91 4. Keagan J. Miller 85 5. Dominic Amilcare 64 50 4-8 Oil 1. Allen Adkins 118 2. Ryder N. Martinelli 98 3. Justin L. Adkins 90 4. Ty Ortman 87 5. Ryan Gribbin 78 50 4-8 Open 1. Dominic Amilcare 120 2. Sean P. Rahilly Jr 90 3. Hunter J. Morgan 77 4. Craig Dunn 46 5. Chris Sweeney 41 50 4-6 Stock 1. Sean P. Rahilly Jr 106 2. Allen Adkins 101 3. Justin L. Adkins 80 4. Cole Bader 73 5. Ryan Gribbin 65 50 7-8 Stock 1. Josh Hoover 114 2. Dominic Amilcare 113 3. Keagan J. Miller 80 4. Hunter J. Morgan 68 5. Corey Medycki 52 250 A 1. Richard J. Kastle 76 2. Tyler Conner 73 3. Lowell Spangler 60 4. Joey Peters 57 5. Addison Kramer 52 250 B 1. William Carling 129 2. Nate Kreider 106

3. Brett Barkasi 80 4. Benjamin Kreider 80 5. Stanton A. Bowers 78 250 C 1. Keith J. Lengle 160 2. Timothy Richardson 159 3. Tyler Tillman 140 4. Josh W. Metzler 133 5. Ronald Perry 98 Open A 1. Dylan Brajkovich 76 2. Lowell Spangler 75 3. Richard J. Kastle 73 4. Joey Peters 54 5. C C. Aughinbaugh 54 Open B 1. Neil A. Ebert III 121 2. William Carling 109 3. Bryan Simcox 91 4. Brett Barkasi 83 5. Steven J. Hoffman 82 Open C 1. Timothy Richardson 163 2. Keith J. Lengle 155 3. Josh W. Metzler 124 4. Brandon J. Taylor 124 5. Dalton Worthington 99 85/150 12-15 C 1. Cole Bryan 121 2. Darrell Reis 119 3. Cody Moore 83 4. Bradley P. Kenny 81 5. Devin Dierwechter 72 85/150 12-15 B 1. Mathew A. Boyer 99 2. Brennen C. Weindel 86 3. Jake Bari 51 4. Kevin Rivera 40 5. Corey J. Teasdale 24




RTE 6 GAINES, PA • 814-435-2878

Phone: 717-898-5764

Hours: Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri. 9-7; Sat. 9-2; Closed Wed. & Sun. S682086

343 Champ Blvd., Manheim, PA 17545


Tues-Fri 10-7; Sat 9-3; Closed Sun-Mon S719678

15 Element 22 helped entertain at this year’s event.

Annual Fundraiser Fredericksburg Fireman’s Park • September 24, 2011 Foundation 529 is a local organization that supplies protective head and neck gear to youths under 18 that might not otherwise be able to afford the right equipment. Many times the cost of competition can be so extreme that we tend to skimp on the most important part of the process – the protective gear. With bikes costing thousands of dollars, it’s sometimes hard for mom and dad to come up with another $300-400for a good helmet or a few hundred bucks for a neck brace. That’s where 529 steps in. They spend time at the local tracks and try to help out the kids who need it the most. I remember when I was racing way back before they had dinosaurs. Bell was one of the largest helmet suppliers around, and their marketing slogan was, “If you have a $10 head, then buy a $10 helmet.” The same holds true today, even more so with the faster bikes and more challenging tracks.

It was an allyou-can-eat, and this guy lost.

Foundation 529 works with Arai and some of the best quality manufacturers around for protective purposes. They raise money through fundraisers like today and by selling apparel and goods at the local races to raise money to supply these youth riders with the equipment they need to keep the sport both fun and safe. If you see them at a track, first off thank them for their efforts, then, if you can, leave some of your money behind to help protect the future of our sport. You can also make a donation by contacting them at

S718570 S718569

november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

The kids had a blast in the bouncy house.

16 Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

50cc racers waiting to hit the track.

Scott Clark (46) from Callaway, MD, won 10 motos on the day to sweep five classes.

MAMA at Budds Creek October 8-9, 2011 • Photos By: Lamarr Queen The Mid Atlantic Motocross Association held round # 13 of 14 back at their home track at Budds Creek in early October. Again our Budds photographer Lamarr Queen was on hand to catch the action on Sunday. If you can support Lamarr and his efforts, be sure to check out all his images at his website below. Remember race images are great for sponsors, look good on resumes for the upcoming season, and everybody loves a good wall hanger for the holidays. Thanks Lamarr for your efforts this year. Also please see our correction notice on the opposite page. We learned after we printed last month’s issue that we somehow got the wrong results inserted. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please see the results here for today’s event; we certainly hope they are correct. It’s been a great season representing your group, and we look forward to the coming seasons. As you’re reading this, round # 14 at Tomahawk will be in the books, and, of course, the big Maryland des States the last week of the month. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage this season, and as always we welcome your comments and suggestions. You can reach us by phone or online, and all of our contact information is in the front of the paper. We hope you all have a great off-season, and we’ll see you at the banquet. Budds Creek 10-8 10-9 - 10/7/2011 250 A 1) Randall Everett 2) Robert Kraft 3) William Duffy 4) Andrew Benson 5) Michael Groves 250 B 1) Scott Clark 2) Brandon Newman 3) Scott Atkinson 4) Chris Siegel 5) Makiyah Gorman 6) Charles Wernig

7) Cody Heath 8) Gregory Hoffman 9) Anthony Hall Jr 10) Nicholas Isreal 250 C 1) Brady Kiser 2) Randy White 3) Samuel Fowler 4) David Rice 5) Troy Smith 6) Michael Donohue 7) Terrel Isreal 8) Jacob Fowler 9) Dominic Digiovannantonio 10) Ryan Jakovich

Dylan Kucowski soars to the win in the 60 C division.

250 C Div II 1) Fabian Toye Jr 2) Cory Johnson 3) Frankie Digiovannantoni 4) John Mcnamara 5) Buddy Thiess 6) Nicholas Mair 7) Kyle Mcnab 8) Dylan Robertson 9) Edward Jakovich III 10) Tyler Hayes 250 D 1) Brandon Moore 2) Ryan Armstrong Women 1) E Wernig 2) Kara Groves 3) Felicia Garrison 4) Marissa Peck 5) Dana Bassford 6) Ann Supple 7) Kaitlyn Kaczka 8) Kathrina Close Mini Women Open 7-15 1) Felicia Garrison 2) Haleigh Jowett 3) Anna Sheubrooks 4) Shelby Benson 5) Diamond Bailey Mini Women Support 7-15 1) Nicole Garrison 2) Kaitlyn Kaczka 3) Katie Benson 4) Hallie Garrison 5) Jessica Betz 6) Ann Supple 7) Lindsey Groves 8) Kathrina Close 9) Brooke Johnson Super Senior Open 1) Todd Stith 2) Leonard Groves 3) Mike Farmer 4) Rich Hutchins 5) Roy Craig 6) Wayne Knell 7) Patrick Sanford 8) John Morrissey 9) Robert Siegel 10) Eugene Kaczka Super Senior Support 1) Donnie Cranford 2) Joseph Superczynski 3) Ken Frauenfelder 4) W Jowett III 5) Edward Jakovich III 6) E Adams 7) James Weaverling Sr 8) Bryce Reeves 9) Randy Holsapple 10) Michael Jackson Senior Open 1) Joe Caruso II 2) Chad Gill 3) Mark Walker 4) Leonard Groves 5) Michael Benson 6) John MorrIssey 7) Richard Garrison 8) Eugene Kaczka 9) Jeffrey Greer 10) Forest Huffner Senior Support 1) Wayne Hall III 2) Nicholas Fowler 3) Toby Hayes 4) Randy Holsapple 5) Nicholas Moening 6) Carroll Wilkerson

7) Donald Robbins Jr 8) Quentin Close 10) W Jowett III Open A 1) Randall Everett 2) William Duffy 3) Robert Kraft 4) Tom Welch 5) Joshua Stein 6) Andrew Benson 7) Michael Groves 8) T Irvin 9) Gabe Woodrow The MAMA group has been promoting races Open B for over 35 years now. 1) Scott Clark 2) Scott Atkinson 3) David Foard 7) Kaine Smith 8) Nicholas Mayberry Robert Stubbs 9) Christopher 4) Christopher Kusic 5) J Hare 10) Kyle Henderson Custer 6) Anthony Hall Jr 7) Jr Mini 7-11 Makiyah GormAn 8) Joseph 1) Shane Desell 2) Mel Mahan Lesueur 9) Brandon Newman 3) Cody Akers 4) Justin Hall 10) Gregory Hoffman 5) Kyle Graham 6) Shelby Open C Benson 7) Cameron Jackson 1) Fabian Toye Jr 2) Randy 8) Maxwell Sanford 9) Michael White 3) Cory Johnson Stewart 10) Nick Knell 4) Troy Smith 5) Michael 80a 12-15 Donohue 6) Terrel Isreal 7) 1) Sam Gale 2) Jesse David Rice 8) Samuel Fowler ChAppell 3) Cameron Dowell 9) Dominic Digiovannantonio 4) Christopher Hare 5) Tyler 10) Kevin Brickey Kirschner 6) 7) David Foard 8) Collegeboy 14-24 Nicholas Carroll 9) Christopher 1) Scott Clark 2) Corey Doering 10) Colin Reeves Wilson 3) Scott Atkinson 4) T 80c 12-15 Irvin 5) J Custer 6) Brandon 1) Martin Mundo 2) Jeremy Newman 7) Jacob Fowler Mayberry 3) Andrew Knight 8) Michael Lewis 9) Richard 4) Erich Friedrich 5) Charles Jaques 10) Michael Groves Russell 6) Jack Muth 7) Andrew Schoolboy 12-16 4 Stroke Huffner 8) Kyle Abrams 9) Kevin 1) Scott Clark 2) Charles King 10) Gregory Perez Jr Wernig 3) Cameron Dowell 80a 9-11 4) Cory Johnson 5) Nicholas 1) Shane Desell 2) Isreal 6) Nicholas Mayberry Justin Rodbell 7) John Mcnamara 8) E 80b 9-11 Wernig 9) Michael Donohue 1) Jeremy Fowler 2) Cody 10) Dylan Robertson Groves 3) Joseph Peery 4) Schoolboy 12-16 Kyle Graham 5) Cody Akers 1) Tyler Kirschner 2) Jacob 6) Foster Pearson 7) Cameron Pruitt 3) Michael Lennon 4) Jackson 8) Shelby Benson 9) Randy White 5) Sam Gale 6) DAkota Robbins 10) Mel Mahan James Weaverling 7) Jesse 80c 9-11 Chappell 8) Christopher 1) Maxwell Sanford 2) Caleb Ostrander Jr 9) Kyle Henderson Hare 3) Kyle Mcallister 4) 10) Zachary Mumpower Skylar Pruitt 5) Bradley Harding Supermini 12-16 6) Chris Calvy 7) Nick Knell 1) Tyler Kirschner 2) Sam Gale 8) Michael Stewart 9) Todd 3) Cameron Dowell 4) Jesse Stith 10) Samuel Traynor Chappell 5) Jacob Pruitt 6)



In talking with a few racers, we find that the file online now has the correct results. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. To view correct results from that event, please go to and click on the results tab.  Grantley Herbert takes the win in 50 A racing action. 60a 1) Justin Rodbell 2) Cody Groves 3) Dakota Robbins 60b 1) Todd Stith 2) Bradley Harding 3) Cameron Jackson 4) Michael Stewart 5) Caleb Hare 6) Skylar Pruitt 7) Benjamin Carroll 8) Charles Canter Jr 9) Chris Calvy 10) Gage Beatty 60c 1) Dylan Kucowski 2) Dylan Jarrell 3) Kyle Proctor 4) Katie Benson 5) David Valdez 6) Jake Mumpower 7) Seth Walker 8) Edward Porterfield 9) Jacob Jarrell 10) Jessica Betz 50a 1) Grantely Herbert 2) Seth

Thank You â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jim Bull

Mundo races to the win in the 80 C (12-15) group.

Walker 3) Owen Pearson 4) Carrington Taylor 5) Edward Porterfield 6) Noah Beatty 7) Kyle Luckett 8) Zane Slade 9) Justin Luckett 50b 1) Andrew Rodbell 2) Thomas Welch 3) Daniel Reatherford 4) Noah Geyer 5) Mason Naecker 6) Colin Myers 7) Blake Bowie 8) Bryce Sviland 9) Nathan Easter 50 Oil 4-8a 1) Noah Geyer 2) Mason Naecker 3) Andrew Rodbell 4) Kyle Luckett 50 Oil 4-8b 1) NaThan Easter 2) Madison Nimmo 3) Dominic Blue 4) Isaac Juergens 5) Clayton

Stockstill 6) Kristian Henderson 7) Jake Eddy 50 4 Stroke Multi Speed 1) Colin Myers 2) Riley Huston 3) Ashton Nuzum 4) Cameron Caudill 50 Shaft /Pw 4-6 1) Andrew Rodbell 2) Clayton Stockstill 3) Isaac Juergens 4) Madison Nimmo 5) Talin Evans 6) Kristian Henderson 7) Dominic Blue Unlimited 1) Scott Clark 2) T Irvin 3) Ryan White 4) Chris Siegel 5) Andrew Benson 6) Michael Lennon 7) Joseph Lesueur 8) James Weaverling 9) William Brickey 10) Forest Huffner

Limited Decal was on hand to showcase their offerings.

TRY US BEFORE YOU BUY 5848 Urbana Pike Frederick, MD 21704 301.846.4318 â&#x20AC;˘




november 2011

It was brought to our attention that the results in the October issue of MRA for the September 17-18 race at Budds Creek were incorrect. After investigating, we find that the results file we downloaded from the website is different than the file that is now on the website.

Motorcycle Racing Action

MAMA Results Correction

18 november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Tristan Huey was the overall winner in Quad C (Group 6).

Donzi D’Ambrosa having fun over the finish line. This is what Thunder in the Sand is all about.

Richard Lindsay was the winner in the Quad A class.

Thunder in the Sand – Wildwood October 8-9, 2011 • By: Scott Lukaitis

The sounds of the ocean waves lapping against the sandy shore weren’t the only sounds you’d hear on the weekend of Oct. 8 and 9. On that weekend, the motorsport friendly town of Wildwood, New Jersey, played host to Thunder in the Sand. The event is held twice a year, once in the spring and once again in the fall, and takes place directly on the beach. That’s correct, any other weekend you’ll find beach towels and umbrellas, but this weekend is for motocross. There is a complete schedule of motocross and ATV racing, but the relaxed pace of one moto per class each day makes the weekend feel like a bit of a moto vacation. The racing action, however, certainly isn’t a vacation, as the generous pro purse brings RESULTS +25A: 1) Jesse Festenstine 2) Ryan Patterson +25B: 1) Joe Devizio 2) Saeed Abbaszadeh 3) Joseph Flazo 4) Frederick Seay, Jr 5) Sean Slattery +25C: 1) Heberton Lima 2) William Zicha 3) Hans Vanhethoen 4) Nick Pielli 5) Kyle Labaw 250 A: 1) Fran Lettieri 2) Dakota Kessler 3) Chris Duymich 4) Adam Blessing 5) Peter Devlin 250 B: 1) Dennis Payne 2) Chad Ciccarelli 3) Christopher Sreckovich 4) Dylan Allen 5) Mark Terpak 250 C (GROUP 1): 1) Donzi Dambrosa 2) Heberton Lima 3) Joshua Watson 4) Matt Cornish 5) Corey Wademan 250 C (GROUP 2): 1) Eric Osmundsen 2) Devon

Grisham 3) Christian Crum 4) Chris Gordon 5) Jonathan Larm 30+A: 1) Ryan Patterson 2) Tristan Huey 3) Michael Crocker 30+B: 1) Michael Moschitta 2) Joseph Flazo 3) Michael Impens 4) Frederick Seay, Jr 5) Ruben Umpierrez 30+C: 1) John Moore 2) Robert Cornish 3) George Palovcak 4) George Gonzalez Sr 5) Patrick Gardiner 40+: 1) Michael Moschitta 2) Michael Crocker 3) Michael Impens 4) Barry Nyul 5) Robert Cornish 50+: 1) Michael Moschitta 2) Bill Ford 3) Robert Vogel 4) Robert Yahnite 5) Matthew Moore Bike (12-15) 85cc: 1) Justin Cooper 2) Alec Wademan 3) Chris Gordon 4) Michael Hudacko 5) Coby

Reed Cooper was the dominant peewee class racer, taking both the (4-6) 50cc stock and (4-8) Open winner.

out intense competition. The challenging track is laid out just feet from the ocean in between two piers of amusement rides. The sand on the beach is constantly shifting under the tires, and the water seeping up through the sand means getting a good start is essential. Local racers Frankie Lettieri and Dakota Kessler did battle all weekend long, with Lettieri taking the overall in the 250 A class and Kessler in second, then Kessler taking the Open A class with Lettieri taking second. For more information on Thunder in the Sand events, check www.

Geddes Bike (4-6) 50cc stock: 1) Reed Cooper 2) Ryder Cooper 3) Craig Dunn 4) Patrick Yaeckel Bike (4-8) 50cc Open: 1) Reed Cooper 2) Craig Dunn 3) Patrick Yaeckel Bike (7-8) 50cc Stock: 1) Gabriel Gonzalez Bike (7-9) 65cc: 1) Mitchell Mckee 2) John Moore, III Bike (9-11) 85cc: 1) Dalen Vernazza 2) Tommy Urban 3) George Gonzalez 4) Wesley Sammon 5) Spencer Card Collegeboy 14-24 GROUP 1: 1) Jacob Hartranft 2) Dennis Payne 3) Seth Ciccarelli 4) Chad Ciccarelli 5) Kevin Hudson Jr. MIni 9-15 (no big wheel): 1) Justin Cooper 2) Alec Wademan 3) TJ Wittmer 4) Max Amato 5) Dakota Nyul Open A: 1) Dakota Kessler 2) Fran Lettieri 3) Anthony Roth 4) Charles Sherby 5) Adam Blessing Open B: 1) Jacob Hartranft 2) Matthew Grant 3) Kevin Hudson 4) Mark Terpak 5) Tom Greenhoe Open C (Group 1): 1) Heberton Lima 2) Donzi Dambrosa 3) Joshua Watson 4) Corey Wademan 5) Devon Grisham Open C (Group 2): 1) Christian Crum 2) Travis Price 3) Edison Deborda 4) William Zicha 5) Tonido Dixon Quad (4-8) 50cc Stock: 1) Trent Layton 2) Joseph Naia 3) Evan Platt 4) Christopher Serrao 5) Hunter Miller

Quad (6-11) 70cc prod.: 1) Travis Wotring 2) David Swan 3) Daniel Linke 4) Michael Voorhees 5) Dale Raven Quad (6-8) 50cc prod cvt: 1) Frankie Castellano 2) Jake Zapolski 3) Rickie Bodine, III 4) Joseph Naia 5) TJ Notarianni Quad 90 4stroke Auto Clutch: 1) Mike Lindsay 2) Skylar Venus Quad 90 PROD 8-15 2st/125 4 st: 1) Travis Wotring 2) Emily Irwin 3) Kevin Kazanowski 4) Dale Raven 5) Brandon Grace Quad 91-200 2 st / 91-300 4 st: 1) Nicholas Major 2) Alan Myers 3) Brett Wallace 4) Justin Mears 5) Anthony Discepola Quad A: 1) Richard Lindsay 2) Levi Hicks 3) Fred Landwher, Jr 4) Larry Krowicki 5) Ronald Ranck Quad B (Group 2): 1) Nick Cairoli 2) Cody Marenthal 3) Derk Welch 4) Justin Barnikow 5) John Gerkey Quad B (Group1): 1) Justin Carr 2) John Graham 3) Christopher Graham 4) Richard Perrini 5) William Kleinert Quad C (Group 1): 1) Austen Swope 2) Tyler Godshall 3) Steve Wallace 4) Glenn Miller 5) Chris Johnson Quad C (Group 2): 1) Kyle Van Nuys 2) Greg Botbyl 3) Thomas Krauss 4) George Gonzalez Sr 5) Cody Ley Quad C (Group 3): 1) Andrew Zarcharchuck

2) Randy Brymer 3) William Barton 4) Kevin Krowicki 5) Derek Angell Michael Moschitta has been a Quad C (Group 4): consistent Thunder in the Sand 1) John Bohonyi 2) competitor, winning the 30+ “B”, John Vreeland 3) 40+ and 50+ classes. Shawn Boysen 4) Gerald Lally 5) Anthony 4) Nick Boda 5) Anthony Jordan Jordan Quad C (Group 5): Quad Vet +25 GROUP 1: 1) Matt Yannetta 2) William 1) Jay Hansen 2) Anthony “Cody” Jones 3) Evan Soda Cozza 3) Steven Askin 4) 4) Ryan Anderson 5) Joe Neill John Graham 5) Justin Quad C (Group 6): Jamision 1) Tristan Huey 2) Kyle Locke Quad Vet +40: 3) Jim Manera 4) Kenneth 1) Ronald Ranck 2) Rob Cruz Basco 5) Charlie Pilgrim 3) Thomas Cummines 4) Jeff Quad Collegeboy GROUP 1: Avery 5) Gary Batta 1) Austen Swope 2) Justin Quad Womens Open: Carr 3) Tyler Godshall 4) 1) Tiffany Laclair 2) Danielle Joseph Cummines 5) Richard Beckman 3) Jennifer Perrini Notarianni 4) Allison Quad Collegeboy GROUP 2: Onofrietti 5) Niki Major 1) Anthony Jordan 2) Chris Schoolboy I (12-16 ) 2 Wittenberger 3) Artie Stroke: Moskowitz 4) Randy Brymer 1) Brandon Hartranft 2) 5) William Kleinert Matthew Mangine 3) Matt Quad Collegeboy GROUP 3: Cornish 4) Carmen Cordero, 1) Nick Cairoli 2) Cody Jr 5) Daniel Sudol Marenthal 3) Evan Barnikow Schoolboy II (14-16) 4 4) Timothy Botbyl 5) Duane Stroke: Poliey 1) Christopher Sreckovich Quad Jr. Mini (6-11) 70cc 2) Matthew Mangine 3) Matt MOD: Cornish 4) Corey Wademan 1) Michael Voorhees 2) Julian 5) Alex Palovcak Coffing 3) Gabriel Gonzalez Supermini (12-16): Quad Sr. Mini 90cc 2 St: 1) Justin Cooper 2) Noah 1) Justin Clark 2) Alan Myers Faccone 3) Michael Hudacko 3) Travis Wotring 4) Bradley 4) TJ Wittmer 5) Alec Rostkowski 5) Gage Scaletti Wademan Quad Sr. Mini 90cc 4 St: Trophy Kart Open: 1) Mitchell Mckee 2) Skylar 1) Nicholas Major 2) David Venus 3) Sal Petti Nevrotski 3) Alan Myers 4) Quad Unltd (Group 1): Joseph Davidson 5) John 1) Justin Carr 2) Richard Wittenberger Perrini 3) Matthew Shinn 4) Womens Bike 12+: Kyle Van Nuys 5) Glenn Miller 1) Courtney Sudol 2) Quad Unltd (Group 2): Katherine Sreckovich 3) 1) Fred Landwher, III 2) Matt Caitlyn Sparks 4) Kristen Yannetta 3) John Bohonyi Wisneski 5) Mary Beth Sudol





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S771118856 S718566 S71 S7 8566 85 8566 56





Route e 522 South South, o h Berkeley Berk keley l y Spr S Springs, WV 304-258-1449 • Hours: M-F 9-7; Sat 9-4 RIDERSVILLE HONDA • 304-258-2282 • HOURS: M-F 9-6; SAT 9-3


november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action


What they saw: Dylan Slusser dominates all day.

MDRA 7 at Happy Ramblers MC October 8-9, 2011 • By: JC Benson Sunday, Oct. 9, would bring both the final round of the MDRA 7 Series and the PAMX Series together in another prelude to the end of year Tri District Shootout. The weather proved to be the best it has been in weeks with temps in the 70s with sunshine and no rain in the forecast. The battles on the track would send the temperature soaring as the racers scrambled for every point they could get toward their year-end championship in their respective series. You can head back to Happy Ramblers for their last race of the season on Nov. 6, 2011, for their end-of-year track awards and to earn double points towards their 2012 race series. Happy Ramblers M.C. MDRA 7 10/9/11 RESULTS Plus 30 A 1) Gaylon E. Dickson 2) Michael Bear 3) Jason E. Galbraith 4) Pat A. Stansbury 5) David B. Thomas 6) Rick A. Barrett 7) Thomas W. Whitehair 8) Daniel Leonhard Plus 30 B 1) Johnathon L. Blain 2) Brian Farina 3) Brett D. White

4) Kevin S. Calebaugh 5) Joshua M. Kreitz 6) Thomas G. Baney 7) Justin Palencsar Plus 30 C 1) Chad M. Troyer 2) Charles N. Cross III 3) Matthew Losch 4) Eduardo Ramirez 5) Alex Pinto 6) Timothy J. Tyler 7) John Petrilla 8) Greg W. Cooper 9) Frederick Hansen 10) Corey R. Durham Women 1) Raeslee P. Weimer 2)

The course at Happy offered lines everywhere.

Lauren E. Plate 3) Kelsey Green 4) Katie Corron 5) Heather Boschert 6) Mimi Greiner 7) Stefanie M. Skinner 8) Ashley G. Durham 9) Chelsea Sparkman 10) Hope Boschert Junior Mini (9-13) 1) Timmy Crosby 2) Mason Richards 3) Gauge Keith 4) Taner W. Triggs 5) Austin Waugh 6) Jonathan Doporcyk 7) Nathan E. Murphy 8) Nick Hess 9) Mason Bowman 10) Andrew Dixon SB - 4 Stroke (Ages 14-16) 1) Ryan Clites 2) Sean Baxley 3) Daniel B. Bohon 4) Brandon Minnich 5) Seth Galloway 6) Cody Johnson 7) Austin A. Cox 8) Dillon Flick 9) Cordell Bartrum 10) William Schikner V 4-Stroke/CB (Ages14-24) 1) Joey D. Deneen 2) Kyle Davis 3) Jacob Cranston 4) Joshua Fisher 5) Samuel Greenawalt 6) Zach Harrington 7) Anthony J. Soistman 8) Joshua Villarreal 9) Steven E. Bordner Jr 10) Kelsey Green 50 (4-8) Open 1) Gage B. Stine 2) Chase Yentzer 3) Deacon Kozel 4) Chris Sweeney 5) Dylan Augustine 6) Brian Mccannon 7) Derek

Leatherman 8) Carter Knox 9) Colan Droneburg 85/150 (12-15) B 1) Timmy Crosby 2) Mason Richards 3) Christian D. Mikita 4) Jonathan Doporcyk 5) Cody S. Hipkins 85/150 (12-15) C 1) Austin Waugh 2) Lauren E. Plate 3) Bailey I. Cox 4) Bayley Oberlander 5) Jesse Snyder 6) Jennifer Kish 7) Andrew Dixon 8) Nick Hess 9) Darren Yeager 10) Kyle E. Meredith Plus 35 A 1) Gaylon E. Dickson 2) Michael Bear 3) Jason E. Galbraith 4) Pat A. Stansbury 5) Brad Stepp 6) Jason Buthridge Plus 35 B/C 1) Johnathon L. Blain 2) Timothy Cranston 3) Thomas G. Baney 4) Mike Beavan 5) Ricardo Alvarado 6) Charles Gane Plus 50 1) Michael Jones 2) Michael C. Wetzel 3) Thomas J. Nagle 4) Paul Baker 5) Donald Confer 6) Kerry Y. Williams Open C 1) Seth Galloway 2) Steven E. Bordner Jr 3) Jarrett D. Thompson 4) Raeslee P. Weimer 5) Kyle C. Franklin 6) Kyle Snider 7) Austin Davis 8) Jay J. Jajich 9) Justin

Liston 10) Timothy Robine Jr Open A 1) Dylan Slusser 2) Matthew W. Hougentogler 3) Joshua Fisher 4) Jacob Cranston Open B 1) Thomas Coluzzi 2) Kyle Davis 3) Jonathon M. Sauers 4) Joshua Liston 5) Colin Richards 6) Matthew M. Melhorn 7) Daniel B. Bohon 8) Joseph L. Michaels 9) Samuel Greenawalt 10) Kirk Ryan Super Mini (12-16) 1) Brandon K. Garlock 2) Daniel Rosebosky 3) Timmy Crosby 4) James Barry 5) Cory S. Gilliam 6) Mason Richards 7) Christian D. Mikita 8) CJ Cruse 9) Patrick A. Stansbury Jr 10) Austin Morris 50 (4-6) 1) Carson Cahill 2) Ryan Canaguier 3) Jay Covert 4) Michael Jones Jr 5) Carter Knox 6) Jude Kozel 7) Breyden A. Campbell 50 (7-8) 1) Gage B. Stine 2) Chase Yentzer 3) Deacon Kozel 4) Chris Sweeney 5) Brian Mccannon 6) Derek Leatherman 7) Colan Droneburg 85 (9-11) B 1) Taner W. Triggs 2) Gauge Keith 3) Dain Vallie

4) Nathan E. Murphy 85 (9-11) C 1) Gianni Lumadue 2) Kyler J. Coles 3) Zachary Lahman 4) Brandon Hugney 5) Korie Steede 6) Beau Livingston 7) Trenton L. Morris Plus 25 1) Clayton Powers Plus 25 A 1) Kris Shumaker 2) Pat A. Stansbury 3) David M. Azadi 4) David B. Thomas Plus 25 B/C 1) Preston R. Strickler 2) Ryan Miller 3) Brian Farina 4) Jeremy C. Savage 5) Brad Petrilla 6) Joshua M. Kreitz 7) John D. Wagner 8) Kevin S. Calebaugh 9) Thomas J. Nagle Ii 10) Kirk Ryan 65 (7-11) B 1) Gage B. Stine 2) Joshua Doporcyk 3) Mason Bowman 4) Colton B. Yentzer 5) Chase Yentzer 6) Christian M. Mccauley 7) Gauge Keith 65 (7-11) C 1) Gianni Lumadue 2) Griffin B. Hoover 3) Brandon Hugney 4) John F. Sweeney 5) Korie Steede 6) Jayden Shindel 7) Jeremy A. Baker 8) Alijah M. Tomic Schuman 9) Gage M. Brehm 10) Brian Mccannon 250 A 1) Dylan Slusser 2) Matthew W. Hougentogler


Findley Motorsports ATV / Motorcycle service • parts • sales


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1690 kirkwood pike Eric L Findley Kirkwood, PA 17536 Technician 717.529.0201 ebay store: FINDLEYMOTORSPORTS


Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

The battle for holeshot between Crosby and Richards.



21 3) Johnathan Wells 250 B 1) Thomas Coluzzi 2) Colin Richards 3) Jonathon M. Sauers 4) Anthony J. Soistman 5) Brandon Minnich 6) Zach Harrington 7) Matthew M. Melhorn 8) Joshua Black 9) Arie Reachard 10) Joseph L. Michaels 250 C 1) Sean Demoreland 2) Jay J. Jajich 3) Isaiah Sampson 4) Shawn Sparkman 5) Seth Galloway 6) Kyle Snider 7) Matt Thomas 8) Matthew W. Brady

9) Trevor H. Betsill 10) Austin Davis Senior A 1) Gaylon E. Dickson 2) Kevin Mesiah 3) Brad Stepp 4) Jonathan Skinner 5) Rick A. Barrett 6) Ewell Gilliam 7) Bert Schulteis 8) Tim Whitehair 9) Jim R. Hilty 10) Thomas W. Whitehair Senior B/C 1) Jeff Christopher 2) Timothy Cranston 3) Robert Mazzei 4) Brian Semder 5) Michael C. Wetzel 6) Thomas J. Nagle 7) Mike Beavan 8) John D. Ward 9) Douglas Orischak

10) Timothy J. Tyler Four Stroke 1) Joshua Liston 2) Joshua Villarreal 3) Justin Liston 4) Clayton Powers 5) Kelsey Green 6) Heather Boschert 7) Katie Corron SB - 2 Stroke (Ages 12-16) 1) Arie Reachard 2) Brandon K. Garlock 3) Cory S. Gilliam 4) James Barry 5) Joey D. Deneen 6) Blake Bowman 7) Colby Favorin 8) Cj Cruse 9) Patrick A. Stansbury Jr 10) Owen R. Waybright 50 (4-8) Oil 1) Carson Cahill 2)

Dylan Augustine 3) Ryan Canaguier 4) Jude Kozel 5) Breyden A. Campbell 6) Cole Covert Bomber 1) Donald Confer 2 Stroke 1) Joey D. Deneen 2) Brandon Minnich 3) Wade A. Droneburg Plus 45 1) Kevin Mesiah 2) Michael Jones 3) Rick A. Barrett 4) Bert Schulteis 5) Ewell Gilliam 6) Mike Beavan 7) Jim R. Hilty 8) Eugene Lentz Jr 9) Jack B. Machuta Jr 10) Jeff A. Kish

Just a heel click away from the end of the season.



Saturday - Practice Day 9:00 AM–3:00 PM Sunday - Happy Ramblers Race

Double Track Points for 2012 Happy Ramblers Points 2011 Happy Ramblers points series Awards presentation

All Races Feature Open Practice on Saturday FREE Camping

All Two Wheel Classes Offered Sorry – No Quads


5 Rider Minimum For 4 ‘ Trophies



AMA Sanctioned Visit our website at


4340 Hanover Road • Hanover, PA • Sunday Chapel Service Every Race Day 7:50 AM at Clubhouse


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november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Waving to all his adoring fans.

Taking a second glance at the fall foliage.

22 november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Christ Peace be with you. Greetings, I come to you from the Chaplain’s Corner of this wonderful publication, the MRA Magazine. Motocross for Christ has been blessed this year with all of you. I am proud to say I have met some of the best people through Motocross camps and races and can see great things for the future of our sport. Our wonderful sport relies on families like yours to come out and support the local venues. I have an opportunity next year to be a part of much more racing and support in what I believe God is calling me and my family to do. We will provide chapel services in 2012 at every MDRA 6 and 7 event, as well as Saturday night children’s activities. Motocross for Christ will also have chapel at MAMA and hold two camps again next year in 2012. I often wonder what the message is for God’s people, so I pray, and this is what God has placed on my heart to share with all of you. First, let me explain something. I never give you a message unless it is from God. I was called to deliver messages to God’s people. And yes! You are all God’s people, whether you know it or not. See God chose you, you did not choose God. Funny how that works, so no matter what you do, God has a purpose and a plan for your life. I wonder how many of us have struggles in life and have not reached out to that one person whom we can confide in and count on. I wonder if you are the one who always seems to have something going wrong, like bike breaks every race, tires going flat on the way to the track, a camper leaking, and through all this you do not know who to ask for help. Maybe you are one of the thousands that have been affected by rain this year. What do we do in all this distress; how do we get by and get through? We should be looking to God and praying for his strength and guidance as we may or may not know God provides for the righteous and unrighteous. As it rains too much or too little on one, it affects the others as well. The question is how do we get through these times? Racing is like life. We have good races, and sometimes we have bad races, how we get through is what counts. Sometimes no matter what we do, we cannot keep the bike upright and going. Life is like racing, and what do racers in Motocross do when things fail? We press on because we are built to persevere no matter how long the race is. We train for this, we look to our families, mechanics and trainers and ask them to help and guide us. In life when things get tough, we need to persevere also. I want you to think of this passage from the book of James, chapter 1, verse 12, the

next time you need to keep it going. 12 Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. What God is telling us here is just like the race we enter each week at the track: we must persevere. We must get up and keep going to get to the finish line and receive the trophy. The trophy has much more meaning in the race of life. The race we need to keep our eyes on is eternity; the things that break and fail us here are little compared to eternity. If we call on God (family), Christ (Mechanic) and Holy Spirit (Trainer), they will guide us and help us. And we can receive the trophy in Heaven and live forever with our Lord and Savior if you will just persevere and finish the race with help from your team. Jesus Christ came to give abundantly, and though we do not always see this abundance in times of life struggles, remember what you do have. You are given each day to live and breathe; you are allowed to continue to race and to have wonderful relationships at the track; you’re allowed to see your son get his first trophy or receive your first trophy. All these are blessings and abundance in our lives. So do not quit, do not give up, live lives that are holy and pleasing to God. He will always be there to help you get through the rough stuff on and off the track if you will just call on his team and let him lead you through. God Bless, Racing Rev. Roy Craig and Family (

top Mini Word Splurge – I asked a variety of questions to some of our their head. riders, and they had to splurge the first word that popped into

Colin Reeves 673

Loretta’s- Qualifier Injury- Ouch Energy Drink- Redbull Pro Motocross- Dean Wilson Holeshot- First Girls- Hot <3 Stickers- Dora Competition- Jackson Moto Mom- Bryce Reeves Music- Country X-Games- Travis Pastrana Florida- Mini O’s Supercross- Want to go Dirt Start- Dirty MX School- Nothing Track- Action Town Gear- Thor Sponsors- None Traveling- Fun Rutts- Fun

Cody Akers #88

Loretta’s- Fast Injury- Leg Energy Drink- Rockstar Holeshot- Awesome Girls- Cool Stickers- Awesome Competition- Jeremy 26 Moto Mom- cool Music- Not Afraid X-Games- Free-style Florida- Mini O’s Supercross- Hard Dirt Start- Awesome MX Schools- Stella Track- Blue Diamond Gear- Fox Sponsors- Foley Motorsports Rutts- Deep

Sam Gale 529

Loretta’s- Fast Injury- Legs Energy Drink- Monster Pro Motocross- James Stewart Holeshot- Mike Allesi Girls- None at the moment Stickers- Limited Decal Competition- Cameron Dowell #726 Moto Mom- Mom Music- Rap X-Games- Travis Pastrana Florida- Gator Back Supercross- Las Vegas Dirt Start- Budds Creek MX Schools- Gary Bailey Track- Budds Creek Gear- Oneal Sponsors- Oneal, X Brand, Traders Traveling- Truck Rutts- Deep


Please verify all events with promoter. Mra assumes no responsibility for errors.


w w w. e c e a . o r g 2011 ECEA CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES Schedule


11/04-06. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/05. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/06. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/12-13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/20. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

AMA Arenacross – Baltimore, MD MDRA 6 Fun Day/Awards Happy Ramblers Race MDRA 7 Fun Day/Awards Tomahawk MX Budds Creek – Winter Series

Harescrambles 11/05-06. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/12. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11/20-21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

11/5 & 11/6 TCSMC Tri-County National Dual Sport 11/13 MCI Stump Jumper Enduro 11/20 & 11/21 DER Blue Diamond Harescramble WATCH THE WEB FOR 2012 SCHEDULE COMING SOON

Tri County Dual Sport PA State HS Awards Banquet MCI Stump Jumper Enduro DER Harescramble

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JANUARY 21, 2012 - LANCASTER HOST (Details available soon online)

Action Motorsports................. 9

Lancaster Honda..................20

B & B Yamaha....................... 14

Lebanon Valley Cycle............24


MDRA...................................... 3

Bowers Motorcycle Supplies............................20

Mid Atlantic Winter Series................................ 13

Bromley Motorcycles.............. 7 * Consult ECEA website for details

Canyon Motorsports............. 14

Middle Atlantic Moto-Cross.......................27

(302) 947-1100 HS CHAIRMAN • (302) 229-1805 HS REFEREE GENERAL INFORMATION 732-890-4378

Delaware Enduro Riders......... 4

Motor-Vation........................... 9

Delmarva Powersports......... 10

Motovation Cycles.................. 9

Doublin Gap...........................28

Pagoda Mc Club...................... 9


ECEA......................................23 EVO Industries...................... 10 Feld Motorsports.................... 2 Findley Motorsports..............20 Gap Racing.............................. 5 Happy Ramblers...................21

Pete’s Cycle............................. 4 Pete’s Cycle........................... 11 Powerseal USA..................... 15 Pro Action.............................. 10 Ridersville Cycle.................... 19

JT Motorsports....................... 7

Romney Cycles.....................26

JT Motorsports..................... 17

Scott Powersports................ 15

KB5 Industries...................... 19

T7 Suspension & Engines.....23

Keystone Trailers..................25

Toy Tech................................ 14


november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

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East Coast Enduro Association


NJ native Jesse Pierce dominated the amateur divisions on the day.

Tim Green from Philadelphia, PA, wins Open Vet B/C.

4th Annual Big Bucks Weekend and Pagoda Motorcycle Club Birdsboro, PA – Oct. 8-9, 2011 • By: Jim Bull Early October took us to the grounds of the Pagoda Motorcycle Club for their annual Big Bucks weekend. This event has always been good and continues to grow with each passing year. The weekend was a Pro Am event, and for the first time ever a special Women’s class program was added to the fray. The weekend started off with the regular Saturday practice session for all bikes; however, the women were treated to a special free day of practice at the track along with a Sunday paid race admission. As a matter of fact, for the women the weekend started Friday at the GPMX compound for some training with some of the local pro racers and local mx trainer Greg “Frenchie” Pamart. Saturday evening back at the track the top finishers in the Mainline Series received their awards and free refreshments courtesy of both Pagoda and Sleepy Hollow. After the awards, there was free entertainment in the famous Pagoda Clubhouse for those that weren’t in bed early preparing for the race day ahead. On Sunday we awoke to beautiful sunny weather with temps in the low 80s, a rare occurrence lately here in our neck of the woods. Most weekends we would have been better off racing Jet Skis, but that’s a story for a different day. Also on Sunday morning I had the pleasure of visiting Pagoda’s future site with a tour from Pagoda ambassador Big Jim Munch. The current goal is to be moved to their new location by late 2012 or early 2013. The new facility is located only a few miles east of their current location and will offer more room for parking plus all the amenities that you currently find on the Pagoda grounds. The Big Bucks weekend showed us some excellent competition in all classes. There was $3,000 plus 120% payout on the line for the expert divisions, and we saw Tony Archer win the lion’s share of that purse. Broc Schmelyun would be the only racer to get a moto win over Archer on the day, but it wouldn’t be enough to top the podium. The amateur, novice and age classes all proved to be worth watching, with some special class structures in the Vet divisions. The biggest story on the day was the first ever Women’s Open MX program run in conjunction with this popular event. We saw 26 female racers come to the gate to battle for over $3,500 in cash and prizes. The Women can’t earn cash obviously because of their amateur status, but gift cards and merchandise were awarded, and the racing was spectacular. We saw a few of the WMX Ladies at Pagoda, and Chelsea Newbold would stand atop the podium at the end of the day. Amanda Brown would best her in the second moto, but Brown’s fourth-place finish in the first moto would keep her in second overall for the day. It was a great weekend of racing with perfect weather and a great crowd on hand. As usual, the Pagoda club members had the place in top notch condition, and with the vendor row atmosphere it was almost like a mini national. Props to the club, the racers and the promoters of this event; what a way to wind down the season at one of the area’s most popular venues.

Pagoda Motorcycle Club 10/9/11 Results 70, 80, 90, 110 mini track 1) Dominic Amilcare 2) Hannah Passerini 3) Austin Funk Open Mini 1) Jeremy Smith 2) Coty Schock 3) Scott Meshey 4) David Vertucci 5) Miguel M. Correia 6) Mathew A. Boyer 7) Ricky Deck 8) Austin Daniels 9) Cole Bryan 10) Kyle G. Watkins OPEN VET B/C 1) Timothy N. Green 2) Nicholas R. Weber 3) Joseph Schaufele 4) Chris Feeley VET A 1) Paul J. Waslin 2) Adam K. Russler 3) Ethan Waybright 4) Chris M. Shifflett 5) Stephen B. Van Druff 6) Joseph Hegeman 7) Robert D. Harris 8) John P. Spotts VET B 1) Dustin L. Morris 2) Pete L. Brubaker 3) Terrance Newbold 4) Anthony Maladra 5) Timothy N. Green 6) Kevin M. Bari Sr 7) Scott M. Seal 8) Jason A. Benkowitsch 9) Michael Reynolds 10) Nicholas R. Weber VET C 1) Daniel Siracusa 2) Clint A. Moore 3) Micah L. Macdonough 4) Christopher Talianek 5) Neil A. Ebert Jr 6) Chris

Macneill 7) Gary Moore 8) Matthew Kuntz 9) Brian J. Pisch 10) Tom Gamber Open A 1) Tony Archer 2) Joey Peters 3) Broc Schmelyun 4) Casey M. Clark 5) Ryan J. Zimmerman 6) Ronnie M. Stewart 7) Gregory Pamart 8) Kyle R. Sidle 9) Dakota W. Yohe 10) Tyler Conner Open B 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Stephen Vertucci 3) Luke T. Palonicola 4) Kevin Bari Jr 5) Brennen C. Weindel 6) Neil A. Ebert III 7) Korey Holby 8) Steven J. Hoffman 9) Dallas Shahan 10) Kyle Knapp Open C 1) Michael Giovanniello 2) Timothy Richardson 3) Broderick Weaver 4) Michael Mckently 5) Cole Gabel 6) Mathew Smith 7) Addison m. Good 8) Dalton Worthington 9) Karl J. Ciamaichelo 10) Joshua Fey 250 A 1) Tony Archer 2) Broc Schmelyun 3) Ronnie M. Stewart 4) Michael Fowler 5) Tyler Conner 6) Addison Kramer 7) Gregory Pamart 8) Dylan Brajkovich 9) Jesse D. Deryke 10) C C. Aughinbaugh 250 B 1) Jesse Pierce 2) Stephen Vertucci 3) Luke T. Palonicola 4) Brett

Barkasi 5) Anthony S. Maladra 6) Christopher Knight 7) Keith Pierce 8) Fred C. Kramer 9) Nate Kreider 10) Dallas Shahan 250 C 1) Cole Gabel 2) Dominic J. Tibberino 3) Michael Giovanniello 4) Broderick Weaver 5) Timothy Richardson 6) Dalton Worthington 7) Johnathan Walker 8) Joshua Fey 9) Josh H. Guyton 10) Mathew Smith 40 + 1) Robert Rose 2) Michael Reynolds 3) Jeff D. Miller 4) George L. Sabo 5) Anthony Maladra 6) Ron C. Neilson 7) Robert W. Schuler 8) Kevin M. Bari Sr 9) John Stewart 10) Garry Willders WOMEN 1) Chelsea W. Newbold 2) Amanda n. Brown 3) Tonya N. Mantsch 4) Krisa Sweeney 5) Taylor l. Levic 6) Shayla Stephens 7) Alexa West 8) Tiana Alfano 9) Nikkiann Stewart 10) Jessica C. Smith 50 4-8 OIL 1) Trey Leatherman 2) Ryder N. Martinelli

3) Braxton Keiffer 4) Roman A. White 5) Randall (John) Myers 6) Levi Leatherman 7) Ty Ortman 8) Ryan J. Skiles 50 cc beginner 1) Shayden O. Barto 2) Dante Blankinbiller 3) Michael t. Cinalli 4) Evan Masterson 50 4-8 Open 1) Trey Leatherman 2) Cole Bader 3) Daniel J. Stephens 4) Sean P. Rahilly Jr 5) Gavin Fakelmann 6) Nathan K. Helms 7) Randall (John) Myers 8) Roman A. White 9) Ty Ortman 50 4-6 STOCK 1) Trey Leatherman 2) Sean p. Rahilly Jr 3) Ryder N. Martinelli 4) Cole Bader 5) Braxton Keiffer 6) Roman A. White 7) Levi Leatherman 50 7-8 STOCK 1) Dominic Amilcare 2) Gavin Fakelmann 3) Corey Medycki 65 beginners 1) Alex Supplee 2) Corey Medycki SCHOOL BOY 1) Luke T. Palonicola 2) William Carling 3)

2309 State Rte. 72 Jonestown, PA 17038 6 mi North of Lebanon


Honda • Suzuki • Yamaha


Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011

Tony Archer wins both premiere expert classes on the day.

Construction has begun on the new Pagoda MC site, located just a few miles east of their current location.

Chelsea Newbold bests 25 other girls to win the first annual Pagoda’s Women’s Open MX event.


25 Scott Meshey makes a rare local appearance to win the 85cc (12-15) division.

Women’s Open Coty Schock 4) Christopher Knight 5) Anthony S. Maladra 6) Michael Pettit 7) Mathew A. Boyer 8) David Vertucci 9) Keith Pierce 10) Collin Macauley 4 STROKE / 25+ 1) Alex Maldet 2) Steven J. Hoffman 3) Bryan Simcox 4) Korey Holby 5) Jordan M. Boisvert 6) Derek L. Martzall

7) Cameron L. Siegel 8) Chris J. Seligman 9) James D. Munch 10) Michael Mckently 65 7-11 1) Tyler M. Walborn 2) Chase Stehman 3) Josh Hoover 4) Colby D. Noll 5) Joey Milano 6) Dominic Amilcare 7) Capone Spina 8) Benjamin Intili OPEN VET A 1) Gregory Pamart 2) Adam K. Russler

3) Chris M. Shifflett 4) Ethan Waybright 5) Paul J. Waslin 6) George L. Sabo 7) Joseph Hegeman 8) Jeff D. Miller 9) Robert l. Mcwhorter Jr 10) Stephen B. Van Druff 85 12-15 1) Scott Meshey 2) Miguel M. Correia 3) Coty Schock 4) Jeremy Smith 5) Mathew A. Boyer

6) Trevor B. Shaffer 7) Savion D. Terry 8) Cole Bryan 9) Ricky Deck 10) Kyle G. Watkins 85 9-11 1) Austin Daniels 2) Matias Janice 3) Tyler M. Walborn 4) Bryce A. Walborn 5) Trent M. Masterson 6) Alex Thomas 7) Wesley Shaffer 8) Zakary Shaffer 9) PJ Farrell 10) Jamie B. Astudillo

Archer and Peters battle in expert “Big Bucks” racing action.


november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action

Jeremy Smith (208) tracks down Miguel Correia to take the win in Open Mini.

november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action





36th Annual MAMA Banquet December 3rd, 2011 at the Marriott BWI Check us out on the web at: S718568

november 2011

Motorcycle Racing Action


28 Motorcycle Racing Action

november 2011




Open Every Saturday and Select Sundays Weather Permitting Always check website before you come !!

For Further her Information:

Call 717 717-249-6036 249 6036 or www doublingap com

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MRA Nov 2011  

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