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Volume 7 • Issue 9 • NOVEMBER 2003 Our Advertisers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Sleepy Hollow Track Champions 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Hare Scramble Hotshot/October – Kenton Heinbaugh . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Wolfmann’s Motocross – October 12, 2003 Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 How to Stay in Shape... – By Bob Schuler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Happy Ramblers Results from September 27 & 28 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Flying Dutchmen 2003 Track Champions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Subscription Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 MRA Photo Gallery – NEW MONTHLY FEATURE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16,17 Centerspread: Foot Of Mountian Hare Scramble - October 5, 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19 PA State Hare Scramble Championship -By Jason Hughes . . . . . . . . . 20 Flying Dutchmen – September 28 & 29, 2003 Results . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Budd’s Creek – Maryland State Championships -By Kevin Sheckells . . . . . 23

Well it’s here, you know what I’m talking about. Yeah the whole SHABANG, the holidays, winter, the conclusion of the racing season in D-6. Time to get the winter coats and the sleds out, it was bound to get here sooner or later. But hey everybody it’s been a great racing season, and there’s still a few weeks of racing left this year.

Miles Mountain Results – October 12, 2003 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

There’s a few rounds of the D-6 Hare Scramble Series and there is still plenty of MX action to be found across the region. Make sure you check out the final round of the D-6 Championship Points Series at the ATCO MX Park on Saturday, November the 15th. Check their ad in MRA for special start times.

Our Advertisers:

After November it’s either pack-em up for the winter or head to warmer climates, again check the pages of MRA for some great winter series schedules that are going on. And be sure to check out Total Two Wheel Trainings column on “How to stay in shape during the off season”, contact two wheel trainer Bob Schuler and he can set you up with a plan to keep the cob webs from forming over the winter months. One last thing before you read on. Most of you know that we hit the races each and every weekend and take a ton of great racing action shots of you doing what you love to do. You’re all used to logging on Monday morning and checking out your pics at www. . Unfortunately due to uncertain circumstances we are experiencing some down time there. The good news is you can still view your race photos. For now log on to www. . There may be a web address change in the near future, but one thing you can be certain of, you’ll still get the same great service from MRA that you’ve come to expect. I thank all of you for your loyalty to us and we’ll keep you posted. Until next time.

Jim Bull, MRA


The Racer’s Edge...Getting your bearings - By Andy Fleck & Al Carr . . . . . 34 Upcoming Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 The Marketplace . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32,33 MRA Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

Action Motorsports . . . . . . . . . 26 Advanced Mortgage Services . . . . 32 AMSOIL Racing . . . . . . . . . . . 33 ATCO Motocross Park . . . . . . . . 13 B&B Sales & Service . . . . . . . 32 Blue Diamond . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Boyesen . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 BMS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Bromley MC . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Bottle Run Xtreme . . . . . . . . . . 8 CDS Construction . . . . . . . . . . 32 Concrete Cutting Systems . . . . 27 Cosmotor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Cycle Tech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Dave’s Raceway Restaurant . . . . 32 Doublin Gap . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 East Coast ATV . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Ephrata Agway . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Fast 50’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Flying Dutchmen . . . . . . . . . . 15 Foot of Mountain . . . . . . . . . . 19 Gap Racing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Glick’s Trailer Shop . . . . . . . . 15 Griffs Cycle Shop . . . . . . . . . . 32 Grumbine’s RV Center . . . . . . . 35 Happy Ramblers . . . . . . . . . . 12 Jim Murray’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Just Dirt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Keeney . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Ken Carr Cycle Center . . . . . . 24 Keystone Trailers, Inc. . . . . . . 30 Kincaid Racing . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Lancaster Honda . . . . . . . . . . 32 Lebanon Valley Cycles . . . . . . 28 Leisure Equipment . . . . . . . . . . 6 Lost Creek Cycles . . . . . . . . . 32 Martin Grahics . . . . . . . . . . . 11 MAW . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Miles Mountain Motocross . . . 29 Montgomeryville Cycle . . . . . . 15 Off Road Motosports . . . . . . . 32 Powerline ATV . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Pro-Action Suspension . . . . . . 25 PR2 Racing Technology . . . . . 26 Pro Parts Racing . . . . . . . . . . 21 R.A.M. Productions . . . . . . . . 33 Rausch Creek . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Ray’s Yamaha . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Re-Active Suspension . . . . . . . 34 Rocket Raceway . . . . . . . . . . 27 Rocking Horse Realty . . . . . . . 33 Shenandoah Honda . . . . . . . . 35 Silent Sport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Sleepy Hollow . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 The Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Toy Tech . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 TRAXX . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Valley Drive Racing . . . . . . . . 32 Victory Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 VPE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Yamaha of Camp Hill . . . . . . . 31 West Shore Suzuki . . . . . . . . . 32 Wolfmann’s Motocross . . . . . . . 7 Woods Riders . . . . . . . . . . . . 32

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Thanks for a Great Year! The “Legend will continue in ‘04.

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1st Time Racers Welcome! Contact Information:

Office Phone: 717-653-4830 • Track Phone: 717-865-5530 E-mail :

50cc oil 4-6 50cc oil 7-8 50cc stk 4-6 50cc stk 7-8 XR 50 PW 80-TTR 90 XR70-80 XR100-TTR125 65cc 7-9 65cc 10-11 85cc 7-11 85cc 12-13 85cc 14-15 Supermini Schoolboy Collegeboy 125A 125B 125C 250A 250B 250C 25+A 25+B Vet A Vet B Vet C Senior 50cc 4W 70cc 4W 90cc 4W 4 Stk A 4W 4 Stk B 4W 2 Stk A 4W 2 Stk B 4W 0-230 4W Vet 4W

Trevor Shaffer Michael McDonald Eric Heilman Brandon Woolf Trevor Shaffer Alyssa Savidge Sarrina Smith Michael Polaski Scott Heilman Christian Castillo Tim Savidge Lowell Spangler Broc Moore Kyle Sidle Larry Mutschler Matt Moore Brian McCullough Matt Moore Larry Mutschler Shelby Reitz none Larry Mutschler Brad Stepp Mark Barrends Brad Stepp Scott Schauer Keith Kline Kevin Higgins Mike Thor Danny Toth Chase Scheib Randy Lehr Cory Atherton Andy Ehrenzeller Alan Fritch Adam Fritch Dwayne Walters

Eric Heilman, Logan Ehrets and Brennan Weindel shine in 50cc Stock 4-6

Michael McDonald wins the 50cc 7-8 Oil Division

Michael Thor takes the Honors in 50cc Quad

Devin Sheldon and Sarrina Smith 80cc 4 Stroke Champs

Having Fun!

Dwayne Walter is your 4 Wheel Vet Class Champ

Consistent Finishes gives Danny Toth 1st Place in the 70cc 4 Wheel Division

Three Cheers for Jere Swarr

Todd Weindel & Jason George Expert Class Champs and both Big Contributors to Sleepy’s Operation Thanks Guys!

Angelo Manerchia 4th – Mark Barrends 1st 25+B Class


Sleepy Hollow Track Champions 2003


DIRT TRACK - Wood Named as Ricky Graham Rookie of the Year! Posted By Scott Rousseau

Always a Good Sign The following is a release from AMA Pro Racing: John Raun Wood has been named 2003 Ricky Graham AMA U.S. Flat Track Rookie of the Year. Wood, 23, of Dublin, Pennsylvania., scored points in six rounds of the AMA Progressive Insurance U.S. Flat Track Championship this year. He scored three top-10 finishes, all on short tracks. Wood finished the season ranked 20th in the final AMA Grand National point standings. Wood started the year off impressively with a ninth-place finish in the prestigious Daytona Beach Short Track National during Bike Week in March. He moved up another notch at the end of May when he scored an eighth at the short track event in Chillicothe, Ohio. His other top-10 result came in front of thousands of Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary participants in attendance for the Hales Corner Speedway Short Track race in August. Wood also scored national points at the short track in Haubstadt, Ind., on the half-miles at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio, and the State Fair Speedway in Sedalia, Mo. “It’s cool,” said Wood, the 2001 Pro Sport 600 and 505 Hot Shoe Champion. “I didn’t even know I was in contention for the award until Saturday night’s short track at Springfield.” Wood, who goes by his middle name Raun or John Raun as his buddies call him, admitted his strong suit is short track racing. “I grew up racing on little clay short tracks,” he said. “I rarely rode half-miles as an amateur and never miles, so I’m still getting used to the bigger tracks.” Wood is backed by Scott Powersports a multi-brand dealership located in Coopersburg, Pa. His bikes are owned and built by Bob Berry. Wood becomes the 33rd recipient of the AMA U.S. Flat Track Rookie of the Year Award. Numerous AMA National Champions launched their careers after being named the top rookie including riders like Jay Springsteen, Scott Parker, Bubba Shobert, Doug Chandler, Chris Carr, Ben Bostrom and Nicky Hayden. The award is given to the rider who has earned the most points in his or her first full year of competition as a Grand National Championship license holder. Wood will be presented his award at the 29th annual AMA Pro Racing Awards Banquet to be held at the Rio Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, on Saturday evening, Nov. 22.

SCOTT POWERSPORTS (610) 282-4800

1675 RT.309 Coopersburg, Pa.

#88 Raun Wood from Dublin, PA riding for Scott Powersports is the 2003 Ricky Graham AMA US Flat Track Rookie of the Year.

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HARE SCRAMBLE HOTSHOT (October) Event: Foot of Mountain H.S. 10/5/03 Rider: Kenton Heinbaugh Hometown: Hummelstown, PA ATV: Polaris Scrambler Age: 8 yrs. District #: 228 Experience: Racing 3 years

Class: 70cc ATV Sponsors: Motorvation Polaris, WRH Racing, Pat & Son, Mom & Dad, Uncle Rod, Poppy Kenton Heinbaugh from Hummelstown, Pa is our Hare Scramble Hotshot for the month of October. We caught up with Kenton out at the Foot of Mountain last month and believe me it was no easy task. This young quad racer has been winning everything in site lately. Kenton has accomplished quite a lot this year, he is the overall winner in the B/P Promotions State H.S. series in his class, he’s been winning races left and right the last several months and he is right in the hunt for the District 6 Championship. Keep your eyes on this young man, theres only a few races left and chances are he’ll be at the top of the heap when it’s all over. Watch out next month, you just might be the next MRA Hotshot. – Jim Bull MRA

3rd Race - FALL SERIES Manns Choice, Pa

Oct-12-2003 50 cc (4-6) - class 1 1. Trey Rustand 2. Matthew Bailey

Ktm Suz

50 cc (7-8) - class 2 1. Blake Wadsworth 2. Chase Rustand 3. John Shafer

Ktm Ktm Ktm

XR50 1. Lucas Clites


50cc (4-8) shaft - class 3 1. Matthew Bailey 2. Brandon Selleck

Suz Yam

65 (7-9) 1. Ryan Clites 2. Joshua Villarreal 3. Conner Schilling 4. Ian Starkey 5. Blake Wadsworth

Suz Suz Suz Kaw Ktm

65 (10-11) 1. Dylan Johnson 2. Jordon Walker 3. Addison Yingling 4. Cameron Lipscomb 5. Daniel Graham

Ktm Kaw Suz Suz Kaw

85 (7-11) Jr Bike 1. Willis Mauk, Jr 2. Ryan Foreman

Hon Suz

Kaw Suz Yam

85 (12-13) Int. Bike 1. Landon Yingling 2. Tyler Mcdougal 3. John Stoner 4. Justin Patz 5. Brandon Diebold

Vet A (30+) 1. Kenneth Messerman 2. Todd Selleck, Sr 3. Dale Weller

Yam Hon Hon

Suz Hon Suz Kaw Suz

Vet B (30+) 1. Jason Howe


85 (14-15) Sr. Bike 1. Stephen Helton


Open Mini (10-15) 1. Tony Vanetesse 2. Tyler Mcdougal

Vet C (30+) 1. John Wertz 2. Kevin Clites 3. Jt Holland 4. Edward Kerlin 5. Jim Dobbs

Yam Kaw Suz Suz Suz

Kaw Hon

Plus 25 1. Dale Weller


School Boy (12 -15) 1. Gabriel Shaffer 2. Andrew Wolfe 3. Steven Wolf

Yam Suz Ktm

125 A 1. Derrick Wile


College Boy (16-24) 1. Rick Fait

125 B 1. Rick Fait



125 C 1. Matt Winiger 2. Andrew Wolfe 3. Stephen Helton 4. Gabriel Shaffer 5. Wes Hogg

Yam Suz Yam Yam Ktm

Women's (12 & up) 1. Tracy Van Ryen


4 STROKE 1. Gary Harding 2. Brad Berkey 3. Matt Winiger 4. Dean Lipscomb 5. Todd Selleck, Jr

Yam Hon Yam Yam Hon

Senior A (40+) 1. Kenneth Messerman Senior B (40+) 1. Jeff Miller 2. Tim Guilday 3. Douglas Wentzell

Yam Suz Hon Hon

250 A 1. Dean Lipscomb 2. Brad Berkey 3. Dale Weller 4. Todd Selleck, Sr 5. Derrick Wile 250 B 1. Gary Harding 2. Zarchary Guilday

Yam Hon Hon Hon Hon


Wolfmann’s Motocross,llc.

3. Jordon Walker 4. Derrick Grissinger 5. Jesse Leezer

1. Todd Selleck, Jr 2. David Winner 3. Bradley Clites 4. James Divelbiss 5. Jason Keefer

Hon Suz Suz Yam Kaw

OPEN D 1. David Peer 2. Steve Bonacci 3. Brandon Barnes 4. Bruce Kelly 5. William Kastor

QUAD C (OVER 16) 1. Mike Mcpherson 2. Sterling Leach Iii 3. Paul Yokum 4. Ryan Cross 5. Jeremy Hobor

Kaw Ktm Hon Kaw Hon

Y. QUAD ( 0-50cc ) STOCK 1. Emily Holland Suz

QUAD A (OVER 16) (200 -open) Yam Yam

1. Dave Weimer

250 C


Y. QUAD (51 -70)limited 1. Zachary Bonacci


BOMBER 1. Timothy Kampert 2. Robert Trisch

Suz Hsk

70-100 4 STROKE 1. Kelly Ryan


Wolfmann’s Motocross Fall Series

Race Dates

November 16 & November 23 Track is also open for practice Saturday & Sunday, 10-dark. No Charge for Overnight Camping Bike wash water available

Race Fees $25 1st Class $20 2nd Class GATE $10 for Racers & Adults Kids under 12 FREE

TIMES Sign up – 6:30 Practice – 9:00 Racing – 11:00

Track is located 10 min. W. of Bedford, Pa. • 100 Chestnut St., Manns Choice, Pa. 15550

814-623-9235 •

Yam Yam Hon Suz Hon

Quads Welcome All races are D#5 points races


BRX is Proud to Help Cross Train & Sponsor: #911 Jarek Balkovic and #5J Josh Rockwell

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By: Bob Schuler – Total Two Wheel Training Well it has been a long hard season, now it’s time to kick back and relax. You know what I mean if you own a house and have a spouse, it’s time to get the ‘Honey Do’ list out and get cracking to all the things you blew off all season long. The last thing you wanted to do was to be up and down a ladder all day long with a can of paint in your hand and taking a chance of falling off or to wear out your throttle wrist with that paint brush in hand. For all you young guys that are still single and having fun, you really don’t want to think the season is just about over. Some other people are happy because they’ve been riding all season with injuries and now is a great time to heal up and get to the gym to do some work to rebuild those torn up parts. This is also a good time to go out and ride mountain bike, go hiking and if you have a pool close by it is also a great way to rehab your injuries. Another thing you want to do at this time is to sit back and rethink this past season and go over what you think worked for you and what did not work. Did you practice enough or did you over train and feel flat when the weekend came around. A lot of people go into the season out of shape and it takes them the first two months to really get in good shape so they can ride to their fullest. Did you set goals and stick to your plan or did you really have no plan at all? I have found that if you set goals and have a plan, it will keep you motivated thru all the ups and downs of the race season. You are always going to have days where everything just flows and then days that you feel nothing is going right. Lets face it, that part of sports and part of life we all have to learn to deal with, so sit back and take the time to write out your goals and try to make a plan for the upcoming season. You may reach all of them or you may come up a little short but at least you went for it and can go back and be real about it. Good luck and go for it !!

Total Two Wheel Training

My name is Bob Schuler. I have been a competitive athlete all my life. Starting with Little League Baseball and continuing with team sports through Varsity Football in high school. Motocross was always a passion. With my focus set on this individual sport I turned PRO in 1984. I had a great motocross career but unfortunately after 12 years a serious injury had me sidelined. Rehabilitation introduced me to cycling. It was a little less harsh on the body and still on two wheels where I felt comfortable. It didn’t take long and I was hooked. I was involved with coaching through the then, Lehigh County Velodrome. For four years I traveled to Australia for personal training and racing. I worked with the Institute of Sport in Melbourne Australia. I now would like to share my experiences with others. I want to work with juniors to strengthen this great sport. I helped coach over thirty juniors to National Medals in Cycling and plan to continue to do so. My greatest coaching accomplishment was coaching Sarah Uhl to the 2001 Junior World Sprint Championship. So the question is, do you want a coach that has not competed in the sport, one that stands around blowing a whistle or do you want a coach who has excelled in your sport and has the same passion and competitive Spirit as you do.

Ask Sarah Uhl:

Let me Sarah Uhl tell you what kind of coach Bob Schuler is. The last five years under his guidance and abiding by his word produced seven National Championships, eleven months in his spotlight highlighted the best three minutes of my life in his arms after winning the 2001 Junior World Championships. I do not wear the rainbow stripes alone, the beauty is that we won together. Bob was born with an extra sense, victory, I think he can smell it. He will be there to help you through the tough training and to share in your victories. The man behind Total Two Wheel Training is a true professional, he will guide you where you need to go, but ultimately winning is up to you. I’m Bob Schuler, trainer, coach, motivator. I would like to offer the same great services to you, the motocross racer as I offer to the cycling industry. Let my track record help guide you to better conditioning and performance on and off the track. We have numerous plans available to fit most any budget and we can get you on track before you need to get on the track. Call or e-mail me for all your options.

610-633-6269 Email:


How To Stay In Shape During The Off Season

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 10

Happy Ramblers M.C. -9/27/2003 125A: 1. Dustin Kendall (Kaw) 2. Joseph Robertson (Yam) 3. Blake Taylor (Yam) 4. Broc Seiler (Yam) 5. H. Fred Thompson Iii (Ktm)

25+A: 1. Jeffrey Grove (Suz) 2. H. Fred Thompson Iii (Ktm) 3. Dale Weller (Hon) 4. Todd Selleck Sr (Hon) 5. John Richards (Hon) 25+B: 1. Andrew Will (Hon) 2. William Vaartjes (Hon) 3. Gene Ward (Yam) 4. James Dyer (Hon) 5. Daniel Allen (Yam) 250/Open A: 1. Dustin Kendall (Kaw) 2. Joseph Robertson (Hon) 3. Blake Taylor (Yam) 4. Isaac Blevins (Hon) 5. Chuck Brown Iv (Yam)

Matt Croft from Red lion, PA takes a third in 65cc 10-11 action. 125B: 1. Joe Hoffman (Yam) 2. David Arentz Jr (Ktm) 3. Ken Garner Iv (Yam) 4. Earl Luhn Iii (Hon);5. Larry Rhodes (Yam) 125C/D1: 1. Ryan Zimmerman (Yam) 2. Zac Ely (Yam) 3. Bradley Clites (Suz) 4. Shane Wiegel (Yam) 5. Kyle Messerman (Yam)

40+ A Senior: 1. Tim Schmelyun (Yam) 2. Kenneth Messerman (Yam) 3. Edward Childs (Yam) 4. James Hayes (Yam) 40+ B Senior: 1. William Lally (Suz) 2. Robert Wernig (Hon) 3. Gene Ward (Yam) 4. Stephen Burgand (Hon) 51cc 4-6: 1. Jacob Runkles (Ktm) 2. Tyler Webster (Cob) 3. Joseph Balkovic (Cob)

250/Open B: 1. Gary Harding (Yam) 2. Vance Lally (Suz) 3. Richard Dobbs (Suz) 4. Larry Rhodes (Hon)

51cc 7-8: 1. Tyler Murphy (Cob) 2. John Shafer (Ktm) 3. Brandon Vogt (Ktm) 4. Jarek Balkovic (Cob) 5. Megan Rhodes (Ktm)

250/Open C-D1: 1. Jacob Lally (Suz) 2. Neil Hood (Suz) 3. Jason Hutchison (Yam) 4. John Childs Iv (Hon) 5. Andrew Will (Hon)

51cc oil 4-6: 1. Tyler Webster (Cob) 2. Brendan Schulte (Hon) 3. Lucas Clites (Hon) 4. Cole Diana (Yam) 5. Austin Felts (Yam)

30+A Vet: 1. Jeffrey Grove (Suz) 2. Tim Schmelyun (Yam) 3. Kenneth Messerman (Yam) 4. Scott Sayers (Ktm) 5. Michael Hall (Hon)

51cc oil 7-8: 1. Nick Beatty (Ktm) 2. Mahayla Moore (Cob)

30+B Vet: 1. James Smith, Jr (Yam) 2. Danny Smith (Kaw) 3. Derek Huzzy (Yam) 4. Torey Trout (Yam) 5. Dan Soloman (Ktm) 30+C Vet-D1: 1. Kevin Clites (Kaw) 2. Anthony Plitt (Yam) 3. James Dyer (Hon) 4. Steven Wright Jr (Hon) 5. Kerry Williams (Hon)

Joseph Balkovic racing the Cobra out of New Cumberland, PA

3. Gary Harding (Yam) 4. Todd Selleck Jr (Hon)

4 Stroke: 1. Scott Sayers (Ktm) 2. Edward Childs (Yam)

65cc 10-11: 1. Jordan Walker (Kaw) 2. Addison Yingling (Suz) 3. Matthew Croft (Kaw) 4. Tyler Deming (Kaw) 65cc 7-9: 1. Jacob Grove (Suz) 2. Jacob Diana (Yam) 3. Ryan Clites (Suz) 4. Steven Sparks (Kaw) 5. Kyle Davis (Ktm) 85cc 12-13: 1. Zachary Harrington (Kaw) 2. Landon Yingling (Suz) 3. Jeffrey Corron Jr (Kaw) 4. Patrick Wastler (Suz) 5. Tyson Clark (Suz) 85cc 14-15: 1. Ryan Shifflett (Kaw) 2. Aaron Ulrich (Suz) 3. Brandon Deming (Kaw) 85cc 7-11: 1. Garret Toth (Suz) 2. Darren Taughinbaugh (Suz) 3. Jordan Walker (Kaw) 4. Ryan Foreman (Suz) 5. Matthew Clites (Kaw)

James Helton Jr had top 10 Finishes in both 125C and Schoolboy on Saturday 4. Ken Garner Iv (Yam) 5. Curtis Baker (Suz)

3. Wes Hogg (Ktm) 4. Josh Elsbree (Ktm) 5. Shane Wiegel (Yam)

Super Mini: 1. Zachary Harrington (Kaw) 2. Jeffrey Corron Jr (Kaw) 3. Tyson Clark (Suz) 4. Tony Vanetesse (Kaw) 5. Kelly Kolick (Suz)

125C-D2: 1. Bradley Clites (Suz) 2. Christopher Rucker (Suz) 3. Brandon Boschert (Yam) 4. Jason Mitchell (Hon) 5. Christopher Boschert (Hon)

Unlimited: 1. Todd Wilcom (Yam) 2. Chad Wages (Suz) 3. Willy Toth (Suz) 4. David Arentz Jr (Ktm) 5. Richard Dobbs (Suz)

25+A: 1. Jeffrey Grove (Suz) 2. Brian Sullivan (Yam) 3. Todd Selleck Sr (Hon) 4. James Boyer (Hon) 5. John Richards (Hon)

Happy Ramblers M.C. -9/28/2003 125A: 1. Joseph Robertson (Hon) 2. Blake Taylor (Yam) 3. Shane Krabal (Yam) 4. Zachary Camp (Yam) 5. Pedro Guerremo (Yam) 125B: 1. Earl Luhn Iii (Hon) 2. Chris Pulanco (Ktm) 3. Larry Rhodes (Yam) 4. Ryan Miller (Suz) 5. Joshua Boschert (Yam) 125C/D1: 1. Zac Ely (Yam) 2. Curtis Baker (Suz)

25+B: 1. Robert Stravinsky (Hon) 2. Martin Fake (Hon) 3. Craig Albright (Hon) 4. Brian Schilt (Hon) 5. Mike Wylie (Yam) 250/Open A: 1. Ryan Jones (Ktm) 2. Joseph Robertson (Hon) 3. Michael Foor (Hon) 4. Shane Krabal (Yam) 5. Blake Taylor (Yam) 250/Open B: 1. Gary Harding (Yam) 2. Vance Lally (Suz) 3. Richie Myers (Yam) 4. Nicholas Cluck (Yam) 5. Joshua Boschert (Hon)

Photos Courtesy of

Motorcycle Racing Action

College Boy: 1. Todd Wilcom (Yam) 2. Isaac Blevins (Hon) 3. Joe Hoffman (Yam) 4. Michael Reynolds Jr (Hon) 5. Vance Lally (Suz) Junior Mini: 1. Garret Toth (Suz) 2. Darren Taughinbaugh (Suz) 3. Zackery Rudy (Suz) 4. David Wingate (Kaw) 5. Adam Miglio (Hon)

William Lally races his Suzuki to a 1st Place Finish in 40+B

School Boy: 1. Chad Wages (Suz) 2. Willy Toth (Suz) 3. Ryan Zimmerman (Yam)

Jonathon Houpt riding the Fast Mann Racing Honda

30+A Vet: 1. Jeffrey Grove (Suz) 2. Tim Schmelyun (Yam) 3. Brian Sullivan (Yam) 4. Bryan Miner (Hon) 5. Todd Selleck Sr (Hon) 30+B Vet: 1. Martin Fake (Hon) 2. Derek Huzzy (Yam) 3. Dan Soloman (Ktm) 4. James Smith, Jr (Yam) 5. Danny Smith (Kaw) 30+C Vet-D1: 1. Kevin Clites (Kaw) 2. Justin Stewart Sr (Yam) 3. Mike Wylie (Yam) 4. Joey Kilby (Hon) 5. James Dyer (Hon)

3. Patrick Wastler (Suz) 4. Daniel Corbin (Yam) 5. Sean Layer (Yam)

1. Tyler Murphy (Cob) 2. Jarek Balkovic (Ktm) 3. Austin Cox (Cob) 4. Storm Sheckells (Ktm) 5. Ian Facey Jr (Cob)

85cc 14-15: 1. Jeffrey Corron Jr (Kaw) 2. Aaron Ulrich (Suz) 3. Jeremy Rutledge (Yam) 4. Devin Manahan (Kaw)

51CC OIL 4-8: 1. Dakota Harris (Ktm) 2. Sam Sheckells (Ktm) 3. Nick Beatty (Ktm) 4. Bailey Cox (Ktm) 5. Dillon Dyer (Ktm)

85cc 7-11: 1. Garret Toth (Suz) 2. Brandon Seibold (Yam) 3. Cody Lunceford (Yam) 4. Darren Taughinbaugh (Suz) 5. Ryan Foreman (Suz)

65cc 10-11: 1. Brandon Seibold (Yam) 2. Steven Good (Ktm) 3. Jordan Walker (Kaw) 4. Ryan Dixon (Ktm) 5. Addison Yingling (Suz)

College Boy: 1. Todd Wilcom (Yam) 2. Michael Foor (Hon) 3. Michael Reynolds Jr (Hon) 4. Stephen Plank (Yam) 5. Chris Pulanco (Ktm)

65cc 7-9: 1. Jacob Grove (Suz) 2. Joshua Corbin (Kaw) 3. Ryan Clites (Suz) 4. Steven Sparks (Kaw) 5. Tyler Murphy (Suz) 85cc 12-13:

Junior Mini: 1. Garret Toth (Suz) 2. Zackery Rudy (Suz) 3. Jacob Grove (Suz) 4. David Wingate (Kaw) 5. Joshua Corbin (Kaw)

IN MEMORY OF: RICK RHODES # 656 Happy Ramblers club member Rick Rhodes, 35 from Westminster Md. passed away in mid September from complications due to a motorcycle accident. Rick is survived by his wife and two children. Rick was a long time racer and club member and an outstanding member of his community. On September 27th racers at Happy Ramblers rode a parade lap in Rick’s memory, money was raised thru rider donations as well as a portion of entry fees was donated by the club to help Ricks family. Our sincerest condolences go out to the Rhodes family; I ask that you keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. Jim Bull MRA Attention Riders: If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Rhodes family to help them thru this time of need you can send that to: Della Rhodes 1151 Martin Dr. Westminster, MD 21157

School Boy: 1. Cody Graybill (Yam) 2. Curtis Baker (Suz) 3. Zac Ely (Yam) 4. Justin Crawford (Kaw) 5. Zachary Harrington (Suz) Super Mini: 1. Zachary Harrington (Suz) 2. Daniel Rucker (Suz) 3. Tony Vanetesse (Kaw) 4. Jesse Armiger (Suz) Unlimited: 1. Todd Wilcom (Yam) 2. Stephen Plank (Yam) 3. Willy Toth (Suz) 4. Michael Reynolds Jr (Hon) 5. Justin Crawford (Kaw) Womens: 1. Katie Corron (Ktm) 2. Jessica Childs (Yam) 3. Lauren Snyder (Kaw)

#270 Jacob Runkles soars to the win in the 50cc Stock 4-6 Class 4 Stroke A: 1. Ryan Jones (Ktm) 2. Zachary Camp (Yam) 3. Todd Selleck Sr (Hon)

1. Zachary Harrington (Kaw) 2. Landon Yingling (Suz)

4 Stroke B: 1. Gary Harding (Yam) 2. Kristopher Shumaker (Yam) 3. Todd Selleck Jr (Hon) 40+ A Senior: 1. Tim Schmelyun (Yam) 2. Kevin Mesiah (Hon) 3. Russell Seibold (Yam) 4. John Hilton (Hon) 5. Jeff Layer (Yam) 40+ B Senior: 1. William Lally (Suz) 2. James Jarvis (Hon) 3. William Nichols (Kaw) 4. Jim Mandrin (Hon) 5. Robert Wernig (Hon) 51cc 4-6: 1. Jacob Runkles (Ktm) 2. Ryan Baxter (Cob) 3. Sam Sheckells (Ktm) 4. Bailey Cox (Ktm) 5. Joseph Balkovic (Cob) 51cc 7-8:

Josh Elsbree flys to a 4th Place Finish in the 125C Division

Larry and Megan lead the parade in memory of their father – Rick Rhodes

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 11

250/Open C-D1: 1. Todd Selleck Jr (Hon) 2. Jacob Lally (Suz) 3. Brock Myers (Ktm) 4. William Vaartjes (Hon) 5. Sean Dixon (Hon)

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 12

2003 MOTOCROSS RACE SCHEDULE November 2 District 6 & 7 Motocross November 16 District 6 & 7 Motocross; Rider Appreciation Day, 1st class $25. Second class $15. Thank you for your continued support! 4340 Hanover Road Hanover, PA



Experts 100% payback!

AMA Sanctioned

Visit our web site at

All 50 cc riders receive a trophy. Final Race of the 2003 Season – Sunday, November 9th –

Double Track Points - get a head start for the 2004 Motocross Season!!

Check out some of the exciting events that will be happening at Doublin Gap for 2004!!! Grand Opening – March 7, 2004 Northeast Classic – March 20 and 21, 2004 Loretta Lynn Regional Yamaha All Star National

We will post the dates as soon as they are finalized.

All Two-Wheel Motorcycle Classes offered, Sorry No Quads. Note: Special 4 Foot 1st Place Trophy Days are for All B, C, Women, and Youth classes. (Minimum 6 riders per class)


Expert Payback including the Senior Class All races are AMA Sanctioned in both District 6 and District 7

Sign in 8:00 to 10:00 AM Riders Meeting 11:00 AM Practice Starts 11:30 AM Racing Starts 12:30 PM

Track located six miles North of Shippensburg, Pa. on Route 696

For Information call

717-249-6036 Or check the web at


MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 13


ATCO MX Park District #6

1000 Jackson Road • Atco, New Jersey 08004 • 856-768-6000 2003 Race Schedule

Championship Points Race Saturday November 15, 2003 This is a Day Race!

AMA Sanctioned/district 6 racing

November 2003 11/01/03***** Regular Race 11/15/03***** District 6 Points Race Special Start Time 11/22/03***** Rider Appreciation Day 2003 Race Fees $$$: Gate Fee: $14.00 Per Person Kids Under 10 FREE Unless Racing Race Class: $23.00 Per Race Class 2003 Race Times:


Gate Opens 1PM, Sign in 1PM-4PM, Practice 4PM-5:30PM Race Starts 5:30PM

District 6 Points Race Special Time: Gates Open 7AM, Sign In 7AM-10AM, Practice 10AM-12PM Racing Starts 12:30PM

***** Please Note That All 2003 normal race times are subject to change, if there is a substantial increase of riders, we will be forced to start at earlier times to fit a complete race in times to be announced if necessary.


Wednesday 4pm - 11pm and Friday 4:30pm - 11 pm

Gates Open 7AM Sign In 7am-10am Race Practice 10am-12pm Race Starts 12:30pm All other races are District 6 Advancement Points

Any other information you can go directly to web:

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 14

Flying Dutchmen MX 2003 Track Champions MOTORCYCLE 50 4-6 Oil Bryce Davis 50 7-8 Oil Austin Davis KTM Oil 4-8 Trevor Shaffer 50 4-6 Stock Eric Heilman 50 7-8 Stock Brandon Woolf XR 50 4-8 Trevor Shaffer XR 70 / 80 Brian Barnes PW 80 / TTR 90 Alyssa Savidge 4 Stroke 100-150 Charles Lengle 65 7-9 Kyle Greenwalt 65 10-11 Brandon McManus 85 7-11 Timothy Savidge 85 12-13 Jason Smith 85 14-15 Sammy Kachmar Supermini Ryan Sebastian Schoolboy Matthew Geist Collegeboy Matthew Moore 125 B Brian Shields 125 C Christopher Seligman 250 C Larry Mutschler 4 Stroke MC Larry Desimone 25 + A Jason George 25 + B Robert Moore Vet A Jason George Vet B Robert Moore Vet C Bryan Boyd Senior Peter Kelchner

Brian Barnes with his Dad-1st Place XR70/80 Class

Charles Lengle, Craig Stamm, and Kyle Mell

The Three Amigo’s The first jacket of the night

ATV 50cc 4w Michael Thor 70 cc 4w Kyle Seiders 90 cc 4w Michael Chesire 0-230 4w Shane Popenczak Anything 4w Bruce Wyland 2 Stroke B 4w Shawn Welsh 2 Stroke A 4w Andy Ehrenzeller 4 Stroke B 4w Bruce Wyland Vet 4w John Partington

Were in the Money - 50/50 Winners A Pair of Fourths - Kevin Hoffman and Dakota Dunman

Kyle Seiders and Shane Simpkins - 1st and 2nd Respectively in 70cc Modified Quad This looks like a good place for a stick up.

Real Amigo’s

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 15

Terry – Mark – NAN

Central PA’s Headquarters for all your LEM Needs!


Glick’s Trailer Shop “See Us for Your Hauling Needs” We offer quality built enclosed trailers from 5’x8’ to 8’x24’ with a full range of options. We also build open trailers.

Hare Scramble Races Nov. 9

Regular Race

Nov. 23

Style Studio Hair Salon, Bensalem, PA 5' Trophies

Feb. 8, 2004

B&P Promotions PA State Hare Scramble Series Round #1

November 22, 2003 – FDMC Harescramble Banquet. Held at Flying Dutchmen Hall. Call Nancy for tickets at 570-345-8734.Doors open at 5:00pm. Dinner at 6:00pm.

Located at 231 East Main St. Leola (Bareville), PA 17540 7 miles East of Lancaster on Route 23.


MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 16

Photo Gallery

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MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 17






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MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 18

Foot of Mountain Hare Scramble October 5, 2003

MRA attended Foot of Mountains 1st fall Hare Scramble of

Wolfe Works rider Landon Wolfe takes the win in the 50cc Division

2003. It had been almost a year since we were last here and there were some noticeable changes. First

The Father and Son team of new building for sign up that also doubles as a concession Eric and Steve stand where they offer hot eats. Bowman win their respective Next the folks at Foot of Mountain have gone to a classes. This was Eric’s second win in computerized scoring system. They use lap tops to electron- as many races aboard his Honda XR 50 and his dad Steve got the win in ically score you as you pass thru the barrels on each lap. the Vet A class riding half of the race This helps eliminate human error and allows them to with a flat on the front of his Suzuki DRZ keep more accurate lap times. was the sign up and concession area, they’ve constructed a

They’ve also redesigned their course at Foot of Mountain, they still offer a challenging hare scramble course with a combination of woods and open areas, but they have eliminated a lot of the rocks and have made it more rider friendly for the youth and amateur classes. Foot of Mountain has 1 event remaining for 2003, the date is Sunday November 16th and it’s a rider appreciation day with special giveaways. I recommend heading on out to the mountain for a great day of racing, they’re easy to find just a few miles off the PA turnpike exit 14 at Willow Hill. – Jim Bull


Did anyone tell this guy that this wasn’t a motocross race? Cody Mummert places Third in 85 7-11 on his first attempt at Ft. Of Mountain

Team Gas Gas gives the Thumbs up to MRA!!

Jason Sipe #11J wins the Youth 4 Stroke Class

FOOT OF MOUNTAIN HARE SCRAMBLE October 5, 2003 YOUTH 50 Oil Injected 1. Eric Bowman 2. Hunter Moffitt 3. Tyler Bowers 50 Stock 1. Landon Wolfe 2. Daniel Finney 65 7-9 Yrs. 1. Joe Finney 2. Jimmy Franks 65 10-11 Yrs. 1. Matthew Gift 2. Jeremy Nease 85 7-11 Yrs. 1. Zackery Smith 2. Ian Pannebakker 3. Cody Mummert 4. Justin Measles 5. Trevor Bull 85 12-15 Yrs. 1. Tyler Klinger 2. Samuel Wiest 4 Stroke 1. Jason Sipe 2. Steven Murphy 3. Woody Fregia Jr. 0-50 ATV 1. Colby Chinchar 0-70 ATV 1. Kenton Heinbaugh 2. Derrec Robison 3. Adam Killinger 4. Logan Sullivan 71-90 ATV 1. Joshua Weikel 2. Kevin Pannebakker

MOTORCYCLE 200 A 1. H. Fred Thompson 201-Open A 1. James Franks 2. David Greenleaf 3. David Billhime 4. Jacob Williams 5. Adam Albright Vet A 1. Steve Bowman 2. Todd Myers Senior 1. Ed Hoover 2. Jerry Lynn 3. Rick Wychunas 4. Bryan Gettys 5. Dennis Mann 6. Donald Waltz

Super Senior 1. Tom Phillips 2. Kenneth Littinger 125 B 1. Robie Leese 2. Robert Underwood 250 B 1. Luke Bange 2. Chris Walmer 251-Open B 1. Bryan Moffitt Open C 1. Tom Scanlan 2. William McKenney 3. Robert Dawson 4. Zane Staily 5. Wesley Bower

ATV 4 Stroke A 1. Michael Johnston 2. Jason Hughes 4 Stroke B 1. Matthew Highland 2. Robert Hagan 3. Elmer McCray 4 Stroke C 1. Mac Magee 2. Keith Appleby 3. Justin Bittle 4. Bryan Axline 5. Jason Gilsky 6. Daniel 7. Marlin Kurtz 8. John 9. Ronald Dernoski 2 Stroke A 1. Mark Carman 2 Stroke B 1. Mark Thompson 2. Joe Luzny 3. Dennis Brechbill 4. Blake Kramer Jr. 5. Nathan Gogno 6. Thomas Koontz Jr. 0-230 1. Gregory Kiddish 2. Karl Lehman Utility 1. Bryan Failer Vet 1. Randy Brandt 2. Brian Shimkanon 3. Edmund Fient 4. Chad Kirby Senior 1. Jeff Kearney

Jason Gilsky coming out of the infield woods section

November 16, 2003 Race & Rider Appreciation Day Neelyton, PA

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 19

Ft. of Mountain Hare Scramble Exit 13 or 14 off of PA Turnpike (Please call for directions)

(817) 259-3827

(717) 632-8171

Justin Bittle from Abbottstown, PA races to a Third Place Finish in 4 Stroke C

By Jason and Jacob Hughes Fred Thompson took the Overall Win on his KTM Photographs By

Motorcycle Racing Action Wolfe Works sponsored, Matt Highlands gets the Holeshot in the 4 Stroke B Class. Matt won his class today and is your District 6 and B.P. State Champ in the B Class for 2003. (See Jason hughes story to the right.)

Foot of Mountain The Foot of the Mountain, a perfect description for this track. Located in Neelyton PA. this track offers every terrain imaginable. The course includes a grass track start that leads racers up and into the woods. Once in the woods, a series of drainage and fire roads lead racers through a maze of rocks, roots, ruts, and trees. The six mile course made its way to the top of the mountain and back to the check point and allowed racers to click off 12-15 minute laps. The crew at Foot of the Mountain really did a great job cleaning out the track. It had been nearly an entire season of racing since we had visited the track. I remembered the track being a bit rocky and a little abusive. Well its still abusive as any decent harescramble track should be, but it is a little less rocky than I remember. I for one really appreciated the effort put forth by the crew at the Foot. Mike Johnson won the 4 stroke A class on his new Yamaha YZF 450. Johnson finished just under a minute ahead of 2 stroke A class winner Mark Carman. Both riders battled for the overall lead on lap one until Carman pitted to remove a dangling skid plate, leaving Johnson go for the overall A class win. In the B classes Matt Highlands celebrated another win on his Cannondale. Highlands has topped the 4 stroke B class several times this year and has the class points lead and title wrapped up. In the 2 stroke B class Mark Thompson (ECATV/Gibson) took the win, but not before his fair share of trouble. Thompson was left sitting on the line and was last into the woods. This slip left the door open for Nate Gogno and Joe Luzny to pull out a little lead over the charging Thompson. On lap 4 luck turned Thompsons way as Gogno was seen trackside wrenching on his machine. Luzny pitted along with the leader while Thompson zipped by for the lead. A few miles later Thompson had a rear tire go flat, but still held on for the lead. We'll be back to Foot of the Mountain a few more times this year. If you get the chance stop out its a great track. Its well worth the drive. See you at the track!

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 20

Pennsylvania State Harescramble Championship By Jason Hughes With the recent explosion of factory race ready ATV's, race circuits around the country are gaining popularity. Wether its cross country, mx, or flattrack racing your into there is sure to be a place to race near you. Pennsylvania is no different. The PA. State Harescramble Series for 2003 was a big hit with fans and racers. The series includes 10 rounds at 6 different tracks ranging from wide open mx style tracks like Pine Groves Flying Dutchmen to tight rocky tracks like Jack Frost in the Poconos. The PA series is run in conjunction with the District 6 Harescramble series which is Nate Gogno is your 2 Stroke B State spread out over 30 and District Champ races. Pennsylvania has always been known for its fast woods racers. Barry Hawk started the reputation over 10 years ago by dominating over 7 years worth of GNCC ATV racing before making the switch to two wheels. Matt Smiley, started racing in PA. in the early 90's and quickly became the man know one could beat for nearly 10 years. Currently Smiley is ranked #2 in the GNCC series and can be seen at PA State races a few times a year. As if Smiley and Hawk did not fill PA.'s quota for fast guys, Sunbury PA.'s Chris

Borich has proved himself to be the next big thing! Chris just pulled off his third GNCC win of 2003 and is on track to be holding the #2 plate next year. Borich competes weekly in the district 6 series and has just wrapped up the points championship in the 4 stroke Pro class in the PA. State series. Borich split the season using a Z400 for the first half of the season and his YFZ450 for the later part of the season. Both machines were decked out with parts from LRD, Hiper, Laeger and East Coast ATV. Borich edged out Marylands Harlen Foley for the championship. Harlen finished up the PA. series in second, a respectable accomplishment given the stiff competition. Harlen uses a Z400 to compete in the PA. series and races with backing from Burgard, Ray Wilt, and ATV Addiction. Harlen is also well known for his efforts as the administrator for a popular website for racers and ATV enthusiasts. The third spot in the war for points went to long time GNCC racer Mike Krachun. Mike who at one time in the late 90's was ranked 4th in the GNCC series campaigned a few different top notch machines built by Pro Parts Racing in New Jersey to nail down the third spot in the race for the PA. State Championship. In the two stroke A class it was Mike Lucas edging out defending PA. State Champion Rob Hertz by 2 points. Lucas is from Lykens Pennsylvania and races a Banshee in the Open A class in the GNCC series. The exciting race to watch all year was in the 2 stroke B class. Nate Gogno was running the show all year on his Laeger 250R. He proved to be the most consistent rider in the class with several wins and no DNF's. Mark Thompson kept Gogno honest by winning a few races himself. Thompson used his East Coast ATV/ Gibson 250R to Mike Lucas and Chris Borich Put The Hammer chase down Gogno Down In A Class Action but fell just short of the championship. Third place in the championship race went to Sugarnotch PA.'s Joe Luzny. Gogno was no surprise for the title, Thompson showed up and gave him a scare. Joe Luzny seems to have spent the year dialing in and learning. Luzny spent the year finishing every race in the top of the class, but without a win. With every race he's gotten faster and more consistent. Joe is a perfect example of how consistency pays off over time. We should expect to see all three of the guys in the A class next year, they certainly earned it. The four stoke B class was also an exciting class to watch this year. Several different winners through out the year kept the points interesting. Matt Highlands ran away with the championship towards the end of the season. Highlands pushed his

Cannondale Racer Rich Cecco

Photo courtesy of

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 21

Cannondale into the lead and pulled away at the last few rounds, finishing well into the A classes overall. Second place went to Ralph Johnson on a 400EX,followed by Pro Parts Racings Brian Delucia also on a Honda. In the 0-230 class Greg Kiddish took top honors followed by Bryan Vonderchek and Joe Papa. This class is usually made up of and dominated by Blasters. This year however, Joe Papa deserves special recognition for hanging with the Blasters on his Honda 250EX. Way to go Joe. The Vet class has been one of the largest classes of the year. On any Sunday there can be from 10 -20 Vet class racers on the line. Chad Kirby used his Cannondale to blaze by the competition for the class points lead. Chad nailed down the points championship and is celebrating the birth of his new son. Congratulations to the Kirby Family. Ken Kresge took the second spot, followed by Brian Shimkanon in third. The PA. State Harescramble championship will now be heading for its third season. Its proven to be a competitive series, with races spread out conveniently for everyone to attend. This sport is growing every day, as we grow we'll also become more spread out. This is what makes the PA. State Harescramble series so important. All of the districts and state series' across the country are an important part of the success of our sport. We are the glue that holds this sport together. This is why it is important to publicize and promote what we all share a passion for, no matter how big or small. Wes Stone On His 250R Honda Ride safe!

Mike Krachun of Pro Parts Racing

Service ATV’s


Bromley Motorcycle Sales, Inc. PA State Harescramble Banquet at

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Flying Dutchmen Motorcycle Club

Saturday-November 22, 2003

2004 – RD#1 at FDMC Feb. 8, 2004

District 6 Racers: Call for Special Pricing!

B/P Promotions Sponsor List:

Bromley’s MC Sales • Zechmans Yamaha • Rizzon Cycle Fox • AXO • HJC/Shoei Helmets Motorcycle Racing Action MSR • ITP Tires • Dunlop Tires • Traxx Motorsports Park Motolift • Mitas Tires • Trelleborg Tires • W.E.R.


MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 22


Harold Fulmer

Open A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Ryan Rodgers Chris Evitts Philip Wiegand Tyler McCreight Chris Reichert

Senior 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Keith Rodgers Rick Wychunas Bryan Gettys Chris Hunter Ed Drumheller

Super Senior 1. Tom Phillips

Utility 4W 1. Robert Smeltz 2. John Hill 3. Dave Forzt 4. Bryan Failer 5. bryan Vanassen

XR 50 / Oil Injected 1. Chase Rusden 2. Austin Abrams 3. Mason Evitts 4. Patrick Oconnell 5. Dillan Abrams

Polaris 4W 1. Dave Ecker 2. Brandon Otto 3. George Richards 4. Bela Gombar 5. Bobbi Kistler

50cc 4-8 1. Daniel Finney 2. Chris Vanbuskirk 3. Dieter Willenbrock

Vet 4W 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Kurt Stoner Neal Belcher Chad Kirby Brian Shimkanon Matthew Zelesk

Senior 4W 1. Randy Smith 2. Jeff Kearney 3. Lonnie Garland Sr. 4. Thomas Vasko 230 4W 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

My Dealer told me them 4x4’s worked best on days like this! 125 B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Chris Henry Tommy Sullivan Robie Leese Jr. Jason Henriksen Kevin Korwoski

250 B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

David Gatyas William Wills Robert Lapinski Kyle Mell Michael Rittel

Open B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Matthew Hunter Eric Leiby Mitch Kendig Nick Simpson Scott Barshied

Open C 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Michael Marshall Sammy Kachmar Daniel Daigneault Alan Lipps John Connelly

Trying to out run the mud

2. 3.

Kenneth Ettinger Ray Szynczak

Vet A 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bob Walton Philip Himm Jr. Sean Petri Brian Hill Ronnie Utt

Vet B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Mark Eckert Alfred Schnug Alfrded Huelsonback Lance Budinger Thomas Polon

200 B 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Paul Shaver Eric Eder Michael Carter Ron Shaw Jr. Marcio Astudillo

4 Stroke MC 1. Mike Ego 2. Wayne Grenewicz II 3. David Platchek 4. Russell Teague 5. Wesley Bower

4 Stroke C 4W 1. Jarrod McClure 2. Jason Gilsky 3. Russell Valerio 4. Mac MaGee 5. Daniel McBride

Gregory Kiddish Jr. Bryan Vonderchek Heather Gaul Michael Fleming Trevor Stoudt

60cc 7-9 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Joe Finney Shane Hufford Jr. Zachary Snyder Harris Nowotarski Jason Chavez

60cc 10-11 1. Kyle Desimone 2. Ryan Slane 3. Austin Carter 4. Patrick Desantis 5. Jeremy Nease 85cc 7-11 1. Dale Wakefield 2. Cody Mummert 3. Andrew Homick 4. Ian Pannebakker 5. Zachary Smith

2 Stroke A 4W 1. Wes Stone 2. Michael Lucas 3. Jason Hughes 4. Mark Corman

85cc 12-15 1. Timothy Rizzon 2. Justin Frederick 3. Chris Rizzon 4. Jacob Wolfe 5. Matthew Page

2 Stroke B 4W 1. Nathan Gogno 2. Travis Moats 3. Mark Thompson 4. Joe Luzny 5. Jason Marx

Super Mini 1. John Connelly 2. Sean Yeats 3. Charles Thomas 4. Michael Vilasi 5. Joshua Rioux

4 Stroke A 4W 1. Chris Borich 2. Todd Rothermel 3. Michael Krachun 4. Rob Hertz 5. Matt Lawrence

90 - 110cc Auto 1. Alyssa Savidge 2. Graham Cupit 3. Taylor Pecika 4. Shawn Kozak 5. Trent Noll

4 Stroke B 4W 1. Matthew Highlands 2. Ralph Johnson 3. Brian Delucia 4. John Kenney 5. Craig Sulivan

100 - 150cc 4 Stroke 1. Robert Oreilly 2. Jason Sipe 3. Darrin Schneck 4. David Rhine 5. Charles Lengle

Jim Neiswender from Duncannon, PA is your Bike winner. Riders who compete in all 10 rounds of the B/P Promotions State H.S. Series were eligible to win this Suzuki courtesy of Bromleys Motorcycles in Trevose, PA.

Kyle Miller from Conestoga, PA takes a 7th Place in the 100/150 4 Stroke Class in his First race Ever! 50cc Stk. 4W 1. Colby Chinchar 2. Brian Thorson 3. Allie Slate 4. Austin Findley 51-70cc 4W 1. Kenton Heinbaugh 2. Michael Spalding 3. William Marshall 4. Joseph Bromley 5. Derrec Robinson 90cc 4W 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Gregory Biancone Nathan Rothermel Joshua Weikel Brandon Kinsey Samantha Vanbuskirk

Chase Rusden takes the win in the 50cc Oil Injected motorcycle class

Colby Chinchar gets some help bringing home the 5 Footer in the 50 Stock 4W Class

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 23

Budds Creek Maryland State Championships By Kevin Sheckells

The 2003 Maryland State Championships were held October 11th and 12th at Budd’s Creek in Maryland. John Beasley had the track in great shape, and the weather was excellent aside from a few Saturday evening raindrops. The race format for the weekend consisted of 3 races for the amateurs and 2 motos per day for the experts and quads.

Quad action

50 stock 7-8 saw some fast riders show up for the title as Tyler Murphy looked very fast in practice, until he blew his front forks, ending his title hopes. Eager to carry home the big trophy, Jacob Knable posted a 1-1-2 for the overall, and Jarek Balkovic continued to impress with 2nd overall. Brandon Bono took 3rd...

50 stock 4-6 saw Darian Robinson scoot away with a 3 moto sweep, as Ryan Baxter took 2nd overall. 4-8 oil injected had some fast KTM riders as James Jourdan checked out with a 3 moto sweep. Chase Herrington claimed 2nd overall, while District 7 points champ Dakota Harris scored 3rd overall. Anthony Cascio of Owings Mills, MD, won the 12-15 Super Mini Championship, as Michael Groves finished 2nd overall. Brandon Seibold had a 1st moto win in 65 10-11 action, but failed to capitalize as Tyler Webber claimed victories in the final 2 motos for the overall. Andrew Benson settled for 3rd overall, Seibold was the runner-up. 65 7-9 action saw a similar setup as Michael Anderson jumped in the drivers seat. Jake Grove took 2nd and 3rd moto honors and the overall. Anderson took 2nd and Jacob Knable claimed 3rd overall. Junior Mini 7-11 had some of the best racing of the weekend. The top 3 riders put on quite a show, and had things pretty evened out for the final moto. Garrett Toth secured the overall with his final moto victory, with Gary Radford getting 2nd and Thomas Mudgett 3rd overall.

85 14-15 saw Christopher Tyler leaving nothing on the table for a 3 moto sweep. Michael Groves finished 2nd overall. Anthony Cascio took charge of the 85 12-13 class with wins in the first two motos, and a 2nd in the third moto for the title. Daniel Holton posted a 2-2-1 for second overall. Bobby Buhr of Chesapeake VA placed 3rd. Garrett Toth racked up another championship in the 85 7-11 class with a three moto sweep. Thomas Mudgett took 2nd overall and Gary Radford of Westminster settled for 3rd overall.

Darian Robinson soars as dad looks on

125 B has seen many of our fast youth riders move up in the ranks. Todd Wilcum of Frederick MD took this years title with a 1-1-4 showing. Willy Toth took 2nd and Brian Funkhouser claimed 3rd overall respectively. Hats off to the other fast riders that just missed the podium.

William Bryant of Dillwny VA set the bar in 125 C Division I action, with his 3 moto sweep. Andrew Baker scored 2nd overall and Curtis Baker took 3rd. 125 C Division II was won by Robert Kraft as he took a 3 moto sweep and Martin Page of Waldorf MD took 2nd overall. John Higbee claimed 3rd place honors. Stephen Stella thought he put himself out of contention in the Collegeboy class with a 4th in moto one, as Todd Wilcum took the first moto win. Todd Backed it up in the next moto with a second, but dropped the ball in the final moto with a fifth. Stella won the overall and Wilcum finished 2nd. Schoolboy action saw Willy Toth, Jr. pull off the sweep for the overall. Robert Kraft scored 2nd overall and John Hare of Laurel MD took 3rd. 250 B was won by Todd Wilcum with a 1-1-2 posting. Wes Gauldin of Eden, NC scored a 4-3-1 for 2nd overall in his debut of the 250. Randall Everett of Dumfries VA scored 3rd overall. 250 C action saw Neil Hood score a 1-2-3 and walk with 1st place honors. Richard Lohfield of Crofton,

Thomas Mudgett, Jr. laying it down

Garret Toth collected two championships at Budds Creek

MD was fast enough with two moto wins, but a seventh in the first moto hurt his chances. Tyler Coleman scored 3rd overall. Christopher O’Hara of Timonium MD won the 25+ B class, with Mark Burkholder taking 2nd and John Roach Jr. Settling for 3rd overall. Senior B was won by Robert Werning of Street MD and Randall Wood of Apex NC grabbing 2nd overall. 3rd overall went to David Fowler of Odenton. Vet B was won by Christopher O’Hara, his second championship of the weekend. Mark Burkholder went in to the final moto tied with O’Hara, but finished 4th and had to settle for 2nd overall. Robert Clark of Rougemont NC finished 3rd. Jim Bull said that if I covered this weekends race, and won my class, I could toot my horn. So with out any delay, Vet C was won by Kevin Sheckells. Out of retirement after 16 years, I vowed not to ever throw a leg over a bike after crawling off the very same track victim of a first turn pile up. Here we go again. Joey Kirby of Thurmont MD was impressive on his old Honda XR taking 2nd overall. Jeff Benfield of Woodbridge VA scored 3rd place. 4 stroke B was won by Randall Everett and a 3 moto sweep. Ridge Davis took 2nd overall and Zeke Ziemann held 3rd. The Women’s class was won by Jessye Davis, as the final moto began in a stalemate with Amber Farley. Davis prevailed and left Farley with 2nd overall Kristine Sharpe scored 3rd overall. Expert racing over the weekend was fast as usual as many top riders from our region were on hand. Kevin Crine, Andrew Tsakanikas, Stephen Stella, Matt Ranum, Jeff Grove, Billy Schlag and Nick Evenou fresh in the expert ranks were all fast. Todd Stith claimed Senior A victories and is still very fast. Old school vs. new school saw Kevin Crine duel with Nick Evenou in 250 A on Sunday. Crine came out on top. Nick Evenou snatched 4 moto wins in 125 action, as Jeff Grove secured 4 wins in Vet A action. Congratulations to all Amateur and expert riders who came out for another excellent Budds Creek experience, and went home champions.

Wes Gauldin #31 eyes the first turn in 250B action

SHECKELLS & SONS CONSTRUCTION 818 Stumpfs Road Baltimore, MD 21220


(410) 335-7500 Fax: (410) 256-7221

Maryland State Champions Amateur Classes 50cc 4-6 50cc 7-8 50cc 4-8 oil 65cc 7-9 65cc 10-11 Junior Mini 7-11 Super Mini 12-15 85cc 7-11 85cc 12-13 85cc 14-15 125 B 125 C - DI 125 C - DII School Boy College Boy 250 B 250 / Open C 25+ B 30+ B 30+ C Senior B 4 Stroke B Womens

Darian Robinson Jacob Knable James Jourdan Jacob Grove Tyler Webber Garret Toth Anthony Cascio, Jr. Garret Toth Anthony Cascio, Jr. Christopher Tyler Todd Wilcom William Bryant Robert Kraft Willy Toth, Jr. Stephen Stella Todd Wilcom Neil Hood Christopher O’Hara Christopher O’Hara Kevin Sheckells Robert Wernig Randal Everett Jessye Davis

For Expert, Quad and complete race results, log onto:

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 24

WHERE TO RIDE !! TRAXX MOTORSPORTS PARK – MRA had an opportunity to speak with Mark Hufnagle, manager of the Traxx Motorsports Park located at the Jack Frost Mountain Resorts in the Pocono Mountains of PA. MRA: Mark:

Mark, can you tell us what the Traxx Motorsports Park consists of? It is an off road riding area for Motorcycles and ATV’s. We have 5 tracks and 20 plus miles of hard core enduro trails. We are a feeder area where a lot of first time riders come and learn how to ride on a track and then eventually become members of the AMA and District 6 and then start racing at our local D-6 tracks. Without a facility like this, it hinders the growth of the sport. Our facility helps dealers sell ATV’s and Motorcycles and provides a safe environment for people to ride. We have EMT’s on staff just like during ski season. We water and groom the tracks daily.

MRA: Where is Traxx located? Mark: Minutes off of I-80, 81 and the PA Turnpike in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. MRA: How long has the park been in operation? Mark: 5 Years MRA: Do you offer riding for both ATV’s and Motorcycles? Mark: Yes

A modern motocross bike comes stock with an amazing suspension. Unfortunately, most riders never get to experience it fully. You see, most bikes are set for a 145 lb. novice rider by the manufacturer. If you happen to be part of the small percentage of 145 lbs. novice riders out there with a new bike, you’re in luck. If you’re not, you’re probably not getting the most out of your bike’s suspension. At TBT, we’re here to change that. TBT Racing has been in the suspension and engine modification business for over 13 years. Working with novice through pro riders TBT helps them get the most out of their suspension. Team Subway MX riders #54 Jason Thomas, #71 Joe Oehlhof and #76 Ted Cambell, have used TBT Racing suspension and engine setups to qualify for more Supercross mains than any other privateer team. Local expert rider Casey Clark also uses TBT Suspension upgrades on his class winning YZF’s. Now you can put that same winning technology into your racing equipment. Our services include complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection. Then reassembled with the best Enzo fluids and highest quality parts from KYB and Showa. During reassembly careful attention is paid to ensure the correct parts are used to tailor the suspension to your custom needs. TBT also offers customer phone assistance and track side support at all amateur national events. Choose a suspension and engine company with a track record for outstanding customer service, hours of track and dyno testing, using the highest quality parts.

32 Evergreen Road

Lebanon, PA 17042

Phone 717-274-7422 Fax 717-274-8425

MRA: You mentioned the AMA and District 6. Do you hold any sanctioned events at Traxx? Mark: Yes, 2 rounds of the PA State Hare Scramble Series. MRA: I had heard rumors earlier this year that Traxx was closing and I believe one of your events was cancelled. Is there any truth to this? Mark: Yes, we did cancel one of our State Quad races. The reasoning for this was because of the amount of rainfall we had this year and dirt loss. We are not sure how the rumors actually got started but we are hear to stay. MRA: Great, then what can we look forward to in 2004 from Traxx at Jack Frost Mtn.? Mark: We are currently working on a new track design for our motocross track and we are also bringing in mushroom soil, more wood chips and dirt to create a better riding area. MRA: What does a rider need when they come to Traxx to ride? Mark: A rider needs a helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, long pants and a long sleeved shirt as well as a Bike or ATV in a sound mechanical state. MRA: Do you offer any type of seasonal or discounted passes? Mark: Yes, right now we have the stay and play package and yes we are running a special this year. Buy now for the 2004 season and receive an Early Bird special, go to for details and check out our ad in MRA. MRA: Thanks for your time, are there any other details you would like to let the riders know about Traxx Motorsports Park? Mark: We sponsor Ty Wallace and Damian Plotts and we have riding schools available, Tony D Riding School. We were the first facility to offer a FMF test day where you can actually have the pipe bolted on your bike and feel the power difference that FMF Pipes provide. Around the time of the East Coast Nationals, we often get some of the top pro and amateur riders stopping in for a visit. We also have track side vending with RRP for any parts or mechanical needs.

$1 Over Invoice On 2003 CRF150F3 In Stock

Offer ends Nov 30, 2003.

Ken Carr Cycle Center 201 S. Gulph Road • King of Prussia, PA 19406


MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 25

Pagoda MC Club D-6 Points Race – October 12, 2003 # 339 Bill Gibble airs it out in the 125C race

Alex Sigisnondi - 2nd 250B, 3rd 125B, 4th Schoolboy

Bryan Fellenbaum racing in 65cc 7-9 action Drew Coleman is your 125C winner

Photos Courtesy of

Motorcycle Racing Action

Tyler Kline racing the TM out of Valley Drive Racing Dana Bryce racing the Suzuki in 65cc action Joe Hoffman takes an 8th in the 125B class

Chris Castillo in mini action

# 92 Dean Smith grabs the 250B holeshot

Motocross riders check this out ! ! call for information about these additional pro-action suspension services...

DEP EXHAUST SYSTEMS + ENGINE MODIFICATIONS GENERAL CYCLE MAINTENANCE & REPAIR DIRT BIKES ONLY 1901 South 12th Street • Allentown PA, 18103 Phone: 610-797-7740 • Fax: 610-797-8045 • REES W. FIRESTONE

Tyson Clark chases Phil Nicoletti in 12-13 action

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 26

Ready for all 2004 Engine Mods.

*Receive a 10% Discount for Mentioning Ad #1103* PR2. . . We don’t just talk about performance we deliver. PR2 Racing Technology delivers “Factory” level performance to all customers.

Any Question!

PR2 Racing Technology, Inc.

Engine Division

Congratulations to PR2’s Nico Izzie Nico won the 85 mod championship at the US Open in Las Vegas!

PR2 Racing Technology 849 North Little Britian Rd. Quarryville, PA 17566

Congratulations to all PR2’s riders participating at the Las Vegas US Open!

717.806.0516 fax

717.786.8321 • PRESS RELEASE :

PR2 Signs Team Suzuki’s Dan Sani


Used Dirt Bike Inventory Clearance !!

AM2894 2001 KTM 520SX

Applied Top & Bottom Clamps, ProTaper Fat Bars, Fresh Rear Tire, Talon Rear hub, Excel Rims

AM0843 2002 Honda CR125

ProTaper Fat Bars, Handguards, GriperSeat, Skid plate

AM9089 2000 Yamaha YZ250

AM5667 2001 Yamaha YZ250F

AM6554 2001 Yamaha YZ250F

AM1891 2002 Yamaha YZ250F

Renthal Bars, New Tires

USA Graphics, B&B Travel Control Suspension

AM1089 2002 Honda CR125

AM3046 2002 Honda CR125

AM0411 2002 Honda CR250

AM0622 2002 Honda CR250

AM0149 2003 Yamaha YZ450F

AM0067 2003 Yamaha YZ450F

AM1756 2001 Suzuki RM125

2003 Suzuki RM250

2003 Suzuki RM250

Renthal Fat Bar, DEP Pipe, TBT Suspension Front & Back, New Rear Tire Pro Taper Bars, Handguards, FMF Gold Series Pipe, Shorty Silencer, Factory Effex graphics

AM8005 2002 Honda CR250 Renthal Bars, FMF Silencer, VPE Motor and Suspension

USA Backgrunds, Renthal Fat Bar, Billspipe & Silencer, PR2 Big Bore Engine Kit, B&B Travel Control Suspension, New Chain & Sprockets VPE Motor, Pro Taper Bars

FMF pipe, Pro Taper Bars

AM0437 2003 Suzuki RM65

AM0294 2001 Honda XR400

AM5786 2000 Yamaha YZ125

AM1879 2001 Yamaha YZ125

AM1013 2002 Yamaha YZ125

AM4773 2002 Yamaha YZ125

New Tires, Factory Effex Graphics, FMF Pipe


Answer bars

Tag Taple Clamp, PR2 Motor, N-Style Graphics, Dep Pipe

New Top End, new Tires, New Chain and Sprockets Dep Pipe, Pro Taper Bars

Pro Circuit Exhaust, Enzo Suspension, Renthal Bars, Yamaha of Troy Graphics

Answer Bars

New Top End, New Tires,NewChain & Sprockets, Pro Taper Top Clamp & Pro Taper Bars

Pro Taper Bars, Handguards

New Tires, PR2 Suspension

New Top End, New Tires, New Chain & sprockets, PR2 Engine, PR2 Suspension, Pro Taper Top Clamp & Pro Taper Bars

Motorsports inc.

(717) 757-2688

1881 Whiteford Rd. • York, PA 17402

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 27

Your Winter Place To Practice!

New For 2004

• Sanctioned For Racing in District 7 • Harescramble Course Opening Soon

Maryland Comp Riders - Snowball Race Here, Watch for details

Rocket Raceway will stay open for practice until our hands freeze to the handlebars.

Practice Times & Hours Sat. & Sun. 10-Dark

Other Times by Appointment Please call ahead. Saturday – ATV’s & Motorcycles Sunday – Motorcycles Only

Cost: $15.00

• Wall Sawing • Concrete Core Drilling • Road Sawing

• Bridge Deck Sawing • Slab Sawing

215-533-0652 FAX 215-533-5870 2512 Orthodox St. Phila., PA 19137



“Proud Sponsor of Davey Boy Motorsports”

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 28

Miles Mountain Race Results October 12, 2003 125 A 1. Bear Hughson 2. Trevor Young 125 B 1. Nick Johnson 2. Matt Flint 3. Phil Egleston 125 C 1. Matt Stickler 2. Mike Delosa 3. Mike Doan 250 A 1. Jason Plumley 2. Paul Treas 3. Nate Anderegg

ATV’s Two/Four stroke: 1. Ryan Brouwere 2. Jesse Stocking 3. Tyler Stickler

Photos Courtesy of

Rolling Thunder Photography

230cc/Blaster 1. Dylon Dibble 2. Matt McGonigal 3. Pat Judson Vet 30 + 1. Joe Giglio 2. Kerry Boyle 3. Roxanne Hamilton

250 B 1. Matt Merrick 2. Nick Johnson 3. Robert McCallum 250 C 1. Matt Stickler 2. Levi Gardner 3. Jon Greeley Vet 30+C 1. Mike Delosa 2. Rob Cleveland 3. Todd Plumley 25 + A 1. Nate Anderegg 2. Jason Plumley 3. Matt Flint

View All Event Photos At

LEBANON VALLEY CYCLE Sales, Inc. RD#3 Box 8067 • Route 72 N Jonestown, PA 17038

Bus: (717) 865-6633 Fax: (717) 865-5885 E-mail:

Cobra & Polini Dealer

50cc-65cc Track Support Team website: email:

703-791-6917 Sales & Service New & Used Equipment Parts & Accessories

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 29

Miles Mountain Racers

See Mike Gurnsey Rolling Thunder Photography For All Your Photo Needs: Osceola, PA

(814) 258-5543

Miles Mountain Motocross October 26 –

Final Race of Season

Call for Fall/Winter Practice Times

Motocross and ATV racing has arrived in The Twin Tiers! Join us this fall/winter to witness the excitement for yourself. This is the launch of our newly improved track. Next year we will be featuring a full race and practice schedule; including a track championship series. Try it out now and get a leg up on the competition. Overnight camping is available. We would like to thank everyone who joined us for our Inaugural Racing season. Thanks to all of you Miles Mountain can look forward to offering an exciting season of racing in the upcoming years.

Highlights • Aug 16 Track open for practice • Sept 28 AMA Sanctioned Event * Fridays 4-8pm $10 *additional AMA membership fee required * Saturdays 10am-8pm $15 * No practice Sat before races • Oct 12 Fall Spectacular • Oct 26 Final Race of Season • Sept 14 Inaugural Race

Miles Mountain Motocross

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 30

Keystone Trailers, Inc. 1657 Rohrerstown Road Lancaster, PA 17601


Fax: 717-581-9055

Race Trailer Headquarters

#1 Worthington Aluminum Race Trailer Dealer

Basic Units starting at $2200.00 to Complete Race Packages with Water Tanks, Cabinets, Awnings,Generator and Electric, Air Systems, and More.

We are the Racing Trailer Experts!

The Boyesen Guarantee Every Boyesen product comes with a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any Boyesen product, return it for its full refund.

NOW AVAILABLE For Immediate Release:

November, 2003

2004 RAD3 Systems from Boyesen Model 98-04 KTM65

2004 KTM125/200SX 2004 KTM200EXC 2004 KTM250SX 00-04 KX65 01-04 KX85/100

Part. #

Retail Price



#RAD-41C $159.95 #RAD-41A $159.95 #RAD-42D $159.95 #RAD-15 #RAD-10E

$149.95 $159.95

03-04 RM65 2004 RM85 03-04 RM100

#RAD-15 $149.95 #RAD-20A $159.95 #RAD-10E $159.95

2004 YZ85 00-04 YZ250

#RAD-30B #RAD-341

$159.95 $159.95

An Intake Valve the Size of Your Fist Delivers Air with the Power of a Tornado

The engine specific design, streamline flow surfaces and aerodynamic 3D-ports together with the newest 3-stage carbosite reeds maximize air volume for a stronger charge. For added intake performance the RAD3 Valve optimizes the stock intake tract. Simple, bolt on horsepower – guaranteed!

For more information regarding these products or any Boyesen products,call Boyesen or check us out on the web:

8 Rhoades Road • Lenhartsville, PA 19534 • 1-800-441-1177

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 31

Blow out on all used bikes. Call for prices!

2003 Clearance Your MX Headquarters


$400. OFF On YZ125 &

YZ250 Models

Plus $250 In Free Accessories

YAMAHA of Camp Hill

1101 State Hill Road Camp Hill, PA 17011

(717) 761-6192

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 32

MRA Marketplace Gettem at • • • •


Rocking Horse Realty 888-823-8127

• Land • Camps • Farmettes

We Cover • Cameron Co. • Elk Co. • Potter Co. • McKean Co.

No assembly required Race Ready Trick Stuff Horse Power

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Lebanon, PA • (717) 866-5606

Since 1982 2909 S. Queen St. • Dallastown, PA 17313 6-9 Evenings, 9-5 Saturdays • Phone/Fax: (717) 244-4850

Monday-Friday: 10-8

Saturday: 9-5

“Building Champions Every Day” (610) 756-4370 Suspension Central PA's offroad connection. Ask about our AXO rider support team.

Services Re-valves Rebuilds Lowering Kits

Engine Porting

Royal Enfield

Close to Rausch Creek


Exit 104 I-81 Molleystown Road Pine Grove, PA 17963

(570) 345-2772

H. Scott Gillespie Loan Officer

Lost Creek Cycles


Office: (717) 393-6448 Fax: (717) 393-4881 Cell: (717) 471-4119 1525 Oregon Pike • Suite 502 • Lancaster, PA 17601

Specializing in PEP Shock Service - Engine Rebuilding and all of Your Custom ATV Needs. Route 35 Oakland Mills, PA


MRA Classified Ads

2- Kawasaki KX125 98 - many extras 01 - like new 93 Kaw. ZR 1100 great shape 94 Honda Pacific Coast high miles Triumph Adventurer 01 w/1200 miles 02 Ninja EX 250 low miles 00 Kaw. W 650 low miles Call for prices !! Jim Murrays Kawasaki (570) 342-3280 76 Sherpa T Bultaco spare set Michelin radials, runs good, w/title - $ 1500.00 82 - 2000 XR 80 $ 700.00 - $ 1300.00 91 XR 100 - $ 1000.00 00 TTR 225 -$ 1800.00 1978 SR 500 ‹ rear disc brake, insp Nice, $1600.00 87 Honda TLR 200 Reflex, mint, title, insp. $ 1500.00 Call Griffs Cycle Shop (717) 456 - 6281 2002 Demo TM 85

proven race winner, owners bike -$ 2999.00 2001 TM 300 -left over $ 4999.00 Valley Drive Racing (570) 374 - 8389

Honda 440EX, Burgard A-Arms, Ohlins shocks, durablue axle, FCR carb Curtis Sparks pipe, beadlocks, nerfs, pro tapers, $ 4995.00 00 Yam. YZ 250 ported motor FMF pipe, revalved suspension, excel rims, hinson clutch, top & bottom triple clamps, lots o goodies $ 2995.00 Hinson Clutch basket, Brand new, never used, still in box, fits 92-03 KX 250, $ 125.00 Enclosed Trailer, 98 US Cargo 24” x 8”, ramp door, side door,12v & 110v lights, elec. brakes, shelves, 2 water drums. For trade for 16 x 8 01 Suzuki RM 125

great shape, only $ 2000.00 VP Race Fuel, look for Gap Racing at D-6 races or call or e-mail

Gap Racing (570)339-0180

01 Raptor-Pro Circuit pipe, PRM full and rear shields, new one way starter gear, new chain & sprockets $ 3500.00 01 Honda 400EX works front shocks, full big gun exhaust, rear bead locks w/ razors, front .190 w/ razors, pro taper bars w/cycra quards, over size tank, full & rear PRM shields $ 4000.00 Bowers Motorcycle (570) 277 - 4000

cond. too much to list $ 9800.00 invested, sell for $ 5000.00

Call 610-689-5988

03 Honda - 400EX, 2 in stk $ 4195.00 each 03 Honda XR 70 00 Polaris Trailblazer 250 $ 2395.00 00 300 EX - $ 2395.00 Yamaha Blaster- set up to race $ 3200.00 500 Polaris Scrambler $ 3700.00

01 Sportsman 500 4x4 00 Honda 250 EX 03 Yamaha Raptor 00 Kawasaki Bayou 03 Honda CRF 450 over 25 used units in stk. ** mention this ad and save an additional $ 25.00 ** Full line of Alpha Sport ATV’s 2 & 4 wd ATV’s Financing Available Off Road Motorsports (717) 866-5606

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MRA • PO Box 122 • Conestoga, PA 17516

MRA classified information: Please fill out information below and mail with payment to MRA.

‘03 Race Footage Available

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Real Action Movies By Robert A. McIlhenny

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MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 33

MRA Marketplace

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 34

Getting your bearings.

Reactive Suspension By Andy Fleck & Al Carr Among the regular maintenance procedures we perform besides the air filter the chain and the gear box oil is the swingarm and linkage bearings. This is the job most of us hate, some because of the time and others because of the complexity. The complexity issue is easily overcome, the more times you do it the easier it becomes. Time wise yes it takes between 1 and 2 hours depending on your attention to detail but nevertheless it is a vitally imnportant job. The swingarm and linkage bearings are all needle roller with the odd heim joint thrown in every now and then. These are a far cry from the bushings we used to have years ago, true they required little maintenance but todays long travel suspensions require as frictionless a movement as possible. The enemy of linkage bearings is the pressure washer. Unfortunately the pressure washer is a necessary evil, who wants to race a dirty bike. Every time you stick that wand into your linkage to blow out the mud the force behind it will push water past the seals and into your bearings. Eventually this water will break down the grease and corrosion isn't far behind. I've always recommended that people service their linkage immediately after picking up the new bike. From the factory the only grease on the bearings is the small amount that the bearing manufacturer put on the bearing to prevent corrosion and sometimes this isn't even grease but a thin film of oil. Choose a good bearing grease like Silkolene RG2, it is very resistant to water and detergents and now it comes in a cool pressurized can sort of like cheez whiz which makes the job of getting the grease into the bearings a bit easier. On most bikes you will first remove the sub frame, then rear wheel and shock. Slide the rear caliper off the swingarm and pull the hose out of the guides or unbolt the guides if they are solid. Most bikes require the removal of the rear brake pedal to allow the swing arm pivot bolt to slide out of the frame. With the pivot bolt out you can remove the bolt that holds the pull links to the frame and remove the swingarm and linkage as an assembly. Toss the whole thing on the bench and break it down to its component parts, you will usually end up with the swing arm, the rocker arm and the pull link(s). Chances are you will find that you missed some dirt while washing the bike so take the time to clean the parts up first. I like to use one of those coarse white rags like a baby diaper that you can buy in any auto parts store and some WD40. If you want to go that extra mile you can also buff the linkage parts to a high shine with some very fine steel wool. After you have them clean externally, one at a time slide out the sleeves that serve as the inner bearing races, wipe them off and put them aside. Look at the bearing(s) if they still have grease on them then take a rag and wipe out what you can then re-apply fresh grease and re-install the sleeve. One caveat, most linkage bearings today do not have any cages in them to retain the needle rollers this allows the bearing to have a greater load carrying capability but it also makes it a pain if they fall out because I guarantee when you put them back in you will be one short. The only reason to remove the needles on purpose is if they are dry. Once out you can clean the outer bearing race then coat it with grease and put the needles back in, the grease will hold them in place, then one last smear on the needles and in goes the sleeve. Repeat this process with all the other bearings and you're good to go. Now suppose you've raced your bike for 6 months and never touched the linkage, what can we expect? Well the gloomiest picture is as follows. First the swingarm pivot bolt won't come out. You will have a nice steel drift with a pilot on the end that fits into the end of your pivot bolt, a very trusting friend to hold it and you with the biggest hammer you can find wailing away and it still won't budge. What has happened is that due to lack of lubrication the inner sleeve has become one with the bearing and started rotating on the pivot bolt this usually results in the sleeve cutting into the bolt creating a shoulder that you are trying to bash past the sleeve. Two options are now open to you, well actually three but you aint gonna like the third one. First you can try putting an impact with a socket on the bolt end of the bolt and try to get it spinning while somone else continues with the hammering. If this fails get a bloody big drill bit and drill the head off the bolt and try hammering it back through the other way, for some reason this often works. The last option is to get a hacksaw and cut through the bolt on both sides of the engine case and swing arm. This is the most tedious job in the world, I'm sure there is a corner of hell just full of bikes that require this procedure and the thought of having to do this throughout eternity should keep us all on the straight and narrow, fire and brimstone thats kidstuff in comparison. Aside from the tedium you will invariably damage something that will entail additional cost. When you finally have the swingarm and linkage off you will need to remove the old bearings. A hydraulic press will be a great time saver here but if thats not available a big vise can do the job. You will need to find a socket slightly smaller than the bearing you are trying to push out and a socket that is slightly larger internally than the bearing. Place the smaller socket against the bearing and the larger socket on the opposite side, trap them between the vise jaws (a heck of a juggling act) and tighten. The smaller socket will push the bearing out of the piece and into the larger socket. OEM bearings are very expensive, heck the sleeves are sometimes more expensive than the bearings. Replace everything, bearings sleeves and seals. The most cost effective way to do this is to purchase swing arm and linkage bearing kits. We always use the All Balls kits as they are very high quality at a price less than half that of the stock stuff. You've heard the saying "You can pay me now or pay me later" this absolutely applies here. Rebuilding your linkage can run around $200.00 to 250.00 with parts and labor. You can drive that price way up if you've run the bike so long that the bearing has broken apart allowing the Al Carr Andy Fleck bolt to smash the bearing seat out of round. Just how much is a swingarm these days? You don't want to have to find out. Regular maintenance will reward you with a safe, sound race bike and save you a bunch of money that will be better spent elsewhere, it's up to you.

Engine Services • Rebuilding • Porting • Machining

Suspension Services

Parts & Acc.

• Re-Valving • Aftermarket • Rebuilding • OEM • Authorized Race • Discounted Price Tech Center Phone: 215-541-0430 E-mail:

Upcoming Events Tentative Schedule (Please double check dates with your local track.)

EVENTS Schedule MotoCross

11/1 Atco 11/2 Happy Ramblers 11/9 Mt. Pleasant MX 11/9 Doublin Gap (Double Track Points for 2004) 11/15 ATCO MX (D-6 Championship Points) 11/16 Mt. Pleasant MX 11/16 Happy Ramblers (Rider Appreciation Day) 11/16 Wolfmanns MX (Fall Series) 11/22 ATCO MX(Rider Appreciation Day) 11/23 Wolfmanns MX (Fall Series) If you have an event that you Hare Scramble would like 11/2 Rausch Creek promoted please 11/9 Flying Dutchmen mail it to MRA. 11/16 Foot Of Mountain 11/22 Flying Dutchmen H.S. Banquet 11/23 Flying Dutchmen (5’ Trophies)


11/1 Pre Sanction Meeting – FDMC @ 9:00 AM

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Ephrata Agway

MRA NOVEMBER 2003 • 35

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2004 Models

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7501 Allentown BLVD. (RT. 22) Harrisburg, PA 17112

MX Park Is Open 7 Days A Week 9:00 AM - Dark

MRA Nov 2003  

Motorcycle Racing Action has been covering the best local amateur ATV/Motocross racing in the north east since 1996.

MRA Nov 2003  

Motorcycle Racing Action has been covering the best local amateur ATV/Motocross racing in the north east since 1996.