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In the hurly burly of the run-up to Christmas you may have missed an interesting anniversary. On December 3rd it was precisely 20 years since an engineer named Neil Papworth sent the first text message. (Another British first!). The hardly original script read ‘Happy Christmas’ – and so began an international phenomenon. The mobile companies originally believed texting would be used by relatively few people, seeing the option as something of a gimmick. Contrary to that view texting has, of course, become a way of life for many. In 2012 150 billion texts were sent in Britain alone, almost triple the number just five years earlier. The average Briton sends 50 texts a week, with boys age 12 to 15 sending an average 164 and girls of the same age 221. I would be interested to know whose using the 40 I don’t! More interestingly 90% of people aged 16 to 24 text every day compared to 63% who talk with others on the phone. There’s something a little chilling about this, perhaps. One might speculate that the success of the texting phenomenon is because it de-personalises human interaction, enables contact to be made without the potentially awkward intervention of handling human emotions. This is clearly no problem within reason, but like all things taken to excess…. The twentieth century was littered with the consequences of doctrines which de-personalised individuals, assigned them to groups of greater or lesser worth - to be treated accordingly. In a much milder way an unintended consequence of school league tables has been to remove the emphasis on providing for young people as individuals. Children can become regarded, at worst, almost as units of production in an examination factory, being steered in directions which suit the needs of the school as an organisation rather than promoting progression to the next step for each child. This is something we have always sought to avoid, and will continue to do so. As for our students, I really would hope they spend more time meeting with others this Easter rather than texting. You need to be with someone to truly laugh out loud. (LOL for those of you without my up-to-date knowledge of textspeak……).


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Flash-Bang Chemistry

Once again this year we teamed up with Keele University School of Chemistry to deliver a “Flash–Bang” Chemistry Show to our students. This year the show was delivered to Year 10 and 11 on March 12th bringing exciting and relevant chemistry to life to enthuse. Our thanks to Dr David McGarvey at Keele for supplying the chemicals and equipment that we cannot access easily in school. Ian Hughes

Calling all Volunteers

The Warrington Horse Show is being held in Tabley on 27th May and the committee are currently recruitng volunteers (14yrs or older) to help around the show, for example as stewards for the competition rings and other tasks. Lunch is provided and it is a good day out! Anyone who is interested please email Mrs Corcoran -

Attention All Runners!

Knutsford Annual Rotary Club Jog

On Sunday the 21st of April, the ‘Knutsford Rotary Jog’ will take place on the Moor in Knutsford. The lap is half a mile long and it’s your job to turn up and do as many as you can - walk or run! All you need to do is print off an application form from the website, get your friends and family to sponsor you per lap, and turn up at 9:30am to sign up for a10:30am start. The team there will record the number of laps you do then total it up and get the form back to you so that you can collect the money from your sponsors. Over £9000 was raised in 2011 for charities and organisations across the UK. Some of the chosen charities which your money is donated to each year are ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ , ‘Age UK’, and ‘Childline’. If you would like, 50% of your sponsor money can go toward a charity of your choice. So please, if you’ve got the time, get a form from the website, get your sponsors filled in and do something a little different for someone less fortunate than you. - THANK YOU!



What started off as a casual conversation in a warm cosy office before Christmas, has now ended on a cold windy March morning, at an airfield in Lancaster. After a Sixth Form assembly asking for volunteers to help raise money for the “Runway on the Runway” project, Sophie Booth, in Year 13, walked into my office. She had lost one of her closest friends to cancer at the age of 12 and had always intended raising funds at some point. The funds raised for The Runway project would all go to helping young people with cancer. As she had just turned 18, Sophie volunteered to get involved and to go away and think of something unusual and adventurous to do! Within a matter of days, Sophie returned with the announcement that she was going to do a Skydive in memory of her friend Amy, hoping to raise some money in the process. Sophie set up a “justgiving” page, with the proceeds going to the Teenage Cancer Trust and the response has been incredible. She has been generously supported by her friends, her family and even her employers and customers at her part time job in Knutsford. The “Runway on the Runway” has publicised her Skydive on their website and she has been contacted by the Teenage Cancer Trust who were impressed with the amount of money she has raised. What makes Sophie’s efforts even more incredible, is that not only has Sophie never flown before, but that it would be the first time she had even been near a plane! On Saturday the 2nd of March, Sophie and her team of supporters drove to Lancaster. After an intense training session and a meeting with her tandem partner John, Sophie boarded the plane and waited excitedly for her turn. She was the last one to leave the plane; “As I left the plane I tried to remember all the instructions, knees together, head back, BUT all I really wanted to do was just look round. I could see Blackpool Tower in the distance. It was so cool, a rainbow appeared and the best moment was when John let me steer myself through it. When the parachute went up I was allowed to take my goggles off and the clarity of the view was amazing. Going through the clouds was so strange, just white everywhere. I would do it again in an instant”. Cheered on by her family and friends Sophie landed as effortlessly as she does off her heels on a Saturday night! This time the result was over £1500 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks to everyone who has sponsored Sophie.


onnor Greenwood is a performer who attends Knutsford Academy. Connor has been dancing since the age of 4. He is an exceptionally committed performer who dances seven days per week at Quicksteps dance school, specialising in a variety of styles of dance such as Ballroom, Latin, Contemporary and Street. Connor’s preferred style he states is Street Dance as he ‘enjoys performing freestyle high kicks’. He already has several exceptional achievements at only 13 years old! Connor’s achievements include him being entered for the ‘best of British 12+’ competition when he was 6 years old because of his astounding ability and performing at a selection of carnivals such as Knutsford’s May Day parade. On top of all of this Connor also enjoys singing, acting and can play the guitar and clarinet. Connor is also going to be taking part in the Young Mover competition in London where he has to perform in front of judges included Ashley Banjo and Twist and Pulse. Written by Alex Mudd

The Finest Cadet We Know!

Pay credence to our very own ‘Cadet of 2012’ Josh Crane (9HWH)! Josh won this award last year for his outstanding abilities in cadets, raw enthusiasm and armoury skills. For one of our own who, to some may come across rather shy, this exceptional award shows him in a whole new light. During cadets Josh has learnt to use and look after military arms, be a part of the most important gang, gained military knowledge and a whole lot more. If you want the chance to be as cool and as dedicated as Josh I’m sure he’d be happy to answer any of your questions about the cadets. Watch out - our very own soldier is on his way to the top!!! Page 3

Jordan Walsh -The new Dynamo

The latest sensation to hit the streets is Jordan Walsh. Jordan of 9MKT has been learning card tricks for the past five months. He got the motivation when a family member noticed his talents as a magician. Have you seen the card trick where the spectator signs a card on the face and sandwiches it between their hands yet it ends up switching with Jordan’s signed card? No….. Then you haven’t lived!! One of Jordan’s friends describes his tricks as “Utterly astounding” Anthony Jardine 9HWH One of his new sixth form fan club members described Jordan’s tricks as “outstanding” Joel Cragg 12DPL Since September, Jordan’s confidence has grown hugely thanks to the support he has received from both students and staff. If you have been lucky enough to see one of Jordan’s card tricks you will agree that he is exceptional. Jordan plans to make a career out of these amazing skills so watch out for him on a TV screen soon!!


From the Head of School - The School Award Knutsford Academy Students continue to thrive and show exceptional standards of work and personal achievement. Since the last edition of the Junction magazine, several students have been given the School Award. Many Congratulations to: Jamie Croft, David Fletcher, Isobel Gresty, Ellie Howe, Zack Lewis & Grace Roberts - for their participation in the Dragons’ Den competition to sell cards for charity. Iona Garvey - representing the school in a North West Science competition - see p12 for her story. Sophie Batchelor, Sarah Bowers, Connor DorrellShepherd, Jessica Dytham, Megan Gleave, Jess Hellier, Gregory Mather and Ashley Page - for competing in school and national debating competitions. Callum Ruff, Iwan Rees, Ben Moser, Amy Siwek, Leah Henshall - superb helpers at the Aesthetic exhibition, making and serving canapes to guests. Oscar Edmondson - exceptional contribution to Siemen’s ‘Make It’ enterprise challenge - see p10 Aaron Chaplin - outstanding presentation in Task Jamie Griffiths - Passion for Photography - see p12

Professional School Café Terrazzo As part of the Professional School, Year 9 students selected business areas to learn more about through a mixture of group projects and guest speakers. One of the projects within Business Management, has involved students learning more about the hospitality industry and the employment opportunities within it. Working with Café Terrazzo in Northwich, students were treated to a cooking demonstration from the chef and had the opportunity to ask questions that would help them work towards the task of thinking up an idea to encourage loyal customers to the cafe and generate more income for them. In small groups they worked on pitching their idea to the managers of the Café Terrazzo and gave great ideas on how they could promote them. It has been a great opportunity to work with a local business that the students can easily relate to and gain valuable experience of the real decisions a business faces.

Manchester Airport - Air Traffic Control Tower In an exciting collaboration between Manchester Airport and Knutsford Academy, nine Media Studies students visited Manchester Airport Air Traffic Control to deliver short photographic slideshow presentations based around the construction of their new tower. The presentations were judged by a panel from Manchester Airport and the winning team have been commissioned to complete a full moving image presentation to be shown at a celebratory event for the opening of the Air Traffic Control Tower in Spring 2013. Many congratulations to Will Dunkerley, Andrew Bolton and Theo Young for winning the competition; they will return to Manchester Airport in 2013 to complete on-site filming. Clare Turner,Head of Media Studies Page 4


nutsford Academy pupils are benefitting from their focus on delivering a professional and strongly academic curriculum. The Academy has built a relationship with Apadmi, a professional mobile app development company based in Manchester whose portfolio includes the BBC iPlayer iPhone app and the X Factor app. Apadmi and the Academy recognise the need to inspire students about computing in order to ensure the UK computing industry has a skilled, vibrant and diverse workforce. The UK, and particularly our area in the North of England, has a thriving computing sector that has produced a host of influential people that have shaped the way we live our lives today. UK computer pioneers include Steve Furber (creator of the BBC Micro PC and ARM processor which is now used in many of today’s smartphones), Sir Tim Berners-Lee (creator of the World Wide Web) and Alan Turing (WWII code breaker who developed the enigma machine to decrypt German messages). The country, however, is now competing against the likes of the USA, Russia and China to train the next generation of innovative computer engineers and developers. Apadmi came to Knutsford Academy on 5th February to run an ‘App-in-a-day’ workshop. Students used professional industry-standard tools to develop a concept and turn this into a real working mobile phone app. After covering the fundamentals of coding, the students put their new found knowledge to use to build a fully featured music player app. Students saw their creations come to life as they published their apps and ran them on iPhones. Knutsford Academy is leading the way in Cheshire by recognising the importance of computing within the curriculum. All KS3 pupils are taught to code programs as part of their normal lessons. The Academy has recently been appointed as a ‘lead school’ in Computing At School (CAS) Network of excellence. CAS is the national working group representing universities, schools and industry. It aims to promote the teaching of Computing within schools and is supported by The British Computer Society, Google and Microsoft. The Academy boasts a wealth of experience in the field of Computer Science and in addition to sharing this experience with the students they are seeking to support other teachers from schools across the North West in the delivery of Computer Science. The academy will be hosting a professional development course ‘Decrypting Computer Science’. This course is supported by the Department for Education (DfE) and funded by the Computing at School (CAS) working group, The University of Manchester and Barclays.

Runway on the Runway

On Thursday March 21st, students from Knutsford Academy took part in “Runway on the Runway”, an exciting fashion event held at Manchester Airport’s Concord conference centre. The event hosts the latest fashions from designers such as Sherri Hill, Coast, Morri Lee and Vicky Martin, with an overall theme of PROM for all the designs. The event is held for the purpose of raising money for three notable charities; Make a Wish, Teenage Cancer Trust and Medcare. Our school has battled its way through the vigorous selection process, raising hundreds of pounds for these three charities on the way, and has finally been selected to be one of nine schools to rub shoulders with some of the UK’s most influential fashion designers. With the aim of showing off the artistic talent found within the walls of Knutsford Academy, whilst raising money for these three wonderful causes, students have tirelessly worked to perfect their catwalk shows in time for the big event. We should not, however, forget the seemingly endless work our students have done to raise money for these three charities. Students have come up with highly inventive ways to raise charity funds, ranging from charity football matches and Valentines greetings cards, to the amazing Skydive that year Sophie Booth, year 13, undertook, raising over £1500! Our students have really entered into the spirit of the event. Students also raised a phenomenal £800, taking part in a charity bag pack at BOOTHS, offering their bag packing skills to the grocery shoppers of Knutsford in exchange for a few pennies towards the causes. Students from all over the school have got involved in this wonderful event, donating what they could to help fund these charities that do so much, whilst having fun and airing their creative talent. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in anyway and urge those of you who haven’t already got involved in the fund raising, to do so NOW! By Conor Dorrell-Shepherd


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Photography is an area which has long held a fascination for me. I have a strong interest in it both in and out of school. Recently, I have studied different aspects of it in some depth, ranging from the evolution and development of cameras to the wealth of work by various key photographers. There are many photographers specialising in fields such as landscape, portraits, street reportage, war and social documentary, whose artistry is depicted in memorable images. I have a passion for this art form and have been inspired to take my own photographs. Whenever there is a beautiful sunset or something unexpected or surprising occurs it is great to be able to capture the moment. My enthusiasm for photography has grown considerably and I am always on the lookout for good photographic opportunities. I particularly like colour, contrast and pattern. Black and white photography is striking and really good for portraits. It is interesting to experiment with abstract effects. Photography is a competitive field but may prove a satisfying one as a career. If not, it is definitely a worthwhile hobby as you can show a view of the world from your perspective. It is a great way to express yourself and others and above all it is great fun. By Jamie Griffiths


Crumbs at the Aesthetic Exhibition

In December, Crumbs branched out from their usual after school cake decorating, and provided canapés and drinks for the Aesthetic exhibition. Iwan, Leah, Amy, Callum and Ben from Year 8 prepared a wide range of tasty treats for the exhibition opening. They served these canapés to the guests and were very keen to show off their fantastic food! All of the students worked really hard to produce these treats, and behaved in an exceptional manner. A massive thank you from the Food Technology department for all of your help!

Knutsford Academy at the Big Buffet In January a number of Knutsford Academy students visited Trafford College one evening with their parents to take part in the ‘Big Buffet’. This event allows students to get a taster of the catering industry by working with chefs in a catering style kitchen. All of the food produced was then served to the parents and parents voted on the best team! It was a really great event and the students got a lot from it, with many of them deciding that a career in catering is what they want to do in the future.

Knutsford Academy’s got Talent - in 80 Words!

Successful Key Stage 3 and 4 students from across the school opened letters in March to discover recognition and publication of a short piece of writing they completed in October 2012. They entered a competition organised by the English Learning Centre, asking them to write a descriptive account of a place they have been, detailing experiences and cultures that they encountered on their visit; reward was publication of successful stories. The catch? It had to be written in just 80 words! Well done to all those involved!

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Ignition Dance Company

Youth Dance England 2013

By Lisa Scott

On 27th January Knutsford Academy’s gifted and talented senior company Ignition performed in the prestigious North West regional platform for Youth Dance England. Twelve students were selected via a rigorous audition process in September of last year to represent the school’s application for U Dance 2013. The organisation cited a record number of entries for the North West event which ranged from a variety of schools, colleges and youth groups across the region. In December Ignition became one of just twenty four successful groups to be selected to perform at the Lowry Salford. The students worked tremendously hard throughout January, committing much of their own time to prepare for the event. U Dance not only offered the students an invaluable performance opportunity, but also the experience of participating in technical and creative workshops held by lecturers from the Centre of Advanced Training. The evening itself was a fantastic event, showcasing a diverse range of talented groups from across all ages. Ignition Dance Company opened the performance with Conformity, a seven minute piece exploring the pressures and restrictions of compliance in society. The students performed with exceptional energy, expression and technical maturity. It was difficult to imagine that these dancers were all under eighteen years of age and experiencing their first high profile event. The performance was well received by the audience and thoroughly supported by friends and families of those involved. I would like to express my sincere congratulations to all of the dancers who have shown tremendous commitment to their art and to each other during a very intense period. Here’s to next year!!! Conformity can be seen at this year’s annual Dance Festival on Tuesday 23rd April. Tickets will be on sale after the Easter break.

Dancers: Hannah Brierley, Kathryn Crosby, Sam Costello, Eleanor Davies, Frankie Gerrard, Megan Hope, Sophie Massey, Amber Reynolds, Jacob Roberts, Katie Smith, Olivia Weatherby, Abbey Woodyear

Stoke 013 Festival

On Tuesday 5th February Ignition Dance Company performed for the second time at the Regent Theatre as part of Stoke’s Annual Festival of Dance. Since 2002 the festival has been celebrating dance each year showing off the talent from across the region and beyond. In its twelfth year, the festival lasted five days to ‘Music from the Movies’ in which various schools, youth dance and community groups worked from a variety of movies ranging from silent classics to ‘The Matrix’ and the films of Alfred Hitchcock. This year Ignition moved away from the dramatic intensity of last year’s piece to a ten minute choreography inspired from the film Centrestage (2000). The music included tracks from Michael Jackson and the Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as a hip hop rendition of the Brandenburg Symphony. The dance styles we worked within were as diverse as the music generating a piece that not only explored the drive of the Broadway dance studio, but also the contrast of ballet, contemporary and street dance in the opening dance segment. The energy of the track ‘Higher Ground’ was mirrored by an energetic, physical finale in which all the dancers participated in a concluding routine of powerful unison. I would like to say a huge well done to the company for a brilliant performance and for all their hard work and commitment during a very intense month of preparation. The piece will conclude this year’s annual Dance Festival on Tuesday 23rd April in Upper School Hall. Tickets can be purchased via the Upper School Office in the run up to the show.

Congratulations to the following students who successfully auditioned for Fusion Knutsford’s Lower School gifted and talented dance company: Isabella Brierley, Luke Broadfoot, Emily Davies, Saskia Davies, Catriona Gregory, Darcey Jones, Suzy McInnes, Cassia Moinuddin, Roxy Reynolds, Jessie Stoneham Page 7


Art, Design Technology

Performing Arts

Learning Centre

We visit New York because it is the cultural capital of the world, but if you ask any one of the 2013 Knutsford New Yorkers for their favourite memory, you will get as many answers as students who took part in the visit.

For some; the view from the top of the Empire State Building, or the bright lights and bustle of Times Square in the city that never sleeps (unless you’re watching Stomp) was the best. Some might say the sounds and smells of the city, Broadway and singing for your supper in Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Ice skating in Central Park amongst the twinkling lights of the incredible cityscape with a local celebrity, Danny Glover, made it special for some.

“Grow in Peace and

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For many, the experience of visiting the 9/11 memorial and feeling the cold bronze cast with the names of all those lost on that terrible day, will never be forgotten. While for others the iconic Circle Line boat trip and the Statue of Liberty are favourites. New York is the cultural capital of the world but it is


much more than that, it’s a state of mind. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes of New York touched and inspired all of us who were lucky enough to experience it this year. It was truly the trip of a lifetime – thank you and ‘grow in peace and love’.



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Language Learning - At School and at Home

In language lessons, students develop four skill areas – listening, speaking, reading and writing - through a wide variety of different activities, including teacher-led tasks, independent work, pair and group activities, and ICT work. Here at Knutsford Academy we are fortunate to have two language labs, one at Lower School and one at Upper School, where students have the opportunity to work independently, develop listening skills individually and work in an interactive way at their own pace. In recent years we have invested heavily in various ICT packages and resources in order to support our students in their language learning, both in school and at home. There are many things that you can do to develop your language skills at home and consolidate the work you have done in school. Spending a bit of time doing this regularly will make a big difference to your progress in your language learning, and hopefully make it fun! Websites like , and have various games that you can play to revise your vocabulary on different topics. Practising this vocabulary in an interactive and visual way can help you remember it better and will also help you with the spellings of new words. is particularly good for grammar work. If you are struggling with your verbs, tenses, why not have a go at some of the exercises on there every now and again. There is also an explanation of various grammar points to which you can refer. Don’t forget to also explore the International Learning Centre area on Frog as well, as you will find lots of resources there to help you, particularly the electronic versions of most of our textbooks. How can you use these to help you? There are lists of vocabulary for each topic to refer to, some interactive games and activities. You could go back through some of the work done in class or do some more exercises on something you have found particularly tricky. You can even access the listening passages used in class (look for the speaker icons) and could listen to these again to help develop your listening skills. If you look in the ‘Page Resources’ section, you’ll also find transcripts, so that you can see what you are listening to. Look at the sheet in the back of your exercise book to find log-on details for some of these resources (ask your teacher if you do not have one) and ask your teacher if there is a particular area you want to work on and are not sure what to do. So why not spend some time and have some fun exploring some of the different possibilities soon, and see the difference it can make to your language skills.

Making the grade… vais parler de……….

This has been a pressured half term for the many Year 11s getting ready to hit their targets in their French speaking tests. With 140 candidates, who have to take two long tests each, both staff and students have been extremely busy preparing presentations and answers to possible questions to sit the demanding speaking tests for WJEC French. The students have covered discussions about their favourite films, their part-time jobs and work experience to give some examples. Many of them have regularly attended the after-school revision sessions, which have been running twice a week, to have support, to perfect their accents and broaden their vocabulary. These are still running and are targeted to students’ individual needs and demands – it has been a pleasure to see those of you who have been so keen to achieve your best in a stressful type of test. Le mardi et le jeudi dans les salles de langues après les cours de la journée.

‘Make It’ Competition with Siemens

A group of Year 9s embarked on an interesting quest recently. A program directed by Siemens and ‘Make It’ was constructed to build the aspect of team building. The tasks included different areas based around the set topic, for example: constructing a hospital, building, airport or theme park. Each student was given a selected role and different members of the team depended on each other to accomplish separate tasks for a presentation at the end of the day. Each team that won an event would progress to the final. The students involved in this event were; Keanu Boyden, James Gold, Max Davies, Oscar Edmondson, Ella Harding, Emily Addison, Amelia Bryce and Alex Ford. This group of eight defended Knutsford Academy’s reputation against other schools and managed to secure third place. Although they didn’t win I’m sure that the team weren’t disheartened with their efforts. Knutsford Academy’s Oscar Edmondson won the award for ‘outstanding individual’ so congratulations to him. The team faced 12 different schools from all around Cheshire and I would consider their position a great accomplishment for themselves and the Academy. The students were selected by through the Physics department and were given the name ‘Team Epiphany’. This name gave the students enough inspiration to get all the way to the final and bring pride to themselves and the Academy. All the students said that it was a fantastic day out and would highly recommend this oppportunity - they would love to go back and do it all again. All in all, I would label the event a success and a good day out for the students. Finally I would like to congratulate the team for their efforts and hopefully we’ll see such dedication to tasks in the future. Written for the Junction by Jack Dutton

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Megan Evans

Luke Savin

Harry Barker

Emily Lunnon

Achieving in Maths

George Keeble

It’s been such a busy term with Mathematics competitions and challenges, that it has been difficult to keep up with all the advanced learning opportunities that the more mathematically minded pupils are taking part in! Firstly, a well done to the Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils who took part in the Senior Maths Challenge just before Christmas. Emily Lunnon, Sam Jing Yim Peter Keeble Stephenson, George Edmondson, Megan Evans, Harry Barker, Frances Smith, Katherine Adams. Peter Keeble, Luke Savin and Jing Yim were all specially chosen to take part in this academic year’s Senior Maths Challenge organized by Leeds University. The results are in and are as follows: Emilly Lunnon achieved a best in Year 13 and a silver award, Katherine Adams achieved a best in Year 12 and a silver award, Luke Savin obtained a best in school award (closely followed by Jing Yim) and a gold certificate. Jing Yim, Peter Keeble, Harry Barker, Megan Evans, George Edmondson and Sam Stephenson all achieved silver award status as well. This Senior Maths Challenge is particularly testing and does help inspire the students who took part, to greater mathematical understanding. Thanks to everyone who took part and a well done to those students who received awards!

Also this term, on the 7th of February, we had the Individual Intermediate Maths Challenge which involves the top set pupils in Year 9 and the Alpha set pupils in Year 10. Awards gained are as follows: Gold: Rorie Armstrong, Holly Squires, Edward Lunnon Silver: Katharin Field, Lois Beeson, Ella Davies, Edward Owen Bronze: Olivia Moinuddin, Sara Coggin, Catherin Eadie, Joshua Lynes, Jake Brito, Grace Ward, Richard Marchant, Eleanor Davies CONGRATULATIONS! Lower school Mathematicians can look forward to the Junior Maths Challenge on the 25th April in the Lower School hall. Think you have what it takes to succeed? Try to answer this question: Aroon says his age is 50 years, 50 months, 50 weeks and 50 days old. What age will he be on his next birthday? A 56 B 55 C 54 D 53 E 51

Answer: A

In addition to the Intermediate Maths Challenge, we also had the Intermediate Team Challenge which involves several teams of Year 9 pupils who have four weeks to complete and submit a solution to a choice of two mathematical investigations. The teams are competing in this competition against some of the most able mathematicians in the country and involves communication skills, problem solving abilities as well as a high standard of mathematical ability. Final drafts were submitted by several students and we eagerly await the results as winning entries are invited to the regional finals.

Resources and information about all these Maths competitions can be found at

RS Teachers are not Preachers

Everyone has a misconceived opinion on at least one thing; some people think if you do well in your classes, you’re a nerd with no life and you aren’t capable of holding an engaging conversation. Others think that RS is boring and you will just be taught all the monotonous stories in the Bible. Well, you’re very wrong. RS teachers are not preachers. If anything they’re the wonderful and elite “genre” of teachers in this school, who take you on school trips to mosques. Out of my five years of secondary school, my trip to the mosque possibly beats my trip to Chester Zoo. As part of our course we learn about two different religious views on issues in society (for example, at the moment we’re learning about religious views on capital punishment). The two religions we focus on are Christianity and Islam. Islam is a religion not many people necessarily understand, many people are aware of their traditions and rules within the religion but not many people understand them. Just before the Christmas break we went to visit Manchester Central Mosque, a place where you felt yourself becoming detached from the constant rhythm of life and became in tune with your spiritual senses. We had the pleasure of watching people being called to prayer, and as we sat witnessing something that exuded peaceful serenity, I couldn’t help but feel thankful for the opportunities RS has given me. This was followed by a question and answer session with the Imam (the leader of the mosque) and we asked him about what intrigues us about the religion and what his beliefs are on some of the topics we are studying. We received some insightful answers. RS is an incredible subject to study at GCSE - you don’t just learn about a religion, you learn that you don’t have to be told what to think and not to accept the inequalities of the society you live in; to fight for what is right! It also helps you develop your skills to express your opinion and there is always an opportunity to argue your views in RS. Written by Orlagh Ementon-Shaw, Edited by Molly Deegan Yr11 Page 11

BE UNITED WITHIN THE COMMUNITY OF KNUTSFORD ACADEMY The Upper School Ambassadors have been very busy. The Year 11 team are working on two very important topics: ‘Is this abuse? - Teenage relationship abuse campaign’ and ‘Check Yourself’ cancer awareness campaign. The Year 9 and 10 ambassadors are busy fundraising to buy equipment for you and your school, please support their events as much as you can. We would also like to welcome Brooke Foster 10CTE to the BUNITED team - we are sure her contribution and her recent cyber mentor training, is going to be invaluable. If there are any students interested in becoming an ambassador or would just like to get a bit more involved in bullying prevention please see Mrs Foley or Mr Horner. Our Aims… Committed to maintaining a caring, friendly and safe environment for all us in school.

Maintaining learning in a happy, relaxed and secure atmosphere. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable at our school. If bullying does occur, all students should be able to disclose this and know that incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

Why I Want To Be A Scientist 2012 Competition Last year, on the 14th of October, I sent in my entry for the first part of the “Why I want to be a Scientist” competition. To enter, I had to write a 500 word essay explaining why I wanted to be a scientist, what kind of scientist I wanted to be and so on. I based my essay around the world’s present condition, and how to effectively communicate the problems of it to others. After a few weeks I received an email telling me that my essay had won me a place in the second round of the competition. I was asked to prepare and deliver a two minute presentation expanding on the content of my essay. I decided to base my presentation on science communication, talking about a particular newspaper that made the rather big mistake of publishing the headline “Only 100 Cod left in the North Sea!” which, of course, was just a simple matter of relying on the wrong source of information. Finally, on the 5th December, I went to the Catalyst Discovery Centre in Warrington with Dr Britton and my Dad to deliver my presentation to judges there. We were led into a room with many long seats, raised above a small area in which we all gave our presentations. After many excellent and interesting talks, it was my turn. I was unbelievably nervous but gave it with an air of confidence (I hope!) and answered all of the questions the judges asked me. I left the presentation room with the thought that mine had, at least, been different to the others - a good or bad thing, I didn’t yet know. A few minutes later the judges arrived with the results. First came the winners of the Year 7 talks, and then, to my surprise, I heard my name after the words “second place” and found myself being presented with a certificate in a frame, which is now sitting proudly on the top shelf in my dining room. All in all, it was a great experience and I came away with more confidence and skills than I could have imagined. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a keen interest in science. By Iona Garvey Congratulations Iona - A superb achievement!

Mock Magistrates Trial Competition Citizenship Foundation Fourteen Year 9 students are competing in the regional heat of the mock trial competition. The first round is on Saturday 16th March (after Junction went to print) at Crewe Magistrates Court and we are representing the prosecution against Calday Grange Grammar School and later representing the defence against The Catholic High School.  The students take part in a variety of different roles.  Ted Parr, Con Evans and Selina Pearce are magistrates, Abbie Chapman is the legal adviser and Verity Wright is the Usher.  The role of the defendant is taken by Zoe Ashton, with Cara Gittins, Jack Mansell and Tiffany Lavin as witnesses.  The prosecution will be led by Rosie Benny and Mia Stephenson, whilst the defence is represented by Sophie Robinson and Billy Henderson.  Also competing is Kate Haselden who is our Court Artist.  The rehearsals have been going well and we hope to emulate last year’s success of winning both of our cases!                                                                Good luck to all the students involved! Page 12

Enterprise - Fundraising

Year 9’s current enterprise groups are hoping to achieve a small sufficient business run within school. At the moment we have been focusing on fundraising through a variety of things such as cake sales, sponge throwing, how many sweets in the jar and other projects to help us fund our future business. In our class there are three different groups. Each group has a: Managing Director, Secretary, Finance Director, Marketing Director, and two Sales People. Each person has a different role, recently we have been thinking about our final idea for our business. We have been looking at the products we will need, working on a budget and how we are going to advertise throughout the school. Our teacher, Miss Hawkins, has given us a budget along with the money we are going to make through fundraising, each group is hoping to make a profit as that’s our goal. We have researched our target audience and all come up with an idea we think is appropriate. Soon we will be selling our products for pupils and teachers to purchase. The team that makes the most profit will be the winner and profit will be turned into vouchers of the group’s choice. Isobel Babenko, 9NNL



ust before Christmas, Knutsford Academy was approached to see if the school wanted to take part in an event called “Runway on the Runway”, a big Charity Fashion Show to be held at Manchester Airport on Thursday 21st March. Lots of schools were invited to express an interest, but we were one of the lucky 10 to be chosen to appear on the catwalk focusing on “Prom Wear”. Little did we know what an event this would be! No one, could have imagined the time and effort needed to take part. The proceeds from the event are to be split between three charities, which are trying to enrich the lives of teenage cancer sufferers: Make A Wish, Teenage Cancer Trust and Medcare. The theme of “Prom”, was chosen as that is the event that so many teenagers with cancer are desperate to attend, which can never be replicated. In addition, each school chosen to appear had to pledge to make as much money as possible, as their commitment to taking part. This was not just a chance to be Manchester’s next TOP Model, it was a chance to be involved in every aspect of a massive regional event. The models, 8 girls, 2 boys were chosen for personality, commitment to hard work and fund-raising and are all Sixth Formers, juggling deadlines and course work for their AS/A levels at the same time. There have been many meetings to decide on dress designs and music, three hours of rehearsal time with dancing, posing and desperate attempts to fit it all on the catwalk of twenty eighty meters. In addition, the students attended professional choreography sessions, hair and make-up masterclasses with Toni and Guy and Benefit and training on how to ‘Walk with Attitude” with Boss Model Agency. There was also a morning of interviews for Granada reports and a range of fund-raising mania! Despite this, we still have to attend further rehearsals at the airport, fit into our Ted Baker dresses, suits and Kurt Geiger shoes. The students are all very excited. The actual event takes place on 21st March (after Junction went to print) on a catwalk running beneath the mighty Concorde in front of an audience paying up to £100 a ticket. Then it will be back to school and deadlines. We bet Kate Moss doesn’t have to do all this!

Interview Experience


Knutsford Academy hosted a fun Dragons’ Preparing for the World of Work Den-style event, with Year 12 students grilling a panel of Cheshire business Within the OCR National Level3 ICT owners to discover what will be expected of course we have been completing several them when they start their careers. units of work and one of these, Unit 8, The event was an opportunity for about 90 focuses on career planning. Year 12 students, who all study for BTEC Within this unit of work we had Level 2 in Employability Skills, to engage to select a career path from an IT sector with employers about their course, its of our choice for example: programming relevance to working life and to hear about or gaming. This also involved us having the kind of skills employers look for in school leavers. to partake in a real life interview with a local company, Fishawack, who we have Facing the young dragons were business owners Janna Caley, a former Knutsford High student, from Knutsford-based Boxed Red Marketing, Tom Drury from strong links with. Manchester-based Arrow Global, Gerry O’Keeffe from Micro P in Accrington This was for an actual job which they had a vacancy for - junior technician. and Matthew Townsend, who is also a former student, from Knutsford’s Ultimate For the interview we spent time preparing Communications. properly in terms of questions we could be The event was chaired by Phil Orford, Chief Executive of the Forum of Private Business, the small business support organisation and lobby group. asked and also carried out detailed and in-depth research on the company so that Before the ‘Den’ showdown, students had been learning about the rights and we could stand out to them when we took responsibilities of employers and employees, the benefits of team working and how to prepare for an interview, including CV writing skills. part in the interview. The Forum’s Phil Orford, a governor at the Academy, said: “The aim of the event was This has been an invaluable to help youngsters – many of whom will soon be going into the world of work, – to experience for me and my class and we build self-esteem and grow their confidence, while learning about what real work life thank Fishawack for taking the time to is all about. give us this opportunity and giving us “We often hear from our members that school leavers come to work lacking important the experience of how an actual real life skills, so this was a great way for this next generation of workers to learn what interview would be like and enable us employers will expect of them. to improve what we say and how we act “It was really interesting to hear from the sixth formers their views about working and when we are in an interview. Ryan Williams 13PST they were eager to hear the views of the local business men and women.” Page 13

Y7 Writing Challenge: House points for any entries and publication!

LOOKING BACK by Chloe Green Y7 This is my story on how I went back in time….. It was an ordinary Tuesday and I was in my bedroom, working on my latest invention: it was the world’s first time machine. I only had a few nuts and bolts to screw in to finish it (so I got to work!). Eventually, the job was complete so I thought I better give it a try. I set my time machine to the year 1900. I was soon ready to go; all I needed was to collect my dog, Boomer. I pulled the big red lever and the machine started to shake and then to move. Soon I was transported up and away from the safety of my room! I felt scared but curious about where I would find myself and what it would look like. I kept telling Boomer that everything would be okay but I knew that I was trying to convince myself…

Year 7 and 8 House Competition As part of a House Competition at Lower School students have been collecting House Point Cards if they show Politeness, Good Manners and Respect. Each card the students collect is worth 10 House Points. In the entrance hall at Lower School there are five BUNITED House Boxes. For every card we collect we post it into our respective box. The student within each house who received the most House Points for showing Politeness, Good Manners and Respect received a prize of some chocolate and sweets. In total 75 acts of Politeness, Good Manners and Respect were shown gaining 750 House points which is a fantastic achievement. The students in each house who received the most cards and received a prize are:Tatton – Suzie McInnes (7AJN), Renee Bell (7AJN) and Mike Hall (7AJN) Tabley – Chelsea Stanton (7DBN) Capesthorne – Shaniece Sneddon (7DTL) and Alycia Beckett (7DTL) Gawsworth – Samuel Rees (8CBD) The winning form was 7AJN who collectively showed 16 acts of Politeness, Good Manners and Respect and therefore receive a bonus 100 House Points. 2nd came 8DMN with 9 and 3rd was 7DBN with 8.

Calling Year 7: Can YOU continue the story using no more than 200 words? All entries must be emailed to:

Knutsford Academy Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award is the leading youth charity that gives all young people the chance to develop skills for work and life, fulfill their potential and have a brighter future. The award is split into three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) each designed to show a high level of commitment undertaking; volunteering - for example charity work, skill - an example of this could be learning to knit and physical which could be joining a running club. As an academy we are pleased to be offering the award at all three levels. Currently 47 participants are working towards their Bronze award and 26 towards their Silver Award. The interest in the Gold award is low but by next year we are hoping to have a group going through at the highest level. Looking forward this is a fantastic opportunity for the students at the academy helping them to progress in their education and careers. The Bronze award is available to everyone in year 9, Silver to year 10 and Gold to year 12, it is launched at the start of each academic year to allow for the completion of the award and enable students to move on to the next level without a cross over. Why do DofE? Good question! Because, from the first day to the last it’s a real adventure. Every section gives you something different - that’s the fun of it! You’ll enjoy loads of new experiences, discover talents you never thought you had, challenge yourself and meet loads of people just like you.  Plus you’ll do things you love and get a kick out of.  It’s a real buzz! Then there’s all the other stuff… …achieving an Award will give you skills, confidence and a view on life that everyone is looking for, from employers to colleges and universities.’re getting recognised for doing things you want to do (and may even be doing already).’ll make a difference to other people’s lives and your community, be fitter and healthier, make new friends and have memories to last you a lifetime. And above all, it’s a great laugh - the question should really be why wouldn’t you bother?

Doing your DofE really does give you the skills for life and work. (Taken from For more specific information on Knutsford Academy’s Duke of Edinburgh scheme, please contact Mr D Middleton

Page 14


Trophy Final win for young Hyde squad

Knutsford Academy players are making headlines in County teams The past few weeks have seen a number of Abbey Hey FC players playing representative football at the highest Level. On Saturday 23rd February Knutsford Academy U18s, Lee Gregory and Jamie Allen were in the Manchester FA Youth squad that won 1 - 0 away against Liverpool FA Youth to reach the The FA County Cup final for the first time in their history. Also on Saturday 23rd two more U18s, Ryan Gibson and Ryan Murphy played for Cheshire FA Youth in a 3 - 2 win away against West Riding FA. On Monday 25th February U17 Jack Mason played for Cheshire Schools FA in an 8-3 win away to West Yorkshire Schools FA with Jack scoring in the second half. Well done boys!

Hyde Football Club lifted the Manchester Saturday Challenge Trophy on a great night for the club and its young group of players. The squad included ten Knutsford Academy students; Kieran Burywood, Dean O’Brian, Reece Headlem, Shaqueel Walton, Ryan Gibson, Jordan Young, George Riley, Paul Reddy, Mike Hule and Sam Riley. Playing at the Manchester Sports City Arena, in the shadow of last year’s Premier League Champions, was a young Hyde side who had prepared for what was going to be a stern test against Gorse Hill. Gorse Hill had beaten the holders on their way to the final. At half time Hyde were ahead 2-1. Gorse Hill equalised early in the second half but only two minutes later, Jordan Young scored what was to be the winning goal. Jordan latched onto a ball from the top to beat his marker and fire home a superb shot with his right foot straight into the net. CONGRATULATIONS!


On Thursday 31st January, a team of 12 Year 8 pupils represented Knutsford Academy in Sports hall Athletics at Macclesfield Academy. Our girls’ team was: Lucy GlasbySeddon; Ellie Rix; Becky Moston; Becky Lynes; Hannah Chatelet and Eleanor Twite. Our boys’ team was: Kieran Holland; Ben Moser; Iwan Rees; Jack Gurney-Smith and, the twins, Tom and James Woods. The events contested are various running; jumping and relay events; involving turning on bounce boards, hurdles, and speed bounce, triple and vertical jumps. Inside a gym the atmosphere is very loud. This greatly encourages the pupils often into running too quick early on and paying the price at the end of their races! Both Eleanor and Jack won their main events and pupils gave their best in every event. Once they had recovered they all enjoyed the experience (except Mr Martin who went straight to a parents’ evening as soon as we got back!) Mr S Martin


Eleanor Twite

Eleanor recently represented On Wednesday the 27th of February the brave boys of Knutsford Academy’s the school in the Macclesfield Rugby team took the long journey to Altrincham Kersal’s Rugby Ground where we would and District Cross-country meet. compete against 5 other strong teams from Cheshire. Qualifying easily in this race We got off to a depressing start losing 27-0 against Altrincham Grammar School she was selected to represent for Boys. After that shock we bounced back strong and after an amazing try by Harry Kay and a sublime conversion by George Keeble we won the game 7-5 despite the oppositions Macclesfield at the Cheshire race meet. Eleanor is currently in Year 8 try. which means in any race events she Our third game didn’t go so well, neither our fourth but on our final game we won 5-0 runs against girls a full school age thanks to great play from the captain, Will Buckley and another great try from Harry Kay. older than she is. Eleanor finished We finished the tournament 2nd overall which was quite an acheivement. We fifth in the Cheshire race and will now look forward to the league and our remaining games. now represent Cheshire in the By George Keeble 8DMN English Schools competition on the Team List: Jack Abbot, Omar Salkini, Rowan Aldean, Josh Flint, Aaron Chaplin, Louis 16th March in Derbyshire. Humblet, George Keeble, Harry Kay, Andrew Owen, Liam Macken, Toby Williams, We wish her all our best of luck. Ben Moser, Jonny Owen, Louie Anjo, Joe Ball, Josh Dally and captain Will Buckley Page 15

SKI TRIPS 2014 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION Following the success of previous ski trips we are pleased to announce that Knutsford Academy has been able to secure bookings for two ski trips next year. Please see below for more details.

February half term 2014 the school will be going to Bardonecchia, Italy. This trip is available to current Year 7, 8 and Year 12 For more information please see Mr D Middleton or Mr C Harrison

KHS Student


Knutsford Academy will be returning to the resort of Mongenevre in France during the Easter 2014 break. We are delighted to announce that students will have the option to ski or snowboard for the week. For more information, please download the letter from the school website or ask at the PE Office. The trip is open to students currently in Yrs 9,10,11,&12

Easter 2013 Junction  
Easter 2013 Junction  

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