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Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to Mr & Mrs Unique! Mr & Mrs Unique is the go-to resource for planning unusual, one-of-a-kind weddings. We’re an award-winning online wedding directory, blog and magazine, set up to champion the cool, the creative and the colourful in the wedding industry. We love the quirky bits, the weird and wonderful bits that make them truly you, and the suppliers who can make that happen. You want your wedding day to stand out from the crowd like the shining gem it will be – and so do we.  We stand for what is different, and those who are truly extraordinary. We only showcase sheer, unbridled excellence here at Mr & Mrs Unique. Luckily for us – and for you – the UK is alive with the most incredibly unique wedding suppliers around. Our range of hand-curated suppliers includes creative wedding florists, colourful wedding photography, quirky wedding stationery, upcoming new bridal designers and unusual wedding catering including street food. 

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We also specialise in the daunting task that is finding wedding, event and festival locations, helping you find the best UK wedding venues, exclusive use homes, and unusual marquee and tent hire. Above all else, we’re super proud to celebrate love of all kinds, and to say we only support companies with the same ethos. Alongside our directory of incredible alternative wedding suppliers, we also have a blog chock-a-block full of top tips for planning a quirky wedding and real weddings from amazing couples, and a biannual magazine where we publish ALL the best wedding inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a drink, fetch a pen, and let’s get started – we can’t wait to proudly stand by your side on this wedding planning adventure! 

r o t i d E e Th 2 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique


Awesome Confetti Shots Don’t Just Happen by http://epiclovestory.co.uk

6 Chinoiserie Decadence Wedding Inspiration at https://aynhoepark.co.uk 8 Now You’re Engaged by https://www.theweddingenthusiast.co.uk 10 Real Wedding - Natasha & Alex photos https://www.parrotandpineapple.com 12 Real Wedding - Becci & Russ venue https://www.elmorecourt.com

edit - https://www.parrotandpineapple.com

14 Real Wedding - Emma & Tammy photos http://www.assassynation.co.uk 16 Real Wedding - Rachel & Dale photos http://www.frecklephotography.co.uk 18 Real Wedding - Mel & Lewis photos https://www.binkynixon.com 20 Real Wedding - Megan & Chris photos https://www.remaininlightphotography.com Photos by Jess Withey Photography http://jesswithey.com

22 Working with Independent Wedding Suppliers by https://www.amostcuriousweddingfair.co.uk




24 Outdoor Wedding Checklist by https://www.papakata.co.uk 26 Wild Dartmoor Wedding Inspiration by http://knotsandkisses.co.uk 28 An interview with The Bijou Bride by http://thebijoubride.com






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Awe s o m e c onf e t ti s hot s d o n’t j u s t ha p p e n ! WORDS AND PHOTOS BY EPIC LOVE STORY HTTP://EPICLOVESTORY.CO.UK/

Aside from an experienced photographer, you need A LOT of confetti and enthusiastic confetti throwers! You also need the right kind of confetti too. Here is my advice to getting the perfect confetti photo: Colourful Confetti Think colour colour colour! Think rainbows! Don’t ever choose white as it can get lost in the photo, especially if there are white buildings or an overcast sky. Paper Tissue paper confetti floats all prettily before landing and I’ve found the bigger the better! Buy biodegradable confetti as it’s kinder to the planet. I would avoid dried petal confetti as it can look wishy washy in photos. 4 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

Baskets not cones It’s so much easier for guests to get big handfuls of confetti from baskets. I find it gets left in the bottom of cones or cones can even fly out of peoples hands!  Buy lots of it And I mean LOTS. Measure enough for two big handfuls per guest. Confetti that’s somewhere between the size of a 20p coin and a 50p coin gives the best impact on camera. Confetti cannons You can use cannons but I would recommended to only use for first dances! They don’t always work well for the confetti shot and can deafen your poor photographer if someone pops it right next to their ear! I recommend buying at least 6-10 cannons to make sure the dance floor is filled.

Think Rainbows! 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 5

Chino i se r i e D eca d en c e Venue, Styling & Words: Sophie Taylor at Aynhoe Park https://aynhoepark.co.uk Photography: Jay Rowden Photography https://www.jayrowden.com

Overgrown Greener y As a wedding stylist you seek inspiration from everything and anything. A photoshoot in a magazine, an Instagram post, a piece of art on a museum visit or a film you may have watched. For this styled shoot I was inspired by a beautiful emerald green, chinoiserie 3 piece sofa that my partner James had bought. This beautiful piece of furniture in carved wood and gorgeous hand painted detail, inspired me to explore a wedding theme based around the colours, flowers and use of birds.    Esther from Rebel and the Rose was keen to create the look with me. I really wanted to create something up the stairs as a lead into our stunning Orangery. I loved her suggestion of making a wild, overgrown floral archway using lots of greenery alongside rose pink to deep fuchsia peonies, purple delphiniums, open blush roses and white lilacs. I used birds we had from around the house and of course our A Modern Grand Tour feather lamps to add the depth to our entrance; playful hints of our theme.   To tie the theme together the dress was of course extremely important. For me it had to be Hermoine De Paula; her needlework and beautiful floral details was just like the archway flowers… she could have almost painted on the flowers in thread!   For the table setting I wanted to create something untraditional. French style chairs were paired against a textured pink cloth and instead of having a large floral installation down the centre, we decided upon long floral installations that sat parallel to the table and chairs. This helped frame the table and provided a beautiful walkway to guests seats; creating the illusion they were sat between flowerbeds. 6 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

SUPPLIERS: House: Aynhoe Park https://aynhoepark.co.uk Styling and co-ordination: Sophie Taylor https://aynhoepark.co.uk Floral design: Rebel And The Rose www.rebelandtherose.com Photography: Jay Rowden https://www.jayrowden.com Neon: Lovestruck Creative https://www.lovestruckcreative.com Food: Stones Events https://www.stonesevents.co.uk Gown: Hermione De Paula https://www.hermionedepaula.com Hair and make up artist: Gillian Singh @gilliansinghmakeup Tableware: Classic Crockery & Options https://www.classiccrockery.co.uk Cake: The Natural Cake Company www.thenaturalcakecompany.co.uk Feather lamps: A Modern Grand Tour https://amoderngrandtour.com Stationery: Papier https://www.papier.com Photography and Videography: John Blackwell http://johnscottblackwell.co.uk 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 7


Firstly, congratulations! Both on being engaged, obviously, and on finding your way to the Mr & Mrs Unique bridal magazine. It only gets more colourful and more inspiring from here on in, and that’s a promise. So, what’s the plan now? You’ve got the ring, now how do you do the damn thing? Wedding planning can be super daunting, especially if you’re feeling extra pressure because you’re planning an alternative wedding day. You might not know where to start (or when to stop!), what’s relevant to you, or what’s an absolute necessity. I’ve created a handy little 5 point plan on the first wedding planning steps you should be taking once you’re engaged, whoever you are or whatever you’re doing: Sit down and work out what your priorities are. There’ll be things that are mega important to you both individually and as a couple, so take some time to talk through them with each other and work out your non-negotiables. This could be something on the larger scale, like location, or on the seemingly smaller end of the scale, like the cake flavour. Whichever end it’s on, if it’s the most important thing to you, it should go on your priorities list.

Once you’ve decided on them, write them down, and stick them somewhere you’ll see them when you need the mental reminder: in your wedding planning notebook, on the fridge, tattooed on your forehead. NB: it might sound corny, but it’s worth writing down your number 1 priority as being actually getting married. Whether you want to characterise this as ‘love’, ‘I doing the deed’ or ‘saying motherfucking yes’ is up to you – but it’s worth having that amongst all those priorities to remind you of the point of it when things get tough. Draw up a budget. If you’re budget-conscious – or alternatively worried about your own (lack of) self control – this can be quite a strict, detailed budget. Alternatively, if you’re not as constrained by finances, it doesn’t have to be down to every last penny – the main point is making a commitment to keep an eye on what you’re spending and where it’s all going. Be realistic about what you can spend, and crucially what you can save during the process. Always add in a buffer margin to give you some room for manoeuvre, and finally, be aware of time frames as well – a lot of money is laid out at the start of the process, and then a lot is paid in the last couple of months leading up to it. Don’t get cocky or spendy in the middle gap! Photos by Tim Dunk http://www.timdunk.com 8 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

Start researching wedding venues. Your venue dictates a lot of your wedding decisions – how many people can you invite? Are

you having the ceremony and reception in the same space? Will you be able to stay there the night before, or will you need to organise travel? What time will you be getting married? These questions are all valid venue-related queries, and it’s all a bit chicken and egg; look at venues in accordance with your preferences in mind but also allow for the venue settling some of these decisions for you. Which leads us on to… Pick your date. Choose your forever day and lock that shit down! Wedding suppliers can sometimes be booked up years in advance, so once you’ve nailed your date, you can nail your dream team too. Then you can start sending Save The Dates to guests, and that’s when it all starts to feel VERY real! Do what you want to be doing, not what you think you should be doing. I know that’s ironic as part of a list telling you what you have to do when you’re engaged, but it’s true! 2019 and beyond is the year of curating your wedding planning experience to be your very best version of yourself. This may mean your wedding planning process is quite different to others’ – you may not want to go dress shopping at all, or you may not pick up one glossy wedding magazine from the shops throughout the whole process (though I totally would recommend Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride) – but if that’s what’s right for you, then that’s what matters. Ellie is The Wedding Enthusiast, a creative consultancy for cool couples. Whether you’ve no idea what your vision is and want need someone to work it out with, or you have a super strong vision and want to find the perfect suppliers to fit the brief, she’s your gal! @theweddingenthusiast / https://www. theweddingenthusiast.co.uk





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What did you love about the couple and their ideas for their wedding day? Alex and Natasha contacted me through some mutual friends of ours - we instantly hit it off reminiscing about parties and events that we’ve both been at but not actually met. I really loved their desire to plan their wedding purely around what was right for them as a couple, not about what a wedding ‘should’ be. What venue did they chose and what did you like about the venue? They chose Peckham Employment Academy, which I didn’t even realise was a wedding venue! But on further exploration is quite the architectural gem. It’s a grade II listed Edwardian building with Baroque styling outside, with a really lovely classic town hall style room (the Lecture Room) inside - perfect for ceremonies. Then outside there is a modern, mediterranean style enclosed courtyard. So it’s a lovely space to photograph! But one of the best things is that the money raised by hiring out the venue for weddings goes directly to funding the charity Thames Reach, allowing them to keep advice and courses open and free for anyone. There is also the on-site Brewbird Café, a social enterprise working to reduce crime by providing opportunities for training and employment. What was your favourite moment of the day, and why? I really loved the entrance of Alex and Natasha to the ceremony room. Alex and Natasha got ready together on the morning of their wedding, arrived at the venue together and then when they entered the ceremony they both walked down the aisle accompanied by both of their parents. It was a lovely moment that eschewed patriarchal wedding traditions and honoured both sets of parents. 10 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

What was your favourite decor details, and why? The mismatched brightly coloured tables cloths and bunting flags were a brilliant idea! I love it when the decor is eclectic.

! n u f a g Me

What was unique about the wedding day? Alex and Natasha wanted to get married without any tradition and this is exactly what they did. Their day was a lovely celebration of them as a couple, as they included loads of their family and friends in the logistics of the event, which resulted in a day that was very personal to them and created a lovely relaxed vibe for everyone to settle in to and have mega fun.

SUPPLIERS: Photography: Parrot & Pineapple https://www.parrotandpineapple.com Venue: Brewbird Cafe at Peckham Employment Academy www.stgilestrust.org.uk/brewbird www.employmentacademy.org.uk Bride: ASOS www.asos.com Bride Shoes: Marks & Spencer www.marksandspencer.com Grooms outfit: Moss Bross www.moss.co.uk Groom shoes: Dune www.dunelondon.com Flowers: By family Entertainment: The Magic Depictor http://magicdepictor.tumblr.com/

Wedding venue: Peckham Employment Academy www.employmentacademy.org.uk Reception venue: Brewbird Cafe at Peckham Employment Academy www.stgilestrust.org.uk/brewbird 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 11


Was there an overall theme to your day? We just wanted everyone to have such a great time and have a party to remember. So we made sure there was plenty of alcohol, food and great music! We also wanted our day to reflect on us and our style. We went for a modern boho look - some of the ornaments and props were from our lounge and that helped save money. We used some of my Great Nan’s Indian brass vases and bought the rest at charity shops. Funnily enough we said the ‘I do’s’ on Russ’s parents’ big Persian rug. All decor was collected by ourselves, with the help of Esther from Flower Style Co and event stylist Holly Freeland who put our visions together. How would you describe your day? Boozy! Full of happiness and laughter! It was just such an amazing and unforgettable day from the beginning to end. That’s all we ever wanted! How long were you planning it for, and what was the best bit? We knew we wanted to marry somewhere scenic, a place where we could have a beautiful ceremony and then have one hell of a party! Elmore Court ticked all the boxes. The team were amazing and so helpful! In fact all our vendors were amazing and we got on with them so well which made the whole experience enjoyable. What was your budget? We didn’t have a real budget but tried to save money where we could. We saved money by getting married on a Friday, thrifting and making as much as we could. We spent the most amount of on food and drink, which we don’t regret! Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding? Decide on what the most important things are to you about your wedding and where you want to spend the money. Get your favourite suppliers locked in first for your date so you’re not disappointed. And just enjoy every second of the day, it flies by so quick! Don’t stress over the tiniest of details, you will all be having such a brilliant time that you won’t even care!

12 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

SUPPLIERS: Venue: Elmore Court. https://www.elmorecourt.com Photographers: Through The Woods We ran http://throughthewoodsweran.co.uk Videographer: Felix Russell-Saw http://www.frsphoto.co Flowers: Flower Style Co. http://www.flowerstyleco.co.uk Stylist: Hollie Freeland http://holliefreeland.co.uk Dress: Laure de Sagazan https://www.lauredesagazan.fr The Mews Bridal Clifton: http://www.themewsclifton.co.uk Headpiece: Luna Bea http://www.lunabea.com Shoes: Harriet Wilde https://www.harrietwilde.com Groomsmen suits: Moss Bross

https://www.moss.co.uk Bridesmaids: Needle & Thread https://www.needleandthread.com/uk Monsoon https://www.monsoonlondon. com/ Hair: Chalotte Louise @ hairbycharlottelouise MUA: Stacey Peplow https://www.facebook.com/ peplowmakeup/ Stationery: April Joy Letters https://www.facebook.com/apriljoyletters/ Dougnuts: Ma Baker http://mabaker.net Photo Booth: Madeyoulookphotobooth https://www.madeyoulookphotobooth. co.uk Bespoke Banner: Oh Squirrel https://ohsquirrel.co.uk

Photographers: Through The Woods We Ran http://throughthewoodsweran.co.uk Venue: Elmore Court https://www.elmorecourt.com 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 13


What did you love about the couple and their ideas for their wedding day? Right from the first moment they got in touch I absolutely loved the sound of their plans. They said their wedding would be a hodge podge of the things they love “Cowboy boots, Dolly Parton, tattoos, Mexican things, South African things (Tam is from Cape Town), bourbon and gin, vintage stuff and games, a South Western Style smoker for food, hay bales”. The best thing for me is that their gorgeous fur babies, Diego and Tallulah, were in attendance and actually stole the show a little. I also love that Em and Tam had really thought about how to entertain their guests without it being forced. They had classic fairground games, tug o war, a country dancing instructor and THE most delicious slowed cooked food. What was your favourite decor details, and why? I loved that Em and Tam decorated the venue with everything they had in their house - I can only think their house must have looked so bare after they had packed everything to go because they really went all out. Not one space was un ‘Em and Tammied’ and I LOVED that. What was unique about the wedding day? Literally everything. From the personal ceremony, to the décor straight from their home, to the change of outfit…nothing was ‘normal’ about their big day. It was honestly one of those amazing weddings you get where the couple have really stamped themselves on everything. Any advice to couples getting married? My advice to couples getting married is don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s so easy to get so wrapped up in the details that you end up not enjoying the planning and just wishing it would end. Remember EVERYONE will think they are allowed an opinion on how you do your wedding, and they can have that opinion but it doesn’t mean you have to take it onboard. Remember, it’s ALL about the two of you and what you want, not how upset granny/grandad/uncle Fred is going to be about your choices! 14 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

SUPPLIERS: Photography: Assassynation http://assassynation.co.uk Venue: Court Farm, Standerwick https://www.courtfarmstanderwick.co.uk Hair & Make Up: Vintage Pop Up Parlour https://www.vintagepopupparlour.com/ Flowers: Lily Violet May https://www.instagram.com/lilyvioletmay Cakes: Cooksista https://instagram.com/cooksista Catering: Smoke Catering www.smokecatering.com/ Bar Service: Toot Sweets https://www.facebook.com/TootSweetsVan/ Band: The Lovettes https://www.allmusic.com/artist/ the-lovettes-mn0000052371 Games Hire: Vintage Marquees www.vintagemarquees.co.uk/

Wedding venue: Court Farm, Standerwick https://www.courtfarmstanderwick.co.uk 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 15


Tell us about the bride and groom: Rachel & Dale are two absolutely wonderful souls. Rachel really does not realise what an incredible person she is; a true rare and exquisite beauty. Dale doesn’t realise how ace he is either. His dry wit and immaculate comic timing during his speech had everyone in tears of laughter. They are the perfect match together; so modest and quietly comfortable with one another. What details did you love about the wedding? It all took place at Coombe Trenchard – fast becoming a regular haunt of mine and one of those amazing houses full of character and charm. All the details throughout the day were magical and the incredible styling was reflective of Rachel’s sense of style and love of antiques and history. What was most important to Rachel & Dale was making sure their families had a good old fashioned shindig! The day included Morris Dancing, a birds of prey display, and a hearty feast in what can only be described as the most wonderfully decorated marquee I’ve ever set my eyes upon. It really was a feast for all the senses and a mega celebration of love, family and friendships. Whats your top piece of advice to couples about weddings? Don’t pain if it rains! Even though we had to dodge some crazy downpours during the day, everyone was kept warm and well fed which kept the guest super happy. We used the moments of sunshine to grab some outdoor portraits together.

Wedding venue: Coombe Trenchard, Devon https://www.coombetrenchard.co.uk 16 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

SUPPLIERS: Photography:Â http://www. frecklephotography.co.uk Venue: https://www.coombetrenchard. co.uk Flowers: www.amandarandell.com Dress & Veil: www.daysofgracevintage. co.uk Cake: https://www.facebook.com/ sugarmamasdevon/ Shoes: www.americanduchess.com Groomswear: https://marcdarcy.co.uk Fresh Hop Bines: https://hopshop.co.uk Bunting: www.beautifulbunting.co.uk Hatch Marquees: www. southwestmarqueehire.co.uk Mobile Bar: www.thirstchoice.co.uk Falconry: www.westcountryfalconry.co.uk Morris dancers: www. lodesronebordermorris.co.uk Band: www.pipinghotmusic.com Caterer Dartmoor Kitchen: www. dartmoorkitchen.co.uk Musicians: www.englishfiddle.com

2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 17

M el & Lew i s


What did you love about the couple and their ideas for their wedding day? There was so much colour and vibrance. I loved their outdoor ceremony that was so personal and peaceful in the woods. There was dog walkers stopping as they went by and I kinda liked that it almost felt like a secret and you were so lucky if you stumbled across it! What venue did they chose and what did you like about the venue? The venue was a village hall which was very cute and old. What was your favourite moment of the day, and why? Probably when we went off with the couple. We had such a giggle and it was nice to get to know them a bit more. It had been a long time since I first met them so to be a part of the day was awesome. We stumbled across an old bright blue van which looked as though it had been abandoned. I think though there was someone in it the whole time we were shooting the couples shots, it was funny. What was your favourite decor details, and why? Again I loved it in the woods. They got married beneath a beautiful wooden structure which was covered in flowers, it looked stunning! What was unique about the wedding day? The couple were just themselves. They both wore cute glasses and had lots of blue tones throughout the day. Wedding Venue: Ashridge Estate https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/ashridge-estate Wedding Reception: Potten End Village Hall, Berkhamsted http://pottenendvillagehall.co.uk 18 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

SUPPLIERS: Dress: Minna Hepburn http://www.minna.co.uk Flowers: The Florist, Boxmoor https://www.boxmoorflorist.com Flower crown: Folky Dokey http://www.folkydokey.co.uk Food: The Hidden Gem Wood Fired Pizza http://hiddengempizza.com Bridesmaid outfits: ASOS https://www.asos.com/ Celebrant: Elspeth Thomson http://www.buckscelebrant.co.uk Rings: made by groom at Daisy Chain Jewellers http://www.daisychainjewellers.co.uk

2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 19

Mega n & C HRIS Was there an overall theme to your day? Overall, there was no specific theme. We opted for things that we liked instead of what was to be expected; things that combined and reflected elements of who we are as a couple and as individuals. Minerals and crystals played a large roll in our décor. We feel like the colours were a wonderful representation of memories of where we have been together as well as what we surround ourselves within our home. We wanted the wedding to be very organic, but also eco-friendly. Many of the decorations that Megan made, especially for the tables, were made with natural ingredients. The plates and cutlery were both eco-friendly and recyclable. We really appreciate both old and industrial architecture and knew this had to be the backdrop of our special day. Finding Dalston Heights was the icing on the cake, as it was a gold mine for props. How would you describe your day? It really felt like a big family reunion for us and we were surrounded by the essence of us and our relationship. One thing that most married couples will tell you is that the day goes by in a flash and it couldn’t be truer. How was your day unique to you? Instead of taking the more traditional route with our venue, food, attire and décor, we chose things that were more encompassing of us. It was very important that all food served during our reception was vegan, as this is something we both feel very passionate about. We had vegan Mexican street food and chips with curry served in the evening. We also filled the day with small pieces of us, like our transferable tattoos, Simpson’s references and cocktail names! What was your budget? Originally, we wanted to budget no more than £15,000. All said and done, it was closer to £17,000. 20 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

Do you have any advice for couples currently planning their wedding, for either the planning or the lead-up? Plan as early as you can! A lot of things can go wrong at the last minute (like your band cancelling two weeks before) so it’s always good to have a plan B or even C! We would also tell them to plan for someone to coordinate on the day. Whilst we did most of the wedding planning from NYC, we heavily relied on the help of a wedding planner to help with the logistics, making measurements before we hired tables and dealing with all of the vendors on the day. Also, try to spend as much time together on the day as possible!

Photography: Remain in Light Photography https://www.remaininlightphotography.com Venue: Dalston Heights https://www.dalstonheights.com

! n u f a g e M 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 21


You know the saying: buy from an independent supplier and they do a little happy dance. Well when it comes to your wedding, not only is this true, there’s also the added joy of being part of an empowering process in doing your wedding your way. Using gigantic companies can be a little faceless and further feels like you’re getting swept up in the tide of what you’re ‘meant to do’ for your wedding. If a mainstream company is doing it, chances are this is a mainstream idea of what a wedding should be. And if you’re reading this magazine that probably isn’t that far up on your list of priorities! Indie designers and companies have a more bespoke outlook and aren’t normally bothered operating within any traditional parameters, so their work is often free-er and more informed by all sorts of influences: movies, art, books, the food they love, the design they love, fashion, just like your wedding will be. So if you go and say, “I’m really really feeling William Morris Patterns but also I’m kind of obsessed with Harry Potter” to an independent wedding supplier - whether it be the cake, stationery, dress, decor, flowers - this sort of statement will not phase them. In fact they’ll probably be all over it! When couples are met with suppliers who reply, ‘wouldn’t you rather have…’ or ‘that isn’t part of what we offer for weddings…’ Or ‘that’s very different, unusual, what about …’ that can feel like a judgement and may leave you feeling deflated about your choices. Choices that are really important to you. Choices that allow you to put your own stamp on your wedding. A wedding that is yours. In our experience an independent designer is much more creativeminded and excited about these sort of briefs or requests, and that sort of open mind is of course a lot of what we look for when we’re curating the Most Curious wedding show. Often these sort of suppliers have worked from a grass roots vibe and up. They have training but didn’t necessarily want to use this to join the rat race, or a larger company, instead wanting to go their own way and build their own brand. This will also mean every single job will mean more to them because building your own brand is really hard work! Like, really hard work. These are the people who will go the extra mile, stay up into the wee hours to feel happy with their work, get in a funk until they’ve cracked it, value their work and the duty they have to you.  In addition they will undoubtedly have a really great knowledge of their craft and will have suggestions and ideas on how you can create your vision. These are the people you will find at Most Curious. Photo credit: https://www.katythomas.co.uk/ 22 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique

! e k o p s Be

JUST ASK OUR 2109 EXHIBITORS… Megan Collins, Blossom & Crumb Cakes https://www.blossomandcrumb.co.uk There is an emotional connection when you go to an indie designer that, with the best will in the world, a giant corporation can never provide. From the moment a couple contact me I am invested in their wedding and want to put my all into making their cake special. Because all my cakes are made bespoke to order I can include unique personal touches or bake bespoke flavours that have meaning to them.

Louise Ralphs, LouPaper Stationery http://www.loupaper.co.uk As an indie designer and calligrapher, I strive to create something that’s truly unique to you, reflecting your distinctive personality and interests, and complimenting the theme, styling and colours of your big day. Fundamentally, your wedding is a celebration of who you are as a couple, so it should be filled with everything that makes you… well… you! You will work with a real human, who personally understands the process of wedding planning (having recently tied the knot myself), and knows about the highs and lows of the journey, working it around dayto-day life, and most of all embracing and enjoying every single moment of it. I’m just a phone call away or available for a cup of tea and a chat, to talk through your ideas, and make sure we’re on the same page.


Valentina Ring, of The Stars Inside Planning https://thestarsinside.com I love finding indie designers and suppliers for my couples because I know those vendors will reflect the bespoke outlook and passion that is at the heart of my own business too. It’s very important to me to educate my couples about what they’re paying for when they hire a small business: the skill, the training, the time, the materials, and that personal touch that makes their work so much larger than the sum of the individual parts. In addition to supporting the community of extremely talented independent, local suppliers, you’re also tapping into the most attentive customer service you can get: a small business owner takes immense pride in what they do, and, in my experience, will always go the extra mile to support their clients with whatever flexibility or advice they need.


Lou Ord, Loulabel Florists https://www.loulabelfloraldesign.com As an indie florist I really care about the couples I work with & want to fully represent them & their love. There’s nothing better than creating something uniquely ‘them’- it lights me up! Indie suppliers put their heart & soul into their work. If you want to make your big day truly personal indie is the way to go! My couples often say that I have seen into their flower dreams and have made something even better! (blowing my own trumpet!) I can do this because I get to listen to my couples & really hear what they want, it’s a collaboration.

2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 23

P a pa KA t a ’s O ut door We d d in g C hec kli s t https://www.allisterfreeman.co.uk/

The greats r oo d t u o PREPARATION: Preparation and planning are key to the successful running of your event. Here at PapaKåta, we have dedicated event planners who will guide you through the planning process. We’ll answer your every question, provide you with floor plans and checklists to ensure efficient and timely planning, as well as top tips to help your wedding look as beautiful and dreamy as you’d always hoped!

With 13 years of experience and a portfolio of 3,000 events behind us, it’s fair to say that here at PapaKåta we know a thing or two about planning fabulous outdoor events. We travel the length of breadth of the country, creating bespoke venues and providing couples with our beautiful giant Teepees and stunning Sperry Tents. And whilst we love the UK, we’re well versed at all of the challenges the British climate has to throw at us. With a few careful considerations, we believe you can create the wedding of your dreams, come rain, shine or even snow! Here’s our checklist of things to consider when planning your own outdoor wedding.

FLEXIBILITY: Be flexible. Outdoor events are always going to be subject to change. We’re at the mercy of the great British Weather, so we always carry out a site visit in the initial stages of the planning process. This means that we can check the suitability of the site and if needed make suggestions for site improvements. In extreme cases and if absolutely necessary, we can even advise you on an alternative location.


PRACTICALITY: Practical doesn’t always have to be tiresome! Think about the timeline of your event and where your guests will be at any one time. If the venue doesn’t have onsite lighting, use this to your advantage and guide guests home with a magical festoon or fairy light walkway - Whilst being a practical measure, it will leave guests with a lasting impression of your day.

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WEATHER: Wet and warm weather contingencies. Ensure guests’ comfort and the smooth running of your event with a plan of action should your wedding day weather take a turn for the worse, or better! With both our Teepees and Sperry Tents you have the option to raise and lower the tent sides. If you’ve planned

COMFORT: Comfort and consideration. Whilst you might be the ultimate party animal and love the idea of hitting the dance floor all night with your nearest and dearest, they may have other ideas! By providing additional zoned areas, you can help with the flow of your day and give guests somewhere to relax, reminisce and rest dance-weary feet! Our festoon terrace is the perfect place to put the world to rights under a star-studded sky. Whilst our chill out kungs creates the ultimate breakout area for guests to cosy up around a roaring open fire. DELEGATE: Don’t be afraid to delegate. Delegation is not only paramount for the smooth running of the day but also (and most importantly) your enjoyment of your day. A little pre-wedding delegation can free up your time in the long run and lead to a stress free celebration. Also, giving the wedding party a role allows them to feel more involved. For example, your ushers may enjoy lighting the Open Fires and raising the tent sides, both practical ways of contributing. And if you’d rather not involve the wedding party, you can leave it to us as we offer a man-on-site service. We’ll be there for the duration and can help prepare the tents for your arrival and be at your beck and call throughout, should you wish.




for rain, but you’ve been pleasantly surprised with a sunny day and soaring temperatures, raise the Sperry or Teepee sides to allow for the flow of air and panoramic views of your wedding day venue. Similarly, if the temperature drops, batten down the hatches and create a cosy and inviting party space inside.

For more inspiration and practical advice visit PapaKata.co.uk or get in touch at tellmemore@papakata.co.uk 01904 702 100.

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W i ld Da rt moor There are some fantastic trends about currently in interiors and fashion with a really gorgeous earthy colour palette, meaning lots of terracottas, blush pink, black and ivory. It’s also an amazing colour palette for weddings and I can see this being huge in the next couple of years as couples go for edgier weddings with a more boho look. The current interiors trend of ikat prints paired with beautiful woods and fabrics was a massive inspiration for this shoot from wedding stylist Nikki Sherriff of Knots & Kisses. “Living on the edge of Dartmoor gives you the wonderful opportunity of exploring its vast wild landscapes and stunning open skies. The opportunity to shoot in this stunning wild landscape is incredibly special and I knew that I wanted to create a shoot on the very top of the moor at

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the stunning Haytor which would make the most of this gorgeous landscape. The inspiration for the shoot was not only to capture the amazing colours and textures of the moor but to blend with a modern boho style with a slight mid-west Coachella feel ‌ but still totally English Moorland! The added addition of the gorgeous moorland ponies on the day made sure it definitely still had that feel of Dartmoor to it.� The timing for an outdoor shoot is perfect, with the new legislation on its way to finally allow couples in the UK to get married wherever they want! A festival picnic style atmosphere was created on the moor with low Moroccan style tables and low seating with cushions and rugs. We mixed Mexican style and Ikat prints to create a festival vibe, whilst keeping structures modern and creating a modern version of a tipi structure to display the beautiful cake.

SUPPLIERS: Co-Ordination & Styling: Knots & Kisses www.knotsandkisses.co.uk Photographer: Clare Kinchin Photography www.clarekinchinphotography.co.uk Cake: Claire Makes Cakes www.clairemakescakes.co.uk Florist: Joanna Game - www.viridisflowerstudio.com Stationery: Knots & Kisses - www.knotsandkisses.co.uk Rattan seats and rugs: The Prop Factory www.propfactory.co.uk Rattan chargers and cake stand: Keeping It Vintage www.keepingitvintage.co.uk Hair Stylist: The Updo Girl - www.theupdogirl.com Make-Up: Emma Roberts www.facebook.com/emmarobertsmakeup Long Dresses: Poppy Perspective www.poppyperspective.com Model: Nola - www.nolauk.com Rings: Lauren Hunt Jewellery www.laurenhuntjewellerydesigns.com

Styling & Words: Knots & Kisses - www.knotsandkisses.co.uk Photographer: Clare Kinchin Photography www.clarekinchinphotography.co.uk 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique | 27



An interview with The Bijou Bride WWW.THEBIJOUBRIDE.COM

First Day of School introduction to yourself… Hello I’m Alexandra aka The Bijou Bride, wedding planner and stylist. I’ve been designing and organising weddings for over 7years and have worked with over 70 couples from around the World.

There is always music and a hot drink in hand! Where does your love for wedding planning come from? It is the perfect career for me, tying together my experience and passions; event planning, design and the simple love of an unforgettable party! Before planning weddings I worked in music pr, film marketing and commercial fashion styling so my reference points for inspiration are diverse.


Tell us a bit about The Bijou Bride HQ…

Having an expert by your side saves a lot of time and stress. It’s a really personal journey and you want to ensure your wedding team truly understand your vision, having a planner to manage those relationships and every aspect of the celebrations allows you to so back and enjoy every second. What advice would you give to help brides take their first steps into wedding planning? Say thank you! Everyone and I mean everyone – family, 28 | 2019 Mr & Mrs Unique


Why should couples consider using a wedding planner for their wedding day?

friends, work colleagues, your gym instructor, the newsagent will have an opinion on your wedding from “I see you guys getting married in” to “when I got married I remember..” You won’t ask for it and sometimes you won’t want to hear it, but just smile your sweetest smile and say “thank you for your thoughts/advice.” PIN to win - It’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself collapsing under a heap of glossy wedding magazines and spending hours discovering wedding-centric blogs. Once you’ve had a good binge you’ll need to find a way to collate all your inspiration for future planning reference. Creating private Pinterest boards can be a great hub for all those early ideas. Take Five- Now you’ve pinned a gazillion images it’s time to sit down together and make a plan for your big day.  Start by both discussing what you think makes a great wedding and subsequently what’s important to you. A great wedding is one that feels authentic to the couple saying ‘I do’ so think about how you can incorporate your passions. Once you have a list of sorts, reorganise it into priority order. This is a great help when you start allocating your wedding budget. http://jesswithey.com

Be Realistic - If your list-ing throws up that you really want to get married on the ski slopes in Aspen, then chances are your full guest list of 100 people won’t be able to make it. Or your dream is to have a festival full weekend with glamping on site that’s not going to happen in Central London.  And you know what, that’s ok.  As with everything else in life there is going to have to be a few compromises along the way.  The most important thing is that you have the day of your dreams. Finally and most importantly remember why you are getting married. Number one of wedding planning 101.  It’s not about the colour scheme, the frills and fancy – it’s about gathering together your nearest and dearest to tell them that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, that you love them beyond measure, that they are your favourite human.  Write it down, stick it on the fridge, save it on your phone – just make sure you have it summed up in a sentence so whenever there is a moment of stress (and inevitably there will be) you remember why there’s a wedding. What would be your dream wedding theme?  I’ve been lucky enough to work on destination weddings in France and Italy but would love to create a magical celebration in Pam Springs. Dusty dessert vibes and partying under the magnificent starry sky.

Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Break it down into bite size chunks and have a dedicated time each week when you sit down together to address items on your to do list. Apps like trello are good for keeping track of the wedmin. What makes a great wedding? The people you choose to share it with and a great soundtrack


Whats your top piece of wedding advice?

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An exclusive use wedding venue in Berkshire The Castle Barn/Onsite Parish Church/ The Garden Room Victorian Summerhouse – licenced for outdoor civil ceremonies 26 boutique bedrooms including a luxurious Honeymoon suite 01118 907 019 venue@wasing.co.uk www.wasing-weddings.co.uk

Please contact u s for detail s of our n ex


MAGICAL TIPI WEDDINGS & EVENTS worldinspiredtents.co.uk

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pic : joshgooding.co.uk



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Profile for Mr & Mrs Unique

Mr and Mrs Unique Magazine- 2019  

Cool, colourful, free-spirited wedding inspiration for modern brides.

Mr and Mrs Unique Magazine- 2019  

Cool, colourful, free-spirited wedding inspiration for modern brides.

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