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Mark Rainbow Graphic Design Portfolio

Primo Bar A selection of posters and business cards created for various themed nights at the Primo Bar in London as part of a 4 week internship. These were made using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sausage boy


Sausage Boy is a short film combining live action and animation. The story involves a sausage coming to life so he can escape and find his destiny. It was made using After Effects.

‘The Finchleys’ website design This is the response given to a brief from Naked Penguin Boy to redesign a website for children and adults. The website includes videos and downloads for kids as well as a page for parents to have their own forum and see what trips are available.

YCN brief


This is the response to a brief given by Fairtrade for YCN. The main theme of the film is equality. After Effects was used for the animation in this film.

“T” posters The brief was to create a new brand for GAP: High Voltage clothing - a tie in to the film ‘Crank 2: High Voltage’. To coincide with the London wide film release, the ‘street immediacy’ of bus ‘T’ posters was chosen and a poster campaign created and applied.

Aljazeera video walls and work placement This is work created in the Graphic Design department at Al Jazeera network. I created these 2 video walls as well as an image showing companies which have moved out of the UK.

Video wall 1 Video wall 2

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Portfolio 2014  

A portfolio of my most recent work