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017: PowerPoint Workspace

Label the following diagram of the PowerPoint Program

Tutorial Activity//My First Slideshow Choosing a Layout (or blank layout) 1. Locate the Wizard Box 2. Click on the Drop Down menu and choose SLIDE LAYOUT 3. Click on the BLANK layout.

Changing the Background

Create a Textbox 1. On the Toolbar, locate the Text Box Tool 2. Draw a Textbox, an imaginary box where you can type.

Insert a picture 1. On the Toolbar, locate the Picture Insert tool 2. In the dialog box, locate the picture you would like to insert. 3. Or click and drag from the internet

Insert Word Art 1. On the Toolbar, locate the Word Art tool 2. Choose the style you would like. 3. Type what you would like.

Create New Slide Short cut = _______________________ Or use the Menu Bar

DO NOW #6: MAKE THESE POWERPOINT SLIDES as shown below. Use your name and use any pictures from the internet to make these slides. (You will have a total of 3 Slides)

Watch your slide show 1. Press F5 to play your show.

LEARNING MANTRA #1: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________

1. Use the OPTIONS (Rightclick anywhere on the BLANK slide stage.) 2. Click on Background 3. Use the More Colors/Fill Effects to for more options.

017 - PowerPoint Workspace