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citysphere urban environment photography special edition: valparaiso: world heritage centre

issue nยบ 3

Welcome everyone to this special issue of Citysphere, the photo-magazine dedicated to the urban environment. This time I have decided to feature the Chilean city-harbor of Valparaiso, a World Heritage Centre. It is not easy to describe this city, precariously built between the Pacific Ocean and impossibly steep hills. In a way this city defies any type description so it lends itself beautifully to be photographed. Valparaiso is, no doubt, a special place and possesses a personality lacking in most cities in Chile. The architecture is a wonderful mix of styles, with obvious European, especially British, influences, but then this would be expected from a city so tightly entwined with the sea. However, Valparaíso offers much more than just interesting architecture; it features complex narrow streets that seem to follow no specific design, century old lifts that defy gravity and transport people to their homes away from the sea and up the hills. Churches and old weatherbeaten houses desperately clinging to the hillsides; there are cafes, art centres, restaurants and hundreds of places waiting to be discovered. I’ve got nothing else to say, whatever else I write about this place is likely to sound clichÊ, so I just hope the following images can do some justice to this powerful urban wonder.

Marcelo Rabanal, November 2009.

Citysphere issue 3 All photographs, design and text by Marcelo Rabanal, 2009

Citysphere issue 3  

Special Edition featuring VAlparaiso, World Heritage Centre.