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COMING THIS September 2013 To Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge

You company will have a 2 D Q R Code

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Webertising :$20 per month 2DQR Code :$20 set up

Full page  $750      5”  X  8  ”  

Half Page  $499   5  ”  X  3.96  ”  

¼ Page    $270   2.5”  x  3.96  “  

Artwork ,Web Design ,Web Video production , Social Media Service , Printing available

1/8 Page  $150   Horizontal  ¼    $270   5”  x    2  “   2.5”  x    2   Business  Card  display   $150  

2013 –September    Issue  Volume  No.  1    

We are  now  accep@ng  reserva@ons  for  the  2013  Issue.     Call  for  more  informa@on:  604-­‐275-­‐9452     or  email:     PLEASE  CALL  &  BOOK  NOW  TO  BE  INCLUDED!!   604-­‐275-­‐9452     All  ads  are  placed  on  a  first  come  basis.  If  you  would  like   to  see  our  rate  sheet,  please  send  us  an  email  at   Circula@on:  20,000  copies  (and  impressions)   The  completed  Maple  Ridge  Express  Business  Directory   Internet  and  2D  QR  Code    

• Full Colour Gloss Cover With back cover to include as usual the most up-to date-calendar of events • Full Colour Center Map To include a FREE full colour companion ad for all businesses booking half or full pages. All businesses will have their location on the centre map. • Maple Ridge Business Telephone Directory • Calendar of Events • Quality Materials It will be produced on high quality, matte gloss paper • 15,000 Booklets will be distributed to Maple Residents by Canada Post • 5,000 Additional Booklets will be distributed in Maple Ridge in high traffic areas • Maple Ridge Community Telephone Directory to be included on the backside of the full colour map page IN ADDITION The Maple Ridge Express Website, will now have a complete phone directory for all businesses in Maple Ridge on-line, and updated twice a year! It will have a Maple Ridge Business Link page for visitors to find you directly.

"Dedicated to  the  promo@on  of  Businesses  and  Community  Groups  in   Historic  Steveston  Village  since  1984"     .  Print  Services  ,Video  rpoduc@on   .  Adver@sing  and  Design  ,Desktop  Publishing     .  Web  Service  .  Web  Page  Hos@ng  Tel  (604)  275-­‐9452  

Maple ridge express mail out  
Maple ridge express mail out