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Archie’s Journal  Entry   ZhuanEe  Yau  8-­‐8  

Revolutionary Voices  of  the   American  Revolution   Loyalist  journal  entries  on  the  5  turning  points  in  the  American  Revolution  

Introduction Ê  The Journal Entries on here explains the 5 key events on the American Revolution:

Stamp Act, The Boston Tea Party, Battle of Lexington and Concord, Declaration of Independence, and Treaty of Paris. (1765-1783)

Ê  The Stamp Act event required tax stamps on many items and documents including

playing cards, newspapers, and marriage licenses. Prime Minister George Grenville stated that this direct tax was intended for the colonies to pay for defense. Previous taxes imposed by Britain had been indirect, or hidden.

Ê  The American Revolution began in 1775 as open conflict between the united

thirteen colonies and Great Britain. By the Treaty of Paris that ended the war in 1783, the colonies had won their independence. While no one event can be pointed to as the actual cause of the revolution, the war began as a disagreement over the way in which Great Britain treated the colonies versus the way the colonies felt they should be treated.

Ê  “Archie” a 17 year old teenage boy and the only child in his family. He had just came

out of school and joined the British Loyalist army to fight in the American Revolution. He starts off as a young soldier with a promising future and ended up as a Lieutenant after 16 years of service in the army. Here are his journals on the 5 main events that he thinks are the MOST important events during the revolution and he explains it in detail.

Stamp Act  

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

Ê  Date: November  1st,  1765  

What?!  This  is  not  fair.  We  fought  for  the  Americans  in  the  7-­‐year  war  and  all  we  are  asking  for  

right now  is  they  pay  us  the  amount  money  we  lend  them  in  order  to  win  the  war.  WE  protected   them.  WE  gave  them  peace.  WE  made  them  win  the  war.  Now  we  only  raised  the  taxes  on  the   stamps  and  most  of  the  colonists  are  just  furious  and  even  started  to  protest  about  it.  How   stupid.  I  know  the  punishment  for  the  others  that  did  not  pay  the  tax  is  really  horrible  but  if  it   weren’t  for  us,  they  would  have  died  anyways  so  why  not  just  pay  and  continue  whatever  they   are  doing  with  their  lives  right  now?                        Flashing  back  to  1764,  something  similar  occurred  but  the  tax  was  not  on  the  stamps  but   the  Sugar  Act.  That  was  the  first  tax-­‐raising  event  after  the  war  because  the  battle  left  us  empty   pockets  and  out  of  money.    

                     The  stamp  act  was  the  first  internal  tax  existed.  This  act  forced  tax  on  all  paper  documents   the  British  Empire  was  running  out  of  money  at  that  time.  The  annoying    in    Americans      A    merica             baecause   rgued  that  only  their  leader  could  tax  them,  the  colonists  said  that  this  act  was  

Stamp Act  1765  

unofficial. That  is  the  reason  why  they  resorted  to  crush  violence  to  the  tax  collectors.  Grenville   started  the  stamp  act  because  the  Sugar  Act  did  not  work  out  the  way  he  planned.  Even  though  I   liked  the  idea  of  the  stamp  act  but  there  has  to  be  another  solution  for  them  to  pay  us  the  cost.  I   have  heard  from  my  friends  that  our  new  leader  is  trying  to  stop  the  act.  Because  I  am  the  a   loyalist  soldier  in  Boston,  every  time  I  go  pick  up  money  from  a  tax  collector,  I’ll  have  to  shower   three  times  to  get  rid  off  all  the  food  and  egg  yoke  that  the  people  throw  at  me.  

Stamp Act  

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

             Every  morning,  I  wake  from  the  complaints  of  the  people.  I  know   that  as  a  loyalist,  we  need  this  money  but  I  really  can’t  collect  money   everyday,  I  have  to  serve  my  country  as  well  as  I  possible  can.  Before,  I   was  just  a  guard,  no  protests,  everyone  was  happy  about  their  lives.  Yet,   I  believe  with  Grenville’s  order  we  will  all  see  this  day  again  and  the   peace  will  come  back.  He  is  the  best  leader  I  can  ever  ask  for.  

Protests on  the  Stamp   Act  

               Moreover,  this  act  was  also  not  convenient  for  me.  I  used  to   write  a  letter  every  single  week  to  my  family  back  in  the  British   Empire.  However  now  that  the  tax  got  in  my  way,  with  my   economy  status  I  can  only  write  to  them  once  a  month  now.  I  feel   awful.  It  feels  like  there’s  something  missing  in  my  life  because  my   family  stopped  writing  to  me  that  often  too  because  they  always   think  I  am  really  busy.  Once  my  mum  questioned  me  if  I  wanted  to   quit  but  immediately  I  said  no.  I  want  to  fight  for  my  country  and  I   am  extremely  proud  of  myself  getting  the  opportunity  as  a  soldier   and  serve  for  my  country.  My  dream  is  someday  to  live  my  life  as  a   soldier  and  die  as  a  hero.    

Boston Tea  Party    

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

Ê  Date: December  16th,  1773                      In  1773,  parliament  passed  the  tea  act  in  which  us  British  got  to  pay  less  for   tax  to  ship  places.  This  made  the  prices  of  tea  lower  from  Britain.  Since   Boston’s  tea  would  be  more  expensive,  nobody  would  buy  it  from  them.  The   tea  act  was  just  another  problem  adding  up  between  the  colonists  and  the  Red   Coat’s  country,  Britain.  This  made  the  colonists  wants  to  be  independent  from   Britain.  The  colonists  decided  to  rebel  and  dump  342  chests  of  tea  into  the   Boston  Harbor.  The  act  was  given  the  name  the  Boston  Tea  Party.  Most  of  the   British,  including  myself,  thought  of  the  Boston  Tea  Party  as  an  act  of   terrorism.  Really  the  Boston  Tea  Party  was  just  another  step  to  independence   for  the  American  Colonists.    

Boston Tea  Party  

                   It  has  been  8  years  since  the  last  major  incident  known  as  the  Stamp  Act   had  happened.  Now  it  is  the  Boston  Tea  Party.  On  the  bright  sunny  morning  of   December  6th,  1773  in  Boston,  a  rare  type  of  weather  we  don’t  usually  see  in  the   Winter  Season  of  December.  This  weather,  to  me,  meant  that  today  would  be  a   good  day  and  a  sign  of  many  great  things  to  come.  Therefore,  this  day  marked   the  political  unrest  by  the  Sons  of  Liberty  in  Boston  and  in  history,  it  is  known   as  the  Boston  Tea  Party.  Trust  me,  this  terroristic  event  was  not  what  I  was   expecting  to  happen  today.    

Boston Tea  Party  

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

                 During  the  afternoon,  I  was  walking  with  couple  of  my  fellow  Red  Coats  on  the   market  streets  of  Boston  Harbor  to  buy  some  seafood  products  for  our  dinner  fest  in   which  we  had  won  the  French  and  Indian  war.  In  a  couple  of  moments,  I  remember  I  was   talking  to  the  store  owner  and  bargaining  with  the  hefty  price  and  suddenly  a  large  ship   containing  many  American  Colonists  dressing  up  as  American  Indians  throwing  many   chests  of  tea  continuously  into  the  Boston  Harbor,  my  friends  and  I  tried  to  stop  them   but  at  the  scene  of  this  event,  it  was  way  too  crowded  and  we  thought  that  creating   drama  and  firing  gunshots  would  end  up  like  what  happened  at  the  Boston  Massacre   event,  having  people  dead  and  some  people  critically  wounded.  My  fellow  friends   adding  me  just  watched  the  colonists  dressing  up  as  American  Indians  threw  an  amount   of  342  chests  of  well-­‐known  tea  into  the  Boston  Harbor.  We  red  coats  refer  to  this   event  as  an  act  of  Terrorism  and  felony.    

Location of  the   Boston  Tea  Party  

               After  this  dreadful  event,  I  quickly  rush  back  to  my  general  and  told  him  what  had   happened  at  Boston  Harbor.  But  little  I  know  he  had  already  heard  of  it  and  he  was   furious!  He  blamed  it  on  King  George  III  for  raising  taxes  on  the  American  Colonists,   clearly  he  knew  that  the  colonists  were  not  happy  with  the  idea  of  raising  taxes,  and   obviously,  they  rebelled.  This  horrendous  event  was  jot  down  on  the  history  of  the   Revolution.      American             “No  taxation  without  Representation”                        The  Boston  Tea  Party  was  a  key  event  in  the  growth  of  the  American  Revolution.   The  Red  Coats  could  not  afford  any  political  lives  to  be  taken  away  at  this  stage  of  the   Revolution.  The  war  against  the  American  Colonists  has  officially  begun.    

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

Battle of  Lexington  and  Concord   Date:  April  19th,  1775   Early  in  the  morning,  before  daybreak,  on  this  day,  April  19th,  1775,  the  Battle  of   Lexington  and  Concord  began.                          Before  I  dressed  up  to  my  glamorous  Red  Coats  battle  uniform,  I  was  still  on  my   bed  having  a  good  nap.  I  still  remember  that  when  I  was  sleeping,  I  dreamed  about   becoming  one  of  the  most  respectful  general  of  our  loyalist  army.  It  was  so   captivating  that  I  thought  it  was  actually  real.  But  you  know  what,  that  someday  will   happen.  Still,  I  am  a  pretty  high  ranked  soldier,  a  Lieutenant.  I  have  aged  everyday   since  I  wrote  my  journal  entry  on  the  Stamp  Act  10  years  ago.  I  was  still  a  young  lad   at  the  age  of  20,  dreaming  to  be  one  of  Britain’s  most  prestigious  soldiers.  Well,  10   years  has  passed,  many  historical  events  did  happen  during  the  peaceful  yet   horrendous  10  years.  And  now,  I’m  sitting  on  my  brown  wood  desk  writing  my  journal   on  the  Battle  of  Lexington  and  Concord  event.  Oh  yes,  I  was  there,  right  on  the   battlefield  that  was  filled  with  fully-­‐grown  grass  and  guess  who  was  my  opponent.   The  young  American  Patriots.  American  colonial  farmer,  mechanic  and  soldier,  John   Parker,  lead  the  patriots.    

The map  of  Lexington   and  Concord  

             It  all  started  because  Thomas  Gage  thought  that  his  wife  who  was  really  close  to   Captain  John  Parker,  told  the  Patriots  some  intelligence  on  our  plans  of  attack,  and   they  quickly  sent  Paul  Revere  to  remind  the  people  at  Lexington  and  Concord  to   prepare  themselves  and  evacuate  as  early  as  they  can  because  of  what  us  loyalists   was  about  to  do.  

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

Battle of  Lexington  and  Concord   “Stand  your  ground;  don't  fire  unless  fired  upon,  but  if  they  mean  to  have     a  war,  let  it  begin  here.”  Captain  John  Parker  (Patriots  commander)                      I  heard  Captain  John  Parker  of  the  Patriots  army  said  that  to  his  soldiers,  we  all   know  what  was  going  to  go  down  on  that  battlefield.  But  Governor  and  General   Thomas  Gage,  leader  of  the  Red  Coats  army,  spoke  not  a  single  word  to  us.  His  eyes   stared  at  John  Parker  like  a  tiger  looking  for  its  prey.  Suddenly,  a  shot  fired  but   missed  from  the  Patriots  side,  “NOW,  loyalists  prepare  yourself!”  said  General  Gage.   We  slowly  walked  towards  them;  they  quickly  stood  back,  and  then  we  heard  SHOTS   FIRED.  Battle  of  Lexington  and  Concord  has  begun!  

Captain John  Parker  of   the  Patriots  Army  

               Our  troops  advanced  towards  them,  without  any  intention  of  injuring  them.  Only   one  of  the  Patriots  army  fired,  and  three  or  four  more  jumped  over  a  wall  and  fired   from  behind  it  among  the  soldiers;  on  which  the  troops  returned  it,  and  killed  several   of  them.                    On  our  leaving  Concord  to  return  to  Boston,  they  began  to  fire  on  us  behind  the   walls,  trees,  etc.  They  began  the  intermission  for  about  five  minutes  altogether.   Notwithstanding  the  Patriots  numbers,  they  did  not  make  one  thoughtful  effort   during  so  long  in  action,  though  our  men  were  so  much  very  fatigued,  but  kept   undercover.                      During  the  battle,  I  was  shot,  the  pain  was  agonizing,  and  I  was  definitely  feeling   it.  I  am  soon  in  the  process  of  recovering  right  now;  I’m  able  to  walk,  and  do  many   sorts  of  things.  But  my  main  enemy  is  time.  Time  is  what  I  need.  I  need  time  to   recover  and  get  back  on  my  feet  and  fight.  What  happens  if  there  is  another  battle  or   war?  Time  is  my  absolute  #1  enemy.    

Declaration of  Independence   Archie’s  Journal  Entry   Ê  Date:  July  4th,  1776                Those  bloody  Americans.  How  could  they  make  the  Declaration  of   Independence?  Just  HOW?!  And  WHY?!                          It  was  a  nice  bright,  beautiful  morning  when  I  woke  up  but  I  was  feeling  a  little   tad  ill,  not  in  my  best  mood,  and  suddenly,  there  were  loud  noises  and  chants,  I   mean  like  “can  you  guys  please  shut  it.”  Then  after  a  quick  second  I  heard  someone   said  “Declaration  of  Independence”.  I  was  immediately  intrigued.  Somehow,  they   declared  independence  away  from  us.     The  1581  Dutch  Republic  Declaration  of  Independence,  called  the  Oath  of   Abjuration,  influenced  the  United  States  Declaration  of  Independence.                    The  United  States  Declaration  of  Independence,  written  by  Thomas  Jefferson   and  adopted  by  the  Continental  Congress  on  July  4th  1776,  states  the  reasons  the   British  colonies  of  North  America  sought  independence  in  July  of  1776.  

The Declaration  of   Independence  

         Since  us  loyalists  were  at  war  against  the  Patriots,  they  think  that  is  okay  to   announce  that  the  13  American  colonies,  then  at  war  with  us,  regarded  themselves   as  independent  states,  and  no  longer  a  part  of  the  British  Empire.  Instead,  they   apparently  formed  a  union  that  would  somehow  become  a  “new  nation”  also   called  as  the  United  States  of  America.  Patriot  “celebrity”  John  Adams  was  a   leader  in  pushing  for  independence  from  us  loyalists,  and  was  unanimously   approved  on  July  2nd,  1776.    

Declaration of  Independence   Archie’s  Journal  Entry                    I  personally  do  not  find  this  signing  from  all  56  delegates  of  the  colonies  to   the  Continental  Congress  and  the  Declaration  of  Independence  is  really  helpful  to   us  loyalists  because  since  now  all  13  colonies  are  belonging  to  the  Americans;  we   now  subsequently  have  a  smaller  sized  army  to  fight  against  the  Americans  in  this   war  and  revolution.  I  hope  we  could  work  our  way  out  of  this  mess,  and  hopefully   our  general  and  King  would  somehow  tell  us  a  plan  that  could  lure  the  Americans   out  and  we  loyalists  would  have  the  victory  that  was  rightfully  suppose  to  be  ours.                            The  Declaration  of  Independence  justified  the  independence  of  United   States  by  listing  colonial  grievances  against  our  king,  King  George  III,  and  by   asserting  certain  natural  and  legit  rights,  including  a  right  of  revolution.         “We  hold  these  truths  to  be  self-­‐evident,  that  all  men  are  created  equal,  that  are   endowed  by  their  creator  with  certain  unalienable  Rights,  that  among  these  are   Life,  Liberty  and  the  pursuit  of  Happiness.                            This  line  from  the  Declaration  of  Independence  has  been  known  as  “one  of   the  best-­‐known  sentences  in  the  English  language.”  To  me,  I  mean  this  is  not  true;   I  also  must  be  harsh  on  them  since  they  have  wedged  us  loyalist  and  our  army  big   time  and  we  do  not  think  this  is  okay.                            This  line  also  provided  inspiration  to  numerous  national  declarations  of   Franklin,  Adams,  Jefferson    independence   throughout  the  world.  Loyalists  must  take  a  stand  now,  and  we   working  on  the  Declaration   cannot  “take  easy”  on  them  anymore.  This  war  is  on.    

Treaty of  Paris  (1783)  

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

Ê  Date: September  3rd,  1783                  “Please  stop.  This  is  getting  out  of  control”.  I  recall  myself  saying  this  to  my  newly   beautiful  born  daughters  Eve  and  Mary,  as  they  were  very  energetic  and  high-­‐spirited  to   know  about  our  family  having  the  opportunity  to  go  back  to  Great  Britain,  and  having   the  chance  going  back    to  Great  Britain  for  the  first  time  with  my  daughters  and  my   gorgeous  American  wife,  Taylor.  For  me  on  the  other  hand  is  not  as  “enthusiastic”  as  my   two  daughters  who  are  going  to  explode  very  soon  with  excitement  to  go  back  to  Great   Britain.  Remember?  Rushing  back  to  the  Stamp  Act,  which  occurred  on  November  1st,   1765,  I  still  remember  that  I  had  set  myself  a  promising  goal  for  the  future.  That  goal  was   in  fact  to  become  a  notable  general  and  for  the  rest  of  Great  Britain  and  the  loyalists   army  to  look  up  to  me.  But,  unfortunately,  that  “dream”  did  not  exist,  and  there  is  no   more  opportunity  to  make  this  dream  into  a  real  life  occupation.  I  am  absolutely  deeply   depressed  and  heart-­‐broken.  All  I  ever  wanted  was  to  serve  my  empire  well,  and  not  to   get  it  ruined  by  some  bloody  patriots  whose  brains  are  the  size  of  a  walnut  and  is  in   search  for  peace  and  land.  I  am  not  pleased  at  all.  

Plan for  the  Battle  of   Yorktown  

             Flashing  back  to  2  years  ago,  where  us  loyalists  formally  surrendered  8000  loyalists’   troops  to  the  American  Patriots  and  the  French  army,  we  loyalists  were  the  biggest   shame  to  not  only  our  country,  Britain  but  also  to  the  entire  world.  I  must  praise  George   Washington  of  the  American  side  even  though  I  hate  it,  for  his  incredible  efforts  and  the   thoughts  that  he  had  put  into  finding  peace  and  separating  from  our  empire.    

Treaty of  Paris  (1783)    

Archie’s Journal  Entry  

               Before  the  siege,  we  did  not  know  what  was  going  to  happen,  I  was  still  eating  a   delicious  meal  for  lunch,  a  much  larger  portion  meal  than  the  other  soldiers  since  I   have  been  promoted  to  Lieutenant  General  for  my  long  service  and  great   achievements  I  have  put  my  heart  and  soul  out  to  since  I  joined  the  army  when  I  was   still  a  young  teenage  lad.  But  do  you  know  who  else  also  became  a  Lieutenant   General?  Charles  Cornwallis.  The  top  loyalist  soldiers  gathered  together  to  vote  who   was  going  to  be  the  actual  Lieutenant  General.  After  a  while,  the  crowd  of  soldiers   voted  and  they  voted  to  Charles.  I  was  frustrated,  aggravated  and  furious!  I  have  my   reasons  why  this  was  a  stupid  choice  and  decision,  but  I  rather  not  say  them.    

Surrender of  Lord   Cornwalis  

             Miraculously,  after  a  few  hours,  through  the  telescopes,  we  saw  a  large  amount  of   American  soldiers  and  along  with  a  combine  force  with  the  French  Army  marching   towards  us,  as  they  were  vampires  hunting  for  blood.  I  immediately  noticed  the   American  army  was  lead  by  George  Washington  and  the  French  Army  was  lead  by   Rochambeau.  We  knew  that  we  were  outnumbered,  since  Charles  was  the  captain,  he   makes  the  decision  and  as  much  as  I  hate  it,  I  have  to  stand  by  him  every  time  he   makes  a  call.                    After  309  British  soldiers  were  killed,  and  more  than  595  soldiers  critically   wounded,  Lieutenant  General  Charles  Cornwallis  formally  surrenders  8000  British   men  including  me  to  the  American  patriots.  All  of  the  loyalist  soldiers  including  the   wounded  ones  were  captured  to  prison  until  the  Treaty  of  Paris  was  signed.         The  Treaty  of  Paris  marked  the  end  of  a  gruesome  war  between  the  British  loyalists   and  the  American  patriots.  Now,  we  could  finally  call  it  “peace”.    

Conclusion Ê  The  Short  Term  effects  from  the  American  Revolution  is  that  a  new  republic  shown  as  a  

symbol of  freedom  to  European  countries  and  to  people  in  Latin  America.  White  men   could  still  only  vote  for  a  century  before  voting  rights  and  protection  under  law  were   extended.  The  Long  Term  effects  is  that  it  created  a  more  progressive  government  and   freedom  for  the  U.S.  They  got  a  constitution  and  representative.  America  got  the  freedom   to  vote  and  protection  under  law  came  into  place  later.  Britain's  lost  the  war,  and  other   countries  now  have  America  to  deal  with  in  political  affairs  now  that  it  is  a  free  country,   with  its  independence.  

Ê  After the  American  Revolution,  most  people  remained  the  profession  of  agriculture,  but  

economic depression  still  rampant.  Government  run  by  aristocrats.  Common  man  only   had  a  minor  role  in  government.  Large  amount  of  trading  with  Britain,  people  taxed  by  the   government.  

Ê  America is  still  a  sovereign  and  a  independence  country.  Some  colonies  in  America  still  

have a  good  amount  of  power.  Americans  still  keep  guns  and  gun  laws  as  safety  when  in   danger.    If  America  lost  the  revolution,  America  might  still  be  a  part  of  Britain.  We  would   have  a  King  or  Queen  and  parliament,  rather  than  a  president  and  the  3  branches  of   government.  For  example,  no  more  George  Washington  as  our  1st  president.  Slavery   would  have  been  banned  much  earlier,  as  it  was  in  Britain  in  1807.    

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Archie Journal Entires Powerpoint  
Archie Journal Entires Powerpoint  

These are journal entries from the Loyalists perspective on the American Revolution.