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The Emperor (that’s you) strikes back (Kind of) You are the emperor of a great empire that has existed for hundreds of years. However, over the past decade many different tribes and people groups have attacked your empire in an attempt to take over your capital city that contains many riches and important buildings. Just like the emperor Constantine, you decide for the good of your empire that you need to move your capital city and rebuild your empire somewhere else in the world. You will need to choose a spot that can be well defended and will allow you to build riches through trade, natural resources, or another means of wealth building. Answer the following questions as you attempt to rebuild your great empire. The Empire and Emperor 1. What is the name of your empire? Why is it named such? 2. What is the name of your emperor? 3. How many citizens live within the realm of your empire? a. How are the citizens governed? In other words, do you rule with brutality and force or with spirituality and the guidance of your court? Why? b. What is the class system (social ranking) that exists in your empire? In other words, who’s the most important (besides you) and who’s the least important. Why? 4. Name two major accomplishments of the emperor (that’s you). For example, Justinian created the Justinian Code and built the Hagia Sophia The “Piece of Real Estate” 1. Where is the new land on which you will rebuild your empire? a. Keep in mind that it has to be big enough to hold all of your citizens and protect them. b. You may choose any place on earth, but you must be able to explain why you chose this particular location. 2. Include a picture or diagram of the location (you can probably find one on Google or another search engine) 3. Why did you choose this piece of land? (Use at least 3 explanations) a. Does it have natural protection? b. Is it located on a major trading route? c. Does it contain vast natural resources? d. Is it isolated from possible invaders? e. What other reasons helped you choose this spot? Important Sites and Buildings 1. Create a total of three important sites/buildings that exist in your empire. Explain the following for each site or building: a. What is the site/building’s name? b. What purpose does it serve in your empire (what is it used for)? c. What does the site/building look like? i. Find a picture of an existing site or building that you believe would closely resemble the one in your empire. ii. You can use any image search engine for this 2. Which of the three sites/buildings is the most important and why?

Protection 1. How is your empire, especially the capital city, protected from attacks and invaders? a. Are there natural defenses like Constantinople had? b. Are there defenses that were built? 2. What style of warfare are your citizen soldiers trained in? This should correlate with the location of your empire and capital city. In other words, empires located on water may have different fighting and defense strategies than empires based solely on land. Culture 1. What language do the citizens of your empire speak? 2. What is the official religion and church of your empire? 3. What type of art do your citizens primarily use? 4. How are your citizens entertained?

The Empire Project  

The beginning of a mega cool empire building project in Mr. Yoder's World Civ B class at Bremen high school, IN.

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