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The Camptonville Academy Another Stunning Show!

Coyote Call

The Camptonville Academy Players will soon be providing our school and community, once again, another stunning show! This year’s cast includes: Brenna Campbell, Sara Comarsh, Alora Cochrane, Jason Dysart, Tristan Faubel, Ethyn Fox, Cecilia Galicia, Chloe Gray, Jonathan McLean, Roah McCloud, Brendan Meyer, Shyanna Reber, and Rogan Rongley. These talented performers will open their two-week run of performances on Thursday, January 16th. The 90-minute show will be especially suited to audiences twelve years of age and up. Aside from a couple of classic duets and monologues, the chief fare will be two one-act plays. The first, Perfect by Alan Haehnel, portrays a young American girl’s journey from the natural self-esteem of a five-year-old, to eventual self–loathing imposed by bullying, the media, and the divorce of her parents. The play ends on a positive note as the remembrances of her

mother’s dedicated love bring her back to selfacceptance. The second one-act, Antic Spring by Robert Nail, is nothing but hilarity as a group of youngsters attempt a picnic but encounter the human and natural elements that often defeat careful plans.

Performances will be January 16th, 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th at 7:00 p.m. Sunday matinees will be January 19th and 26th at 2:00 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door, and will cost 6.00 for individuals and15.00 for groups of three or four. A real bargain for 90 minutes of great entertainment!

Garden News By Olivia Bohmann

On November 9, 2013 Boy Scout Troop 647 and their families and Mr. Yedinak gathered to construct planter boxes for Camptonville Academy’s new garden. This is part of the Eagle Scout Project of Andrew Verhalen, a senior at Camptonville Academy. The Eagle Scout Award is the highest award a boy scout can achieve. Andrew had to plan, design, gather materials, cut all of the wood for the boxes, and give instruction to his fellow boy scouts. On November 15, Mr.

Top left: A planter box full of soil. Bottom left: Mr. Yedinak and the club filling the planter boxes with soil. Right: Andrew Verhalen standing on top of the boxes. Bottom right: parts for a planter box.

boxes with soil to prepare it

take shape. Also, congratulations

for a winter garden.

to Andrew Verhalen on your

Make sure to check in and

Yedinak and the garden club placed and filled the planter

watch our garden grow and

Type toBoy enter textTroop 647 and Mr. Yedinak Left: Scout

achievement of the Boy Scout Eagle Award!

Right: Newly built boxes

By :


Ki erst en

November 14, 2013

Al ioa

Tristan Faubel, aka Invisible Motive

Below are some pictures of the artist and the instruments he plays.


Tristan is 20 years old and works as a tech guy at Camptonville. He has a history of different musical instruments, such as trombone. banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, synthesizer, piano, and he also sings. Tristan has been playing music since a young age and it’s always been something he’s been interested in investing his life into. He works alone on both instruments and vocals. Tristan mostly became inspired by the music he heard, such as Muse, and Nine Inch Nails. Tristan decided early on he didn’t just want to play stuff that everybody else had already written. So he took a weekend, sat down in his living room, and started recording whatever came to him. He currently has 3 songs out: Splintered, The Void (his personal favorite), and Grey. He would describe his music as ‘Industrial’, thought he doesn’t write for just that genre alone. If you want to hear his music, he has a SoundCloud (link included) and has a fan page on FaceBook, just search Invisible Motive.



Tristan’s Sound Cloud link is:

CORE @ The Camptonville Academy


The Hunger Games: Plot and Cast

By: Avery  Brooks

(Promotional poster for the movie)

Ladies and  gentlemen;  it  is  my   pleasure  to  inform  you  that  a5er   much  eagerness  and  an7cipa7on,   the  second  cri7cally-­‐acclaimed,  box-­‐ office  bus7ng  sequel  to  The  Hunger   Games,  has  finally  hit  theaters.  The   second  chapter  of  this  rupturing   series,  The  Hunger  Games:  Catching   Fire,  follows  our  beloved  heroine   and  charisma7c  protagonist,  Katniss   Everdeen,  a5er  the  grueling  events   The  movie  itself  has  been  claimed   of  the  74th  Annual  Hunger  Games   to  be  extremely  successful,  with  an   compe77on.  Sadly,  due  to  her  and   es7mated  profit  of  950  million   Peeta  Melark’s  victory,  the  two  are   dollars  worldwide.  And  seeing  as   forced  to  drop  everything,  leave   how  this  is  the  sequel,  I  believe   their  families  and  close  friends,  and   that  I  speak  for  most  in  saying  that   embark  on  what  is  known  as  the   this  film  will  make  a  heavier  profit   "Victor's  Tour".  President  Snow,  our   than  the  previous  movie.  The   antagonist  in  the  film,  fears  a   producers  have  revealed  that  they   rebellion  brewing,  caused  by  none   definitely  stayed  true  to  the  book   other  than  Katniss  Everdeen.   with  this  one,  and  had  talked   Because  of  the  President’s  cynical   about  how  they  implemented  fan   and  evil  appeal,  he  throws  Katniss   input  into  how  the  actors  actually   and  Peeta  back  in  the  arena  for  a   second  7me,  only  to  fight  to  survive   again  in  the  75th  Hunger  Games.  This   film  not  only  features  a  terrific  and   strong  storyline  and  plot,  but  also   exhibits  a  fantas7c  panel  of  talent,   including  Jennifer  Lawrence  and   Josh  Hutcherson  as  our  gallant   heroes,  Donald  Sutherland  as  our   malicious  adversary,  and  Liam   Hemsworth,  Woody  Harrelson,  and   Elizabeth  Banks,  all  brought  together   in  a  star-­‐studded  cast  that  prac7cally   (Fan-made poster of our protagonist) was  tailored  for  the  movie  itself.

portrayed their  roles,  which  I   think  shows  exactly  how   dedicated  they  are  to  pleasing  the   consumer  (or  in  this  case,  the   viewer).  The  cri7cs  are   proclaiming  this  film  a  “smash  hit”   and  are  advising  any  fic7on-­‐loving   movie-­‐aficionado  to  go  and  watch   for  themselves.  You  will  not  be   disappointed.

(Video still of the film itself)


The Sacramento Ballet presents “The Nutcracker”

AUTYMN FOX Grade: Junior Age: 17 Q: How many years have you been dancing? A: I have been dancing since I was 3, so 14 years! Q: Is this your first year participating in “The Nutcracker”, or have you done it before? A: This is my fourth year doing “The Nutcracker”. I did regular angel for 2 years and center angel en pointe for these last 2 years.


“The Nutcracker”, choreographed by Ron Cunningham, is one of the greatest productions to ever hit the stage of the Sacramento Community Theater, and is back by popular demand this year!

Q: What role(s) have you been assigned for the production this year? A: I’m a center angel en pointe!

This show, originally choreographed by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov, is a two-act ballet which revolves around young Clara Stahlbaum on the night of Christmas Eve. During the

Q: How many hours a week do you practice for the production? A: 1.5 - 2 hours.

Russian composer, and it is one of his most popular compositions. The libretto is adapted from E.T.A. Hoffman’s story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King. It was given its première at

Q: What is your favorite thing about dancing? A: Being able to express myself and perform to praise God through my dance!!

course of the show, she battles the Giant Mouse King and is saved by the Nutcracker Prince. “The Nutcracker” is a theatrical spectacular, with a score by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, a

the Marlinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on Sunday, December 18, 1892, on a double-bill with Tchaikovsky's opera, Iolanta. This year will be Ron Cunningham’s 25th season assisting the Sacramento Ballet. This year’s production of “The Nutcracker” has already begun on December 7th, and will continue through the 23rd at the Sacramento Community Theater, and the tickets are $18 to $75.

Article by Sara Comarsh



Leonid Meteor Shower From November 6-30th there was a meteor shower that egressed out of the constellation Leo the Lion. It produced radiant streaks of light and was best to watch when something was blocking the moon, so that way it’ll be darkest and you could have seen the meteors best. It was best to see them on November 17th where

Comet ISON

there were the most meteors to observe, and it was at its peak. If you are planning on going to see the Leonid meteor shower for next year, its better to be in the northern hemisphere (we’re located in the western and northern hemisphere) because its

Discovered by astronomers on September 21, 2012, Comet ISON was its closest to the sun on November 28, 2013 and grew faint and had seemed to have fizzled out as it passed the sun

or perihelion. As it was passing the sun it had brightened and then got dim because of material boiling off of it in different ways/colors, this can help scientists figure out what the comet

was made out of.

About Meteors

About Comets

A meteor shower is seen when Earth passes through debris left from a comet. It is easier to watch a meteor shower and see it best when there is no city lights. around you. When a meteor hits earth it is then called a meteorite, but as long as its in the sky or space it is only called a meteor.

Comets are made out of dust, rock, ice, and gases. They have rock like surfaces, are shaped oddly, and have a more elongated orbit. They are described as dirty snowballs because of the ice and dust that cover it. When a comet passes over the sun it reflects the sun’s sunlight showing off the comet’s tail and coma.

“This will be my last time with you Goji,” I say to my guardian, who happens to be my best friend. “Lady, it has been a really interesting 3 years with you and very odd,” he winks at me. “Hey!” I push his shoulder away from me. “Haha, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.” He holds my wrist and brings my hand to his chest as a sign of respect. “I’ve seen you grow and know you to a point to where not even your father knows. I have grown to love you more than anything.” by Kasandra Cardenas I smile. Even after so much time with him, I still don’t know if Goji said love as family or loved me more than friends. I really didn’t want to know. For me he was my best friend. He was that warm embrace I had always longed for from my father. Nothing more, nothing less.I smile at my 30 year old Chapter 2 friend. “ I love you too Goji.” I come in to hug him, into his huge arms that felt so utterly warm. I really did love him, because he was the father I never had. As the days dragged on we began to make our way toward the shore. The thing was that our island was a lunar moon shaped. My clan lived on the very tip of the bottom of our moon; we needed to travel to the other tip of this island. Why, you ask? To get to the Cliffs. Lunar Tip consisted of cliffs that would go straight into the ocean with no mercy whatsoever. I say this because here the pressure of the real moon in the sky is so strong that it is nearly impossible to not fall into the sea. People are scared of this place simply because of this reason. They fear death; why, who wouldn’t? But I have encountered death on one too many occasions, and I had the best forces on my side. It took me two in a half days to figure this out, those 3 years ago. Thanks to Goji and my Creators guidance, I finally found my way in, into the 8th island. I clearly remember Goji and the other 3 men I had with me the first year of my trip, telling me that whatever I decided to do, they would be here to support me. For me, after I had just been traded into a bargain, that was a tremendous encouragement that brought tears to my eyes. I stood there looking at them with tears rolling down my face. I leaned back against a huge Alamo tree, the only tree that is on Lunar Tip by the cliffs and started to sob. I had no friends, no more family, on a quest with four men that I didn’t even know nor trusted, heading to a stupid island. Of course I would cry to the first sound of friendship. Goji, who then had no hair on his face at all and actually looked handsome, came to me, grabbed my wrist and put my hand on his chest. With his free hand he tilted my head up and said, “Lady, you can trust us. We won’t abandon you. At least, not I.” Caught up with so much emotion I threw myself into Goji's arms, and from that moment on he became my friend, my brother and my father. Now, walking up towards the cliffs, that sudden memory brought tears to my eyes. It was just me and Goji traveling for the last time together, and the thought of being completely alone for the whole rest of my life, scared me even more than death. “Come on Goji,” I say pulling his sword on his hip, “lets get this over with.” “ Yes, Lady.” We keep walking up towards the cliffs and get so close- just feet away- from the Alamo tree, when my back tingles. The bitter chill that has always been present up my spine, gets colder and my jaw clenches. I tell nothing of my foreboding to Goji because I know he cannot feel it but being a child of the wild, my instinct told me someone was watching us. I turned around, surveying my surroundings, but smiled gently at Goji. “Yes, Lady?” “Nothing Goji, It’s just that tonight is kind of chilly and I want to feel every last bitter cold of tonight.” I looked up at the sky and saw the stars. To my surprise, they were shinning brighter than ever, leaving a trail of cloudy dust beginning where I stood and continuing over the edge of the cliffs. Huh, the stars tell me to keep going, I think. Fine. If the stars say so, then I guess I shouldn’t worry about our stalker. It’s probably just an animal. But to me, it was no animal. I look at Goji and smile again, “ Come on let’s go.” I make the complete 360 turn around Goji and stay behind him for what seemed like forever, looking out into the distance and for the briefest moment I saw those golden eyes blink. I sigh and laugh so loud until Goji puts his hand around my mouth. “ Not now Lady,” he whispers in my ear. “ We will come back, I promise.” We will come back and find it, he meant. Goji knew me all too well. He had already guessed my worries. “Ok,” I whisper back. I take his hand and we both sprint toward the edge of the cliffs. We jump off the border of Lunar Tip and free fall into the sea, until an invisible door opens before we hit the water and sucks us into the shore of the 8th island. The Seven Islands

“Zeekhe, what did you see?!” After the third time asking me the same question, Goji got me by my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. I felt so bad, for in those killer eyes I saw the same worry and kindness he had shown me ever since my emotional breakdown on the cliffs 3 years ago. Yet now I didn’t want to see his eyes; I wanted to see my stalkers eyes. I wanted to see its face. So many spies I had had enough! “Ugh!” I tear away from Goji’s grip. “Eyes Goji! God! Can’t my father ever be happy! He has already given me up to this forsaken island, what else do I need to prove to him?! I take my dagger out of my boot and throw it to a beautiful budding cherry tree. It hits straight in the middle of it and even 30ft away, the dagger cuts where I aimed it: through the middle of a blue jay. “Zee,” I can hear anger in Goji’s calm voice. “What!” I didn’t turn to look at him, because I knew if I did I would have cried. “I wonder if that tree and that blue jay are suffering too. I don’t think they deserved that dagger in them.” I felt him walking to me slowly and began to chuckle, “I think the blue jay is still stuck to the tree.” He is right. The poor bird was stuck on the cherry tree’s trunk and still alive, struggling to breathe. I raced forward and pulled the dagger out o the tree and bird. “I am sorry,” I whispered to both the bird and the tree. The bird fell into my hand and I heard it gasping for air. I sighed and cut his neck with the blade; I then quickly buried him. I touched the truck of the cherry tree where my dagger had cut through and said, “You will heal, I promise.” I smiled then left back to where I had left Goji. I don’t know why I talked to creation, I knew they could not hear me, but to me they were alive. I knew someday, they would be there for me. As soon as I got to the spot I had left Goji, my heart began to flutter. “Goji!”

“What Lady! What happened?” He got up really fast and unsheathed his sword very clumsily. I busted out laughing and jumped or tried to jump on top of him. “You know this is a safe place Goji. No harm enters here. By the way I was talking about this place!” I opened my arms really wide and looked up to the jungle around us. “ It’s spring! We have never been hear for spring!” I jump around Goji in little circles. “ It is so beautiful!” Yes, it was an island, but this island was a paradise. All around us were trees and vines that looked like little arches around us. Yes, I had seen them before, but now they were green. They had flowers growing all around these vines; some white, some pink, and some yellow. The ground was covered in sand and grass, with flowers popping out from the vegetation with a variety of colors. I felt so lost in this well-known garden that was soon to become mine. Yet the strings of my heart were being pulled with excitement and being here in this wonderland made me so blissfully happy. The grass began where the sand ended and continued up the island making a path of grass with trees and vines on both sides. There were entries into this mysterious jungle on different sides of a clearing me and Goji were in, and all these entries were arched looking doors decorated in vines and moss. I made my way to an arch that had no door just vines forming an arch. We began to walk forward until an invisible force hit me in the face before I entered the arch that led up the grass path. A voice boomed loud and clear right on top of the clearing we were standing in; the only voice that actually scared the heck out of me for I knew to whom it belonged. “ Those who enter my secret home must wipe their sins.” I crunched down on my knees and took out my dagger from my boot where I kept it. The vines that formed the arch began to move towards the bottom and form a circle in the middle of the arch way. I cut my palm of my hand and put my bloody hand through the circle of vines. I felt my blood dripping down my fingers but my eyes did not see what I was feeling. I saw blood floating into space and disappearing all together. I took my hand out of the circle and found my left hand healed with a fourth scar on it. The vines went back to their original positions and Goji and I began our way towards the White Palace and the Tower.


phonesphonesphonesphones iPhone and the Nokia Lumina 928 The Nokia Lumina 928 is one of the top of the line Windows phones available to the public. It has an amazing 30-megapixel camera that takes up to 1080p pictures. It also has outstanding video hardware that records videos in almost perfect quality. The touch screen is smooth and almost flawless. The one flaw is the cheap and easy to break glass that protects the sensors. The phone itself is amazing and simply done perfectly. The phone is made out of a weak easy to break shell that needs to be replaced almost every time it falls. Since the Windows phone software is still new the App store is pretty small and doesn’t have all the popular apps like the android and iPhone stores do. It is however much larger and has better-designed games to play on its touch screen, which work together in amazing performance. Some apps that come with this phone are simply the best. such as the world’s most accurate and amazing GPS system that can locate just about any location or address; it also gives great suggestions of restaurants and local hotspots. It connects all social media sites to your contact list allowing you to update your Twitter or Facebook without opening any application, making it very simple and easy to use. I say give it more time and one day these phones may become the next big thing.

i P h o n e The IPhone is today’s most popular cellular device. It is designed with the most user-friendly settings and options for even the simplest minded person to operate. The IPhone’s App store is most famous for its large selection of Apps. You can literally almost find anything in the iPhone app store, and buy almost any song in its iTunes store. Even the most popular and userfriendly devices have some dark secrets. The IPhone is designed to degrade over time, So that when people go look at new iPhones they will be tempted to buy it. The hardware inside slowly but surely

disintegrates making the iPhone slow down just in time for the new iPhone release. They do this so when people hear or try out the new iPhone it is much faster and easier to use. This way people are tempted to buy the newest model available. Although the IPhone has some dark secrets, it’s still one of the world’s most advanced phones. It has one of the only security systems that scan your fingerprint so that no one can steal your phone. It also has the world’s most powerful voice command system that allows you to search, text, or even call people with just your voice. The IPhone is one of the greatest inventions and is slowly bringing us together.

Nokia Lumina 928

Coyote Call 2013/2014 Issue #2