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Homework Project Heroes in our Community Year 6 (67% SUBMITTED)

Winner – Mr Bill Gredley Written December 2008 Published August 2009 This is the writing of the pupils which has been left as sent, apart from obvious errors and spellings


Year 6 Homework project 2008 I am basing my project on my guide’s leader Bambi, or otherwise known as Claire. Claire runs guides for children aged 10 and above. Claire volunteers to come from her farmhouse near Banham zoo all the way to Paddocks Primary School every Friday night! Claire organises lots of things for the guides to attend. This Sunday just gone was Remembrance Sunday and Bambi organised us all to go to Cheverly for a parade. It was great fun and we also got a buffet after with massive chocolate cake. Yum!! Bambi takes us out to lots of places. We often go camping in chapels or up to the Garmen Centre for a night in front of an open fire. At the Garmen Centre we get split into groups and everyone goes out and collects dry twigs for our fire. We then light our fire and while two adults stay at the fire we go out on a nature trail. It’s great fun seeing lots of insects and playing in the out doors. Once we get back Bambi would have sausages and spaghetti hoops or baked beans on the fire ready for tea. This year I went to summer camp at Cherry tree farm {Bambi’s house} Bambi would let us take over half of the farm for four days. Bambi’s farm grows crops so they don’t have many animals except Harry and Georges pets. Harry and George are Bambi’s sons. They have a vast amount of fish in their lake, six chickens which meant fresh eggs and Polar Bear the cat. At summer camp Bambi organises lots of things to do. We sing around the campfire toasting marshmallows, the fun doesn’t stop. Back at Paddocks we do all kinds of stuff towards go-for-it’s. They are little cards we get and three of them equal a one-year badge as well as some more activities. For the past two weeks at guides we have been doing science experiments. We have had magnets, making paper animals out of paper without using sticky tape, experiments to do with water, and making your hair really knotty with balloons {it took most people an hour to get their hair untangled} Bambi took us to the chapel this year for Harvest Festival. We got to bring in anything to do with autumn and decorate the chapel with them. We all got stuck in making conker displays, flower displays, decorating windows and windowsills. We also wrapped up apples in napkins for people to take home. We done a spectacular job and we all got a drink and a biscuit at the end. Bambi is kind, intelligent, nice, thoughtful and understanding. Bambi is very generous to the Girl Guides and everyone like her. She also has lots of willing rangers to help her and invites all them to come to Cherry Tree farm too. Bambi is the best Guide leader in the universe and that’s why I chose her.



Bill Hero of Newmarket I have chosen Bill as my hero of Newmarket because he is renowned for his hard work in our community for raising millions of pounds for charities. He is a seventy two year old property developer who is ranked 550 in the rich list and he is worth 145 million pounds. He made his money with the Cambridge shire based company Unex holdings. He also owns several studs in Newmarket including his main house which is a 1000 acre estate near Newmarket called Stetchworth Park. His family: Bill has a wife called Rowena, with her he has had 1 boy also 2 girls. His son Tim is 20 years old and works as a show jumper. Horse riding began for him at the age of 6 years old. Tim has been very successful and in 2006 he was chosen for the British equestrian games. His daughters are Lilly and Polly and have followed there brother with horse riding. They are well-known showing riders. Bill is well-known for working with older people in the community. He also takes them to exciting places that they might not be able to do with out his help. There are 2 trips organized by him and his organizer Margaret Rolfe Each year. The first one is normally in the summer time were weather is hopefully kind. Up to 25 coaches transport pensioners that don’t get the opportunity to visit other parts of England. They would visit the coastal town of Great Yarmouth. Weather permitting they walk along the beach and are treated to a delicious fish and chip lunch. Christmas time comes early for the over seventies in our area as bill hosts a slap up three course meal held at Tattersall’s in Newmarket. Also provided is entertainment each year such as the 1920’s style singing group called the Casablanca steps. The popular event is always over subscribed and they always have a waiting list. Other ways that he helps the community is to take part in charity auctions .Recently he brought the iron gates at ascot .he supports many charities including sanctuary housing, and last year bought an arena that he plans to be the largest all weather show jumping arena around. Nowadays he wants to make the town better by adding a few things to do like cinemas and bowling alleys. I think Bill is very kind because he shares his money with other people that maybe don’t have any themselves. He is not selfish and encourages others to raise money.



By: Lauren Jane was born on 31st of August 1964, married to Martin with two children, Tom aged sixteen and Emma aged fourteen the family live in Burwell. She is a volunteer at Newmarket Swimming Club and has been for the past six years. She is a petite kind lady who gives up her time to teach children to swim. Jane learnt to swim at the age of five. A few years later Jane started Haverhill Swimming Club, her favourite strokes were butterfly, backstroke and front crawl and she hated breaststroke. When Jane was nine she started galas, she always got the dreaded butterfly. Jane finished swimming when she was eighteen when she started work. Jane started to help as a volunteer at Newmarket Swimming Club as a pool side helper in 2002, her children had joined the club and Jane had always had a passion for swimming. As a pool side helper she has to assist the children and help them to understand the training programme which the coach writes up on a board, also she helps on improving stroke technique, diving, tumble turns and encouraging us in sessions. The club asked her to do a teaching course level one which she achieved in 2003, and now assists the coach in teaching the children. You can join the club from the age seven years old as long as you can do at least one length front crawl, and have all the basis swimming stroke skills which you learn from swimming lessons. The oldest member of the club is twenty three and Jane shows support with all ages there are currently over 100 swimmers in our club. The Manager of Newmarket Swimming Pool noticed Jane at the club, and offered her a job as a swimming teacher. She notices children with potential and advises them to go to club for a try out session. In 2004 she qualified for a level two teaching, and just this year she passed level one disability teaching certificate. Jane also helps in other areas of the swimming club she is currently Assistant Team Manager where she assistants the Team Manager in picking the team for galas. Records Officer where she updated all the swimmers personal best times as and when they achieve them. She also is a Judge and Timekeeper at galas. Newmarket and Mildenhall Swimming Clubs merge to make one big club called Saxons, this enables us to enter a bigger swimming league. Jane is Saxons Assistant Team Manager and their Welfare Officer. A Welfare Officer is appointed when there are children involved in a club, and is someone to go to if they have a problem with a member of the club, this could be someone that helps out in club, or another child in the club. Jane helps out at club twice a week for up to three hours at a time as well as all her other duties within the club. Jane also gets enjoyment out of teaching us to ‘see the improvement that we make’ and she also said ‘it is rewarding to see the progress and give something back from when she was a child.’ Swimming club is a relatively inexpensive hobby that children from all areas of the community can afford because of the volunteers like Jane, who give up their time to help at the club and without their help it wouldn’t be able to carry on running. When I grow up, I want to do the same as Jane, helping young children to learn a life skill like swimming, because when I joined the club at the age of seven I can see the improvement that I have made.


My Granddad’s name is Renzo he's 61 years old, he lives in Monfalcone (Italy). I haven't been living here long so I can't write about anybody in this town.. But I would like to write about my Granddad. Since he retired he's been doing voluntary work. . Near the church in this deposit room where they store furniture, toys, clothes, bric-a-brac that people bring in or they have to go and collect with vans, then sell it, for real cheap prices to poor people who can't afford to buy new furniture or people who come from Bangladesh and are renting properties. And all the profit goes to charity. My Granddad is strong and does all the heavy work like going to collect furniture, fixing it if it has broken and then delivering it at peoples houses. He has to carry it up stairs. When I walk around the town with him, he says hi to everybody so many people stop to talk to him, and they say how good he is and how he helped them I think it is nice to help people that are in need and make me feel I want to do the same. I also admire him because when he comes home he looks so tired but then he goes shopping for my Nan. She has a phobia of going out, so he goes to the doctors, the pharmacy to pay bills. After that he goes every day to see my great grand mother that is 86 years old, even if she is still independent with normal house chores, since my great grand father died my grand Dad Renzo, helps with the gardening, cleaning windows, or just keeping company and playing cards with her. When me and my sister used to live there and my Mum had to go to work he would come every morning to look after us, he would dress my little sister give her breakfast, and take her to nursery and me to school. I can understand why, after dinner, he is so tired he would always fell a sleep on the sofa, when our babysitter got sick, and could not look after me and my sister, my grand Dad came over here in England for a month to help my Mum out, while she was working. It was nice having him around because he prepared meals for us, took me for walks, fixed things etc... and now he has to go. I'm so sad and hope he can come back soon to visit again. Amanda


Ryan Heroes in the Community My nominee is a well known person in Newmarket; he is a horse breeder and property developer. He was born in London in 1933, was not born into money. He left school at 16 and worked as a clerk he did national service ,then went back to work in the city, where he started to make lots of money. Now 30 years later he owns a group of companies with assets in excess of £100 million. He lives in Stetchworth Park Stud, and owns about a 100 horses. Even though he is a millionaire he has always done a lot of charity work in Newmarket for the pensioners, every year he puts on a coach trip to Yarmouth in July which is now in its 20th year. This summer there were 22 coaches they were all full with 800 people going. On the journey they have champagne and chocs. When they arrive everyone is given £10 for lunch. In the afternoon its time to watch a stage show this year it was west end show songs. At the end of the show Mr G made a surprise appearance, he said it was wonderful to see everyone having fun and he hopes to keep the trips going for the next 100 years! On the 17th and 18th of December Mr G is putting on a free Christmas lunch with entertainment and presents for all the pensioners at Tattersall’s. I think Mr G affects the community because lots of older people can't afford or can't get to the seaside and they get the chance to go and it might be the only day out they get all year. Also the Christmas lunch is nice for the ones without family or friends, they get a good dinner and other people to share it with and it might be the only Christmas dinner they get. I think the pensioners in Newmarket really appreciate the things Mr G does for them as he does not have to do it. I think he is very kind and generous that is why he is my nominee.

When I think about the work he does it makes me realize that a lot of older people have not got lots of money or any family to help or look after them and we should all do more to help the older ones in Newmarket that we know. I will try to do more myself.


Ashleigh My uncle: Steven My uncle is a sergeant in the specials policing unit serving the roads and is based at Bury St Edmunds. We need all our emergency services as they are all as important as one another, but why are they called specials? These people donate their own time to assist free of charge In February 2000 he started as a Special Constable based in Newmarket, where, after 3 years, he gained his promotion to Sergeant. He moved to the Roads Policing Unit, based in Bury St Edmunds, in 2006. He does this to help out within the local community and he really enjoys it. He gets a good sense of achievement when he has been able to assist members of the public. When he first started he used to get a buzz out of answering calls on blue lights and now, nearly 9 years later, he still gets that same buzz !.

Special Constables are trained to do exactly the same job as regular Police Officers but, as they are volunteers, their training is ongoing on a monthly basis. As he works with the Roads Policing Unit (Traffic) he patrols the fast roads within the western half of the county including the A14 and A11, as well as attending accidents and incidents which occur on the country roads. He also operates the dreaded Speed Sites, mainly in areas where there has been a high rate of speed related incidents or areas where he has received a high number of complaints, from residents, about speeding vehicles. He attends School Fete’s and Car show’s etc, with one of their Traffic Cars, to show people the equipment they carry and talk to them about the job they do. He is also the Supervisor, in charge of a small team of 4 Special Constables who are based within the Roads Policing Unit. He sometimes works with the Area Support Team too. This involves the execution of Warrants, mainly for issues relating to Drugs, where they enter the premises, by force if they have too, breaking down the door, and searching for related items. This can involve working alongside the Police Dog Units too. He spent 6 years working within Newmarket and has attended fights and domestic incidents, where knives or other weapons could be used, so it is probably fair to say there is an element of danger in every incident they attend. They do sometimes have their work recognised by, not only Suffolk Constabulary, but Suffolk Crime Prevention panel. They do not do their jobs for the recognition but it is always nice to know that people do appreciate the job that you are doing for your community. He deserves an award for risking his own life to help others, we can all learn from this and step forward to help others rather than turn them away.


Newmarket Heroes in the Community

My Name: Alex Nominee: John B

John B is a very kind, likeable, fun loving under elevens football coach for Newmarket Town Youth. He has a real passion for football as he is an ex-goalkeeper for Cambridge United Football Club. He does not shout at the players in matches or at training, but always offers encouragement and good positive advice to all levels of players regardless of the position that they play in. By day John Black works for a local building company called Britannia build as a builder. He does work on many local buildings some of which are very well known within Newmarket such as the Tattersall’s Horse Trading Auction House. On Monday night and on Saturday mornings he is a football coach for Newmarket Town ‘A’ under elevens football team. To make sure that the team runs smoothly he has to attend regular coaches meetings at the Newmarket Town Ground. This means he has to give up more of his free time which all of the team very much appreciate. Although I do not play rugby for Bury St. Edmunds I do know through playing rugby for Newmarket under elevens that John Black is also involved with the coaching of the Bury St. Edmunds under elevens rugby team. He also recently ran in the Great North Run marathon in support of the East Anglian Air Ambulance Service By John B giving up his free time to coach the Newmarket Town ‘A’ under elevens football team he offers a great opportunity for eleven local children to have the experience of playing many other teams from other towns and villages. In a day and age where people are more aware of the benefits of health and fitness, the level of training and fitness that has been achieved by the squad, enables them to play a fast moving game without running out of steam half way through a match on a Saturday morning. John B deserves to be nominated for the award of ‘Newmarket Hero in the Community’ because of his selfless devotion to all of the players with in the Newmarket Town ‘A’ under elevens football team. He does this no matter what the weather or the distance he has to travel to home and away matches. He always offers encouragement and can see the positive side to everything even when the team loses. All of the eleven children that he coaches feel that they able to approach him over any aspect of their game or training and he tries to make a fun atmosphere for all of us. John B sets a very good example when we go to play at other football clubs or when we host games at our home ground, by teaching us not to argue with any of the other players and to respect the match officials at all times. By setting this example he shows that it would not be such a frightening task to be match officials such as a referee, if all the coaches coached their teams to behave like ours. John B often chooses a different team member each Monday night at training to take the team warm down. This encourages us to be more independent individuals within a team which enables us to take these skills and responsibilities and apply them to other sporting activities in the community.

The example that John B has set has inspired me to think about being able to help children in the community to enhance their sporting ability, when I am older. Some children find it very hard to join in team games when they do not know any of the other children. I would like to encourage them as sport not only helps you to keep fit and healthy, you can also play it any level no matter what your age or ability. Team sports also help you to develop confidence which you need in other areas of life .


Homework Project By Rachel I am going to nominate my uncle Paul for a community award for all the hard work and free time he gives up for the Newmarket community. He is an “assistant scheme co-ordinator� for a community first responder scheme in the Newmarket area. He works with a group of volunteers who all work with the East of England ambulance service. They respond to life threatening and non life threatening calls. He is on call with the scheme twenty four hours, seven days a week and is always ready to respond when needed. Some of the calls he will go to will be things like shortness of breath, people who have had a fall, eg, in their home or from a horse, allergic reactions, bleeding, chest pain and cardiac arrest. If someone is in a cardiac arrest it is very important that a responder gets to that person within three to four minutes of getting the call. A persons chances of surviving a cardiac arrest lowers by 10% for every minute a defibrillator is delayed (a defibrillator is used to shock the heart back into a normal beat). The ambulance service, try to aim for an ambulance to be with a person within 8 minutes of getting a phone call, but this is not always possible. This is why we need first responders. He has to go to regular training lessons to keep all his skills up to date as they sometimes change because new equipment needs to be used. As all the work he does is voluntary he is not paid for his time on call. All the equipment he uses has to be funded, which means he has to give up more free time to try to raise money or do charity events or collections to get money into the scheme to be able to buy new equipment when it is needed. He has been a community first responder for just over 4 years and was one of the first scheme members to go out onto the road when the scheme was first set up. He has responded to many calls, some of the calls have been a good success and some of them have not been such a good success. It is not possible to save everyone’s life. Although he wishes it was possible to.


My Great Nan By Charles Mrs T.J. C, my Great grand mother. My Great Nan’s name is Nora. She is 88 years old. She now lives in the West Midlands. She is now single as my Great Grand Father died before I was born. His name was Tom and she loved him very much. They both used to travel around helping people who were not so fortunate as our selves. To start with in her life my Great Nan had to look after her mother my Great Great Nan who was very ill and the rest of the children in the family. There was never very much money or food and they had to make do with what ever they could get. My Great Nan was only very young herself at this time. She was about 12 years old. Through out all of my Great Nan’s life she has always done so much good in the community. She used to look after handicapped children from the handicap hostel and take them on holiday to the seaside. They used go to Weston Super Mare or Great Yarmouth. Weston Super Mare is on the west coast of England. My Great Nan said it was such a pleasure to see their happy faces when they were playing in sand and going for donkey rides. She said they could be quite hard work at times but it was very much worth it. Unfortunately because of their handicap (thalidomide) not many lived to be very old. This was very heart breaking for my Great Nan as she got to know some of them very well. Due to modern medicine there are now a lot less cases of this type of handicap in the UK. At the same time my Great Nan was in the St John’s ambulance. The St Johns ambulances are a first aid group of volunteers who don’t get paid for their work. With the St John’s ambulance she would go to many different events in the local area. Today the St John’s do most of the racing fixtures at Newmarket race course and through out racing in the United Kingdom. A lot of jockey’s owe their lives to the St John’s for their quick thinking after they have had a fall in a race. They also do many other events like dog racing and show’s from the biggest to the very small village fetes. One of my Great Nan’s favourite places was a place in the West Midlands called Chasewater. The new M6 runs past it these days. One of my Great Nan’s fondest memories at Chasewater was seeing the real Black Beauty riding out across the sand. My great Nan would help anyone who was poorly. She would clean up cuts and put on plasters or bandages. She said the main injury was cut to feet. If someone was really ill she would get someone to run to the telephone box and call an ambulance. There were no Mobile phones in those days. I wish there were more caring people in the world like MY GREAT NAN.


y person always comes by my house on a road sweeper. He helps the environment by cleaning the rubbish down Exning road, Newmarket. He wears a maroon t shirt, a high visibility shirts and blue jeans. He is very nice and he encourages me to help the environment to help all the little creatures and the seals who get caught in fishing nets and penguins who get caught in plastic beer holders near the sea. I chose him because he was the best person that I know who helps.

Christine 11

Zoe Jez

Jez is the chef at my Mum and her friend’s pub which is in Exning village. He is tall, thin with black spiky hair and wears glasses. Jez’s nickname is chef, he was born in Italy and his real name is unpronounceable. Chef is very funny, kind and generous. Jez was once a foster carer. He has fostered 12 children. Chef fostered kids with problems, they could be aggressive, dysfunctional, abused children that did not know how to behave in society, plus getting in trouble with the police a lot and chef would go to court with them. Jez worked with his foster children, helping them in to learn how to behave in society and all this done with love and kindness. He did all this while looking after three children of his own and his two adopted children. Chef is also a qualified first aider. Earlier this year there was two stable lads racing to the pub, when they reached the front door the lad behind tripped and pushed the boy in front through the glass window in the front door. The boy had cut both his arms and wrists, there was a lot of blood and he was going into shock. He hit the door so hard that there was glass six meters across the bar. Chef, with the help of Sharon, who is also a first aider, had to apply pressure on his wrists to stop the bleeding and he had to calm him down, while waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The boy had to have stitches in his arm and had both arms bandaged for over a week. Here’s another story about Jez helping other people but this time he’s helping me. When I was off ill I got a really bad cramp in my tummy, I felt sick and had a temperature it made me cry, my Mum heard me crying and ran up to my room. She called Jez and he came rushing up to my room, he helped me to get rid of the cramp. Jez looked after Missy (my dog) one day as we needed to find out if she would get along with his dogs, because we needed someone to look after her on fireworks night as we are having a party and Missy is scared of fireworks. Missy got in to a lot of mischief. Jez has three large dogs one of which is Missy’s mother. Now Missy is a very large puppy. At four and a half months, she is the size of a full grown Labrador. Being a puppy she is very playful, on meeting the other dogs she played, knocking an ironing board down to flights of stairs and breaking it. She managed to move the dinning table and accidently urinated in the kitchen. She couldn’t work out the dog flap. Despite all this Jez still looked after her on fireworks night. He also looked after her on the Saturday and Friday afterwards as there were some fireworks parties locally.


By Zoe The person who I am writing about is my sister, Richenda. My sister, Richenda, is 14 years old. She is very grown up and is more mature than many people of her age. Her favourite TV show is Friends because it is really funny and my favourite films are High School Musical 1, 2 and 3. She is the person who I would like to give an award to because she always sticks up for me, and if somebody is mean to me she will tell them to stop it. When she is with me, she will comfort me, help me when I am stuck on something, do all kinds of different things, she is the happiest sister in the world. All of the time, I always want to play with her, but when she is doing homework I leave her alone-well sometimes. Richenda helps out a lot at school, and of course, me because she is my older sister. Although I do not have any other brothers or sisters, I am glad that she is my sister because she is what I would to call a glitter shinning star, because she shines like the stars in the sky and I chose the word glitter because well like I said she helps people out at school and always does the right thing. She is never going to get into trouble because I know that she does well at school by doing the right thing and at home she is an example to other people of what you can achieve if you make the effort in the first place. I am just so, so proud that she is my lovely, talented sister - well a bit more than lovely and the word talented. I keep on telling my Mum “please let Richenda come home on time! Because I really miss her”. I always keep on begging that!!! She is like my pet that is really brainy. We love each other to bits. She is not just my sister, she is my best friend and she definitely is the best in the world!!! We always work together nicely and we are always helping each other out. The one thing she would do the most, is help me when I need a bit of help on something like computer problems. On my birthday she will go and buy me a present all the time and will trick me that she hasn’t got me a present at all, or she will joke that she has got me some fairy or Barbie stuff, but I always know that she has actually got me some High School Musical stuff or she has got me something really cool. On her birthday I will always get her a birthday cake and lots, well loads of presents. It would be great if me and my sister for Christmas got a real puppy, because we would care for it and Richenda said she would be the poopa scooper, anyway on Christmas mornings she will wake you up like 3:00am, and when I am awake we would look downstairs at our presents and run back upstairs, and jump on our Mum and Dad. Anyway she is a very special sister to me and I would not let anything happen to her. She is very funny, especially at Christmas, where she is like a bouncy castle because she is so hyper!

Finally, I think my sister, Richenda, deserves the award because she is the most loving and caring person to everyone I know.


Simon - My nomination is - Des I would like to nominate this person because he is extremely enthusiastic in everything he does and will always go out of his way to help you to improve and encourage you in every way possible. He is approachable and very knowledgeable about all aspects of what he does. These are the reasons that I’m choosing this person. Des is a well respected member of Newmarket Town football club and is also the coach of my football team. He has coached many teams of all ages over the years and has been my coach for the last three years. Des sometimes takes our training lessons and comes to most matches. Sometimes he referees our home matches and he makes us hold our heads high if we are losing in matches. He is reliable and tries to make as many matches as possible and encourages us to carry on not to give up. Everybody knows how important sport in the community can be for young people. Des has shown how he uses his skills to bring young people together with his work in football. This in turn gives young people discipline and it teaches them how to integrate with others as best they can. It can give young people a real sense of being by being part of a team, especially if there is someone to bring it all together. Des enjoys what he does and this has a way of flowing through to the players. Des is always ready to put others before himself which shows his dedication in what he does. He enjoys what he does and this in turn motivates the team and brings us all together. Des treats everybody the same however good they are because he keeps telling us that it’s the taking part and learning that is important. Des, as well as all the other people who help to coach are a real inspiration to the whole team. They teach us the importance of giving up their time to help others. It is really important that young people realise that giving something back is a great way to repay all these people that have helped us. It is certainly something I would like to do when I get older, and this is down to the work Des does.

This is why I’ve nominated Des. Because he gives up his spare time for us and to help us learn football.


Alfie W is the most loving person in Horse Racing that I’ve ever met, he never stops singing his praises about his job and welcomes into the game anyone who is interested no matter who they are, horses are his life. Every day Alfie goes to the horseracing museum and rides the mechanical horse because he can no longer ride in the actual horse racing for safety reasons because he is 73 now! Alfie W is an elderly man with red raw legs, because on the mechanical horse in the museum, you have to bring your legs away from the saddle a bit so it doesn’t rub but he just rides it with legs tight round it like in the normal racing he does. Alfie was extremely kind when he showed me how to ride the mechanical horse; it encouraged me to be a bit more courageous during riding lessons. Now that Alfie has a handicap race named after him, I feel very pleased for him because he’ll probably get a place in the national horseracing museum and that’s the place he works at, on a voluntary basis. Alfie Westwood already has an award, but he is the best person I know of and is perfect for a school award! He is friendly, loving, raring and caring. And doesn’t particularly believe in him, he actually said ‘that he thought there were more people more deserving.’ Alfie was a jockey and had numerous amounts of injuries, he works voluntary for the National horseracing museum now, as being seventy three it’s quite unsafe to be racing! I think he encourages me to help others to love horses and not be so scared because our community in Newmarket is full of them! Alfie teaches young people how to ride horses and works also at the famous trainers yard (Willie Mussons’ yard). Alfie understands everything about racing, humans could know! I think Alfie affects the community by showing people that horseracing isn’t all that bad and that it’s not just a stupid game that people don’t seem to care about. Alfie knows that horses don’t just get dangerous around everyone. Horses are Alfies’ life, they never leave his sight whether mechanic or real, Alfie loves the mechanic horse in the horseracing museum, It must be like a real horse to him! Alfie helps young people in numerous amounts of ways, he is an excellent ambassador of the sport of kings! When Alfie demonstrated to me how he would win on a horse, he tutted sharply and kept saying “come on, come on”, and looking through the horses ears beautifully. I’ll never forget him and the time I spent meeting him! This is his favourite thing, to be around young people for the rest of his life to come, I think that Alfie would love an award from some children, he would feel so good! Would you give Alfie an Award for how much he’s done for young people as well as any other people perhaps like me! He has done such stuff for 58 years! (he’s been racing on horseback for 58 years!).

From Deborah


Nominee: Anonymous My nominee is someone who is special to me. This person is a great help to the community. He help’s others and encourages them to help the environment. He is very loyal, kind and helpful. This person just loves doing what he does because it makes him smile and others that pass and see him. What my nominee does is puts out the bins for all the people up his road and if he sees any rubbish on the floor he picks it up and puts it in the bin, also he was a fireman. It affects the community by picking up the litter and helps people not die and hopefully all their belongings will be ok. But it also makes it a nicer and cleaner place to live moreover it helps the environment to be a lovelier place to be in and helps other adults with house fires and young children learn the safety of fire and what to do if you get fire on your clothes. They are the most deserving person in the community because nobody else does what he does. Although he puts out peoples bins, picks up litter and puts out fires he is still really friendly and great to be with. The work that he does encourages me to follow his footsteps and become the person he is today which means when I grow and live in my community I want to put out my neighbours bins and pick up litter that is just laying there and maybe be a fire fighter. What he does as a fireman is put out fires, cut people out of cars if the paramedics can’t get to the people inside, let young children come to the fire station and let them ask questions about fires and things they are worried about.

I think this person also encourages me to be a fire fighter because I know that a lot of people are grateful for what they do and if they have little children that are stuck inside and that need to get out they love it. He picks the rubbish up because if nobody put their rubbish in the bin nobody would be able to walk around.

Name: Bobbi 16

My story is about Joyce Joyce is my next door neighbour. She has been so for 5 years. Joyce has lived in her house for 25 years. Her husband Lez was a local window cleaner, sadly he passed away and his son Ian carried on the business for him. Also Ian is a fire fighter. She has a son called Ian and a daughter in law called Meu and a granddaughter called Kimberly. Joyce is a very nice caring, joyful and loving next door neighbour and she looks after us and when we need help she gives us help, she’s like a Nan to us. What she does for the Community What Joyce does for the community is pick litter up that people has dropped and she puts it in the bin. She grows vegetables and fruit and gives them away. She also raises a lot of money for the poppy appeal. She gives people lots of sponsors for different things. When people go away on holiday she offers to water there plants and cut their grass she even others to look out is anyone trying to break in. She has a very pretty garden and she is very proud of it. When people walk past it brings joy to them and they love the sense of the smell. Also the people ask how she grows the flowers and she answers the questions. She a very good and caring next door neighbour, the best you could get. She doos a lot for everyone but she dose the most for us like gives us fruit for free, looks out for us and a lot more things. This essay is written by Shannon


Jake - Special Constable Gary

So who is Special Constable Gary….Since the age of 16 years old Gary left school and decided to go to work, this was a real eye opener for Gary, and it gave him the incentive to do something with his life. During his working life Gary has worked at Tesco’s where he was a security guard, then he moved onto a local television company and was a field engineer. Gary decided to join the Special Police Constabulary at the age of 19 years, He currently works in Car Phone Warehouse and he is 23 years old. What Special Constable Gary Does. Gary joined the Specials Force because he has always been brought up in a Christian family, and because of this he has respect for the public and life. When Gary joined the Police Force, he started in Newmarket; there are many roles that a Special Constable has to do such as Public Orders, Road Traffic Control, Domestics, Shoplifting, Drugs and Public Relations. However after 2 and half years of doing this Gary applied to be moved onto Traffic Control which means he pulls people over for speeding, driving dangerously, overloaded vehicles, if there not wearing a seat belt, stopping people who are talking on there mobile phones, which is against the law, well all of the above are against the law and more importantly he stops people who have been drinking whilst driving .The Traffic Officers drive Volvo T5’s , and Ford Mondeo’s ST 220,they are large cars similar to estates. A Special Constable has the same powers as a regular officer, they were the same uniform and they are issued with the same equipment, they only work a miniMum of 4hours a week but they are flexible. But they are still police officers so they do help out where ever they are needed. And the only difference between a full time Officer and a Special Officer is the full timers get paid. How does a Special Constable affect the Community? I think Special Constable Gary affects our Community very much, even at such a young age Gary puts himself on the line for the sake of the public as he tries to keep the members of the public safe on the roads, and also helps out with Anti Social Behaviour, which at the moment is proving a real problem in our country. Why I think they are the most deserving people in our community. I think that Special Constables are a credit to our community, because they do this work for free and volunteer there time to help us and our community. I think Gary is most deserving because he cares about the public and he gives up his free time to help others, and to help his home town of Newmarket, and even though Gary is still only 23 years old he has a lot more to give to this community and help make it a safer place to live. How Does Gary’s work encourage me. Gary’s work encourages me because it has made me understand what a community is and how to keep our community at is best .I think I am also a caring person and love life to the full I would like to be someone that volunteers there time to help others to make them feel safe and comfortable and for the public to know there is always someone there they can call on .What encourages me also is that of the Anti Social Behaviour on the streets of today, at some point we all feel a little nervous walking in the dark or the light by ourselves in case of a proposition, or just generally feeling unsafe, I would like to make a difference in making people feel safer and live a happier life.


Mia I am doing my report about my Kook Sool Won teacher Scot and his wife Nicola. Nicola is 23 years old and Scot is 29 years old and they both teach me martial arts. Scot is a black belt and a 3rd Dan (which means he’s 3 levels above black belt) and Nick is just black belt. Scott stared kook Sool Won when he was 11 years old. He was bored as a child and wanted a new hobby and he loves teaching us and watching us learn good self defence and go up in belts. Nick started when she was 18 years old and she wanted to be fit and to have good self defence. Scot and Nick live in Bury St Edmunds and give up their spare time twice a week to teach us on a Thursday and Sundays. They teach us kicking and punching techniques (if some one grabs you how to get them off) forms (a series of self defence moves) and falling. If you stay long enough you might pick up some words in Korean. To get up a level you have to test and it isn’t easy but they get you up to the next level I enjoy it very much and am now the youngest brown belt in the class. Scott and Nick teach you a lot and teach you discipline, they also make sure that we are having fun while we are learning. They help us to be confident so you’re not scared when wandering the streets, they also teach us that is to be used as self defence and not to hurt people. Nick and Scott help the children in our community to go somewhere to get rid of all their energy and for us to make friends. Scott and Nick also teach adults. Maybe when I’m older I could help the community like them and teach martial arts and help other children have good self defence and confidence as well. People who are getting bullied should go so they can stand up for themselves and their parents can let them fight there own fights. Standing up for your self will make children see that there is no point treating people different and we are all the same. Kook Sool Won has been good for me to make friends and for other people too. I think Nick and Scott are a really good help to our community because everybody can join in whether you are a boy, girl, aged 6 to 60 and it doesn’t matter whether you are weak or strong or where you are from. There are all different races at our school and everybody helps each other out. Scott is our main teacher and when you get to brown- black belt you can help out with the younger kids. We can also go to competitions if we like but we never feel like we have too, the main thing is to have fun together.


My friend helps with the horses all the time and has great fun too. e.g. brush the horses, feed the horses and muck out the stables for them and she doesn't get paid for it because she is caring and willing to do anything. She rides horses and always has great fun. If you asked her to do something very difficult she is always there to help My friend is willing to give her time up and go to the horse stables every other Saturday morning to help with the ponies. Before her riding lesson she normally does lots of work for the stables, she puts hay and straw into big nets, completely full to the brim and muck out which is very stinky, heavy and hard and she grooms the horses till they are shiny and clean and she is taught after doing all this how to ride. She cleans with soap and scrubber their bridles and saddle, picks their hooves to make them more comfortable. Her help at the stables helps the owner and all the other people who learn to ride because it saves the stable owner time and she then can teach us all how to ride and can do other work around the stables. The stables and the yard are always kept clean and tidy and it is only like this because people like my friend give up their time to clean the ponies and the stables. She deserves an award because she a nice person and she likes to help with anything. She is a very nice girl and would help anyone. She helps to encourage people to do the same, if you like riding and ponies you would like to give up your time as well to help. Sometimes everyone thinks she should get paid at least ÂŁ10 for doing this. This is why she should win this and she wants to be an inspiration for lots of young children and even adults she even makes sure the horses are being good so the helpers can get a break. She is my 2nd best friend and a very powerful and small girl BUT brilliant at horse riding and completely smart she always says to me that she is very, very, very proud of herself and I always say that she should be. Me her Mum her Dad her grandma and Granddad and finally her sister Alice we are all very proud of her each and every step of the way. She lives in England/Britain and at 1 Elizabeth Avenue and she use to Have a pony when she was very small. And even she walks the dog for when her Mum is bothered, ill or tired she trains the horses as she rides them horses are her 2nd favourite animal and as she says they always will be.

She loves just to go out and have the afternoon to herself and not to forget THE HORSES. If you think she does ALL this for them horses and she gets COMPLETELY NO MONEY AT ALL.


My Friend Nathan I first met Nathan at the park. We play lots of different games but our favourite game is fish out of water. We watch lots and lots of Merlin. Nathan plays lots of rugby and football. Me and Nathan go to two different clubs number 1 is called popcorn it is a religious club you get to play games indoors and out doors. Number 2 is youth club you get to only play inside but you play more games. Nathan is 10 years old he comes from America his Dad is English and his Mum is America. Nathan has brown hair he is tall and stocky He doesn’t wear a hat, he supports Manchester United , his favourite player is Ronaldo. He lives in England in West Row he used to live in America in Kentucky with his Mum and Dad. Nathan goes to the Riverside school in Mildenhall he is in year 6 He plays for Newmarket football team and he plays for Newmarket rugby team. Me and Nathan play against each other. Nathan has a psp. I’ve known Nathan for about 2 and a half year and say a bit more. He collects mini skate boards called tech decks. And he has a big cool skate board. He collects Pokemon cards I swap with Nathan. Nathan has 1 cat he is black and 1 rabbit he is white they are both boys they do not fight. Nathan is kind and a bit mean some times we have fall outs but we make up normally but some times we fall out for a long time. Nathan’s Grandma and Granddad live in West Row they live quit a long way from my house but I can bike, walk or I can just skate board. Me and Nathan sometimes skate board to youth club and popcorn and we skate board mostly to the park. Callum is friends with Nathan as well as me. Me and Nathan have lots of different friends in West Row there’s April, and Will. Will goes to youth club and he goes to popcorn Will is American like Nathan. Me and Nathan used to go to a club where you roller skate we used to race each other round the track. Nathan has lived in England for about 3 and a half years.

Me and Nathan like biking to the forest and the park we mostly like biking to the park because our friends are normally there and we have a den there we called it the green box. We have a den in the forest. Its fun, because you can build stuff like traps and hide outs. You can all ways find little animals in the bushes.



Harriet age 10, Sonia (my Mum)

My Mum is helpful she looks after us very well. My Mum is very happy most of the time. She makes us laugh we are lucky because she gives us lots of time and takes us to fun places. She loves chocolate and wine. She makes sure we are safe.


Kira - My Nominee - Roger S Roger S is a Sixty-three year old man. He has a lovely, helpful and caring wife named Elizabeth. They are the perfect pair. But, Roger isn’t just caring towards Elizabeth, he’s caring towards everyone around him. He is a wonderful man. He usually wears dark blue or grey jumpers, with jeans. Roger is also colour blind. Roger and his wife Elizabeth both used to be teachers and now they are both retired. They live in Exning, on Burwell Road, Roger is involved in writing the Exning Village Newsletter and he is the Editor. The editor of the newsletter plays an important role because the editor chooses what goes into the letter, like important numbers you may need or advertisements. The newsletter goes to every house in Exning and sometimes Roger also takes time to deliver this himself. Many villagers look forward to getting the newsletter so they can see what is going on in the village. But that is not all that Roger does. He is also Chairman of Exning Parish Council. Being on the Parish Council means looking after the village making sure the village is clean and tidy. Sometimes he helps plan events in the village, and looks after the church yards so the grave stones are treated with respect. He is also responsible for keeping the park safe. He is also a Governor at Exning Primary School. As governor he helps the school by finding new head teachers and plans events and fundraisers. He also comes to the events to see the children, the children enjoy seeing the governors, they support and encourage them at the concerts like the summer and the Christmas concert. They come to all the plays and the Christmas Bazaar. Also Roger comes to sports day. Roger visits most of the events at the School but he also comes to the assemblies like the year 4 leaving assembly. Roger is also a Trustee at Exning Stepping Stones pre-school. Working as a trustee means if somebody has some money they would like to spend on something for the pre-school the Trustees would approve or disapprove on what they would like to buy. Roger would also advise on getting new staff. He would also go to some of the pre-schools events like the Duck Race. Roger does all of this for fun and doesn’t get paid for any of it. Roger has two adult children named Catherine who works as a teacher and Andrew who works as a theatre stage manager. Not only does he do all of that for the village but he also helps his neighbours out, like putting the dustbins out and taking in the mail if the neighbours aren’t there. On Sundays when he goes down to the shop he buys two newspapers – one for him and one for us. He takes care of our cat when we go on holiday but he also has the free time to watch the rugby or have guests over or even to spend time with the family. EVERYBODY WOULD BE HAPPY TO HAVE ROGER AS A NEIGHBOUR ANYDAY.


I am Emily A, age:10!

I am not going to give her name. My nominated person!

She has different interests, and is always generous. She enjoys doing a variety of things such as, swimming, being with her children, walking dogs, playing her acoustic guitar, music, enjoys seeing friends and family, cycling, art, chocolate, and family camping holidays! She also stands up to what she believes in! The following information includes, what the person does, how they effect the community they live in, why I think they are the most deserving person in the community, and how it encourages me to do something for my community. Teas and coffees is a thing that people do every Sunday after the service. This usually lasts for about half an hour, to about an hour. It involves setting up the hall in the back of the church, bringing milk and biscuits, and coming early to set up. She and her family do this on the third Sunday of each month, to help people in the church to make friends. Each year Kidney Research phones her up to say, can you sell ÂŁ20 of raffle tickets, and all the money raised will go to this charity. She then gets sent the raffle tickets, and sells as many as she can. This helps fund Kidney Research. The family has a good clear out, and donates the items to different charity shops through out Newmarket. Her family collects shoe boxes each year, which they then decorate at Christmas time. They either get things together like, pens and pencils, or go and buy bits and bobs that are suitable for the ages. She fights to make it right. For example recently, a school called Paddocks is under threat to be shut down. The parents and teachers were really upset to hear about this piece of information. So she started to help them save the school. She is part of the P.S.A at Paddocks, where she along with other parents and teachers organize fun events to help raise money that then goes back to the school for extra equipment. Every month she donates money to the N.S.P.C.C, to help children in need. This helps the people in the community to do the same things like, working towards good causes, which is helping other people. I think she is the most deserving person in the community because, she helps a lot of people locally, and when - ever she can for deserving courses.

When I'm older this will encourage me to donate money to good causes, and I already help with the Christmas child boxes, because it makes me feel happy to give to children who don't have anything.


Malcolm B Malcolm volunteers at this thing called The Duke of Edinburgh Awards which is to help young people get there awards and to teach them lots of different things like map reading. He also takes them to places like Thetford forest on a camping trip so they can use some of the things they’ve learnt. The people that want to get the awards also do volunteering which Malcolm B sets up , like going to Kingfisher a couple of nights a week to talk to the old people and give them some company. Malcolm B has been helping run the Duke of Edinburgh Awards for 15 years and has got an award himself which he did in Burwell. Malcolm B hobbies are walking his dog which is a border collie called Tilly. Because he works at the Duke of Edinburgh Awards on nights he works as a technical director.

He walks his dog everyday and makes sure he puts the poo in the bins provided to help the environment and when he sees rubbish he puts it in the provided bins as well.


Name: Rebecca Person I am writing about is: Lisa C Lisa was born on the 29th of June 1969 she has 4 children who are all girls. Her full time job is at Newmarket College and her position here is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Her family have one pet which is a dog called Rooney. Lisa is married to Simon. Lisa’s favourite colour is blue and her favourite food is a roast dinner she drives a Vauxhall Zafira which is silver and has seven seats. At the moment Lisa and her family live in a 3 bedroom bungalow and are in the process of moving into a 4 bedroom house still in the area where they are living at the moment. In the half term holidays Lisa always runs clubs at the Studlands sports and social club for children which she organises all in her free time and doesn’t cost anything for us to attend all we have to take is a packed lunch, this half term Lisa arranged for wall climbing, multi sports, arts and crafts and drama and dance we also did a competition to see who could do a scary pumpkin drawing and the winner had there’s cut out onto a pumpkin this was great fun. Another session that Lisa has done in the past for the older girls was a body shop tester session and all the older girls enjoyed this to. Lisa is helping the community by keeping the children that go to these activities occupied if they were not at the club then they might end up in trouble or be bored. Some of the activities that Lisa arranges for this are some things that children might not do at home or get a chance to do (i.e. the wall climbing), Even though Lisa has a full time job and a family to look after she always has time to keep these little activities going. Lisa encourages me to get involved with the bits that she does at the club and I hope that I can do my bit for the community by spreading the word about the activities so that the younger children will hopefully be able to benefit from this kind of thing in the future, as I have 2 younger brothers (1 already enjoys this) and younger cousins it would be nice if they could enjoy this and by the time they can get involved hopefully it will be bigger and better than it already is today.

I would like to nominate Lisa for an award as she has such a busy life but still has time to do things for the younger children in her community.

By Rebecca


My local hero By James My local hero is my aunty, Avis V. She is 37 and lives in Newmarket. She has three children, Kurt who’s at the upper school, Lewis who is at a special school at Bury St Edmunds, and Tasmin who goes to Exning primary school.

Aunty Avis has two rescued racing grey hounds. Mission, who is 3 and has black fur. And Kinky who is 5 and is brindle (brown with specks.) she is called Kinky as her tail got caught in the trap at a race and got broke so it is bent. This is what she does her charity work in. She does this at the Mildenhall Grey hound rescue centre. She does not get paid for any of this work even though she spends a lot of time there. Aunty Avis looks after other homed rescue dogs at her house when the owners are on holiday. She also goes in the mornings to help clean out the dog kennels. This involves sweeping them out, hosing them down and then disinfecting the kennels. She then replaces the bedding and washes the old stuff. She also washes and grooms the dogs. Then she gives them their dinner and takes them for a walk. I think this is very worth while. Aunty Avis also helps with charity race nights to raise funds for the retired racing grey hounds to help with the cost off looking after the dogs and their vets fees. This is when they race the dogs at a race track (usually Mildenhall or Peterborough.) and the entrance money goes to the dogs home. They also do a stall that sells grey hound things such as place mats, pens, and note pads. She also does this stall at other times of the year at fetes, and fairs, and the late night shopping. She also helps arrange raffles to raise money. For this she has to ring different people and companies to get prizes donated that they can raffle off. Aunty Avis also looks after my little brother Callum who is two. She does not paid for this either, he is a little monkey. She takes him for walks with the grey hounds which he loves. She also takes him to play group on a Wednesday morning with his friend Amelia and sometimes to planet zoom. They also like to go to the park together. Aunty Avis also used to look after me when I as at Exning I would go there before school for my breakfast and then she would take me to school. And when I started Scaltback I would walk to school from her house and then walk back afterwards to play until my Mum finished work.

I think that my Aunty Avis is a very kind and generous person, who is always willing to help out anyone or anything. This is why I have written about her for my local hero project. She is a special lady.


My Dad is a carpenter by Ciaran I have only been in England for 3 months and because of that I do not know many local people that I could write about and would like to write about my Dad. My Dad is a carpenter. But he wasn’t training to be a carpenter he was training to be a pilot but his dreams were broken into little bits when he lost his left arm in a car accident in 1989. He works in boksburg a small town in South Africa. He builds cupboards and designs kitchens for a living. He travels across South Africa for business his name is Michael. His workers are called is Joe, Tim and James, a few weeks ago they travelled to Soweto for a kitchen design they managed to do it they got one thousand rand. The furthest they ever went is Durban by a beach. A few weeks ago my Dad was delivering cupboards, and he slammed on brakes and one of the cupboards went straight through the window. My Dad used almost all of his money. He volunteered to reconstruct a house that was quickly hit by lightning. It took him two months to do what he could do. He built new cupboards designed the new look of a kitchen, he helped build it. I chose my Dad to write about because he is my hero and there’s no one else to write about. He is brilliant at making stuff and I want to be a carpenter too. Before I left, my Dad took me to work where I built cupboards and shaped them too. at the end of the day my Dad gave me money. I told him he is so generous that I couldn’t have it. He sometimes gets out of hand, like when someone stole a sander he hurt that person before taking him to the police. My Dad dresses casual a pair of jeans a golf shirt and a pair of ds’s, he is diabetic but still eats normally he does not eat takeaways all the time. He eats healthy stuff like vegetables and meats but he does not eat chocolate. He can be strict sometimes, once he grounded me just for asking him if I could go to my cousin’s house. My Dad does not drink. But he has a little bit now and then.

He takes me to every thing, like rugby matches and parties. He is married to my mom called Donna; they have been married for about sixteen years. They are still married and have two children me, Ciaran, and my brother James. My Dad is still in South Africa. I am living in England with my mom and my brother. Thank you for reading this.


At the age of 12 Frankie's Dad bought him a pony which he practiced on 4 1 hour a day. When he was 13 he left school and became a stable boy + apprentice jockey. In 1990 he became the 1st teen since Lester Piggott 2 ride 100 winners in a season. He was born in 1970 in Milan. When he was 14 he was apprenticed by Luca Camani at Newmarket in 1985 + soon became a stable jockey. At an interview with the BBC he admitted he took diuretic drugs 2 keep his wait down. On December 29th 2000 he got an honorary MBE. Frankie Dettori is one of the many jockeys that worked for SHAKE MAHAMMAD!!! He described Frankie as a clever, sophisticated person as do lots of other people. He is very lucky to be a world class racer with lots of xp with horses and racing. His name in Italian is Lanfranco "Frankie" Dettori. Some people think the name is French. He said many times his name was not French but not many people listened. He never has a silly little argument when he loses a race or get angry and walks away angrily saying it was unfair. He would just shake the winners hand and say some thing nice like well done or good race instead of rowing about it. Frankie is a very famous jockey. People think he is a clever, sophisticated, smart man. He's always positive, jolly, reasonable, skilful and Spiritual. Frankie is full of energy. He is a nice kind man and he competitive but not nasty. Even though he is a champion racer he never rubs it in any 1's face he supports his friends and his competitors.

When he was a teen he was a jockey that has ridden 100 winners since Lester Piggott making him a champ he has been voted as jockey of the century after he beat Lester Piggott in a race. ď Š Ifty 29

Billy Community Awards nominee - Harry M Harry M is a five year old boy who lives in Newmarket with his Mum Lisa, Dad Andrew and baby brother of 8 months old Joe. I know him as he spent over two years at my Mum’s pre-school. I used to play with him when I had a PD day at school and went to work with my Mum. Harry is not just any ordinary five year old boy; he is very brave and never gives up. On his very first day of Exning primary school he had to go for a MRI scan of his brain, as he had been ill on and off for some time. When he had his scan the Doctors found out that he had a massive rare brain tumour. He had to go to Addenbrooke’s hospital straight away it must have been very frightening for him and his family I am ten and I think I would have been scared. He had to have a very long operation to remove the tumour and was very sick afterwards but still through it all managed a smile for everyone and gave the nurses a laugh who looked after him. Just as he was getting better he had to have another operation to drain fluid from his brain as it could have killed him. After this operation he became very ill with a high temperature and very bad headaches the doctors had to do emergency tests on him and they found out he had contracted meningitis which is a very bad illness that can lead to death. He was again very, very poorly. As Harry was in hospital for such a long time and his Mum and Dad did not want to leave him, they stayed at a special house called Acorn House. It was a big family house on the hospital grounds where they could go as a family for home cooked meals and a bit of time out and T.V altogether. His Mum and Dad took turns to stay with Harry in the hospital and with his little brother Joe at the house. The better Harry was the more time they could spend at Acorn House; it must have been nice to spend time away from the hospital as I don’t think they are very nice places. Now Harry is at home still getting better, but always through everything he had to go through kept positive and strong, he was and is amazing for a five year old boy. Harry and his family are now doing lots of things to raise money for Acorn House. Acorn house is run by a charity called the Sick Children’s Trust and need money to be able to carry on giving families somewhere to stay close to their sick children. Even though Harry and his family have been through so much they still want to help others and I think that is very un-selfish of them. Me and my family are going to do something to raise money for them and my Mum is doing a fundraiser at her school to help the charity who provides houses like Acorn House for families with sick children. Harry is a hero and has fought through many battles for a five year old; he deserves a medal from the queen for his bravery and also deserves to be recognised in our community awards. 30

Name: Ashley Person I am nominating: Jane S The person that I have decided to nominate is called Jane S. She is a swimming teacher at Newmarket Swimming Club where I swim, and in my mind she is the best!! She is kind, encouraging, patient with all of us and always willing to help anyone who needs it, whatever it may be. She is funny and easy to talk to also which helps when you need to tell her something. Jane S Jane is a teacher and coach at my swimming club. She has a job during the day as a swimming teacher which she gets paid to do, but in her spare time she is a huge part of the club where I swim. She gives up her evenings at least three times a week to come along to the pool and help with all of us swimmers, when she could be at home having her tea, and putting her feet up in front of the telly. She helps with all of the swimmers at every level of ability, and is willing and patient to go through something again and again until they get it right. She gives lots of encouragement to the younger swimmers who are just starting out at club level and helps to build their confidence which is really important. As well as giving up her week nights she also comes along to our swimming galas which are on a Saturday mostly to cheer us on and organise us all on poolside so we are ready for our races when we are called for them. She affects the lives of the people she helps during her day job by giving them the skills to swim well enough to save their lives if they were to fall in the water and at our club by helping people to enjoy the challenge of becoming a better swimmer and being more competitive and developing their technique to get to higher levels with their swimming. She believes that swimming is a good sport to help you stay fit and healthy, but is also enthusiastic about other sports that we do, as she tells us that they help us to build up our stamina. I wanted to nominate Jane, because although we have a lot of people at the club who give up their time to run it for us, Jane goes that little bit further. She does not have any of her own children at the club who benefit from what she does; she just does it out of the goodness of her heart. Even when she is poorly she turns up to help out. Not only is she a teacher she is also part of the committee who run our club and so has to attend meetings every month for that. When we have a disco or car boot sale to raise money for our club she is there every time helping out. If anyone is upset or worried about anything Jane is always there with a listening ear. She’s a bit like a second Mum on poolside to all of us. To sum her up she is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. When I see Jane and what she does for our club it makes me feel good inside. It teaches me that by doing small things you can makes a big difference to others around you. She is really enthusiastic about swimming and this rubs off on everyone around her, both swimmers and parents. She seems to be able to pull us all together as a swimming community, which I am proud to say I am part of. 31

This person is kind, helpful and generous and always has a smile. She has brown hair that curls up around her ears and her favourite colour is blue. She has lived in Exning for 15 years. She has a dog that is now six who is called Meg. Her favourite animals are Horses and Dogs. She works at home doing accounts for a recycling company. She was treasurer at the local Pre School. Her job as treasurer meant she had to look after the banking side. She also helped with other activities such as directing the cars at a car boot sale. She helped at a stall at a dog show, she stood in the rain at a firework display to collect the gate money and she had to sit by the bonfire until it was out, which was about midnight. The fireworks were good though! At the local primary school, she was also the treasurer for the School. She helped at the school BBQ by cooking the burgers and then she even created a stall at the Christmas Bazaar with a bike as and she always donated raffle prizes for the Easter bingo. She the class once a week by listening to people read and helped to paper plate puppets and sew purses for Chistmas.

Friends of the the hotdogs a top prize helped in make

She is now on the committee at Scaltback Middle School and helps such as the brilliant Autumn Fair and at school discos selling sweets behind the till.

at events and drinks

She helps with 1st Newmarket Cubs and Scouts when they have camping trips and other events. She has shopped for the food at camps (burgers, hotdogs, bread, cereal and fruit etc.) for ONE HUNDRED OR MORE PEOPLE AND THEN HELPED PREPARE, COOK AND CLEAR IT ALL AWAY. She has helped with trips out to the National Train Museum in York, Pleasurewood Hills and Treasure hunts around the town and in the woods. She is a very good neighbour: she waters plants, feeds cats and picks up post for neighbours who are on holiday. People like her, give their time to clubs and committees in the community and without her and many others some things in our area would not exist today, like scouts, cubs and the Friends committee. She enjoys getting involved but prefers to stay in the background so never wants to be in charge. People like her are not paid to do any of this. Volunteering for these jobs has given her lots of new friends and she has encouraged many people to help with clubs with her. She really enjoys taking part and feels she is doing her bit for the community. I would like to do the same when I am older because I shall make even more friends because people will look up to me and trust me. And that’s why you should choose Her!


Hannah I would like to nominate Natalie M for the community award. I know Natalie because she is one of my Mum’s best friends. When I am angry she talks to me and helps me to calm down. She gave us a dog called Freya because she thought it would be good for the family. Natalie helps me through tough times as well. The reason I would like to nominate Natalie is because she has done lots of thing for me. She took me shopping in Newmarket town and helped look for clothes with me. Then after we went for lunch and we done some more shopping she bought me a new top, 2 pairs of skinny jeans, new scarf and a pair of shoes she took me for my birthday. Then me Natalie and my Mum went bowling and we played 3 games on the first go I got two strikes and my Mum got zero so did Natalie. It was really good fun. The next day she took me to Cambridge swimming pool and we went on the flumes and she went in backwards and fell under the water when she come out of the other end of the flume. About 2 days after she took me Kirsty and her nephew Brendan to see the horses and we fed them carrots. One of the horses did not want us to leave because it liked us a lot and we called her snowflake because she was pure white. And one of the foals was really scared and would not let us touch her. And we all wanted to go bare back riding but we could not, because it would be really dangerous. 3 days ago she took me horse riding and she was nearly falling off the horse. We went through the woods and there were lots of rabbits, then we went to the cafe. But Natalie hasn’t just taken me out all the time, she has helped me to calm down when I fight with my Mum or friends. She helped me with this school project. I think what makes Natalie a great person is she is funny and makes me laugh. One day she put my makeup on and made my face go orange with the blusher. And my eyes went bright green. Then it was my Mum’s friend’s birthday the next day Natalie chose my outfit, and she chose what my mm was going to wear. At the party it was a bit to much so Natalie went up to my Mum’s bedroom and read a book with me, then we went back down and she cut the cake with me and dropped one of the slices. And she makes me feel ok because I know everybody makes mistakes and so does she. And she does not make fun of me and cares and listens to me and understand what I go through and understands what I say to her and I appreciate what she does for me and my family. And she helps me to do things my own way.


Daniella - Nanny Sue I will write about my nanny Sue. I am writing about her because she is very kind and helpful to me my brothers, cousins and other family. She lets me sleep over when ever I want apart from when she is very busy and her and my Granddad are both working that day. She works part time in Haverhill Thing me Bobs. She is friends with all the people at her work I sleep over her house with my cousins. She has ten grandchildren. She some time takes me and my cousin Maria shopping in Peacocks. We mostly sleep over hers on weekends and Half term holidays she takes us to see films at the cinema too. I sometimes sleep over hers two or three night but mostly just one. I have slept over my nanny’s house hundreds of times I stayed over her house for Halloween this year and my Granddad took me trick or treat in. When I sleep over her house there are lots of enjoyable things to do and play with. My nanny also took me to see high school musical 3 this year and Mama Mia. She sometimes takes me to Colchester cinema. My nanny comes to watch the Christmas concerts to and she also comes to see me at the autumn fairs and the summer concerts and she comes to watch sports day. She has come to all of my parties for my birthday and this year instead of having a party she took me shopping in Haverhill. My nanny Sue gets me awesome presents for my birthday and Christmas. She also helped my Mum when she couldn’t drive after having my baby brother Charlie by taking me and my brothers to school. My nanny also took my brother Joshua who is nine swimming lessons and she took me when I did swimming lessons. She helped my Mum and Dad by lending them money so we could get a car so that we could all get in it because there are six of us now. She paid for a cooker because ours blew up. And she lent my Mum and Dad some money for a sofa as our old one broke. Without my nanny Sue I would have probably never gone on an airplane. I went to Austria with her this year and that was when I went on an airplane. Also without her I would not of met all those people I met in Austria. I went to Austria with my cousin Maria too and my Granddad. The person we met was called Lisa. When I was in Austria she took me and Maria swimming every day. My nanny Sue took me to Kriminil waterfalls in Austria. I stayed in Austria with her my Granddad and my cousin Maria for a week. I think she is the most deserving person in my community because she has done the most for me and other people. She has done lots and lots for me. She gives up her free time to help others around her. She has helped her own Mum get through radiation treatment and her Mums husband illness, through this tough time she still gave her free time to her family and close friends. Nothing seems to stop her from helping anyone. My nanny Sue has encouraged me to be kind and helpful to others, because of that I have lots of friends that I care about a lot, and they help me too when I need it. 34

Name: Lauren Age: 10 I found it really hard to find one person because my family and friends do a lot of community work. In the end I found some one well two people. My Two Nan’s. They are both really nice, caring hard working people who enjoy helping in the community. They are very talented who can cook. They are kind and forgiving and work hard at what they do. As well as doing volunteer work they both help to look after my brother and me. My first nana volunteers at the Newmarket Day Centre Charity Shop, and in the Hospital Shop at West Suffolk Hospital. She also volunteers her time to the Samaritans. Witch is my nana and other people answering phones to people that have problems they want to talk about. My other nana also volunteers at The Newmarket Day Centre Charity Shop. She also volunteers with helping to run the Cheerful Friday Stroke Club who meets at the Gibson Centre, Newmarket Hospital and who are affiliated to the stroke. Association helping stroke victims come to terms wilt this illness. I think my nanas effect the community we live in because they help people with strokes and the money they make goes to the Newmarket Day Centre. They really help people enjoy life. I think they are the most deserving people in the community because the do also in the community service and they do enjoy it they have been doing it for a while and they give up there time a lot for the community and looking after my brother and me. It helps me want to do community service because I want to help people who suffer from illnesses and I think it is really great that people like my two Nanas help people like that. In Waitrose there are three slots and one of them says Newmarket day centre so every time I go to Waitrose and get a green token I put it in that slot and we have a lot of tokens. Also, if my nanas do win please put both their names down. Thank you. 35

Megan - Chris S His full name is Christopher W. S, he was born on the 8th January 1971. He’s really nice, funny and easy to get on with. He works as a painter/decorator. He’s really kind and generous to anyone really. He will help anyone if they need it. He walks his next door neighbours dogs every day, he helps his Mum by doing her shopping every week, he picks up rubbish laying around on the streets, he rings to check up on his Granddad most of the time, he looks after children when their Mum and Dad’s go out and he’s always giving clothes and money to charity. He affects the community we live in by doing lots of jobs for people, picking up litter left on the streets and being really kind and generous to everybody at anytime. I think he’s the most deserving person in our community because of all the jobs he does for people and he’s always willing to help anyone with anything. He encourages me to do something for the community because of all the jobs he does for everyone and how he donates clothes and money to charity and I think that I should start giving clothes and money to charity and help more people so he could take a break from all his hard work that he does. I think he sets a good example to most people because he helps the environment, looks after children and gives money and clothes to charity. 36

Lucy-Mae - Miss M Miss M is my favourite teacher because she is kind and funny. She will always explain things as well. She always sorts things out properly and if a teacher needs her to takeover when she is on her break or is planning she will always do it. Miss M helps the community by teaching lots of children in lots of different places but she has settled down in Scaltback Middle School. She has settled in nicely and has now became the KS2 PSHE coordinator in 2008 her class is 5ML. Before she came to Scaltback, she taught lots of little children . Once she went abroad with her friend to teach. She taught year 2, so a lot younger than us. She had to wear a black robe when she went out . It had to cover her ankles. Then she flew back to England. She taught me lots of things that I would need for year 6, like how to use punctuation correctly in English or how to use columns in maths and lots and lots more. Miss M would always praise you for what ever you got right and even if you got something wrong she would tell you how to do something right and even say just keep trying and she wouldn’t nag and nag. When I was in year 5 Miss M took me and my class plus another to Derbyshire but she didn’t take us on her own Miss G came to the head of Geography and we went on a long walk it was 9 miles long we walked up big hills and along a few roads. Miss M always encouraged us and always believed in us. Miss M is a GREAT teacher when a girl left in our class in year 5 she threw her a party and we had crisp and sweets fizzy drink and it was a great send of!!! When it was anyone’s birthday Miss M would always sing happy birthday and always make sure the hole class did to!! Miss M is the BEST teacher EVER!! She doesn’t believe In homework but she still gives us it. But it is just the right amount. Not too much but just enough so we always did it. I had her for about 5 lessons and we got about 3 pieces of homework from her a week. 37

My Mum likes Miss M a lot. She thinks she taught me a lot of things too but so does my Nan and my Dad. I wish Miss M was still my teacher she is the BEST!!!


Melissa C

I'm writing about my Nan named Irene C. My Nan works in a charity shop called Age-Concern. She works there every Friday afternoon. My Nan is a deserving person because she is kind and helpful. In the charity shop they sell toys, books, clothes and some other stuff. If you're upset she makes you better. My Nan works on the till and if you can't find what you're looking for she will find it for you or say they have run out of them. My Nan is kind and sometimes has a laugh. My Nan still works at the Age-Concern. And she is 76 years old. She works there, because she likes to help them out. My Nan was born in (1932). She lives in Mildenhall. Her birthday is on the 14th April. The people that work at the age 窶田oncern are helpful and kind. Not all the people at the age-concern are kind. Some of them are very strict and the boss is very bossy. The age-concern charity shop is a very nice shop. The charity shop gets quite of lot of money from people who raise it for the age-concern charity shop. Some people say the age-concern shop is better than any other charity shop. My Nan has been working there for 3 or 4 years. There are lots or reasons to volunteer for help the age-concern: its fun. : You can make new friends. : You'll be part of there front line team. : It's a positive way to use your free time. : You'll gain confidence and develop new skills; and you'll know that your donated time gave someone some where a better life. They are always on the look out for volunteers! Learn new skills and help them raise money for older people. You can get rid of your unwanted stuff; help disadvantaged older people, and help the planet. You can follow their sevenstep plan to a junk free home! Help the age-concern shop function like mini recycling centres. Clear out unwanted clothes, house hold textiles, books, cds and bric-a-brac while helping older people and doing you part of the environment. There are two easy ways to donate your unwanted items. Simply choose the option that suits you best. The age-concern can offer free membership to their exclusive 'shops volunteer club. You can get involved and makes life better for others.

You can write in a diary and make gifts, birthday card and Christmas cards. Help the age-concern donate money and your skills bring you confidence. Together you can make a difference and get involved.


Ross 10 - Kevin G My nominee is Kevin G because he puts all his spare time and effort into the Newmarket Town Football Club. He is chairman of the club, including the nineteen youth teams. Kevin is also the Assistant Manager of the first men’s team. If it wasn’t for Kevin G, there would not be a Newmarket Town Football Club. Hundreds of boys, girls and adults would not be playing football for Newmarket from age six years through to adults through to veterans. He is involved in the management and coaching over two teams, one team is the first team and the other is the under 16’s. He is in charge and gives guidance to the youth section of the club and tries to attend as many matches as possible for each team throughout the season. Kevin organises and runs numerous fund raising events for the club including sponsored runs, 5-aside football tournaments, dinners, adults race nights, and discos. He does a lot of work in looking after the grounds. He mows the pitch, he marks out all of the lines on the pitch and he helps out in the bar (in the clubhouse). He is the most deserving person of the community because I see him doing these things when I’m playing for my under11’s team and when I watch the first team play, he inspires me But he does all of this without any pay!


Kirsty Sue L is a woman; she is the Mum of my best friend. Hannah, she is 38 years young I have Chosen to write about Sue because she is very special to me. Her work is a support worker. This summer we have spent a lot of time together and had some great days out, one of the best was Pleasure wood hills the best ride for me was the wipe out but Sue really liked the sea lion show because of the little sea loin called gorge. I find I can all ways talk to her about things she gives me good advise. We take are dogs on walk's together which it is fun I remember one time when it was really muddy and the dogs kept running though the muddy wood's . I stay Round there a lot with her daughter Hannah. We do cool thing's like make Christmas Cards and make play doe and pancakes. I remember one time went I lost my phone I was scared to tell my Mum so Sue gave me a phone till I got a new one then I spilt orange juice over that phone about 4 week later. Some time me and Hannah gang up on her Mum and play fight so much fun. She takes me clothes shopping some times I help her chose presents for Hannah’s Birthday and Christmas presents. Sue can not live with out her hair straight and is a clean alcoholic. Sue can not live without makeup. One day she took me Hannah and Bradly who is Hannah’s brother to planet zoom for dinner after planet zoom. The other day we both put bubbles down the toilet and Hannah needed the toilet and she sat on bubbles because she did not know they were in there. When Sue goes on holiday she trusts me to go and feed her animals but I left the key in the shed and she could not find it when she came back. My Mum and Hannah’s Mum are really good friends and Hannah and sue through a surprise party for my Mum. Sue helps me with my homework when my Mum can’t do it. She recently put three hundred songs on my bright shiny silver I pod. Sue and I was shopping with me and we went into new look and I saw a white dressing gown with a me to you bear hanging out of the pocket and I said it was really cute and she said it would suit me. She brought me a pair of skinny leg jeans because my Mum would not buy them for me and a pair of Ugg boots. Then that night me and Sue Hannah and Brad and Pete went for dinner in five miles from nowhere. I had garlic bread for my starter and sausage and chips for my main course and I had nice strawberry ice cream for my desert. And it was really nice.

All my love Kirsty


There are many people who do good things in the community, so many that it is hard to write about one of them in particular. I love my little brother so I’m going to write about someone who does something good for him in the community. That person is Tracey A, she is the owner of the A1 Fun club in Newmarket, it is an established day nursery and after school club, it has been for years now. It opens from 6.30am ‘til 6pm Monday to Friday and the age range of the children that can attend is 2 -10. It was Tracy's idea to open that early in the morning and she makes the kids their breakfast (cereal or toast accompanied by juice milk or water).the parents drop the children and then go to work as well as breakfast the kids stay for lunch which is usually brought in from home and dinner is normally made of the kids that stay all day healthy snacks are served in the morning and afternoon. Usually fruit vegetables and bread sticks/rice cakes, washed down with milk or water. Tracy makes sure that the kids are never without anything to do. indoors there re lot of games to play, books to read(including story telling on the mat), farm animals to play with, dolls and teddies etc. there is even an outside area with swings, bikes/scooters to ride, balls to kick around or you can just run around and make lots of noise. Not only that, Tracy also thought about the kids having a nap. Making sure there is a sleep area as well. This is well away from the play area, with mats and covers to keep you nice and warm. I remember going to the fun club when I was in primary school, me and my friend Annie-May used to pretend to be estate agents or news agents. I really used to look forward to going there after school. Tracy was always my favourite person there, if I were sad she would make laugh or smile. If I hurt my self she would make it better. She even made me rice crispy cakes on my birthday. Well we both did to be fair. But Tracy wasn't the only friendly one. Jodie, the nursery manager was also lovely, in fact they all were. Every single one of them were friendly and further more were qualified in nursery nursing and first aid and not once did they make a fuss about having to look after all of us noisy kids all day. But then they were getting paid for it ha-ha-ha. So that is the person that I think has done things for the community. Not a lot you might think but I enjoyed my time there, as did Annie-May and my brother still does. He has even learnt to count to ten and he is not even two yet. He can do things a lot of kids his age can’t do and that is because he has a great teacher called Tracy. I am sure my Mum and lots of Mums would say the same thing. Montana


Mary G Appearance: Mrs G is about five foot two inches tall and has short, blonde hair. She is always very cheery and sociable with everybody. She has pierced ears and wears earrings. She always wears a green Laureate school fleece and she wears dresses quite a lot too. The colours of her eyes are a light blue colour. What she does: She works as a caretaker at Laureate school to take care of the school and put stuff in it proper places and clean the whole school and is a fundraiser for cubs and beavers to help raise funds for Remembrance Sunday and big events. She prepares summer and Christmas fetes at Laureate school and helps all the teachers set up the stalls and run them and helps walk the children from Laureate to Scaltback when they do shows. She also runs after school clubs at Laureate and always tries to keep the school tidy and neat. She works in the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) at Laureate Community Primary School and decides what they could do to make the school better. She does fundraising also for Race For Lives. She has lived in Newmarket all her life and has been a caretaker at Laureate for eight years since August 2000. She has helped at cubs and beavers for about twenty years for different things and she is now on the Laureate School Council. She sometimes works in the office at Laureate and looks after people who are ill when no-one else is in the office. She got an award for working a long time at scouts and got a rectangular, little silver pin saying `Many Thanks’ for her achievements. She affects the community because she helps in clubs and makes it enjoyable for other people. I think she is the most deserving person because of all the helpful things she does in the community and how she helps everyone out and she gives so much time to the community.


The work of Mary G encourages me to help out with things like her when I am older. What she does makes me so encouraged because she helps out with the community so much. Rebecca


Dennis A Dennis A was my great uncle. He was born on December 14th 1918 he lived in Dullingham, near Newmarket. Dennis sister was called Enid she was my great grandmother. Dennis A was a soldier in the Second World War, this is his story. When Dennis was nineteen he fell in love with Kathleen on bonfire night. On September 1st 1939 he went to soldier training in Newmarket. He was allowed to go home on leave and Dennis and Kathleen married on the 2nd October 1941. They went to Luton on their honeymoon and visited Whipsnade zoo for the day. He left England on October 29th 1941 he sailed to much different countries before he stopped in Singapore. Whilst at war he was captured and became a Japanese prisoner of war, he was made to help build a railway line from Thailand to Burma, this was known as the railway of death because so many people lost their lives building it. Whilst in the camp they were not given enough food or water, they would often kill snakes and eat them; he said they tasted like chicken. Once Dennis saw a snake under his bed he hit it with a spade and the snakes hood came up another soldier managed to kill it they later found out it was a deadly venomous cobra. They were worked so hard their clothes turned to rags and their shoes wore out and so they were forced to work bare foot in the terrible conditions, lots of Dennis’s friends died in the camp through disease as they were so weak, the thoughts of home and Kath kept Dennis going. At the end of the war the prisoners were set free, after 3 and a half years Dennis weighed 7 stone 3 pound the red cross soon got supplies of food and water to the soldiers. All of the soldiers were very excited to be sailing home, it took a long time on the ship but they were to exhausted to mind. When Dennis arrived back in Dullingham he was met by his beloved Kathleen and his family who had arranged for the church bells to be rung to welcome him home. Dennis lived the rest of his life in Dullingham. He had 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He lived to be 80 years old. I think that he was a true hero to go through so much for his country. All the soldiers are remembered for all that they did by people wearing poppies around Remembrance Day. Dennis is gone but not forgotten in Dullingham as a housing estate was built next to his house and was named

Algar Drive.



Name: Amy Age: 10 My project is about my GranDad Tony M. My Granddad is called Tony he was born in Ashley, on 18th November 1937. He is 71 and has green eyes and about 6ft tall. Tony is married to Barbara and has been for 48 years. He has 3 children Helen, Sharon and Alison. Also he has 4 Grandchildren Toyah, Shelley, Dean and (me) Amy. As a young man Tony trained for 5 years to become a carpenter and joiner. This skill is how Tony has been able to help people with their home improvements all of his life. He is always available to help and offer his skilful hands to family members and friends. Here are some of the people my Granddad has helped and still does. He helped my family by putting in our kitchen, and decorating my bedroom and my brother’s bedroom. He also helped my Auntie and Uncle by building their extension on their house, another person he helps is his own Mum by taking her breakfast down every morning and looking after her garden. And he also does her shopping and he does lots of other things for her. He does all of these things voluntarily and does not get paid for it. No job is too big or too small if he thinks he is able to help someone in need he will do so willingly. My Granddad also gives up his own time to Isleham Fishing Club where he is their secretary, for his neighbourhood he volunteered to be the neighbourhood watch coordinator. Probably the one thing he enjoys most is sponsoring Dean’s football team Newmarket Town under 13s, giving money for kit and going to matches to support and cheer them on and also he gets to choose Man of the Match. Again all of these things are done with enthusiasm and voluntarily. He saves people money because Tony does the job and it saves people calling out a workman who they would have to pay. There was an occasion when my Granddad helped fix a cupboard door for a widow, this stopped her worrying in case it fell down and hurt her. There are other ways Tony’s volunteering affects his local community e.g. neighbour hood watch. Because he is the neighbour hood watch coordinator he looks out in- case there is a break in which makes people feel secure. The Newmarket Town under 13’s football team benefit from Tony’s community spirit because he provides them with opportunities to stay off the streets and not get into trouble. I think my Granddad deserves a hero award because of his warmth for the people and things around him. The people who my Granddad helps think that he is doing them a big favour. He encourages me to do something for my community by giving up my time helping friends, looking after their young children while their parents were busy decorating. Helping people gives me a feel good factor. It may look hard, but it is very easy to help people because it makes you feel happy. 46

This person I am writing about is 45 years old, and was born in Cyprus. She grew up travelling places like Libya and Gibraltar and now lives in Newmarket. She is married and has two children. After leaving school, she trained to be a nurse in London, and then became a midwife and now works at the West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St. Edmunds. This person helps out voluntarily at Paddocks Primary school in Newmarket, reading with the children every Tuesday and Wednesday morning, after her children have gone to school. She also offers help with school trips and activities etc. She started helping out at the school when her eldest child started at Paddocks in 1999 and was a Parent Governor for six years. Although her children are now at Scaltback Middle School and Newmarket College, she still goes along because she enjoys meeting the children, listening to them read and watching them improve and develop as they go through their school years. She also feels that it is important for people in the community to help out whenever they can because the teachers are so busy. She also helps out in other ways like caring for elderly people. Until last month, when unfortunately he died she looked after an elderly gentleman whose family lived along way away. She began caring for him in 2001 when sadly his wife died. It started with helping him out with his shopping, then gradually developed to cooking his lunch, doing his washing, taking him places and generally helping him to stay living in his own home as his health deteriorated. The elderly man’s relatives knew that someone was looking after him, and they knew he felt very safe in his own home and that made her very proud and happy. She also looks out for her elderly neighbours by going over their houses and making sure they are ok. She helps out people because she thinks it’s important that we care for each other, and likes to think that someone will do the same for her one-day. I think that she is the most deserving person in the community to win an award because she shows great respect to other people, she doesn’t just think about herself, but she thinks about other people as well. Also I think that she deserves an award because she cares for everyone in the community. She just wants the community to be happy and to care for each other so that children can grow up in a safe place, knowing that someone cares.

The work of this person encourages me to do something for the community because it inspires me to be like her. She is my personal role model. The reason that she is my role model is that I want to be just like her when I am older, to earn respect from others. Overall, if I were the judge, I would give this person all of the awards, for courage kindness and overall respect.


Name: Lauren Age: 10 Carmel B is my grandmother. She is 66 years old and lives in Newmarket. She is a widow and has one daughter, four grandchildren and a lot of friends. She has had bad eyesight all her life and is now registered blind. Carmel is a counsellor. She has private clients but also does voluntary work for a charity helping people in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk who were badly treated as children. She trained for four years to be counsellor on a course, which taught her how to help people with lots of different problems, including dealing with the death of a loved one, surviving abuse or losing a job. Counselling gives people a chance to talk through their problems and to find their own solutions rather than being told what to do. Sometimes people can get the support they need through their family or friends but sometimes they find it easier to confide in someone who will keep it private or perhaps they don’t have anyone that they can talk to. Carmel has been qualified for three years and has helped many people in that time. She decided to become a counsellor because she had always been the kind of person that people seemed to be able to talk to, and it was something she could do even with bad eyesight. Her first experience of counselling was probably when as a young adult she had helped out at a youth club and met lots of young people who were having difficulties and found it made them feel better if they had someone who would listen to them. She had been through lots of things in her life including losing her husband when she was young. These experiences have helped her to understand how people feel and how important it is to have someone to talk to. I think that she is a hero in our community because as well as doing counselling work, she has also supported other people who are training to be counsellors. Although she is visually impaired she also lives independently and also gives a lot of her own time to help the rest of her family. She is a good friend and kind person. She encourages me to be kind and caring towards others as well. I think that I would like to do some sort of voluntary work when I am older if I find I have a skill that I can share. Through voluntary work you can have an opportunity to try out different types of work and gain experience that might be useful to you later. It also gives you a good feeling to help others.


Resident of the village of Exning Mr Simon G, an elderly gentleman (I believe he is over 80 years old) who is a landowner and philanthropist, based in Exning has contributed to many charities and good causes both locally and nationally over many years. My knowledge of Mr G originates from my time as a small child whilst at ‘Stepping Stones’ pre- school also based in Exning. I remember him coming to support a Christmas concert there and joining in with all the parents, having a glass of wine and mince pies at the end. Mr G has helped support this charity-run school for many years and it probably remains to this day because of his support. Also, every year he allows a fireworks display to be held on his land that successfully raises money for both ‘Stepping Stones’ and the ‘Newmarket Lions Club’ - another locally based charitable organisation. There is an estate in Exning called George Gibson Close, which is sheltered housing for elderly and unwell people that he built and supports. Also there is a similar estate along Cotton End Road called Exning Court that has recently been completed as a result of his vision and support. He is also a strong supporter of Saint Martins Church in Exning which is the Parish Church of the village and where my younger brother, Daniel, and I were baptised. There is an increasing risk, nowadays, of village churches being closed through lack of finance and support but hopefully this will not be the case with Saint Martins. Mr Gibson is also the major benefactor of Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust. This was set up to help fund equine veterinary students and research projects within the equine veterinary profession. One of the most internationally renowned equine hospitals and diagnostic centres is built on his land in Exning. He has been awarded the C.B.E for his charitable works principally through his Simon Gibson charitable trust. He is a remarkable man as he continues to support many good causes without ever seeking personal recognition or gratitude, which in this age of publicity and hype is a rare quality. I am inspired by Mr Gibson’s strong but quiet commitment to his many charitable organisations and to the village of Exning in particular. There would be many people in the world in his position that would want everyone to know if they were helping others. Thankfully he is not one of these.



My name is Emily. I am doing a homework project about how someone important can get an award for the work in our community. I am nominating the Forest Heath District Council bin men and this is why I chose them For an award - The bin men are very important to our community because they come and empty our bins every week. It helps us a lot in our lives because if they never empted our bins they would overflow with rubbish and in the summer time the bins would be really smelly and have lots of flies. I think the bin men deserve this award because they keep our community clean and rubbish free. They encourage me to recycle things this is good because it is good for the environment and our planet also it gives the bin men less to do everyday, everyday they have to work even at Christmas time emptying all our wrapping paper and other packaging we throw away. If they never emptied our bins the world would be full of rubbish, which can harm birds, small animals and many more. We would not be able to walk down the street because there would be two much rubbish on the paths. So here are a few things to remember, always make sure you put your rubbish in a bin and not on the floor. Try to recycle as much as you can, to help the bin men as well as the planet, because they deserve a day off as well, if we never had any bin men to empty our bins, the wheelie bins would get full and the bins in the town and streets would also overflow. Our community would be untidy, it would also smell of rotting food and other rubbish so this is why I nominate them for this award, so remember to do your bit for our community and recycle and throw rubbish in the dust bin properly. By Emily


Phoebe age: 10 I am writing about my Mum, her name is Cheryl T. She is 40 years old and used to live in Burwell before she met my Dad and moved to Newmarket. She works for Waitrose in Newmarket and has been there for 10 years, She started just after I was born. My Mum has been giving blood for about 6 years, he best friend Lynne is a donor and one day she took my Mum along, It is held at the school in Burwell in the sports hall. You can donate every 4 months, and just before you get a letter in the post letting you know when the donor session is and if you want to make an appointment or just turn up. You also have to fill in a questionnaire which asks about your life style, any health problems, taking any medication or if you have been out of the country in the last 12 mouths or been in hospital and had a operation. You take all your paper work when you go to donate and show it on your arrival. When you have been booked in you have to go and have a finger prick test to make sure you have enough iron in your blood for you to donate, they do this by putting a little blood in a coloured solution and it needs to float to the top within a minute. With every procedure they ask your name, d.o.b and address making sure the paperwork is correct and with the correct donor. Once you have passed this they ask what arm you would like to use and lay you on a bed. They put a blood pressure band on the top of your arm to make the vein more prominent to put the needle in. It then takes 4-5 minutes to get a pint of blood. Afterwards you must rest for 10 minutes and have a drink and a snack. Giving blood can save someone’s life, and giving it makes my Mum feel proud and she says it is very rewarding; she walks out with a big smile on her face. Giving blood has helped my Mum in some way because if she hadn’t started to donate she wouldn’t of found out that she had got celiac, they found out she was very badly anaemic and told her to go to the doctors were they done more blood tests and found out she had a gluten intolerance, if this went unnoticed she could have had big problems in later life, so she owes them a big thank you. When I get older I would like to be a donor knowing I could save someone’s life and have that feeling my Mum has, and knowing that they helped her too. Losing someone you love hurts, and we lost someone special this year and it made my Dad look differently on life and he has just started to donate this year, ever little helps. Phoebe


Name: Charlotte Age: 10 years old Albert is a hero in our community because when my Mum, Dad and I go on holiday every year he looks after our cat Tiger. Albert has looked after tiger since he was a kitten. One day our cat Tiger brought in a bird and it was flying about my Mum and Dad tried to catch it but they couldn’t then Albert came round and caught the flying bird. One time when we were on holiday we had a pipe leaking in our bathroom and the water was coming through the kitchen and he fixed it. That was good because we would have had water flooding our kitchen and we would have had to call a plumber. Albert also gives me money for birthday, Christmas and for when I go on holiday, and every time we go to visit Albert, He and his wife give me five pounds even though they shouldn’t. Albert took in two stray cats which lived in my next door neighbours shed because they had no home they now live in his house and feeds them properly and gets looked after properly. Before Albert and his wife took in the two stray cats they had a cat which was stray as well. At the back of our house there is a back lane and Albert is always cutting the grass so it is nice and tidy even though he shouldn’t. People also dump litter in the back lane and Albert is always the one picking the litter up. When our bins have been emptied he put’s our bins back in our garden. When my Dad was putting in a new window for the bathroom he came over to help and he went up the ladder but my Dad said “you must not climb up that ladder!” The next moment, Albert was at the top of the ladder! And he is 72 years old. In Albert’s spare time he makes toys out of wood and they are really good, and every time I go to visit Albert he shows me everything he makes. When my Dad needs a tool for a job and does not have a certain tool for the job. He asks Albert and Albert always seems to have it and let’s my Dad borrow it then he will come round and help my Dad with whatever job he is doing. When Albert’s wife was in hospital this year she wasn’t very well but when she came out of hospital Albert looked after her very well. Albert encourages me to do something for our community by being kind, happy and to look after our town so it is clean and tidy not messy and scruffy.

Albert is a happy person and he always offers to help others. Every time I go to visit Albert he always smiles and he is always happy. Albert is quite tall with grey hair and always dresses smartly even if he isn’t very well, Albert also likes to chat to others. Charlotte


Newmarket Heroes in the Community Name: Aisling Class: Nominee: Mark O’R Introduction

Mark O’R is one of the heroes in the town of Newmarket. He is originally from Dublin in Ireland. Mark has lived in Newmarket since 1989. He is 44 years old, married, with two children. Mark O’R’s interest in boxing began in 1996. He was inspired by the late John H who was the head coach at The Newmarket New Astley Amateur Boxing Club. Mark is known for his voluntary work at the same club. “Clubs from other parts of the Eastern Counties come to the club for sparing sessions,” he told me. Mark also visits other clubs in Suffolk to do training sessions. Mark organises the annual boxing show at the club. He also makes bouts (a boxing match) with other clubs. Mark also gives up his spare time to go to other club shows, all over the country. The boxing club is open Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. He trains boys from the age of 9, who attend the junior session and, at the age of 17 they become seniors. Mark is a qualified First Aider and Senior ABA (Amateur Boxing Association of England) Coach. He is second Eastern Counties Coach and Head Divisional Coach of Suffolk. When Mark started coaching, he did an Assistant Coaches course, which took two weekends. Two years later he did a Full ABA Coaches course, which also took two weekends. Then another two years later he did a Senior ABA Coaches course which took 6 months. He gives up his weekends to coach other coaches, on ABA coaching courses. Mark does other voluntary work including Eastern Counties Squad Training and training two professionals. “Since being head coach at the New Astley Amateur Boxing Club,” he said, “I’ve had two national champions, one finalist and one England international, in four years.” He has recently been given a trophy awarded for Coach of the year by W.A.S.P. (West Anglia Sports Partnership). They also awarded one of his boxers, The Sports Personality of the Year. Over the last year he has been teaching groups of children in schools, including Scaltback Middle, St.Felix and the Newmarket Collage. Mark doesn’t do his work for money he does it because boxing is his passion in life. The Club gives Newmarket more sports facilities because, if we had nothing going on then the town would be very boring. “It’s a way for young kids to get a bit of discipline,” he said. Children can access boxing, through attending the boxing club or lessons at the schools or they can do both. The young children at the club and the schools do not do spar (box each other), which keeps them safe. I have chosen Mark O’R because he provides a sporting opportunity for Newmarket, and it is available in different ways. The work that Mark does spreads through the whole of Suffolk and the Eastern Counties. He gives up all his spare time to promote boxing and that is why he should be recognised. The work that Mark does shows me that I should also do something important that helps the community. I go to Guides every Friday with my friends, and we do a lot of work to help the community. Recently we have, tidied the gardens of the Colourbox preschool and we prepared the church for Harvest Festival. I marched in the Remembrance Parade to remember the soldiers that died in war from our community and I represented the Girl Guides. In December I will be helping at the Tattersalls Carol Concert and I will be packing groceries at Waitrose to raise money for our Girl Guide pack. Parental Comment: Aisling has worked hard on this assignment. She did an interview to collect the factual information required and included some quotes. I have helped her improve the grammatical layout and encouraged her to change some of the words, to make the reading more interesting, and widen her vocabulary, which is an area she could improve on. These homework projects offer an interesting addition to the curriculum.


Matthew L (My Dad) Matthew L aka my Dad had his 40th birthday this year on 6th August. In terms of height he is about 6`1`` and quite slim. He works at Maleon, who are consulting engineers as an Associate Director; this sometimes takes him all the way to London even though the company is based in Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire. My Dad helps out at swimming, rugby, cricket and football. He is a coach for teams in football, cricket and rugby but a lane supervisor at swimming. He also plays rugby for Newmarket Development team; he plays in the centre or at stand-off, even though he is not a very good kicker! He has played rugby for over 20 years and was first team captain the year I was born. He does not get paid for any of the coaching and always manages to be encouraging to everyone. He always comes up with sayings to keep us going in training through the wet and cold days like, if it is not raining it is not training, or, when the going gets tough the tough get going. He really helps the community along with the other coaches by giving young people like me and my friends the opportunity to do new sports and he always makes sure everyone has fun. He ensures that whoever takes the time to join in the various sports he coaches they are given the opportunity to learn new skills and develop a positive way of thinking about themselves and those around them no matter what their ability or skill level. Unfortunately his involvement in all of these sports means that he ends up being my coach a lot. He tries to treat me the same as all the other children but sometimes I think he is harder on me than the others. But in spite of this I enjoy us being together so much and he makes us all laugh and although he is very strict he always encourages us all to work together and treat each other with respect. I think he really deserves to be nominated for an award because at the moment he has two dislocated ribs, yet he still comes along to help out with the coaching even though he can’t run about very much. He dislocated his ribs while playing rugby for Newmarket development team, when one of the props accidently fell over and sat on him! Also because I think he deserves it as the coaching takes up most of his free time and the only day with nothing on is Tuesday so this is usually our rest day. Swimming takes up most days as it is on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and sometimes Saturday and Sunday! He never grumbles about not having any free time of his own. Thanks to him I have improved at swimming, football, rugby and cricket and he has inspired me to become a coach when I am older. I want to be a coach because it I know it makes him happy. He is so enthusiastic at every training session and he is really pleased no matter

whether we win or lose as long as we have tried our best and had fun.



Name: Sarah

Age: 11 Nominee: Amanda P

My Mums name is Amanda Jane P. She was born on the 6th May 1974 in Northampton General Hospital. She is 5 foot 4 inches tall has shoulder length dark hair and grey eyes. My Mum likes to wear clothes that are red, black and grey which are her favourite colours. My Mum has had jobs as a cleaner and also as a care assistant. At the moment she is a night support worker at The Hawthorns. The Hawthorns is home to three young adults with learning disabilities and special needs. The way my Mum helps her community is that she gives help to her friends when they need it, in their shops and asks for no payment. She does this because she just wants to help them when they are stuck. The main person she helps is Clair P, who is the manager of a large retail store in Newmarket town centre. Sometimes when she is short of staff or has big deliveries my Mum offers to go down to the store and help with everything but the till. These jobs have included helping Clair clear out and reorganise the upstairs stock room, helping to unpack delivery stock and put them out on the shelves once they have been price checked and flattening the boxes and putting them in the big green bin. She has also been known to help change the price stickers on products when needed as a list of price changes have come through. Sometimes when Clair has a big sale promotion to do and is worried that she won’t be able to get it done on time for when it is due to start as they usually only give her a few days to get this. My Mum will go down and help her put up all the big posters in the windows, and change the posters and displays in the rest of the store. She also helps tidy and hover the store sometimes. When she is helping Clair it allows her to fully concentrate her attention on her customers, which I feel really helps the whole community of Newmarket because they get a better service and enjoy there shopping experience more than they would if Clair was too busy to offer them as much help as they needed. The main reason I have nominated my Mum is because she really enjoys helping people. Another reason I have chosen her is because she has told me that she doesn’t want to be nominated as she feels that there are a lot of other people far more deserving of the award than her. But I think she should be anyway as she really does deserve it.

See what my Mum does to help others in her community and the effect that it has, makes me want to be more like her and be less selfish and more caring about other people. It also makes me want to find ways that I can help other people and ask for nothing back. 55

Local Hero I believe my next door neighbour (Joe) is a local hero. Joe is a retired man who has lived in Newmarket all his life. He attended school here, worked here and has retired here. He is a man that seems to be younger than his years as he keeps himself fit and active. He does this by gardening and going on long walks in the countryside. Joe is married to a lady called Freda and they have a son who is older than my Mum. Joe is a kind man and when we first moved here two years ago, he made us feel very welcome and was always friendly. Despite me and my sister being young and quite noisy and the walls being quite thin in our house, Joe and his wife have said that they love to hear the sound of kids playing. Their own family have grown up and moved away. They are very proud of their family and speak about them fondly. We always receive Christmas cards and presents from them and they will often give us other gifts from outings that they have been on. Recently he gave me and my sister some Harley Davidson scarves and has given us hats from their days out to museums. Even though Joe retired some years ago he still helps out at the race course on race days and for the “Newmarket nights” so considering he is quite a mature man, he is still able to tolerate the loud music and new bands that perform there he thought that girls aloud were too thin though! He did say that the Bryan Adams concert was great. Joe has a love of horses and I think that he enjoys helping out and that’s why he does it. He once also told my Mum that the tips given were quite good! Joe is very keen to help others and since the other neighbours husband died he always mows her lawns when he does his own. He also puts out Mum’s bins if she forgets and he always brings the bins back in for her in the mornings. Joe is a very keen gardener and can be seen most days out in the garden come rain or shine with his wife. Getting weeds out and planting new plants for the summer or winter. Their garden is quite nice because of this. He also trims some of the bushes in Mums garden as she does not have any trimmers and he always does a fantastic job. Joe also likes to go for long walks and does this in his free time. He will also take out large groups to do this as he is a big fan of the outdoors. As Joe likes to go out on walks and has lived here all his life he is also knowledgeable about the area and community. Joe can be seen washing his car every week and takes great pride in all that he does. My neighbour is not only a great neighbour but is only too willing to do more than his fair share for the community. He has never been in a bad mood that I have seen and never has a bad word to say about anyone. He always seems to see the positive, good side of things.


Name: James G

Age: 11

Nominee: Alan F

I would like to tell you about Alan F. He is a Volunteer Community Car Driver. He has been a community car driver for four years. He lives in Newmarket. One of his hobbies is caravanning and he likes to go to the Newmarket Day Centre quiz nights. He is married to Beryl F. Alan F is a volunteer driver for the Community Car Service. The Community Car Service helps transport the more vulnerable members of our community such as the elderly and disabled. These people find it hard to use public transport and don’t own a vehicle of their own. We would find it really easy to use buses, but if you were elderly it would be really hard. They sometimes have a really long walk to the bus stop and get really tired having to stand and wait. Sometimes where they live does not even have a bus service; this is mainly in rural areas. Alan is not the only Community Car Volunteer driver. There are approximately 20 drivers including Alan. They mainly take people to; hospital appointments, visit relatives in hospital, attend Day Centres, visit friends, go shopping, and attend social groups. The Community Car Service also takes people to a wide range of clubs which are: the PHAB Orbit Club, the Chatterbox Club, the Red Cross Club and the Blind Club The most common request is for visiting relatives in West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds. Getting to this hospital can be really difficult for elderly ladies who are trying to visit the poorly husbands, often they have never learnt to drive and to get there otherwise means taking 3 buses there and back. This is often just too much especially when they are already worrying about their husbands. Alan also takes people to Icanho, a special treatment centre for people who have had head injuries from maybe a car accident or falling from a horse. Icanho then teaches them to relearn how to do basic tasks, such as reading, cooking and even dressing themselves. Alan greatly enjoys seeing them improve over time. Alan and the other volunteer drivers are really important to our community. The people that they help would really struggle without them. They would be very lonely and would be stuck in their homes with no one to talk to or to help them. Alan is the most deserving member of our community because he dedicates so much of his time to helping others. Not only does he help them to get where they need to go but he offers them friendship and chat. Alan is someone who has shown an interest in them and made them smile. As much as Alan and the other drivers are unpaid they still find it very rewarding. They find it rewarding because they feel as if they are giving something back to the community and get to meet a wide range of people who often become firm friends. Alan states; “The main reason I do it is because I enjoy it.�


Name: Joshua P Age: 10 Community Award Nominee: Gill B. Gill B has been a family friend for the past 4 years. She is married to Roger and has two daughters Emily aged 6 and Charlotte aged 2. Gill lives in Exning, though I’m sure she would like to move into town at some point to be closer to her children’s schools and All Saints church. Gill is well educated, well travelled and well spoken. Gill is also very friendly, extremely helpful and has a bubbly personality. Gill runs a local playgroup called Jigsaw, at All Saints Church, on a Tuesday morning from 9:30 until 11:30am. She prepares the area by laying out chairs for the adults and putting out toys in the centre for the children. Gill also makes tea and coffee for the parents, supplies biscuits for the children, as well as having time to talk to them and listen to what they have to say; giving advice if requested. Gill also goes to church at All Saints and will always volunteer to help out with any functions, whether it’s cooking, cleaning or organising; Gill is one of the first with her hand up to volunteer. After parent’s assembly at All Saints Primary School on a Thursday morning, Gill provides tea and coffee for the parents and staff. When my Mum was not well last year, Gill would take and pick up my younger brother and sister from school so my Dad could go to work. Gill would also offer to do the shopping and have us around for tea to allow my Mum a rest (put her feet up or sleep). When our car was in the garage recently, Gill as well as helping out with the school run, even offered us her own car to use. When I was ill a few days ago my Mum and Dad had a funeral to go to and Gill kindly offered to have me and my younger brother until the funeral was finished. Gill has a very positive effect on the community. By running the toddler playgroup, Gill provides a meeting place for parents of young children, who can meet up for a cup of tea and a chat. Though their own parents supervise the children, it allows children without brothers and sisters to interact with other children and make new friends, as well as some of the Mums. I think Gill is the most deserving Community Award Nominee because she always thinks of other people before herself. She is extremely kind and thoughtful to everyone she meets. Gill is very helpful and friendly in what she does, and nothing is too much trouble for her. Gill encourages me in life because she always thinks of others and their needs. She never judges people from different backgrounds, but treats everyone as equal and with the utmost respect. Gill has taught me that materialistic things in life are not that important. What is important in life is friendships and taking care of each other, as well as always being there. Being able to listen is another important quality that Gill has taught me. Gill has, and remains a wonderful friend to family and community and someone I admire and look up to.


By Nathan Member Information: Keith W formed KWWK 8 years ago when my Instructor left the Country. “I have built the Club up and run the Club two nights per week plus I also teach Self Defence classes to various groups, and travel all over Instructing at various other Clubs. We are Freestyle Club so can vary and add as much as we feel is appropriate to achieve the very high standards we ask of our Students.� Additional Disciplines Studied: Free Style Martial Art, Karate, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Other, Weapons Achievements & Titles: Undefeated British Junior Champion. Southern Area Champion. Undefeated in my last 18 competitions. Numerous Club and Interclub Wins. Memberships: Black Belt International BNMAA Because he gives self confidence to people through fitness and discipline in karate And gives his time help people in a good way.


Raj Aged 11

Polly (our ex-school nurse)

Polly used to be our school nurse and she was very good at listening to children who had all sorts of issues including bullying and death of a loved one. It was really helpful speaking to Polly because she would listen to you and give names of the websites that could help you to sort out your problem. Polly is very kind and helpful and it is quite easy to talk to her. She is a very good and patient listener. Although Polly does not work at our school any more, I feel that my sessions with her really helped me a lot to deal with my issues. I am trying to nominate Polly because she tries to comfort kids in middle schools which make them feel so much better. It is very easy to have a chat with Polly. You can feel very happy session after a session. You can even play some games at the end of the session with her to relax your mind. She played games like connect 4 and bop it. As with anything new in your life, it is not easy to speak to Polly for the first time but you will get in the swing of things and it gets easier and easier. You feel you can trust her to be understanding and not judgemental. I think Polly really deserves this award for being very helpful and doing her bit to comfort lots of kids in Newmarket. Kids today can have a lot of worries and problems. It is very helpful to have Polly as it is sometimes very hard to talk to your closest friend or family member about those problems. If the child did not want to speak to their friend or family member then they could speak to Polly. If she managed to comfort me then I think every kid could be comforted. It is great to speak to Polly because you do not have to tell everything at once if you did not want to. She would ask you questions that you could mostly answer. Discussions with Polly make it easier to deal with the problem. I used to go and see Polly every Tuesday. I was always looking forward to our sessions. I lost my Granddad recently and I am missing him terribly. It was hard to discuss it with my family as I would get emotional. My family is missing him too. Although my parents were very supportive and understanding, I felt the need to talk to someone unconnected to my family, but someone who would understand at the same time. Polly was so patient and delicate about this issue. Through a series of activities she helped me to deal with my grief, which at times was just overwhelming. Polly truly deserves the award as there are so many children who relied on her and she was there to help them like she helped me. She has made a real difference to my life and the life of others.




I am writing about Eric Tennant’s Butchers. Eric’s butchers have been established in Newmarket for twenty three years. In this time he has achieved an excellent high standard Butchers shop, giving the public a polite and friendly service and the customers exactly what they require. Newmarket is a very popular and thriving horse racing town. Newmarket also has a very good reputation for selling sausages. At Eric’s he sells the famous Musks Sausages. When there is racing and sales at Tattersall’s through the whole year, people from all over the country come to the shop to get some pork, chicken, beef or lamb and also venison and seasonally pheasants, partridges, and grouse and anything else that the customers require . Why Eric has such a busy shop is because he and his staff are caring people who take time to listen to every customer’s needs and requirements. What I think Eric does, for the community is making every meal time enjoyable for all the members of the family. There are many horse trainers in Newmarket that come to the shop every week. Some of them are famous or well known in the horse racing industry. A lot of customers have big dinner parties very often. There are also lots of local pubs and restaurants, which he supplies and delivers to everyday, making all there customers happy too. We are now coming up to Christmas, which is the busiest time of the year. They have beautiful gammons and hams, which they prepare and cook on the premises. They also cook there own roast pork, roast beef and chickens all on a rotisserie, which smells lovely and makes everyone feel very hungry. The shop always has a long queue passed the window and at Christmas time it will be as long as your eye can see. All the staff have to come to the shop early to prepare and get ready all their customers orders. Everyone at Christmas traditionally likes to eat lots and lots of roast turkey. Eric’s turkeys all come from local farms in East Anglia. He does white and bronze turkeys. The bronze birds have a stronger flavour. The shop always looks very clean and bright with excellent hygiene standards. The window and the cabinets always look very colourful with lots of nice food that I and lots of other people just want to eat and enjoy at home. Eric’s staff are always very smart and always have a smile on their faces. This is why a lot of people always come back because they always cheer them up when they are leaving the shop. When ever their regular customers walk past the shop they always wave or shout out HELLO with a big smile on their face. This is why I have chosen to write about Eric Tennant’s Butchers because I know that it is a friendly local shop, which sells very good quality meat and can never do enough to give you what you want.


For my project I have chosen someone very close to me! I think this person is a beautiful young woman. This lady has dark blond hair with blue eyes, and has a crooked nose from when she was a little girl. She was doing what any other little girl would do; bouncing on the bed, but she fell off and banged her nose on the radiator. This person seems to be very jolly; she has even signed her name as Mickey Mouse on some of my school letters. Although my person doesn’t do all of these things now, I have found her an easy person to write about because I know so much about her. About 1 year ago xxxxx used to help at Paddocks Primary School. She would help the children get ready for a fun run of about 1 mile that they had to do every year. The plan would be to get the children to warm up in a fun way helping them to learn how to get their bodies ready for exercise. Next, they would have the hard work. This would be running up and down hills helping and a special circuit to increase stamina and endurance. I think the children really liked it from the things they used to say to me. The lady would make them work together, getting them to encourage each other and try to tell them they can all achieve whatever they want, but they have to put in the hard work in. In September 2006, we had a very special person die. My person decided to run the London Marathon and raise money for the NCCU Neuro Critical Care Unit at Addenbookes hospital in Cambridge. This meant that, not only was she running our house, but she was also helping her Mum with the sudden loss of our special person but had to start training, going out lots and lots. She even delivered her Christmas cards one dark Saturday night, really close to Christmas, by running them around. She still went to help out at Paddocks. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, while my Mum was doing all the other stuff, she also used to go and help out at the Newmarket Jogger Juniors; this is because she knows a lot about the body like how to warm up safely and knows lots of muscles and things. She also works at an osteopath with people’s bodies and muscles. On the weekends when Mum make us tidy up and sort our wardrobes, all the cloths that are too small or we don’t really wear we throughout and all the cloths go to the Oxfam shop or a charity shop. In the last year when my Mum has been doing the odd bits to help the community like saving paddocks and going down the town with about two hounded people all marching up and down on a cold day singing “I would walk five hundred miles and I would walk five hundred more, to tell you that we love our schools and you will never close their door, lalalala lalalala lalalalal lalalala lalalala give us the choice leave our schools alone.”


I think my Mum is the most deserving person in the community because of all of the stuff she does in her time and how much she helps others when their stuck. My Mum is a shooting star always helps others out and is like a tough teddy that has lost one eye but still survives. Katie


Zak Aged 10 The person I’m talking about is my Mum Tracy Simpson

My Mum is 40 years old and has two children (me and my sister Zoe). She helps the community in lots of ways By working looking after loads of people and When people need help she helps them. My Mum helps the community in lots of ways My Mum works in a bowling ally, but may be leaving soon. She helps people have fun by playing bowling, games, snooker and pool. Even though they sell alcohol they have great food and some hot and cold drinks. It’s fun for everyone, even the kids My Mum Tracy affects the community in lots of ways and I think she is the best Mum and worker in the world. My Mum enchants every one she meets like the old, the kind and the sick. My Mum has one job, my sister has two And my Mum’s boyfriend John has one. I think my Mum is the most deserving person in our community because it would show her how much people appreciate her. She never gets a thank you, when she helps her friends Like when she goes to work when she does not have to or when she organises parties and sorts out problems. This is how my Mum looks after this

This is how she may look when she gets a thank you


Marcus 10 years old My community hero is Jenny (my next door neighbour) because she does lots of helpful things for people in the neighbourhood. Jenny left her home, Guyana, 34 years ago to come to England to start a career in nursing. Jenny is 54 years old and she is a nurse. She has been nursing for 34 years now. Jenny helps the community in many different ways. She gives neighbours gardening tips which really helped my Mum with many different vegetables and plants. Jenny even looked after our vegetables and plants when we went on holiday. Luckily, Jenny likes her job which makes a difference on the other hand, if she didn't I don't think she'd be getting along very well with her work friends and would have to move to another job. In the hospital Jenny volunteers to help out in different areas, during her lunch break. Jenny also helps her elderly friends. She visits them to keep them company and takes them places to keep them entertained. Jenny also sometimes does their shopping for them! One time while in the high street in Newmarket, Jenny helped an elderly lady who had fallen over. She gave her medical assistance and stayed with her until an ambulance came to take her to the hospital. I nominated Jenny because she is a kind and loving person who gives help and advice to people who need it and asks for nothing in return. She is intelligent and knows a lot about her job as a nurse because of the different places she has worked in the hospital. Jenny is always ready to help when her help is needed. She is a caring and kind hearted person who people can trust and depend on. Jenny is intelligent and funny and nice to be around to have a good chat with and I am sure her patients (people that she helps in the hospital) like her. I also think that her fellow work friends like her just as much. Not only is she helpful in the wider community where she works, but also in the closer community where she lives. During the summer holidays I helped my Mum with the gardening and even grew my own strawberries and tomatoes which came out very good because of the advice Jenny gave me and my Mum. Also because of Jenny's kindness and caring ways, I would be ready to help others and volunteer my help to those who need it. It is people like Jenny, that encourage people my age to contribute to the community and do the best I can for it and the people that live within my neighbourhood. Jenny not only just encourages me but all other people as well, her elderly friends, her daughter, her son and all her other kind friends this is why I have chosen Jenny. Jenny encourages me to try to help the community because when I grow up, I can do the same things as she does.


Name: Katie B

YEAR 5 Age: 9


She is a sixty-three year old Mum of two and has three granddaughters. She lives in Saxon Street with her husband and their cat. She is always happy and very kind to everyone she meets. She also enjoys being out working in her garden at home, tending all her pretty flowers. Every week she does the ironing for the man next door, who lives on his own. There is a lady who lives at the other end of the village where she goes every other Monday to wash and set her hair. Then every six months she perms the lady’s hair for her. For the last seven years this lady has with her friend organised a Christmas dinner with entertainment for all the over sixties in the village and their partners. It is always held at the church hall and is all cooked, prepared and served by this lady and her friend. In order to raise the money for this to happen these two ladies organise a prize bingo with all the prizes being donations from various people in the village. This lady affects the community that she lives in because the lady whose hair she does is unable to get out of the house easily, so by going to do her hair every other week she is providing a service that would be impossible otherwise. She is also providing company and somebody for this lady to talk to as she does not have many visitors or have any family living close by. The man next door to this lady who she does the ironing for lives on his own and would not be able to get his ironing done very easily as he does not have any family living close by. Organising the Christmas for the over sixties has meant that a lot of people have had a chance to get together for a pleasurable evening that they would not have had and has given them a great chance to get out of the house. The evening brings great happiness to many people that would not normally get together on a social occasion like this. I think that this person is very deserving because she gives her time to do all this organising and bringing happiness to lots of people as well as working part-time three days a week at Waitrose in Newmarket. She also looks after my little sister and I every other Saturday while my Mum goes to work. All the work she does voluntarily is for people who are over sixty years old, but at the same time she is sixty-three years old herself. I have seen how much happiness this lady brings to so many people and how much all her kind actions mean to them. I would like to bring this amount of happiness to lots of people just like this lady has. This lady has shown me that simple deeds can bring lots of happiness to those who they are done for. The person who I have described in this project is my Nanna, Mrs Enid J.


Heroes in the Community of Newmarket  

Year 6 nominations for our hero 2008/9

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