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Summer 2005

Hair Care tips From Wayne battle: One of the newer innovations in hair care is Hair Cloning. Scientist cloning to replace hair comes from and doctors are recommending the a clinical trial on mice. The scientist hair follicles be cloned and first isolates the follicular stem transplanted to the areas of the cells, grow the cells in a matrix or head where hair loss is most medium, and then inject the cells prevalent. The most common back into the scalp of the donor. cause of male/female pattern The Journal of Biotechnology balding can be traced to a reports that since follicular cell hormone called DHT. This cloning has been successful in mice particular hormone there was a high probability that Dihydrotestosterone the same could be done in human speeds up the growth cycle of hair trials within the next decade. in the temple and crown area. As a result of this extra growth spurt newer hairs never get the chance to Books to Read mature before falling out and because of the overabundance of Playing My mother’s Blues by this hormone DHT some of the hair Valerie Wilson Wesley follicles weaken and die. This Genevieve by Eric Jerome Dickey creates the horseshoe balding Can’t get enough by Connie Briscoe pattern so common among adult men and women. The idea of using Affiliate link-

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