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VMS 191 Raquel Salvatella de Prada

Work by Kyle Jones


Adaptation of Ernie Barnes’

Sugar Shack


For the first assignment I selected unique shapes and manipulated them to produce interesting images. Then, I combined them in one image and ended up with the top picture on the next page. For the second assignment I used the color scheme (on the left) to create an abstract painting. For this painting I mostly used layer blending options and the blur tool.

Assignment THREE I chose the group N.E.R.D. for this project. Their music could be described as hip-hop alternative. I thought that a graffiti type font would be appropriate. The particular album that I was thinking about is called seeing sounds. I tried to incorporate what that means on the back cover.

In project five, I chose to do the movie Black Dynamite. This movie is a mocumentary on blaxploitation type movies from the 80s.

Assignment FIVE


In Her Shoes chronicles the ups and downs of a typical Duke student over the course of a week. Each day depicts part of the cycle that almost every Dukie goes through in the quest to live a balanced life. Monday depicts the gloomy, most dreaded day of the week. Tuesday is the day that students try to get back into the swing of things via going to the gym. Wednesday, or Hump Day, is the day of preparation for exams later that week. Thursday is the day to look presentable, whether you actually have something to do or not. Friday, as depicted, is the day to party (enough said). Saturday equals GAME DAY! Sunday... well, let’s just say that with a great weekend of partying comes a great period of recovery and cramming.


VMS 191 Final Portfolio  

A compilation of all of the assignment over the Fall 2011 semester in Digital Imaging.

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