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This book is dedicated to... My Aunt Colette who helped me through this writing task.

CHAPTER ONE THE DISEASE Her story began when she caugh t a very bad cold. Her cold was called November Fever. Here is the ,io.y of Sassy the cat. It was Thanksgiving and Sassy the Cat was about to have her feast of turkey, com, n'vy and tuna fish. All of a sudden, Sassy began to sing. She was singing arapsong, but no one knew the song's title. No one srept trtut rrigt t because sassy would not stop singing! The next day, they took Sassy to the vet,s office. They said Sassy would have to go to chicago to get a shot to cure her cold. Her owners asked what cold did she have. The doctors diagnosed her with November Fever. The road trip was going to be long. Sassy's owners bought plane tickets and they would be leavtg in ufout three weeks. sassy, in her kitty mind, sighed and then hissed. sassy hated to find out it was going to be ihr.. weeks before they left for chicago. Sassy knew this was going to be the longest three weeks of her life.


Sassy wanted to do was to sleep, eat and

live life like she always had. Now Sassy was going to have to get on a stupid plane and have to hear afat guy snore all the way there. When they got home from the doctor, Sassy went straight to her room and took anap. After Sassy woke up, she ate some catfish, got her manicure, and she ended the day with some sleep.

The next day, Sassy's owners took her to Pampered Pets to get a cute dress for their trip. Sassy picked out a blue dress with yellow beads on the sleeves. Then Sassy got a pedicure and she picked out blue nail polish. Now Sassy was ready to leave but it was not time to go yet.


Sassy looked at the calendar and

it was only one week before they would leave for chicago. Sassy ate chicken and shrimp for lunch. Then Sassy went to pet Smart and got a new chew toy. After allthat, she took a long nap. After she woke up, sassy was still singing. Her owners took her back to the vet's office. The vet put her on some medicine to stop some of her singing. Now instead of singing, she was

drinking five bowls of water a day. Sassy had to be put on medicine for that too. when Sassy got home, she chewed on her toy until dinner time. Sassy's dinner bowl was filled sky high. She had shrimp, roast beef furkey, ham, chicken, tuna fish, catfish, kibble, #avy, bacon, sausages, mice, and orange slices. For dessert, she had a big piece of cake topped off with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, bananas, and oranges. After such a long and big dinner, Sassy happily went to sleep with a full stomach. For the first time in her kitty years, Sassy

felt like a new cat.

Today, Sassy woke up quite woozy. While her owners were still asleep, Sassy hopped on the counter and looked at the calendar. Tomorrow they would leave for Chicago. For her breakfast, she had hummingbird sandwiches. Instead of taking anap, Sassy packed her things in a suitcase and ate some lunch. She had eel fritters and burritos. Then they went to Pampered Pets to get a catbed for the trip. She also got another toy and another dress. This dress was green with sparkles and a matching headband. She also got another manicure and pedicure. Then she took a long cat nap. Sassy then played with some of her toys. She played with a mouse, ball, string, and a sock that smelled like cake. Then she got to have ice cream before dinner for being such a good cat. After her treat, she went to Macy's and got seven more dresses. The colors of the dresses were orange, purple, green,

yellow, blue, white, and red. Then she went to Kitfy swimmers And co. and picked out two bathing suits. The first one was pink with polka dots on it. The second one was yellow with sparkles.

Sassy went home and played

with the cake

smelling sock. For dinner, she had steak, turkey, roast beef ham, chicken, humming birds, eels, tuna fish, shrimp, and beef gravy.

For dessert, she had a seven layer angel food cake topped with strawberries, blue raspberries, blueberries, and oranges. Sassy fell asleep feeling 1iLo




Sassy hated waking up at

five thirly in the morning. She got

a shower and put on her new red dress. Then they drove to the airport. They got their luggage checked in and got on the plane.

for an hour then ate some cookies. After eating, she watched some tv and then went back to sleep. All of a sudden, she heard something snort like a pig. She looked around and saw a fat man snoring. She tried to sleep but could Sassy slept

not because the man was snoring so loud. The pilot said it would be three more hours before they would land in Chicago. Sassy did not know that her owners forgot to pack any snacks for the trip. They opened up a bag that was supposed to be filled with snacks and it was completely empty! Sassy meowed for a long time because she was so hungry. All they could find was a cereal bar. Sassy ate that but it just made her more hungry. Sassy had a very bad stomach ache and she could not sleep. Then the pilot said it would be fifty more minutes before they would land in Chicago. She looked at her owner's watch and it read six o'clock. Sassy was bored so she just took a ten minute nap.

Sassy was miserable because she was so hungry, tired, and

crabby. Her eyes would not close. Then the stewardess came around and she got two cookies. She was so happy to get some food in her stomach. Sassy finally went to sleep with a smile on her face. Finally, the pilot said they had just landed in Chicago. When Sassy got off the plane, she was so happy to get a breath of fresh air. After they checked into the hotel, she got to go swimming. She wore her pink polka dot swim suit. After she went swimming, she went to the vet's office. They checked in and she got an examination. The doctor said she does not have November Fever, she is overweight! He explained she was eating too much and that the doctor at home misdiagnosed her with November Fever because she had the same symptoms of November Fever. He recommended that she go on a diet to lose some weight. To get started, she did a lot of swimming while she was at the hotel. Sassy also ate healthy foods like carrots, apples, and other fruits and veggies. She also jogged on the beach. When Sassy got on the scale, she had lost ten pounds! She was so happy and proud of herself. Sassy got a little bracelet for a reward. When she got up from her nap, she collected shells on the beach to get some exercise. The next morning, she got on a plane to go home. She was so excited to be going back to the place she lived all her life, home sweet home.



Sassy was so huppy to be home again. When they got situated, Sassy went outside to get some exercise and to play.

rolling on the grass when she noticed another cat. Sassy ran over to the cat and introduced herself. The cat Sassy was

introduced herself as Peanut. They played in Peanut's yard for three hours. Peanut's owners went to Sassy's home to ask if Peanut could spend the night. Sassy's owners said yes. Peanut and Sassy were so excited. They thought they were going to explode with joy. Peanut got her things and went to Sassy's house. Peanut and Sassy watched a movie then went to Sassy's room. They played two board games and got bowls of milk. Then they ate steak for dinner and watched Sponge Bob for thirty minutes. After they watched a little tv, they got a manicure and pedicure. They were talking about the newest kitty handbag when all of a sudden, they heard a loud scream. They went into the living room and saw Sassy's owner jumping up and down saying "I won I won!!!" Then Sassy's owner caught her breath and said "I won tickets for the aquarium and they allow pets!" Then Peanut's owner asked "can Peanut go?" Sassy's owner said yes and they could go too. Sassy fell asleep so happy.

The next duy, Sassy and Peanut got showers and dressed in identical dresses with matching headbands. On the way to the aquarium, they talked about Madonna's new haircut. When they got to the aquarium, they were fascinated by all the animals. They saw sharks, jellyfish, fish, penguins, and a bunch of other animals. Then they had tuna for a snack and went to the beach. Sassy and Peanut played together on the sand and went swimming in the ocean. When Sassy came out of the water, she had seaweed dangling from her head and everyone laughed. To freshen the kittens up, they took them to the spa. They both got a hot bath and their coats combed. After the spa, they felt like new cats. Peanut and Sassy were getting tired so they took a nap that lasted an hour. For lunch, they had pork chops and then went to the park. They played on the swings, and played some kickball, frisbie, and jump rope.

Sassy's owners noticed that she looked thinner and were glad that she was losing weight like the doctor ordered. Sassy had been having so much fun playing with her new ftiend, Peanut, that she didn't even notice she had lost weight.

n@trlm --



It was growing dark outside, so Sassy and Peanut laid down in the grass to look at the stars glowing in the sky. For the first time in years, Q-oort


.ror..r L.rr



i., Lo''1+L-,


The End

About the Author This book was written by CYDNEY age 9, who lives in DAYTON-OHLO and attends GRAFTON KENNEDY. For fun CYDNEY likes to READ AND MAKE CRAFT PROJECTS

Sassy Gets Cured  
Sassy Gets Cured  

A story about a cat named Sassy.