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Grade 8 Science Field Trip: Student Packing List What to bring to on our overnight field trip… Note: Mr. Choquette must receive your * fully completed * Permission Sheet/Medical Form/Liability Waiver in order for you to attend the field trip on April 6, 2012. The medical information is only used so that field trip leaders and professional medical help will be aware of pertinent medical history should something happen. You won’t be able to tell us important information (background, allergies, pre-existing conditions) if you are unconscious. * Medications that you may need: When hiking or on the road we may be up to 1 hour away from professional medical help so you must bring any medications that you need including epinephrine injections, asthma inhalers, and antihistamine (such a Benedryl) if you are allergic to bee stings or bug bites or have asthma. * Sturdy lace-up shoes/sneakers: We will be walking a lot; wear comfy shoes. You may also want to bring sandals/flip-flops/water shoes for the beach walk. * Beach walk: We are not swimming or splashing in the water. You will be able to get your feet wet but students will not be going into the water. * Clothes: This is an overnight trip, plan accordingly. During the first day we will be walking and hiking outdoors. You will get sweaty and possibly dirty; you will want to change clothes after our walk. You probably will not want to wear the same outfit on Saturday when we go to the aquarium. Please take some time to think about what clothing you will want to wear over the two days. This is not a fashion show; bring clothing that is functional and tasteful. * A 1 liter water bottle: It’s always good to have a lot of water with you because the heat and hiking activities can be very strenuous. Soda of any sort is not a good hydrating beverage in the field. * Sun protection: Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, light-colored clothing to keep the sun off. We may be in full sun for 4 hours. You will need protection no matter how deep your tan already is.

* “Bug Clothes” or spray: It is always a great idea to bring a pair of lightweight pants, a lightweight long sleeve T-shirt and a hat to wear in case bugs attack us. Proper clothing works a lot better than insect repellant spray alone. * Rain Coat/Umbrella: Just in case it rains. We will have a better ideas about the weather as we get closer to the travel date. The National Forest Park is located between the coast and a mountain range so it is possible to have some spotty precipitation at some point. * Food and Technology: Students may bring snacks and food items to eat while hiking, in their rooms or for that snack/lunch time at the aquarium on Saturday. Students may NOT bring laptops. Students may bring small electronic items like cameras, iPads, iPods and iPhones but please be aware that these valuables could be damaged, lost or stolen. Kaohsiung American School and the chaperones are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur. My general rule for these types of situations is that I do not bring valuables with me that I cannot carry on my person or items that I cannot stand losing.

Quick and Easy Checklist Small backpack or shoulder bag q Science Notebook / Pencils and Pens q



q q q q q q q q q

q q

Deodorant Soap Shampoo Toothbrush Toothpaste Hair Brush Towels Wash Clothe Feminine Items

q q q q q q q

Sneakers Flip Flops for indoors and beach (3) Shirts (2) Shorts (1) Pants/Jeans (3) Underwear Hat Watch Light Jacket or Rain Coat

Hiking Items Optional q q q q q q

Walking Stick Bug Spray Flashlight Sunscreen Sunglasses Umbrella

8th Grade Trip Packing List  

* Sturdy lace-up shoes/sneakers: We will be walking a lot; wear comfy shoes. You may also want to bring sandals/flip-flops/water shoes for t...

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