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Espiritu Santo Academy

Grade: 8-__ Book Workshop: Unit 1, Reading 3 40 Points


Vocabulary: Choose from the following words by circling the correct answer: 1. When I saw what he was doing, I ________ that he was doing something wrong. a. Radio

b. flank

c. whirling

d. concluded

2. We took a different _____ to get to my house. a. Route

b. spurred

c. silhouette

d. sprigs

3. I ____ on my best friends with all my secrets. a. Pastures

b. static

c. rely

d. dwindled

4. The ________ they were wearing looked Arabic. a. Muskets

b. turbans

c. deceived

d. hoard

5. My dad ________ me into thinking Santa Claus was real! a. Sprigs

b. whirling

c. route

d. deceived

6. We are all _______ of doing great things! a. Concluded

b. Rely

c. turbans

d. Capable

7. That juggler was _________ those disks very fast! a. Spurred

b. transistor radio

c. Whirling

d. Rely

8. I saw the ___________ of some people outside in the dark! a. Flank

b. silhouettes c. adapt

d. dwindled

9. That storm _______ in size rather quickly. a. Dwindled

b. Turbans

c. Muskets

d. Route

10. The ______ of that animal was very dirty. a. Whirling

b. silhouette


d. Flank

11. Some people need a long time to _____ to certain climates. a. Hoard

b. pastures

c. adapt

d. pastures

Student #___ 12. The good thing is that an ______ in a desert can help you cool off. a. Muskets

b. Oasis

c. Rely

d. deceived

13. The green _________ in the fields look very beautiful. a. Static

b. route

c. pastures

d. transistor radio

14. The old ________________ in the living room is broken. a. Rely

b. transistor radio

c. stoked

d. transistor radio

15. The horses were startled and ______ right at us! a. Muskets

b. concluded

c. spurred

d. static

16. The _____ in the bushes had some berries we could eat! a. Oasis

b. hoard

c. rely

d. sprigs

17. We turned the Television on, but all we heard was ______. a. Route

b. deceived

c. static

d. Oasis

18. We ______ the chimney before it got dark. a. Whirling

b. turbans

c. Muskets

d. stoked

19. My brother likes to _____ things that he finds outside. a. Rely

b. stoked

c. hoard

d. flank

20. The old _________ were used by the army in World War I. a. Muskets


b. capable

c. dwindled

d. spurred

Simple sentences: Pronouns and modifiers; Choose the correct modifier by circling the answer: (2 points each) 1. He went home to ___ family. a. His

b. her

c. something d. quiet

2. She saw ________ weird outside. a. Her

b. his

c. something d. quiet

3. She was counting on ___ best friend to help her. a. His

b. her

c. something d. quiet

Student #___ 4. When his house seemed _____, he thought it was suspicious. a. Her


b. his

c. something d. quiet

Simple sentences: Consistent forms; circle the correct answer whether it is correct or incorrect: (2 points each) 1. She went upstairs. She sees a mouse. a. Correct

b. incorrect

2. Michelle climbed the tree. She grabbed an apple. a. Correct

b. incorrect

3. Lillian went to her friend’s house. She hugged her best friend. a. Correct


b. incorrect

Simple sentences: Parallel structures; circle the correct answer to say which sentences are parallel and which are not: (2 points each) 1. She was happy, excited, and emotional. a. Parallel

b. Not parallel

2. He likes to ride his bike, read books, and watching movies. a. Parallel

b. Not Parallel

3. Luke likes to play games all day and every night. a. Parallel

b. Not parallel

Workshop reading 3 unit 1  

This workshop is about a specific lesson plan on a specific unit of the textbook I am using in my 8th grade class.