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Content Intro .................................................................... 4 Partnering for Success ............................. 6 The Concept .................................................... 8 Menu.................................................................. 10 Our People....................................................... 12 Making new Friends.................................. 14 Testimonials................................................... 16

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Intro A ‘home from home’, ‘comfort’, ‘escape’, ‘sense of belonging’; all words that can often be used to describe what busy travellers are searching for in those final minutes or couple of hours before boarding. Nowhere are these words more apt than when used to describe the qualities which guests are very quickly becoming used to at Giraffe; the very first of its’ kind outside of the UK. A partnership between Emirates Leisure Retail and Giraffe UK has brought this hugely successful casual dining restaurant to Dubai International Airport, and launched with the opening of the Concourse A at Terminal 3.

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PARTNERNING FOR SUCCESS Giraffe is already an award winning restaurant in the UK and its immediate popularity amongst travellers at Dubai International is recognition of the quality that such a well thought out and ‘complete’ dining offer as Giraffe brings to the airport environment. The partnership of this concept was a clear and obvious choice given its success across airports in the UK. Collaborating with Giraffe UK, ELR established the well-loved family dining concept for the first time outside its home country. The concept provides fresh food for everyone in the family and a variety of entertainment options for the little ones.

...the food, the service, the coffee, the music, the attitude, the detail, the cleanliness...

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THE CONCEPT The success and popularity of this restaurant are clear to see for, no matter what the time of day or the dining occasion required, Giraffe has all tastes covered, all ages covered, all cultures covered, all budgets covered; and not just covered but catered for in a professional, friendly, ‘make you want to return’ style. Initially conceived to be a restaurant open morning, noon and night serving global food and playing great music that gets us dreaming of places we might visit one day, Giraffe is a family friendly restaurant serving a value conscious menu and wholesome food, which reads like a guide to the world’s favourite foods. Open for breakfast right through to dinner, there’s something to suit every taste. Giraffe offers travellers a tailored menu to suit families and creates its trademark fun dining experience. The menu offers a wholesome range of family favourites and vegetarian options, and a full drinks list of cocktails, bottled and draught beers and ciders, and wines. For those with special dietary needs or allergies to gluten, nuts or dairy content, there is a handy allergy chart.

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With the right people and the right culture giraffe has no limits.

Giraffe has a reputation for being a fabulous place for families to relax and enjoy a great meal. It’s the perfect choice for everyone with a strong dose of fun, to keep the kids happy and entertained. Every flying family has the challenge of feeding children well whilst they are on the move and award winning Giraffe has all the family favourites, a choice of adventurous new flavours and wholesome goodness.” Children can notoriously be difficult to please and parents want to ensure as smooth a pre-flight time as possible. Giraffe is the ideal restaurant providing young children with a wide choice including Penne Pasta with Pomodoro Sauce, Italian Pizza Bites with Chopped Salad, and Grilled Chicken Breast with Broccoli, Carrots, Sweetcorn & Peas or Grilled Salmon Fillet with the same accompaniments; together with a range of other classic children’s favourites.

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MENU Travelling is a 24 hour business and Giraffe satisfies and delights whatever the time of day. If it’s the early hours and its breakfast one is looking for then how about choosing from a selection of Rude Health Porridge with fresh Strawberries & Bananas, Rude Health Muesli with a variety of fruits, flakes, oats and seeds (truly super foods!); or treat yourself to a Full Brunch or the Mexican Breakfast of Huevos Rancheros. The choice goes on and selected breakfast smoothies and cocktails are the perfect accompanying beverage. Breakfast is available 24 hours. The main menu also includes other ethically sourced favourites representative of locations around the world such as Mini Mezze or Edamame amongst the appetizers; Hummus & Spicy Aubergine Dips served with Mixed Olives or Nachos Nirvana within the ‘sharing’ offers; Chicken & Prawn Laksa, Chicken Pho, Phod Malay Noodles or Hot “Thai” Duck Stir Fry are representative of the global cuisine amongst the main courses.

Dubai Main 1

Whatever one’s tastes or the dining occasion being sought, Giraffe leads the way with a selection of superb Burgers & Sandwiches, Salads or Steaks also always available. Mix this with the fantastic and friendly hospitality and the ‘world’ music, one could be dining anywhere in the world relaxed and enjoying great food ahead of the flight.

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Sw ee t St uf f Gou rmet Cof fee & Tea Espresso, Macch iato

Desser t

/ 13.00

Piccolo small cappuccino in a glass

/ 13.00

“Tosca” Capp our classic creamy cappu ccino topped with crushed amaretti biscuits / 18.00 N Cappuccino / 15.00 / 17.00 “Soya Capp” soya milk cappuccino / 16.00

Amer icano / 14.00 /

Dr in ks

/ 18.00


Our Daily Blend of Filter Coffee / 14.00 / 16.00 Flat White rich & smooth, doubl e shot with steamed milk / 18.00

Baked White Chocolate, Masca rpone & Passion Fruit Cheesecake with fresh passion fruit / 35.00 V

Coco Nutty Iced Coffee with chocolate & cocon ut / 20.00 Hot Chocolate / 18.00 / 20.00 with marsh mallows, add an extra 2.00 Fresh Tea by Orbis earl grey tea / jasmi ne green tea / red berry tea / peppermint tea / 18.00 English Break fast Tea / 14.00 Moroccan Mint Tea / 16.00

Banana Waffle Split belgia n waffle toppe d with roasted banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate & butterscotch sauce / 35.00 V Fresh Fruit, Yoghu rt, Honey & Chopped Nuts / 35.00 V N

100513.indd 1-3

Bramble bombay gin married with lemon juice & crowned with cassis / 40.00

Mango & Lime Daiqu iri bacardi super ior, fresh mango & lime juice blended to a tropically refreshing slush / 45.00

Pimms Deluxe pimms with lemonade, ginger beer & all the trimm ings! / 45.00

Treat yourself to an Amarettini dessert cocktail... amaretto, strawberry puree & pomeg ranate juice layered with double cream & amar etti crunch / 45.00 A

B re a k

fi nd us in all the right

places... ferest


@gira ffetweet All prices are inclusiv e of 10% municipality fees and 10% service charge. We accept Visa, Mastercard & Americ an Express. All major currencies are accepte d. Change will be issued in UAE Dirhams.

Giraffe at Dubai Intern ationa l is franch ised and operated by Emirat es Leisure Retail

Melon Marga rita sauza tequila with midor i melon liqueu r & lime. green & gorgeous! / 45.00

fa st M enu

Served noon & morning, night.. .

Classic Mojito bacardi super ior, brown sugar, fresh lime, mint & a splash of soda. spice it Sta rt the up with bacardi oakhe day the giraffe art instea d for way! The a vanilla difference se great breakf / ast 40.00 dishes will kee you goi p ng all add fresh passionIffruit day lon g. you’re / 5.00 in a hur ry gra someth b Louisiana Jam with you ing you can eat r hands, or settle cherr y jam with south dow n wit h the pap ern comfo & lemon / 40.00 and a knife & fork ers rt . Bright colo

Skinny Ginny luxur ious bombay sapph ire gin churned with ribbon s of cucumber, apple & agave for fewer calories / 45.00

Vanil la Sky fi nland ia vodka serve d long with crushed mint apple & vanilla / 45.00

Still Water / 8.00

Spark ling Mineral Water / 12.00

Mai ns

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or 7 UP / 12.00 Fresh Orange, Cloud y Apple or Carrot Juice / 16.00

Brea kfast

Pasta Pomodoro odoro sauce, pen ne pasta with pom ed lla & servgir Ev affe topped with mozzare ery foca ccia / 30.00 V with toasted garl ic

Pineapple, Pomegrana te

z or Cranb Hein/ 15.00 erry, Juice , Egg Draught BeeChic r ken Sausage Fresh / 25.0 Lemo0 Heineken (Holla nd) ABV 5% / 38.00

st Bea ns & Toacloudy Hein z

Tiger (Singapore) ABV 5% / 40.00

Bottled Beer & Ciders

nade with Mint & refreshing, made / 18.00 V fresh day /st 15.00 on Toa Bea nsevery

That smili ng is infec

compote / 28.00 V


a single smile

like mine or yours could travel arou nd & Fries Popcorn Chicken So if you feel a smile begin don’t leave it unde ns / 28.00 te with Hein z bea start an epidemic quick and get the world infec 0 30.0 / s & Pea s Fish Fingers, Chip ast Gril led Chicken Bre ots, pea s, with broccoli, carr mash / 35.00 or s frie sweetcorn &

Alma za (Leba non) ABV 4.1% 330m l / 33.00 T

he M a in

D ea l James Boag’s Lager (Australia) ABV 5% 375m l / 35.00

If your experience has been anything less than that please tell us and by all means let us know when we get it right too! You can email us on

N = some dishes contain nuts or seeds we’re sorry but we cannot guarantee the absenc e of nuts in our dishes V = vegetarian options A = dish made using ingredients that contain alcohol

PLEASE NOTE we do not use any GM foods in giraffe. Some dishes may contain more ingredients than are listed. If there’s someth ing you can’t eat please let us know. We also have allergy charts availab le.

Strawberry Mule Ex tras fi nland ia vodka with lime, strawberries, cassis & refreshing ginger beer / 45.00 Smooth ies Berry Bellin i strawberry & cassis coulis with prosecco delicately floated on top / 50.00

Appetiz Amst el Light ers (Holla nd) ABV 3.5% 330m l / 30.00 Fa mou s Bu

Heineken (Holla nd) ABV 5% 330m l / 31.00


Sa ndw


Tiger (Singapore) ABV 5% 330m l / 33.00

Global Favour ite


t Gril led Salmon Fille pea s, carr ely ots, with broccoliL,ov Win es h / 40.00 mas or sweetcorn & fries

Asia n

Nood les

W hite

Kids Burger g), with lettuce chicken or beef (114 fries. & tomato served with cheese if add melting cheddar requ ired / 35.00

Sol (Mexico) ABV 4.5% 330m l / 30.00

Koppa rberg Ciders Naked Apple Cider or Strawberry & Lime Cider ABV 4.5% 500m l / 38.00 Southern Swizzle southern comfort, jack daniel’s, freshGreat for Sh ar in g lime & ginger beer. kicks like a texas Brea kf as mule / 45.00 Cockta t ils Apple & Elderflower Marti ni light, zingy, elegant & fresh. fi nland ia vodka , apple schnapps & pressed apple juice / 40.00


tious you can

catch it like z fe some , Hein at giraf smiled at me and I start Chicken Sausageone ed sm 28.0d0around the Bea ns & MashI/looke tables and someone saw m and s when s d I realised I’d he smile & Frie Bite a Pizz passe ian d it on t Ital 0V I’ve thoughtsala / 25.0 aboud t my smile a lot and reali with a little chopped sed all

Pomegranate Iced Tea Jar cakdes ice cold with a little Stacked Panserve lemon, pomeg ranatberr e juicey& fresh mint & blue / with banana 18.00

Dai ly Oats Rude Hea - Organic this porr lth Por ridge rudely idge will hav hea e with hon lthy all day you feel ing , we top & bananaey, fresh stra ours wberrie s / 30.0 s 0VN Ulti mat e Rude Hea Superfoods lth Mue wheat sli free & Mar inat tota lly of jum ed Oliv orga bo oats / 20.00 es & Pick , porr idge nic blend barley V les flakes, rye flakes oats, apricots dates, Min i Mez golden , , apple, All bur lins pumpkin sultana gers & eed, sun fala fels ze s, sandwi seeds , tabboule flower che & rais roasted or add ins / 25.0 seeds, urs, fre Full Bru 5.00 for s served with red pep h, tzatziki, smo “The Clas 0VN sh ing / 28.00 skin on sweet nch per & ky sic” fried or potato cur ran red ien V fries & packed ang us fries t relish scra mbl ts beef bur turkey full of Our Dai dill pick ger, lettu bacon, ed eggs, smo flavour, ly Soup le, may ked ce, tom Hein z chicken this is Gira ffe served relish o& baked ato, sausage a Chicken with wa 180 bea ke-up cal wed ges toasted g / 60.0 smoky tomato ns, gril led foca ccia Sirloin “Club” 0 garl ic / 55.00 & crispy pota herby Stea k Sandwi to be rec l / 30.00 “The Gira chic to carrot, 227g/8o ch V om mende ffe” Veggie beetroot ken, avocad z Eda classic mam Bru nch & sals o, grat with skin stea k simply , mix d! with smo a verd fried or gril deliciou e on frie & mat Chicken e mayo ed garden leav ed ked turk 2 Slices roll / 55.0 scra mbl s / 95.0 led, served s soy bea ure in a han es sausage of Toa st che ey ed eggs 0 soy, chil add pep 0 bacon dda r 180 frag ran & Prawn Lak d-crafte with con s, percorn li & mir n pods wok frie sa t g / 65.0 “Avec Che d mushro Hein z baked , veggie diment Mozzare & herb in / 35.0 sauce with sna indonesian d in 0 oms & of choice bea ns, ese” butter or garl cur Cru nch 0V classic Smoked avocad Veggie lla, Pesto & Gril / 5.00 Cuvée ic / 10.00 y noodles p pea s, squash ry soup with cho o / 50.0 Turkey Focacci Sab side of with viet Coconut Shr Piri-Pir / 70.00 & rice chedda or Gril 0V hot toas gril led a Sandwi led soft, dry our in Cha rdon imp i Chicken stick N namese led Chic Bacon r, ame ice of either cour t with ch chil gril mat rica gett jack che ken Sau or Mus Chicken “nou li & lime led hotbutter aubergi e, flavours, white with love nay France hrooms sage ese 180 n or montere ure / 10.00 chil li ne, rock red pepper, Sun rise Huevos dipping c-cham” swe easy drin half-chi ly ston the clas Pho / 10.00 g / 63.0 y V of basi et et & a driz 150m l / Ranche sauce / e fruit cken, skin& garl ic mar Sticky king sic viet 0 l add 35.00 Veggie pest oran ge, fried or ros Mex 40.0 sala zle inated topp o / 50.0 Sesa and deli nam 0 250m l / on frie d & hot Sausage scra mbl banana ican Bre 0VN with viet me Chicken 58.00 bottl cious rice ese dish s, america ings... sauce black bea , strawbe ed eggs Tuna Nico Zon in akfa st Smoked Salm or side plat hea lthy / 65.00 green namese Win gs e / 175. n cheese, noodle Soa Groovy rry / 18.0 chil Chil ise on / 20.0 e 00 bbq “nou avocad ns, jack che , beef chorizo of “Ta li li Bee Open San pale stra ve Italy Muesli fresh herb soup with mature dipping sauce, rtine” c-cham” garn ish 0 ese, ado o , Fried 0 banana Smo jalapen chedda sauce a / 30.00 oven bak f Enchiladas s & chil sweet / 65.00 grated be tortilla & tomato sals or Scra tuna, greedwich , strawbe othie fi ne, deli w yellow with & praw N lies to ed tort beetroot os, fried onio r, / 55.00 mbled a on war sauce, milk, natu n a frag ran cate rry, crac chil n illas bea Egg Phod Mal / 5.00 bouque sem i skim li beef ns, kers m tomatoe 150m l / ns, che s / 10.0 stuf fed Hein z ral yog veggie t, Gril led & herb t smoked 38.00 muesli rry s, cucu Bea 0 with med adobe option Chicken egg noo ay Noodles y rice, 250m l / & honey hur t, rude onion, mber, turkey sauce, Tomatoe ns or Roa sted with roas mushoo chil li-pe topped dles 63.0 Sata hea roas red roas bac mel / , 0 Stel sals 18.0 lth broc & s y on, slice ted red oms / 50.0 bottle / Cherry with ting che or Avo mushro ted field Skewer green anut sata lenr ust a & toas 0 black oliv ted pepper, Man go 190.00 cado / pepper, & cucu d s oms, rain coli, mixed ese, tom sausage Premiu 0V ted par Mama es, egg, (Fa irtr choppe 8.00 mber sala y sauce coconut beef cho avocado, Brek kie ato verde m Che , fried bow pep man go, d seas seeds, served ade) Sout anchov sley, mint, rizo milk & nin Bur rito mus d herb pers ona / tropical 30.00 stra y, sals Blanc with h Africa hrooms & mal with cru l salad y may , war m toasted ask abo N a apple juic wberry, ban fruits o on ope / 8.00 Par mes bak / 65.00 nchy noo ay spices topp bag uett ut our of grap with a ana , oran e / 18.0 N an Chic n scra mbl ed tortilla dles / 60.0 e / 45.0 The “Ro min ed e pastrie from our 0 fi lled par mes ken Sch ed eggs ge, Hot “Th 0 Gril led deo” Chic 150m l / fruit & pea rdro eral palate 0NV s & mu Hippy an cru sausage , beef cho with ai” Duc gril led 50.00 Min made frebakery frie Hip mbed chicnitzel “Kiev” melting p ffi , shredd k Stir 250m l / chicken ken Burger aged rum ute Rump roasted jalapenos, mel rizo garl ic Fry nds ns pineapple, py Sha ke ed sh eve ken brea 83.00 bottl chedda Stea k brea st & herb rocket chipotle ting basi l, min bbq duck, bok ry day passion San st, r, gril led cara mel p stea k, rock with mel e / 250 banana & roas butter, with avo ! & ranche cheese, .00 sauce choy, et, tom dwich ised onio mushro ting ted lem , pomegra fruit, man mash, cado / egg noo t, snap pea & onio mayo in ato, ra sals on / 55.0 oms, bbq go, s, red pep 55.00 Far mer n ring nate juic dles with tomato a a hand-crns with chip Smoked 0 s with Giddy sha llots s per, Hum mus e / 18.0 & may Salmon lettuce, Gira ffe afted roll otle roasted Market Veg & cru nchchil li jam, cris 0 o / 65.0 , Spicy toasted & Scra etable papaya topping vegetabl / 60.00 & Mix 0 py Cuvée Aubergi y noodle Fala fel mbled bagel / Bur , feta ed fres / rito Sab es, 70.0 Oliv ne Dip Egg & herb “Deluxe h min 45.00 black bea our in lime juic 0 es Sha with toas France y rice gril led Cabern ” Delu xe tortilla ns, e / 18.0 t, banana , oran ted za’a ring Platter pepper, Burger et Sau Toa stie topped , wrapped in 0 bread simple vignon ge, rocket, hum mus our fam cheese, with ado a soft & gril led tar spiced Van illa & satisfyi halloum , naa n ous toas tom / 40.00 be sau & berr y foca ccia / 55.00 ng red i, tzatzikibeetroot, turkey feta , serv ato salsa natu ral Date fruits VN fi ngers VN with ligh & cru mblce, bacon, tie fi lled with & a touc & har issa ed with low fat 150m fried egg, t chedda l crispy sala red / ed h of spic dates, 35.00 Ber ry choppe Nachos d / 60.0 Gril led The OZ r, banana yog hur t, med 250m l / melted Bell d sesonal Nirvana Chicken 0V Burger mayo servlettuce, tom 58.00 bottl e , sem i jool milk / strawbe ini home frie Prawn Marque , Tiger ato & rocket, - famous skim med 18.00 Simply ed with e / 175. rry & & Man s de Risc wed ges beetroot dow n-un 00 cassis Gril prosecco crispy mustard go Sala with veg d tortilla chip mixed Spain / 65.00 al Rioj / 40.00 , pineapp Fresh cou lis with pine led Salmon der potato d Good Vibr mar a Vina Cru nch with le, frie / 50.00 delicately fl cheese, gie chil li mix s topped & choppe ket leaves, apple, aromas Collada y Slaw Free Ran d egg oated on salsa / A red chil gra nola ations , melting jalapen cucu mbe of d braz / 15.00 Fish Fing 80.00 top roasted li & man a tequ , natu ral o Herby - attracti strawberrie V scra mbl ge Eggs on Toa ila & lime il nuts gently r er Bur apple, Green chipotle pick les, fiery Mimosa go s & red yog hur ve ripe crispy ed or frie sted Foca ger stra Rice / & sou r toss BBQ Chic red 150m l / cherrie salsa, dressin fruit fl gold cherry 15.00 crea m juice, sem wberry, pine t, banana , 38.00 ccia oran ge avours s Cali forn g / 65.0 ed in V Gar with avo en haddock tomatoe d with roas 250m l / / 55.00 gua comole Chedda ken & Smoked juic app i skim 0NA ia ted with mar lic Focacci goujons s / 35.0 63.00 bottl V / 18.00 r Quesad accompa e & fizz - a med milk le, oran ge Mezze with Oak Sushi Rice Stel lenr & tom cado, tartare 0 topped inara dipp a “Ch ips” Stacked N shr perf e with / illa Sala nim 190.00 ato , edd ust Smo hon ect sau ent War m d / 60.00 ed bbq Premiu or dinn ey ce, lettu ked Salm hum mus ing sauc fresh man (Fa irtr Naa n & Ban Blueberr y chic & corn m Pino er / 50.0 to bru nch, lunc ce Gin ger e / 18.0 ade) Sout on Sautéed go, brow ana tage chil li with ken, black tzatziki , arabic choppe 0A Blas 0V avocad offers h h Africa Sea son n with map Pancakes bea fi rice ery fresh ging t rasp o, , spicy Bloody n mel in d al red roas salad, lemon berr y, Onion ting che le syr up rice sala aubergi dressin broccoli & was , mou li, Mar y cherry er, pine & olive Vegetables Rin ripe pea ted chip slaw / ese, elderfl ne dip, g / 55.0 vod ka fl / 40.00 abi lime oil / 16.0 58.00 ch & blac great to gs & Smoky otle & ower cord apple, red oregano d, tabbouleh brow n & 0N 150m l / avours V cru nch BBQ Sau 0V sha re! apple, k salad, 50.00 bags of tomato juice halloum ial, ban “Penang Mash y / 20.00 fala fel ce 250m l / Fish & seasone gira ffe ana / 18.0 i skew / 15.00 -Ban g” & 83.00 bottl Chips how spic cha er / 55.0 d with add a side shredd V Chicken 0 battered e Skin y you like racter, just / ed 0 250 V Sala of chic N On Frie .00 har issa tell us d ken, cho haddock egg noo it / 40.0 s / 15.0 sauce / 5.00 dles pped pea fi llet with 0A Dubai Main & min 0V Crispy cucu mbe , bok choy, nuts, ty mus 100513.indd Potato nap r, snap hy pea tartare Wed ges 4-6 onion, Pasta pea s, rad a cabbage, s / 75.0 / 18.00 Sun rise Mar min 0 ish, spri V Sweet Rosé, Con tha i lime t & coriand roasted gherita ng full of er cherry cha y Tor with chip Potato Frie red frui / 50.00 , chil li & ging with spicy basi l & tomatoe s o Chile otle aiol t & che 150m l / rocket N er dre rry flavo 35.00 i / 20.0 ssin g / 50.00 s, mozzarella, Nice Litt 250m l / 0 V le Hou Super add polp 58.00 bottl urs False Bay se Sala Hea ette - our e / 175. d / 27.0 & Oregan lthy Veggie beef mea Rosé Sout 00 deliciou 0NV deli tbal ciou o h Feta Sala s homema Africa ls / 15.0 s sum mer mar inat with a d 0 de ed feta fruits hint of snaps, , bala nce spice 150m l / alfa lfa, broccoli, sug d 40.00 ar borlotti bulgar 250m l / wheat, bea ns, 67.00 bottl toasted cherry avocad e / 200 o, tomatoe seeds, .00 rocket, herby salsa verds & baby spin Check ach in e dressin out ou g / 48.0 a r full drinks 0VN

we want you to have a great time... every time!

Gourmet Coffees

The blend we use is 100% Arabica and is a comb ination of coffees from the highl ands of Guatemala and Brazi l.

Bloody Mary fi nland ia vodka & tomat o juice with bags of giraffe chara cter – just tell us how spicy you like it / 40.00

Chocolate Mousse Crunc h rich milk chocolate mousse topped with crushed amaretti biscuits & cream / 30.00 V

Any Hot Drink in a Mug / 20.00 Flavoured Lattes - vanill a, mocha, caramel, hazel nut / 20.00 N Classic Iced Coffee / 18.00

Sof ties K id s Menu

Mimosa orange juice & fizz a perfect accompaniment to brunc h, lunch or dinner / 50.00

Chocolate Brown ie vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce / 35.00 V

Caffé Latte / 18.00

Our coffee at giraf fe is fresh roasted in Duba i at the Orbis Coffee Roastery. The coffee is roasted in the traditiona l style in smal l batches and is only ever roasted to order to ensure maxi mum fresh ness.

Cockta ils

Ice Creams 3 scoops of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry / 30.00 V


Sa lads


00513.indd 1



if in a hurr y please ask for your bill wh en orde ring

“Sitting on a warm sandy beach, sna world music, I wonde red what anim giraffe was born. A restau rant open food & playing great music that gets day. A sunny place welco ming people the globe. Giraffe opene d in London, the business today, along 11:28 20/05/2013with our be recreating those same sunny feelings the way. Now feel good food from arou genuine hospitality are at the heart o

– RJ

menu to see ou globa l r selection of wine & cool s cockta ils...



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OUR PEOPLE Training is aimed at making everyone feel comfortable and at ease with a flow of flight information, efficiency of service and billing, perfectly matched with a friendly, informal and relaxed yet precise service style. The decision to utilize experienced Giraffe professionals from UK ensures continuity and consistency of service and standards. So, the choice is clear when travelling through Dubai International; relax and lose yourself and your travelling companions amidst the colourful and comfortable surroundings of Giraffe whilst listening to chilled music from around the globe and selecting from the widest range of foods representative of the world’s continents at great value for money.

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MAKING NEW FRIENDS Giraffe has been successfully launched in January 2013 and Giddy, the restaurant mascot, has already made stellar appearances and thousands of friends and fans by touring Dubai on the famous Big Bus Tour and by going out of his comfort zone in the chilly Ski Dubai. It is already the most popular restaurant in the new Concourse A at Dubai Airport Terminal 3 and promises to only become ever more successful as more A380 come on line and in to service. The reasons for such popularity are obvious because it caters for you whatever the need. The beautiful and comfortable design allows passengers to perch on a stool grabbing a quick coffee and delicious fresh pastry if they so desire or to lounge and spread out in one of the very family friendly booths whilst everyone gets to make their own favourite selection from the menu. Comfort and a sense of escape are at the heart of the design with numerous different zones each with their own ‘feel’ but all as welcoming.

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“Great food and service as well!! Nice refreshing atmosphere, recommended for a quick and tasty bite before long flight” Traveller review at Dubai Airport

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“I like the ambience and music the Latin music they play. Enjoyed my chicken, prawn with mango salad� Traveller review at Dubai Airport

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ELR CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE Level 5, Emirates Holidays Building, P.O. Box 122199, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates TEL:+ 971 4 304 0400 FAX: TBC EMAIL: WEB emiratesleisureretail. com

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