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Gig Running Order Start at 2pm Goodnight Siren Rocco Lampone Black Heart Orchestra The 4:20 Bless The Hour The Fortunate The Gents Burning Idols 12 Truths The Raz Brothers I Climb Mountains One Step Too Late Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons DJ Johnny Marvel

Finish 2am

One sunny afternoon, one (relatively) ordinary guy called Tom discovered that his (relatively) ordinary friend Caroline could sing. At this exact point in time, something entirely out of the ordinary happened – Goodnight Siren was born. After covering a few songs – notably “Machines” by Biffy Clyro, they began writing their own tunes. Shortly after, their acoustic adventures began. They played a number of gigs – including the Winchester Railway Inn (TWICE!) and Southampton Talking Heads – continually improving their abilities and their set. But for Caroline and Tom, this simply wasn’t enough to quench their creative thirsts, and so they hooked up with bassist Jack and drummer Alex, to bring you their own sound – a process which involves fusing both simple and complex ideas, riffs and melodies to create the catchy soundwaves you hear today. So that’s the past and the present covered... The future! Who knows what the future will hold. The band are looking to play as many indie/alternative shows as they can, and to spread the word. When they can, they’ll get some tracks recorded for you all to enjoy, but until then, you’ll just have to come to all their gigs! Check them out at ...Or give them a cheeky Google search to find them on Facebook. They love getting new friends.

Rocco Lampone are a Hardcore Punk band with a rock and roll edge. They have all been in previous bands (Posi - Chronicles of Adam West, Butters - Plagues, Granny - Ruins of Earth, Max - Le Defile De Loup) They are all in this for fun and for the love of punk music that they all grew up listening too. Their are influenced by bands like the bronx, refused and nofx. They write songs mostly about our hatred of religion. They only formed around 8 months ago and their current line up was completed in November with the addition of a new singer, Granny. They are recording a fresh EP with new tracks very soon with their new singer, and are heading out on tour at the end of January. They play loud and like things that contain alcohol. They are like a punk motley crue if you will!

The Black Heart Orchestra The Tinsel Town Damned, Crystal Orchids (these films don't exist). April 20th 1921 a young actress from Bloomsbury first treads the boards in London town. Four years later she's found dead at a friends apartment in California. Eighty two years pass before six lost souls from Tadley Town inadvertently uncover the truth about what happened to her that fateful night in September. A band formed around gypsy superstitions, Ouija boards and a love of Queen Victoria, combining elements of garage rock, noise rock, hardcore punk and pychedilia with lyrical content that is all about constructing narrative over nonsense. Despite all this they are not a fucking steam punk band. The Black Heart Orchestra have woven together both the manic and the macabre to create a musical tempest of ghastly wrath. A third guitar thrown in, a DIY work ethic and a taste for drunken theatrics brings an in your face, chaotic, noise laden stage production of disastrous proportions. Apparently they get all their ideas from a ghost? The Bloomsbury String Quintet are a lie. Howl. Members are: Addy Azard - Drums Christopher Christopher Miracle - 1st Guitar Kevin Winter - 2nd Guitar Robert Weesh - Bass Guitar Nicky Shadowfax Tayor - 3rd Guitar Bradley Pillows - Vokills Songs can be heard at:

The 4: 20

The 4:20 formed after Micheal returned from a gig in late November last year, desperately wanting to be in a indieish band, he went straight to Bradley who was in search of a band at the time, and then Jib, who was a more than willing candidate. All they needed was a drummer and the newly befriended Stefan seemed the perfect match. Once they actually began their first practise in December they realized just how well they could all play together. Members: Micheal Park (vocals, acoustic guitar): This boy has been writing songs intently for a few years but even more so in the past year. Always in a fluster until he picks up a guitar when he becomes well and truly, a great guitarist in his own right, influences ranging from James Blunt to Indie bands such as Johnny Foreigner. Lindsey 'Jib' Wiltshire (bass, ukulele, melodica): most laid back and nicest human known to man. Plays Chilled out and funky bass lines, with a reggae influence. Watch out at the gig for a nice mix of instruments that are gunna come from this man in particular. Bob Marley, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Led Zepplin have all played a big part in shaping him as a bassist. Flea is his idol... Stefan Cox (drums): a truly talented drummer, session drums for a recording company just out of Newbury, has a lot of experience through his family... as he also plays in a band with his brother, father and best mate. He will come up with a perfectly fitting drumbeat in seconds, and clearly seems to bring a level of sex appeal to the band. His inspirations are Travis Barker (Blink 182) and Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys). Bradley Blyth (Guitar, Harmonica): no band has been more influential to him as Bloc Party his guitar playing style is much like them, also The Cure have played a massive part in developing 'The 4:20 sound'. Whether it's stood on an amp rocking out or on his knees, this boy can play, he'll blow you away with a screaming solo and then drag you back in with something intricate. Website: or found simpler by searching 'The 4:20' in facebook

Bless The Hour Punchy riffs. Heavy songs. Kids willing to jump up and down until they’re sweating from head to foot, just to entertain you. You put these together and you’ve got Bless the Hour, the up-and-coming 5 piece from Basingstoke. They had a battle of the bands competition on January 23, at the Hexagon over 1000 people turned up and came 2nd overall out of 8 bands from the Themes Valley area. “It was a great experience for all of us and we are all pumped for future gigs, so you're gunna get a good show!” Rob. With inspirations like Deaf Havana and We Are The Ocean, they’re slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Watch out.

The Fortunate are a young four piece band full of vitality and energy. The band consists of Lead Vocalist Natalie, Guitarist Sam, Bassist Rich and Drummer Simon. Knowing each other from college they formed in early 2009, and have played many successful gigs throughout the year. They have shared the stage with some incredible bands, such as Broadway calls, The Perils, Canterbury, Kids Can’t Fly, Go Vegas, Second Monday, All or nothing and many more. Their music has been described as, “Female fronted big gushing hyper pop- pretty good. An early Sinead O Connor feel to the voice, driving indie rocking guitars underpinned by broad melodic bass lines, swathes of keys for colour and boombastic drums. Full of verve and urgency, so see em. Rousing ABBA like choruses. Indie ABBA! Aces" – Dublin Castle, Camden review “I don’t get sent enough decent pop punk material, so thank goodness we have THE FORTUNATE to come along and save the day... Great production quality and clear sound. It is lively pop punk, but you also get the feeling of a greater hunger within the band to do more than just trot out a few catchy songs. Well worth getting hold of but even better to catch them live. “– Neil Duncan, Issue punkzine review The Fortunate are extremely grateful for all the support they have been given by family, friends, fans and everyone who shares their passion for music. They continue to gig frequently and look forward to an even more successful year in 2010. Their 3 track EP is now available to buy.

The Gents The Gents: Purile Acoustic Comedy Members: Steve Nicholls (guitar, vocals) and Jud Pengilley (vocals, silly voices, percussion) The Gents formed in March 2009 after a sudden drunken realisation between mates that their comedic ambitions were to be achieved together. Nearly a year later and they have succeeded in building up a catalogue of material and live performances through open mic night slots in the Farnham area. After spreading a little laughter locally, a couple of private parties and at least one paying gig later... The Gents feel they are now brave enough to branch out and take on the bright lights of Basingstoke!! Some of our stupid songs, photos and videos can be found online at which has the links for our myspace and facebook pages!!

Burning Idols are a band who loosely describe themselves as a ska-punk folk band. They formed in the summer of 2009 and are a 5-peice acoustic band. The members not having much experience in folk music took up the challenge of creating their own fusion of the popular genre of folk punk. Using a mix of reggae, ska, punk and folk styles gives them a unique sound which has made them a popular band in their local town of Basingstoke. They would describe their music as up-beat with a message but they are not afraid of throwing in some fun songs too. “No high profile gigs to speak of but we've done a fair amount of shows in our short life. 15 i believe... In 5 months of gigging. Oh we did support Simon from the Levellers!” Jim They are currently working on an EP, and have a CD launch party on the 27th February @ The White Hart, with support. See there myspace for more details. Jim Bridgeman - Vocals and Ukulele - Past bands, Signs Of Insanity Anny Knight - Vocals - Past bands, none Stoo Smith - Guitar – Has been in various bands around the south! Has pretty much been writing and recording forever. Currently also in a dirty southern metal band, the name of which is as yet unknown (even to the band). Dave White - Bass - Past bands, The Misnomer currently in One Step Too Late, who are also performing today. Dan Conant - Drums - Past bands, Station Jim and Able Ready Currently in Peng

12 Truths And so it began, Mark started creating 12 Truths with a little help from his friends...Well after a very drunken night of Jack Daniels, Coke and 4am, Danny Traynor, sticksman extraordinaire and the ears of a bat, joined him on the drum stool, with the most rock solid drumming that one could ever hope to play to. Dan met up with his old mucka Eddie Marco, and after a few words, the rhythm section with more oomph than an oompah band decided that 12 Truths were going to propel them into space and that being on the journey they might see some stars and galaxies otherwise unattainable to us mortals. Eddie climbed on board the rocket ship with some sub sonic 5 string bass that would suck the ozone from your layer (Watch out ladies!). And so it came to pass. Make sure the seat belts are clicked in Major Tom. Houston, we don't have a problem. See you there, Members: Mark Stratton - Guitar and Vocals Eddie Marco - Bass Guitar Backing Vocals Danny Traynor - Drums

The Raz Brothers The Raz Brothers are often asked if they are really brothers. “Oh yes” we always say, born and raised on Basingstoke’s tough east side and constantly in trouble with the Police (especially Sting). However, this is not strictly true as at least three of The Raz Brothers are girls. Raz Razzle was the last member to join (the band thought it would be appropriate because his name was similar). Not a lot of people know this but Jimi Hendrix and Fidel Castro formed the original band. Indeed they didn’t know this either. Many of its members have become household names, e.g. Steve Armchair and Norman Light-Bulb. The current line-up is amorphous to the point of being shapeless and lacking any kind of form. Senior member, treasurer and tour bus driver Arthur Ascii takes up the story: “After that it all fell apart” he says ruefully. Bass player Johnny ‘Marvel’ McGarvey is a local legend, or so he says and drummer Joe is not only a fine, versatile musician but he also lets us use his studio for nothing. The constant flux of musicians within The Raz Brothers’ ranks is largely down to musical differences. “Not everybody likes what we play, especially the band themselves” says Raz ruefully. “Our songs are all our own except for the ones that were written by other people.” Although the band’s rehearsals can be a bit chaotic, they are never as chaotic as their gigs. Their first live performance was at The Litten Tree in 2007 (true!) which has since closed. The Raz Brothers played several times at The Light Lounge which has since closed. Is The Bang Bar aware of this? In August 2008 The Raz Brothers were supported by Lisbee Stainton who is on a world tour with Joan Armatrading (true!). The anticipated line-up for 6.2.10 includes many of the town’s best-loved characters who have been threatened with torture if they don’t turn up. Among the merry throng you might see popular songstress Nadeen White (best known for THAT Experience), mysterious hell-cat Pussycat Johnson, flame-haired willowy warbler Tammi-Jo McLean-Williams, guitar legend Deltadelic, percussionist and dj Leon Mook and many guest players (mainly uninvited) like rogue trumpeter Robbie Fraser, sax maniac Andy Kennedy and all-round egg Fez Freakley. Keyboard wizard Dan Leese drops to the bench following a late fitness test; “He’s actually playing with another band” says Raz ruefully. For more and probably more accurate information about them visit therazbrothers. “We also have a fabulous website but we can’t find it” says Raz ru

I Climb Mountains were formed in August 2009, with each member of the band bringing their own knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the group which has created a band of great depth. Simon Barnard (Guitar/Vocals) is an experienced musician and teacher. He has played in many bands including ‘For Those Lost’ who released an album in 2006 through Engineer Records. The band played the length and breadth of the country and were featured in Magazines such as Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, Rock Sound and Big Cheese and supported such bands as Sikth (UK), Hopesfall (US), I Killed the Prom Queen (AUS), Forever Never (UK) and more. Gary Cripps (Bass) was one of the founding members of ‘For Those Lost’ along with his brother and vocalist Leigh. Gary is one of the most ferocious live performers ever to grace the stage and is a spectacle to watch. Gary was the obvious choice to fill the bass position in I Climb Mountains, he brings the passion to every live performance. Tommy Hallett (Drums/Vocals) has played in many local bands as both a drummer and vocalist. He played drums in Dead Letter Endings before forming Sever the Head of Potemkin and swapping his sticks for a microphone. Sever the Head achieved a lot of success and supported some amazing bands including Necrophagist, Bring Me The Horizon, You Me At Six and War From A Harlots Mouth. In I Climb Mountains, Tommy provides excellent arrangements skills and some fabulous musical drumming. He brings power to the rhythm section and keeps the back beat to the ICM sound. James Pitter (Vocals/Guitar) is the lead vocalist in the band and is the mastermind behind the sound of the band. He is a great songwriter and lyricist who provides a sturdy foundation for the rest of the band to build on with their own style and influences. James has played with Tommy in a few bands, most notably Dead Letter Endings. James has also graced the stage as a solo acoustic singer/songwriter. James brings killer licks to the band and an emotive singing style which is the core of the ICM sound. The band performed their first gig in December 2009 and notched a few extra shows in January 2010. The band entered the studio in December to start recording their debut EP which has already received interest from Engineer Records. To date, the EP is 99% finished with only mixing and mastering to be completed. The band are hoping to have the EP out within the next month along with some merchandise.

One Step Too Late We are a Basingstoke based ska covers band. We have been around for around 6 months and have just started gigging. We'll be in the recording studio soon, Band Members Dave - Bass & Vocals. Spoonie - Guitar & Vocals. Chloe - Keyboard & Vocals. Brad - Guitar. Alex - Saxaphone. Simon - Drums.

Influences The Specials. Madness. The Beat. Toots and the Maytals. Desmond Decker. Selecta. Bad Manners. Prince Buster. Fun Boy Three. Harry J Allstars.

Formally known at the Johnsons, they were formed by Jake and Spoon in 2002, who wanted to forge a band that would incorporate the music they love - Punk, Blues and Rock'N'Roll. Changing their name earlier this year to signify a new lease of life, they will be recording a new album this year as Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons. Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons are Jake on guitar and Spoon on bass; Jake and Spoon have played together on the Basingstoke scene for many years in bands such as the first incarnation of The Johnsons in the 80s, Feckle and Lube. Antz, a former drummer for rockabilly band The Krewmen, joined PATDJ in 2006. The band are fronted by Pussycat Johnson who's origins are dubious and unknown..... Hailing from Basingstoke, this Dirty Rock'n'Roll band have had great success on the London scene, playing on more than one occasion at high profile events such as Alan Mcgee's Death Disco as well as packing out venues when they come home to play. PATDJ were also very well received on the main stage at Basingstoke Live in 2009. To find out more visit their myspace

Photos by Neil at

DJ Johnny Marvel JOHNNY MARVELS GROOVE CLUB invites you to shake , shimmy and fingerpop to the hippest, heppest, most happenin funk , soul, latin and grooove baby! Your genial host presents for your dancin and listenin pleasure only the hottest platters of dancefloor grease designed to make you move that move and indeed groove that groove! Johnny [or john as his friends call him] began his less than illustrious career as a DJ [ AKA 'highly skilled vinyl operative' person with the equivalent expertise of N.A.S.A 's chief engineer- a rocket scientist if you will] by bringin more than a waft of his patented and pungent fromage de fonk to the now legendary underground raves hosted by Optophonic more than a decade ago in this very town. since their inevitable demise he has had to content himself with haunting the charity shops of albion, leaving no Clayderman, James Last or Mantovani unturned in his quest for the vinyl solution, frontier and probably countdown too. More recently the Bang Bar and the late under lamented Light Llounge have both popped a wiggle then hustled their popcorn to Johnnys girthsome getdown. Now soul brothers and sisters its your turn!


The Ruby Slippers Band – Basingstoke Blues Club (Moose Hall) – 8pm

Monday 1st Monday 8th Unplgd – The Haymarket – 7pm – Free Monday Night Poker – The White Hart – 8pm Monday Night Poker – The White Hart – 8pm The Bakers Quiz night - The Bakers Arms – 8pm The Bakers Quiz night - The Bakers Arms – 8pm - £35 prize plus Chase The Bitch jackpot £35 prize plus Chase The Bitch jackpot Gary Myles – The Rhu Bar – 10pm – Free nd Tuesday 2 Tuesday 9th Tuesday Night Quiz - The White Hart – 8pm Tuesday Night Quiz - The White Hart – 8pm Jokers Itch at the Bakers, free buffer and pro lineup including ADRIAN POYNTON, The Stage (Acoustic Evening) – The Rhu Bar – TATIANA OSTRAKOVA and Jason Manly and 9.30pm - Free Matthew Dyson - The Bakers Arms - Doors 8pm. The Stage (Acoustic Evening) – The Rhu Bar – Wednesday 10th 9.30pm - Free Queen Mary’s College Musical following Grease, Les Miserables and Tommy – Central Studio Wednesday 3rd 7.30pm - Tickets: £8 full; £6 concessions Free Pool Table – The White Hart – Free Free Pool Table – The White Hart - Free The Family. Stories of dark secrets and intrigue plus music – Central Studio - 7.30pm Tickets: £9 Thursday 11th full; £8 concessions; £6 children Queen Mary’s College Musical following Grease, Open Mic – The Irish Centre – 8pm - Free Les Miserables and Tommy – Central Studio 7.30pm - Tickets: £8 full; £6 concessions th Friday 5 Friday 12th Acoustic Open Mic session. – Central Studio 7.30pm – Free Queen Mary’s College Musical following Grease, Les Miserables and Tommy – Central Studio 7.30pm - Tickets: £8 full; £6 concessions Saturday 6th Saturday Live! Penguin. Adapted from the award winning book. – Central Studio – 11am - Tickets: £6.85 adults; £4.40 children

Riff Raff & Sub-mission - the Bang Bar

Mr Egg’s 12 hour gig – see page 2 for line up – The Bang Bar – 2pm-2am - £3 B4 8PM, £5 after 8PM. IT’S GO,,A BE CRACKI,G!!!

Miss T Promotions present; A Valetines night with a difference, featuring The Raz Brothers, Green Embers and The Lovelees – The Irish Centre – 7.30pm – Free, with donations for The Haiti Relief.

The Thin White Duke. Tribute to David Bowie – Central Studio - 8pm - Tickets: £10 full; £8 concessions.

Saturday 13th

Queen Mary’s College Musical following Grease, Les Friday 19th Miserables and Tommy – Central Studio - 7.30pm Gary Cee’s Alternative Karaoke – The White Hart – Tickets: £8 full; £6 concessions 8pm Rock Night – The White Hart – 8pm - Free Saturday 20th th Sunday 14 Pubstep – The White Hart – 8pm-2am Rockbitch Show; yep anti-valentines special, with Autonomads, Harijan, Kicked In, Flippant Malarkism Monday 22nd and one more – The Bang Bar – 4pm-9pm Monday Night Poker – The White Hart – 8pm Bakers Open Mic – The Bakers Arms – 6pm-9pm The Bakers Quiz - The Bakers Arms – 8pm - £35 Monday 15th prize plus Chase The Bitch jackpot Monday Night Poker – The White Hart – 8pm

Tuesday 23rd

The Bakers Quiz night - The Bakers Arms – 8pm £35 prize plus Chase The Bitch jackpot

Tuesday Night Quiz night - The White Hart – 8pm

CC Miricle Puxx – The White Hart, Upstairs – 7pm

The Stage (Acoustic Evening) – The Rhu Bar – 9.30pm - Free

Tuesday 16th

Wednesday 24th

Tuesday Night Quiz - The White Hart – 8pm

Free Pool Table – The White Hart - Free

The Stage (Acoustic Evening) – The Rhu Bar – 9.30pm – Free

Genuinley Humorous Comedy with Rob Hitchmough (MC)Tiffany Stevenson, Luke Graves, Headliner JASON JOHN WHITEHEAD – The White Hart (upstairs) – Doors 8pm - £4 (£3 advanced)

Purple Room Productions presents: Dancing with Auntie – Central Studio – 7.30pm - Tickets: £7.50 full; £6 concessions Wednesday 17th Free Pool Table – The White Hart - Free Purple Room Productions presents: Dancing with Auntie – Central Studio – 7.30pm - Tickets: £7.50 full; £6 concessions

Thursday 25th Jan Jack’s Laughter-House Comedy Club Presents; MILTON JONES, Also featuring Prince Abdi, Liane Ross, compere Danny Dawes – The Red Lion – Doors @ 7.30pm - £12.00 advance, £14.00 on the door. Buy online now from – 18’s only Friday 26th

Open Mic – The Irish Centre – 8pm - Free Thursday 18th Purple Room Productions presents: Dancing with Auntie – Central Studio – 7.30pm - Tickets: £7.50 full; £6 concessions Gary Myles – The Rhu Bar – 10pm – Free

Sub Mission; Back with a Bang/Sub-stable - The Bang Bar Mirth Control Central Comedy. Patrick Monahan, Steve Hall and John Soffee. Matthew Baylis compere. – Central Studio – 7.30pm - Tickets: £10 full; £8 concessions.

Saturday 27th Growing, Growing . . . Gone! The Story of Jack and the Beanstalk. – Central Studio – 11am - Tickets: £7 adults; £4.50 children Burning Idols CD Launch show, with support from Kelly Kemp, Jimmy Broomfield, Hometown Show and Rob Himself @ The White Hart – 7.00pm til late – Free Basingstoke Battle Of The Bands – The Irish Centre – 7pm – Free Copper, Russet and Gold with Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol. – Central Studio – 8pm - Tickets: £10 full; £8.50 concessions

* Events are subject to change

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