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Company profile Why Renaissance?

Company profile Renaissance Translations is a leading provider of translation and localisation services. The company provides a wide range of services including translation, editing and proofreading, website localisation, software localisation, subtitling and transcription services. Renaissance Translations is registered in Jordan under No. 31599. The Company’s offices are based in Amman where we translate over 70 languages; from European and Asian to African and Middle Eastern languages in all dialects using a pool of over 2000 professional translators.

Why Renaissance There are many reasons why you would choose us as your language service provider. They are the same reasons which have cemented our reputation as major providers of language services. ‫ ‏‬ • Our clients’ satisfaction is our first priority. ‫ ‏‬ • Quick response to clients’ quotation requests sent via our website. ‫ ‏‬ • The company offers its regular clients generous discounts for high and even low volume projects. ‫ ‏‬ • We handle our clients’ projects professionally and promptly at very competitive rates. ‫ ‏‬ • Projects are always delivered on time and tight deadlines present no obstacle. ‫ ‏‬ • All translations are performed by native speakers of the target language and are proofread by a second native speaker. ‫ ‏‬ • A pool of over 2000 translators with experience no less than 3 years and an active member ship with a professional body. ‫ ‏‬ • The use of Translation memory software which helps us ensure terminological consistency across projects. ‫ ‏‬ • All work performed by Renaissance Translations is covered by full professional indemnity insurance that is recommended by the Association of Translation Companies in England. ‫ ‏‬ • We are professional, flexible, reliable, helpful and understandable.




Renaissance Translations provides high quality translation services. Our professional translators can make your business look fruitful and bring prolific results. We have the ability to handle any project of any size in any format, style or subject matter. We are specialised and experienced in a wide range market sectors such as medical, legal, manufacturing, science and finance.


Renaissance Translations has evolved quickly as leading provider of language services thanks to our professional and experienced team. Our professional linguists can make your business look fruitful and bring prolific results too. We have the ability to handle any project of any size in any format, style or subject matter. We have accomplished many successful relationships with local and international clients. Our customer care policy has helped us build prosperous relationships with our clients. So, it is worth it to contact us shortly! Here are some of the specialist subjects covered by our translators:

Science Marketing and Media Public sector Legal

Medical and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Consumer Finance and Business

Editing and Proofreading In today’s business, editing and proofreading have become essential steps to deliver quality documents. Your document may contain some embarrassing mistakes which may undermine your company and destroy your reputation. Therefore, we strongly recommend that translations are proofread prior to publication or going online. We provide professional editing and proofreading services that suit your business needs. Our editors and proofreaders are adept at detecting errors and mistakes. They will help you produce an error-free document as they will thoroughly check for typography, figures, headings, misplaced captions, style, table of contents, spelling and grammatical mistakes, tone and much more.


Website localisation Transcription Subtitling

Website localisation No doubt internet has become the primary channel of call for information, shopping and services. In response, businesses have become aware of the benefits of website localisation. In fact, having a website in other languages gives huge opportunities of doing business with other countries and can bring prolific results. Renaissance Translations offers high quality website localisation services. Having worked in this field for so much long time, our experienced localisers can deliver your website’s image in a suitable way. They will work with you closely to ensure the full understanding of your requirements and tailored delivery.

Transcription Renaissance Translations provides high quality audio and video transcription services. Our professional transcribers offer you fast, accurate and reliable transcription services. You may require us to transcribe a file in the same language which is less cost than transcribing in other language. In this case, our skilful translators will be watching or listening to your file and writing down the speech involved. The text would be translated thereafter into the required language. Sometimes, transcription services are required in both source language and target language.

Subtitling Due to the high demand for subtitling services worldwide, we have been able to leverage new working practices and introduce technological practices. Renaissance Translations offers high quality subtitling services in many languages. Our professional subtitlers are able to bring the sense of the original to the target. Our cultural experts can provide effective solutions for such issues including colloquial expressions used in the original. Your project will be assigned to one or more of our professional subtitlers who are marked by their long experience in this field.


Design and Print Delivery and Rates

Design and Print Renaissance Translations is so much more than a translation company! We can supply, in partnership with specialist firms, professional print and design services that suit your business needs. If you have a project with translation and designing requirements, we can handle it for you professionally.

Delivery & Rates Renaissance Translations takes an individual approach to every translation project. As we perform your project professionally, we price it competitively. Our rates are determined according to following factors: ‫‏‬ ‫ ‏‬ ‫ ‏‬ ‫ ‏‬ ‫ ‏‬

• • • • •

Language combination. Word count of original document. Type of text. The desired turnaround date. Other special requirements.

How does translation work?

We usually work according to the following scheme:

‫‏‬ 1 . You request a free no-obligation quote for a translation project. ‫ ‏‬ 2 . We carefully study your project and give you a quote. ‫ ‏‬ 3 . Once you confirm your desire to proceed with the translation, we start the job immediately. ‫ ‏‬ 4 . Your project will be assigned to a project manager who keeps you informed throughout the project. ‫ ‏‬ 5 . The translation is performed by a native speaker having enormous experience in the text type. ‫ ‏‬ 6 . The translation is proofread by a second native speaker to ensure that the original content is rendered accurately with no mistakes. ‫ ‏‬ 7 . We will send you the translation by email or post in any format you require. We will serve your business professionally and we promise you a fantastic customer service.


Quality Assurance Translation memory software


Quality Assurance Renaissance Translations is committed to providing professional, accurate and high quality translation services. Therefore, we adhere to a strict quality control process to ensure that the final product has outstanding quality and reads as if originally written in the target language. Our duty is to understand your requirements, apply them on your project and convey the same message as the original. As we translate, we strive to render the meaning as faithful as possible having in mind that all translations should be grammatically and syntactically correct. We always strive to establish the quality control measures necessary to ensure that every step in the translation process is performed correctly and in the right time frame.

Translation memory software Our professional use of Terminology Management (TM) tools help maintain language consistency across multiple projects and multiple groups of translators. TM tools prevent any discrepancies from occurring during a translation project. After the whole translation process is complete, our QA specialists will double窶田heck and test every project before delivering it back to you.

Quality , Consistency , Accuracy Confidentiality Renaissance Translations understands the importance of your confidential information. Therefore, we abide by a strict policy in governing the way we use your data. Whether your information is personal or non-personal, we are committed to protecting it at the highest level of confidentiality.


Renaissance Translations

T: +962 (6)5344 667 - F: +962 (6)5348 667 - M: +962 (0)775 113344 E: | W: Renaissance Translations is registered in Jordan under No. 31599 Office 316 | Caracas Centre | Al-Jubeiha | P.O Box. 1635 Amman 11941 | Jordan

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