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AENG 250 Portfolio Marina Qaldas

Course AENG 250 Foundations of Three Dimensional Designs Basic concepts and fundamentals of visualization, thinking, and design of simple forms in three dimensions. Presentation, communication and basic design skills using simple three dimensional modeling exercises in manual formats. Balance between aesthetic and functional design criteria.

Exercise One: Linear Solids

Exercise Two: Curvilinear Solids

Exercise Three: Linear Solids Application

A hotel.

Exercise Four: Curvilinear Solids Application

A race track center with a seating area for people to watch the race and an indoor seating area (inside the tower). Offices located in the building at the back.

Exercise Five: Expressive 3 Dimensional







Exercise Six: Fragmented Solids

Final Project

This assignment requires the student to create an object using recyclable, everyday items in repetition.. I have used toothpicks to form identical units and arranged them all in two table center pieces/lamps.

Spherical form

Cylindrical form

Both centerpieces

Aeng 250 Portfolio  

3 dimensional

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