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Pete Aldridge

D og


Mike Pearson

Look out for ‘Squeak the mouse’

See if you can see him hiding in the story!

Who the Cat meets ... Ruff the Dog Story by

Pete Aldridge & Mike Pearson

Who the Cat was peacefully taking a nap. . .

. . . when she was woken up by the sound of whistling.

She followed the whistling out of her house...

down the garden path...

...all the way to the park!

Who was just about to go inside to see what was making the noise...

when ...

...suddenly a tail popped up over the hedge,

then a head...

then a tail again, then a head again...

Who jumped as high as she could to try and see what was behind the hedge... Boun


but what ever was there... ! e c n Bou

! e c n ou

B Bou

nce had bounced away! !

Who noticed a big gap in the hedge and walked over to see if she could get a better look into the park.

All of a sudden,

a funny face bounced into her view.

Then out again... then back in again.

What a strange thing?! Thought Who.

So she decided to go into the park to investigate.

Who looked all around the park...

. ..and spotted something disappear inside the tunnel near the swings.


She went over to the bendy window to take a look inside. ..

! !

...and saw a big strange face that made her jump!

Who was very startled, and she ran off to hide in the hedge.

Then, she saw a little dog appear out of the tunnel.

The little dog jumped onto the swing, and he went higher. ..

and higher ...

and higher ...

...until he went so high, he lost his balance and came tumbling off the swing!

Who ran over to see if the poor little dog was hurt.

He was a little dazed, but she knew what would cheer him up ...

The see-saw!

! f f u R

The little dog thanked her for helping him up, and said his name was Ruff the Dog!

And from that day onwards, Who the Cat and Ruff the Dog were the best of friends!

T he End.

Or is it...

Who the Cat would love your feedback on her first adventure.

Please visit to find out more, and leave your comments, which will be greatly appreciated

Š 2009-2011 Polite Pete & Co. All rights reserved.

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