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March 2015 • Volume XXVIII, No. 12


MINNESOTA HEALTH CARE ROUNDTABLE Health exchange transparency Are we there yet?


By Candace DeMatteis, JD, MPH

Hospital medical-staff bylaws 1 A recent Minnesota Supreme Court ruling By G  reg Myers, JD; David Asp, JD; and Elizabeth Snelson, JD

The New Face of Health Care







Pain Medicine

Addressing an epidemic By Elena Polukhin, MD, PhD


Expanding medical professional relationships

Mehul J. Desai, MD, MPH

Thursday April 23, 2015, 1:00-4:00 PM Downtown Minneapolis Hilton and Towers

Medical Advanced Pain Specialists

Professional Update: Radiology Stents 14 By Y  asha Kadkhodayan, MD

2015 Community caregivers Making a difference in Minnesota and the world 20 By Lisa McGowan

Special Focus: Patient Compliance Following doctor’s orders 26 By S  hawna L. Ehlers, PhD, ABPPCHP, and Mark J. Wilbur, MD

Diabetes education 30 By L  aurel Reger, MBA, and Mary Beth Dahl, RN

Minimally disruptive 28 medicine 2.0 By Aaron Leppin, MD, and Victor Montori, MD

Background and Focus: With dramatic population growth, and as baby boomers become senior citizens, the demand for health care is exceeding the supply. Addressing the shortage of medical doctors involves creating new relationships between medical professionals. Training and licensure for Physician Assistants, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors, Respiratory Therapists, Physical Therapists, Home Care Providers, Dentists, and many other health care professions have become increasingly rigorous and provide expanded support to our health-care delivery system. Greater integration of these professions allows medical doctors to work to the top of their license but requires new pathways for communication and care coordination. Objectives: We will examine many of the new partnerships that are emerging between medical doctors and other medical professionals. We will look at the ways leveraging these new relationships can improve access to care while reducing costs and improving outcomes. We will consider points of resistance to forming these kinds of health care teams and what should be avoided in creating them. We will discuss what the proper oversight for these relationships should entail and how to maximize the coordination of care that they require. Panelists Include: • Mehul Desai, MD, Minneapolis Advanced Pain Specialists • Derek Hustvet, RRT-NPS, LRT, Director of Respiratory Service, Pediatric Home Service • John Gulon, DDS, President of Park Dental • Craig Johnson, PT, MBA, President MNPTA, Director of Clinical Integration Therapy Partners Sponsors Include: Minneapolis Advanced Pain Specialists, Park Dental, and Pediatric Home Service

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