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==== ==== This article provides you with helpful insights into how you can heal from emotional pain and hurt. ==== ====

To begin with its important to distinguish between emotional health and mental health. Both of these areas are important aspects of life and tough times makes a negative impact in many ways to both of the issues. Dealing with emotion the best definition to apply to is that someone that is in good emotional health is able to display all of their emotions in a productive healthy way. When you think of all the emotions though that the human mind experiences, it is easy to see that hard times would have a direct effect on them. Let's take a look at these three key issues... Tough times Emotional health Mental health Tough times These are those times where we are not happy because of circumstances. Perhaps we are experiencing hard times in our financial stage, or a relationship, or a work atmosphere. Tough times can and do occur most often in every aspect of our lives. It is how we deal with these that affect our emotional wellbeing. Emotional health When any one of our emotions is being affected in a negative way then we are suffering poor emotional health. We all may know some of the basics but there are actually quite a few emotions that we experience. Anger, Joy, Fear, Sadness Happiness, Surprise, Shame, Panic, Love and the list goes on, but these are a good indicator of the major emotions and these can even be broke down into subcategories. So really how does hard times play havoc on each of these emotions? Think about it carefully. When we are in a position where we are irritated on a constant basis, and things just aren't working out we go through a phase of anger. We may even be bitter and ask ourselves "why me?" This is a classic example of going through hard times. You can apply this to each and every one of our emotions and you will see every time that tough times play emotion havoc on our health. The key to getting back into optimum emotional health is to determine the cause of the tough times and attempt to eliminate or rectify it.

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==== ==== This article provides you with helpful insights into how you can heal from emotional pain and hurt. ==== ====

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