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Empowered Woman wishes you Season’s Greetings ISSUE 34


It’s a Season of Greetings! Wishing You a Merry

Christmas and a Successful New Year

Jacqueline Ani— Empowered Woman Ltd


Inside this issue:

I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and Joyous New Year as the final EW Newsletter for this year encourages you to:

2 Choose to be an Ambassador of Hope in 2012


3 Empowered Woman’s New Look.

November 30th 2011 witnessed about 2million public sector workers go on strike over a pension’s deal that the government rejected and over a statement in negotiations around pensions for public sector workers. On the 29th of November 2011, the Chancellor’s autumn statement listed the economic state of play and how it will affect us all in the years to come. We know that as a country, we rely heavily on borrowing and debt, this is due to the promises of better services, improved services and more services and as such, their strategy to deliver promises made in their manifestos and during the elections times and to bring public spending under control to balance the books to bring down the national debt and ensure that Britain doesn’t follow other European countries that have gone bankrupt, is to borrow money and pay interest on money borrowed. Unfortunately, the figures in the UK show that growth has been slow and weak and all of their anticipated movements to our economy would occur as a result of the Chancellor’s strategy have not occurred and we are now closer to a ‘double dip’ recession. As such the results reflect the following: 1. Some people saw this as a declaration of a class war; a statement that would benefit a few at the expense of the many. The poorest people in the country to pay the bill of the mistakes of the wealthiest people in the country.

3 The Mentoring Academy E-Learning & Resource Centre Programmes and Workshops for 2012 Empowered Woman 3 Conference— Creating Wealth from Your Resources 31st March 2012 Stepping Out! Meets 4 Michelle Wright My Love Palace

axed, which would affect the public sector, with the promise that there will be a rise in private sector jobs as they will absorb the impact.

Jacqueline Ani Inspi- 5 rational Speaker’s New Book Out Soon Being Single to Be Married—Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage

There will be further 710,000 public sector job cuts, which means a further 1 million public sector workers will lose their jobs in the next 6 years.

Raising Funds for 6 Empowered Woman Ltd

2. Unemployment figures to hit a staggering 2.8 million, which means another 1million to lose jobs in the near future.

3. Earlier in the year we heard that 400,000 public sector jobs (military/police) would be

The figures suggests that cuts will technically push 100,000 children into poverty, unemployment will increase by a further 60 per cent in the year 2012'. Experts say that the decisions will affect thousands of ordinary people already struggling with the rising inflation and stagnant wages, and who need to sell assets such as shares brought through employment schemes to make ends meet. It is very real that we are in the midst of an economic and spiritual transition, what side of the transition are you prepared to stand on? The side that promises an up rise in this economic downturn for those who have been waiting, declaring for such an opportunity in this period or do you choose to stand on the side who view this massive transition as only 'doom and gloom'. All said and done will you be the ambassador of hope for those who don’t have hope in this period of transition? Will you show others how to benefit from this change? However to be an ambassador of hope for you will need to start planning strategies for success, and communicating these strategies to those who need it in your world, in your environment and most of all to reflect in your life. What are the strategies for success in 2012 and beyond? CONTINUE READING Page 2

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If you wish to know more about our products/services and or the EWMPP programme, or you have any queries and for further enquiries, please contact us via the following methods: Telephone Number 0207 998 1848; Email Empowered Woman Ltd is a charitable organisation and if you would like to donate, please call or email us.

Hurray!!!!!! We Have a New Look

TheMentoringAcademy E-Learning & Resource Centre TheMentoringAcademy of Empowered Woman Ltd is a resource and e-learning centre where information, knowledge and wisdom is taught through all our various programmes to raise and mentor pioneers to succeed in life.

Leadership Mentoring for Olympic Programmes/ Purpose Programme – Have You Workshops for 2012 Registered Yet? Times are hard we know, but a woman who wants to make a difference in her world through discovering her purpose, her gifts, her resources and be a tremendous influence in her nation by empowering greatness in others whilst building her business is a woman who knows that she is unique and has been called for such a time as this. Details Our informative free webinar for this programme will be held on 5th January 2012 click sign up

The Mentoring Academy has introduced a host of new programmes to start your new year on a good note thinking about preparing yourself as an Independent Entrepreneur. Go to link below for further details of programmes and workshops. Details

Empowered Woman Conference Creating Wealth from Your Resources March 31st 2012   

Who is a Purpose Driven Woman? Creating Wealth from Your Idea The Practical Process for Developing Your Idea (from Incubation to Production—How to Build)

Don’t miss out on this power packed conference empowering women to move beyond the shame that debt can cause and keep you at a crossroad. Discover the resources you have to create wealth to build. Empowered Woman Conference – Creating Wealth from Your Resources venue and further details will be communicated in our January EW Newsletter issue. Page 3

Praying for Purpose Inspirational Event – Saturday January 28th 2012. The Key to Successful building involves Praying FIRST! Ladies, I encourage you to start your new year by attending our Praying for Purpose Inspirational Breakfast Event. Learn how to discern and pray the Father’s Heart for your year, how to build from what you already have and how to discover where to build from. This event is held 3 times a year to teach and empower women on the theory and principles of prayer. In doing so, we are able to pray according to God’s Heart and how to build what He has given us to build with. Mark your diaries for the next event, which will be held on Saturday 28 th January 10am – 2.30pm at Stephen Lawrence Centre. This is a free event and all are welcome, however registration is needed please email to register your attendance.

Stepping Out! Michelle Wright, Founder – Love My Palace The inspirational seed of dress and home making richly runs through the veins of the women in my family. My Grandmother was a seamstress back in Jamaica and between her and the local women in the community they would create clothing for society folk and settlers emigrating overseas. As a child I too, grew up watching my mother piece together beautiful dresses and home furnishings. In fact a large part of my early childhood was spent in Jessops department store with my mother in the fabric and kitchenware departments flicking through countless pattern books, collecting remnants of beautiful dress and upholstery fabrics and pieces of fine dinner ware and table settings. It was a joy to watch how she transformed a room by dressing them with gorgeous home furnishings, and eclectic pieces of furnishing to create a wonderful space to live in - all on a limited budget. At the time I had no idea, that sharing in this experience would later birth itself in my life once I had my own home and children. After having my first child, I went to Lewisham College and studied for a BTEC in Fashion Design and Garment construction. The course opened up a level of untapped creativity within me and I enjoyed the buzz of putting together a collection of clothes and painting abstract art and collage pieces which I hung on the walls at home. I loved how my learning extended to and complimented my family and home life. To support my learning I gained work experience and employment with Nicole Farhi, Fred Bare, Karen Millen, Annette Henry PR and W65 Marketing. I had acquired a lot of experience but was finding that I wasn’t getting the roles that I aimed for, because I didn’t have a degree. So, I went onto study full time at university for a HND and then later a BA Honors in Marketing and Advertising. Though, I learned a great deal, I found that I was not happy with the frantic juggling of my family responsibilities, running a home, studying and at one stage working three part-time jobs in pursuit of studying.

I was straying further away from the things I loved to do, which was home making and creating things from within the home. I felt that I was going against the grain of what I needed to naturally pursue. Once I gained my degree my family grew, and I had our daughter. My natural instinct was to stay at home and nurture her until she started school. However, financial constraints caused me to go back into work sooner than I expected. Externally, I gained lots of knowledge and experience within my career roles and was a valued team member, but my spirit felt grieved. I didn’t have enough time to manage and enjoy my home with my family. I became tired of frantically starting the day with a jolt and tearing around the house getting myself and the children ready to drop them off and then be out of the house all day. I found it was stressful, and I longed for the day when I could reorganise my working pattern to fit harmoniously around family life. It would be a whole seven years later of trying tirelessly to find employment that fitted around my family life comfortably, but also paid more than enough to cover the overheads. After a number of sad events, I finally stopped running the rat race and thought ‘Come what may I will follow my heart and find my purpose’. I did a lot of soul searching, praying and considered what the main things I needed to maintain peace, harmony and joy within me. I looked at my skill set and thought about the things that I would love to do.

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Stepping Out! Michelle Wright, Founder – Love My Palace Contd. It was through this process and reorganising my home this summer that I felt inspired to create Love My Palace a home management site to celebrate and inspire homemakers to manage home life efficiently, beautifully and on a budget with frills, along with a line of aprons – ‘Posh Pinnies’. Love My Palace is an internet based Home Management Site. It is aimed at encouraging homemakers to manage their home and family life in line with the order set by the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31. She wore her titles of wife, mother, employer and entrepreneur with and was a successful business woman. She ran her home magnificently because of the order. Its concept was inspired by the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 and takes from her example of the orderly, nurturing and successful way she managed her home, family and staff, whilst balancing her own successful business. Love My Palace encourages the modern woman to celebrate and love their position in the home, making the most of the space they live in and offers great suggestions of how to implement effective time management, create a warm and nurturing environment. Thankfully, I had found a way to combine the things I loved to do with family life and generate an income. Though they are both in their infancy, I’m thoroughly loving that finally my main focus is concentrated on what I most enjoy… Watch this space!

Jacqueline Ani - The Inspirational Speaker/Author/Coach & Prophetic Mentor New Book Release – Out Soon! Being Single to Be Married – Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage. We live in a society where image, lifestyle and money have always been important qualities to reflect ones success. Being married is another quality that represents your success criteria in the world that we live in today, so much so that single men and women believe that love is all you need and one of the main reasons for marriage and as such are not adequately prepared for the transition from single status to married status (a new lifestyle). If we are to analyse the statistics, we find that our society doesn’t have an in depth knowledge of the purpose of marriage and like anything, if you don’t know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable. We hear of high profile marriages and after a couple of years or even less a separation and divorce follows. Unfortunately this way of life is finding its way into the Christian community. The principles of marriage still stand, however most have lost its value. We’ve forgotten that marriage is an institution and was created by the Creator of the Universe – God. When He created one man in the beginning He said that it wasn’t good for this man who He created to be alone and He then made him a help mate that was comparable to him. If God did that, surely he must know that marriage is meant to be a good thing and as such there is a purpose for getting married. Each marriage has its own purpose and instruction and to realise that for yourself will lead you to the right mate in time to come. In her 3rd book, Being Single to Be Married, Jacqueline writes about her own journey from singlehood season to married season and the role and preparation that each person male and female goes through to eventually make the journey from being single to be married. Being Single to Be Married – Preparing Yourself for a Purpose Driven Marriage offers a practical perspective, biblical quotations that offer a new and enhanced way of thinking, reflective questions and real life case studies.

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Empowered Woman Issue 34 Xmas Edition  


Empowered Woman Issue 34 Xmas Edition