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in motion a look into the art of mechanics

BMW Mission: Plausible In 1995, I was offered a job at Taylor BMW while working as a parts manager at Western Auto. I was driving a midnight blue 1979 Corvette, which I was slowing restoring paycheck to paycheck. I took the job for the pay increase: I was not a fan of the BMW “boxes on wheels,” until I actually got down to the literal nuts and bolts of these luxurious yet sporty German driving machines. While working at the dealership, I realized that the majority of BMW parts are of a much higher quality than most brands. It seemed the 80 percent of what BMW owners paid for went unseen but was crucial in the car’s quality. For example, the BMW has durable yet lightweight forged aluminum suspension parts, compared with other manufactures cheaply stamped steel pieces. BMW makes vehicles that are evenly weighted and balanced between each wheel. In other words, if a BMW’s tires were placed on four independent scales, each would show approximately the same weight. As BMW sales specialist Ken Ashman said, “Other companies make nice cars, but no other car drives like a BMW.”

bmw 650i coupe twin turbo v8 Many domestic cars are designed by NASCAR engineers to be “fast cars that turn left” or drag cars that “go straight fast.” A Formula-1 or Rally Car has a central weight ratio made to go fast and handle well. Take these developments and apply them to a car that also rides well, is safe, well appointed and still gets great fuel efficiency: You get the BMW – “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” Another turning point in my years as a BMW enthusiast was when I saw a four-door BMW 328I that survived a major side-impact collision. The BMW frame structure is almost a seamless formation. It takes a specialist to repair this type of damage, but the “cage” design saved the driver and her children’s lives – priceless.

BMW Vision Efficient-Dynamics Concept car BMW and Paramount Pictures have joined forces to deliver Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, which hits theatres on Dec. 16. During the course of the film, five BMWs will be prominently featured: the BMW Vision Efficient-Dynamics Concept car, the 1 Series, the 6 Series Coupe, the 6 Series Convertible and the X3 SAV. Taylor BMW held a black-tie gala on Dec. 5 in honor of the new movie. One’s first thought of a party at a car dealership might be “bait and switch,” but, it was a well organized event featuring cars on display from the forthcoming MI movie, food from each country visited in the movie, belly dancers, music and automotive enthusiasts in secret agent attire. The people in attendance were simply there to celebrate their passion for a superior automobile – and to have fun. I pride myself in introducing Rocky from the service department to baklava, which then reminded us of a Beavis and Butthead episode after eating a few more than etiquette might permit. Our “mission” was to enjoy ourselves. Mission complete. This article will now self-destruct.

by Jonathan Karow, an enthusiast of the mechanical arts. He started racing bicycles as a young man, then moved on to restoring exotic automobiles, motorcycles and lightweight aircraft as a three-time certified mechanic. Ideas or comments, email


Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol starring Tom Cruise, 2011


“Drivin’ ” by Bang Tango, 2011

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