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“The End” Treatment Martina Platanias The first scene opens with one of our main characters, DEANNA parking her car in her mid driveway, walking towards the front door of her house, on the verge of falling over, carrying five bags of groceries on each arm. Her facial expression is terrified. The weather is warm and sunny with gigantic gusts of wind. Deanna’s neighbor, LISA, spots her from across the street, and sprints over to help her. We see the same terrified look on Lisa’s face. When Lisa catches up with Deanna, the two neighbors give each other gigantic hugs while tears begin to stream down Deanna’s face. We do not yet know why DEANNA is crying or why the two have such terrifying looks on their faces. Deanna’s next-door neighbor, DAVE, stares at the two from his window and eventually begins to walk over and join them in conversation. Though he is not crying, we feel his anger and horror through his blank stares and minimal responsiveness. They all comfort each other for about ten minutes. We watch Deanna, Lisa and Dave pick up the grocery bags from the front lawn and continue into the house. Dave leaves as he walks back over to his front lawn. As Lisa and Deanna begin to unpack the groceries, Lisa turns on the small flat paneled television that sits on the counter next to the sink. The channel is already set to the news. The words “BREAKING NEWS” in gigantic red letters take up almost the entire bottom half of the screen. The two women stare at the television like robots for almost five straight minutes without the blink of an eye. We watch and listen to the newscaster as he expresses the hardship and depression every person is going through. The news goes back and forth from clips of overcrowded grocery stores and lines for check out that go all the way down long aisles. We learn from him, that the world is coming to an end. Deanna pulls out boxes and boxes of food out of the plastic grocery bags that is meant to last a long time. She knows there is no chance for her family and herself to survive but she tries to convince herself otherwise by stocking up on everything imaginable. She tries to convince Lisa that they are going to be okay, that they can lock themselves in the basement and pray. We hear Deanna’s mother, PAULA, walking down the hall and we see her enter into the kitchen. She tells Deanna that there is no point in listening to the news and that our time has come. Deanna expresses her fear for her nine-year-old son MATTY.

She does not want him to worry. She decides it is best not to tell him what is going on at all. A few hours pass and DEANNA and her husband MARC are sitting down for dinner with the television still on the same channel reporting the same breaking news. They are silent the entire meal. As far as the two of them know, Matty is in his room doing homework. Little do they know, he has been spying on them from an open hallway next to the kitchen. The news channel does not register for Matty until he hears certain words from one of the anchors. He runs into the kitchen hysterically crying and into his mother’s arms. She reassures him that nothing is going to happen and that everything is going to be alright. Later, when Deanna puts Matty to bed, we notice that she has a determined attitude. She is not going to let the world end and certainly not going to let the end take Matty’s life. She learns that there are a few places that the sun will miss when it wipes out the entire earth by burning everything. Though she has just stocked up her entire home, she takes her family with her, packs the car, and they begin to drive.


Ext. Driveway/Front yard, 2:00 P.M.


Deanna has just arrived home from the grocery store as she parks her blue Ford Explorer in the middle of her freshly paved driveway. She struggles to carry all of her grocery bags, five on each arm, across her lawn and through the now barely visible pathway from the driveway to the house. Although it is very sunny and warm, there is a very strong wind. Deanna’s neighbor Lisa sprints over to help her with the bags. DEANNA Don’t worry about it Lis, really I’m fine! (We see a very terrified look on Deanna’s face) LISA Nonsense, you are going to break your back! You really stocked up, didn’t you? DEANNA Well, yes. I guess I kind of began to panic…I do not really know what is going to happen but… (Deanna looks down at her groceries and bursts tears)


LISA It’s okay Dee, it really is. We’re going to be fine (Lisa gives Deanna a huge, long hug and next-door neighbor, Dave, sees them from his window and walks over) DAVE Hi Deanna. DEANNA Hi Dave. DAVE Lisa. LISA Hi.

DAVE What are you ladies doing out here? Let me help you with the grocery bags. DEANNA Thank you so much, Dave.

Are you afraid?

DAVE What will being afraid accomplish? If it is going to happen, it is going to happen. (He looks down at his feet in silence for a few minutes before picking up the bags and following the two women into the house) 2 Int. Kitchen, 3:00 P.M. 2 Deanna and Lisa are now in the mid-sized kitchen. Deanna begins to open one of the chestnut cabinets and then turns on the small flat paneled television that sits right below the cabinet and next to the sink. The channel is set to the news and across the screen there are large red letters that read “BREAKING NEWS.� The two of them stare at the television in silence and listen to the newscaster as the camera jumps from him to clips of hundreds of people standing in line at the grocery store in panic. NEWS CASTER If you are just tuning in now people, you might want to take a seat. We have some breaking news that may not be very settling for many of you. After five conclusive scientific studies have been released, we have just learned today that the sun is going to set fire and burn the entire earth. This is due to happen very soon. Very few areas are expected to escape this fate and survive and even those in these rare spots have a very minor chance of survival. What can we do? Nothing really. (Newscaster looks down at his notes in panic and holds back his tears.) DEANNA Maybe we do have a chance, Lis. beat this.

Maybe we can

(Deanna and Lisa begin to unpack box after box of food from grocery bags)

Lisa I don’t know about that. (Lisa shrugs) Deanna We can lock ourselves in the basement. There is plenty of room down there…and a shower and toilet. Why not? We can just stay down there until it is all over. Lisa You aren’t being logical. You know that Green Park is going to get hit. We have been hearing it all day. Deanna I know but maybe if we just, maybe if we pray? (Deanna is interrupted by her mother walking into the kitchen) PAULA Turn that damn television off. There is no point in watching that. If our time has come, our time has come. Deanna But Matty, he’s so young mom. He is only nine years old. I really do not want him to find out about this. 3 Int. Kitchen. 7:00 P.M.


Deanna and her husband Marc are sitting down for dinner at their rectangular wooden kitchen table. The television is still turned on and reporting the same breaking news. The two have very little to say to each other. Matty is in his bedroom doing homework until he spies on his parents. Deanna Matty cannot find out about this.

(Deanna looks at her husband concerned as she takes a bite of her spaghetti.) MARC He is not going to find out D. News Anchor I think its official everyone; our world is coming to an end. (Matty hears this news as he is lurking around the corner of the kitchen spying on his parents. He runs into his mother’s arms.) Matty MOM!?!?!! Deanna Baby, what are you doing down here! You are supposed to be doing your homework. Matty MOM! Is the world really ending? DAD?! What is happening? Deanna Sweetie, yes. But we are going to be okay. We are going to figure it out I promise. (Marc looks at her puzzled) Matty Mom do you promise? Deanna I do, babe. I promise. I will never let anything happen to my sweet boy. 4 Int. Matty’s Bedroom. 9:00 P.M. Deanna is in Matty’s bedroom supposedly putting him to bed. She is standing up picking things up off of his dresser. She seems to have a new attitude about the expected disaster. She begins packing everything in Matty’s room up in his suitcase.

Matty Mom? Mom. What are you doing? Deanna We aren’t staying here. We are going somewhere safe. Somewhere where nothing can happen to us. Okay? (Paula overhears Deanna as she is walking past Matty’s bedroom.) Paula I will go pack my bags! Deanna Okay, good! We are going to be alright. think everything is going to be okay.

I really

Paula Have you told Marc this plan yet? Deanna MARK!!!!! WERE PACKING OUR BAGS AND GOING SOMEWHERE SAFE! (Marc runs into Matty’s room) Marc My brother just called me. He told me where to go! I am going to go start packing up the car. Matty we're going to be alright, okay buddy? Matty Okay Dad. Can I bring my gameboy? (Marc giggles) Marc Of course, son. (The family continues to pack all of their belongings into suitcases and packs the car with all of their suitcases as well as the groceries Deanna bought. The scene ends with the car driving into the foggy distance.)

Reflection This assignment was something brand new too me that I never even imagined attempting until this class.

Though I

have always enjoyed writing, I had never thought I would be capable of creating my own story, with a script. Previously, the papers I have written for college classes have had much less space for creativity. Although this is my first story I have ever written and I imagine it would not make an Oscar-nominating film, I feel as though I have really accomplished something special.

I know that I am

capable of a new kind of writing and creativity.


exercises we have been doing in class really helped me to identify each and every one of my characters, their traits, and their personalities.

I genuinely felt like I knew the

main characters of my story, Deanna, Lisa, Marc, Paula and Matty, before I actually began writing the treatment.


feel as if my stories are going to improve throughout the semester and that I have learned very valuable skills for my other classes as well.

I never realized how much

thought was put into every detail of a story such as character’s personalities and the setting of each scene. am proud of my story and I plan on writing many great stories in the future.


Project # 1: Treatment, Script, Reflection  
Project # 1: Treatment, Script, Reflection  

Movie: "The End" (Treatment, script, reflection)