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Lifting Magnets MPI Lifting Magnets make moving material easier without deforming or damaging the load. MPI work holding tools are versatile, compact and easy to operate. They replace ropes, chains, and clamps because of the ability to easily control the magnet and the strong force. MPI Lifting Magnets are permanently magnetized so they do not need electricity to operate. Workpieces are safely loaded and unloaded with the simple on/off lever. Since they contain high energy neodymium magnets, they offer incredible lifting capacity. For instance, weights range from 0 to 4,400lbs. The strong, stainless-steel lifting eye clamps the product from the top. This avoids deforming or damaging the load. Blocks of high-energy neodymium magnetic material power Lifting Magnets. Using only one hand, the Easy-Switch system activates the magnet On and Off. This saves over 40% of the time. The magnet switches from On to Off by reversing the blocks. The On position’s reversible block is parallel. This static block produces a concentrated magnetic field. The Off position’s reversible block rotates 180 degrees. This creates a total magnetic short circuit. Permanent Lifting Magnets raise steel plates, bars, blocks, press molds. They assist in loading and unloading machines during the handling operation. Steel mills, scrap yards, and foundries use Lifting Magnets as well as warehouses, loading docks, shipyards, coil and pipe distributors. Our Lifting Magnets fit round bar, pipe, and flat plates. They have a high lift capacity but are low weight. As a result, they provide extraordinary strength in a compact size. This also ensures safety and speed for lifting heavy loads. Flat lift magnets are available in six models with ratings of 330, 660, 1,320, 2,200, 3,300 and 4,400lbs. Round lift ratings are approximately 50% of the flat ratings. For safety, the actual breakaway force is 3+ times greater than the maximum flat lift ratings. The load limits shown above are for AISI 1020 steel. Please refer to the lifting chart for exact capacities based on size and surface finish.


● Lifting Magnet :- ​Professional quality tool – a must for businesses with a formal safety program, you are buying the safest technology available today for your workforce ● Manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards ● Only lifter in the industry with a five-year warranty on the magnetic system ● Strong welded design features compact body with only two recessed handle screws – no load bearing screws to come loose ● 3X safety factor – every lifter is individually tested to meet load specifications and the results are recorded by serial number ● Air Gap Test – tear-off test is conducted with an air gap that simulates real operating conditions – true capacity ● Simple ​Easy Switch​ control switches magnet on and off easily, quickly and safely with one hand ● Stainless steel robust lifting eye permanently welded to the body – will never come loose ● Capacity table for easy reference right on the magnet body ● Annual lifter re-certification service available from MPI – verifies lifting performance meets product specifications and may be used for your company’s annual OSHA lifting safety compliance program.

How it works Our lift magnets utilize high energy Neodymium magnets offer tremendous lifting capacity when handling flat, round and cylindrical material. The Easy Switch system activates the magnet On and Off simply — using just one hand with a significant time savings! The lifting magnet’s stainless steel robust lifting eye clamps product from the top without deforming or damaging the loa​d.

Specifications​:When to choose permanent MPI Lifting Magnet: The permanent MPI Lifting Magnet magnet is widely used for handling ferromagnetic materials in the metal industry – in workshops, on building sites, in warehouses for semi-finished steel products, when handling steel workpieces, tools, sheets, metal


profiled sections, tubes, and bars.​Download our ​Workholding Catalog​ to view our Lift Magnet Workload Limits for Plates and Round




Ø of eye


Part Number mm in mm in mm in mm in kg lbs

Tested Lifting Capacity

Workload Limit Flat Material








150 330



40/1 00




60/2 2.4/7.8 00

LM-0600-REN 120 4.7 246 9.7 180 7.1 20 0.8 21 46.3 1800 3968 600 1322 300


65/2 2.5/10. 70 6

LM-1000-REN 146 5.8 306

12. 236 9.3 20 0.8 40 88.2 3200 7054 1000 2204 500 1


100/ 4/11.8 300

LM-1500-REN 165 6.5 374

14. 10. 152. 1036 273 20 0.8 69 4700 1500 3306 750 7 8 1 1


150/ 6/13.7 350

LM-0150-REN 60 2.4 93 3.7 120 4.7 10 0.4 3


Workload Limit Round Ø min/max Material

6.6 450 992

LM-0300-REN 100 3.9 152 6.0 180 7.1 16 0.6 10 22.1 900 1984 300 661

6/13.7 LM-2000-REN 165 6.5 478

18. 10. 198. 1366 150/ 273 20 0.8 90 6200 2000 4409 1000 2204 8 8 4 8 350

● Important parameters ● Nominal lifting capacity for flat material: up to 4,409 lbs ● Nominal lifting capacity for round material: up to 2,204 lbsSafety factor: 3+ (EN 13155).

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Lifiting Magnets  

MPI Lifting Magnets make moving material easier without deforming or damaging the load. MPI work holding tools are versatile, compact and ea...

Lifiting Magnets  

MPI Lifting Magnets make moving material easier without deforming or damaging the load. MPI work holding tools are versatile, compact and ea...