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Halloween´ s Party 2011. Bilingual Section PUMPKIN´ S GHYMKANA

1. Move the vampires made with cardboard from one table to another, sucking through a straw. 2. With a stick and an orange balloon (simulating a broomstick and a pumpkin), complete the given path. 3. In a circle, hold hands and recite a spell made up by you. After that, laugh in a wicked way all together. 4. Handcraft: one member of the team has to make a skeleton, a pumpkin, a witch and a spider with plasticine. The rest have to guess in 3 minutes. 5. The mummy. With two rolls of toilet paper you have to mummify one of the members of the team. Try to do a good job. 6. Dress up. You have to make a costume for two members of your team. Quickness and final result will be valued. 7. Apple bobbing. Only two people in the team make this game. 8. Spider’s web. With a hank of wool you have to build up a spider’s web as real as possible. 9. Pumpkin relays. You have to move the pumpkin holding a stick between your legs (faking it is a broomstick) from one point to another as indicated. You have to minutes to get it done. 10. You have to keep a conversation in English that should include: vampires, ghosts, witches and Frankenstein. 11. Zombies’ dance. You have to sing a song and make a choreography in which the dancers are zombies. 12. Blood judge, the vampires’ favourite drink. You have to try Count Dracula’s favourite drink and make a commercial to promote it as the best in the market. 13. Make a poster on a cardboard to invite people to take part in our Halloween party at school. 14. Relays with balloons. In pairs, joining backs, you have to carry the balloon and pass it on to the next couple… 15. Invent a dance called “The pumpkin dance”. 16. Let the air out of 10 balloons by just using your butt… 17. Draw a witch on the floor using different pieces of clothing (sweatshirts, trainers…). You only have 3 minutes. 18. Make up the letters in the word HALLOWEEN, one by one, only using your bodies. The teacher will say whether one letter is fine to go on to the next one until you complete the whole word. IES SANCHEZ LASTRA. MIERES

PUMPKIN Ghymkhana - workshop  

PUMPKIN´ S GHYMKANA IES SANCHEZ LASTRA. MIERES Halloween´ s Party 2011. Bilingual Section

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