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ENGLISH WORKSHOP Project for 2º ESO ( 2nd term)


Answer these questions: o o o o o -

Do you like watching TV? How often do you watch it? What kind of programmes do you like? Why? What kind of programmes do you dislike? Why? Mention as many types of TV programmes as you can.

In groups, you are going to create a TV show, using the format you choose and using your imagination. For this purpose you are going to take the following steps: A REPORT

You will first write a report with this structure: 


Think of a suitable name for the programme. It should be an attractive name, or example, if it is a music program it can be called “10 hits” or if it is a talk show it can be called “Talking to Sara.” 


The TV program must be classified into different formats like: Reality Show, Talk Show, Soap Opera, The News, A Documentary, etc.


You have to describe what it is about, for example if it is a talk show you could write something like this: Talking to Sara is a Talk Show composed by three different cases of real people in which they present a problem and the TV presenter solves the problem, using specialized s support given by psychologists, lawyers, doctors, etc…


You must include the length of the program, for example: 5 minutes without commercials, 10 minutes with commercials,…

STRUCTURE OF THE PROGRAMME The program Talking to Sara is divided into different parts described as follows: Introduction of the guests: Sara, the presenter, introduces the guests. Exposition of the problem: The presenter interviews the guests. They expose their problems to the TV presenter and ask for a solution. Solution to the problem: finally Sara, with her specialized staff, gives a suitable outcome to the problem.


You must include the different staff that is going to work in your programme, for example: In this programme you will find Sara as the TV presenter (played by …..), three people that will expose a problem (played by ……), and three specialized people that will help Sara to give the final solution to the discussion (played by ….)


You will have to specify all the necessary items you will need for the programme: clothing, pieces of furniture or decorative objects, pictures, images, posters..... Once you have finished writing your report and shown it to your teachers, you will have to explain its content to the rest of the class. THE SCRIPT In this part you will have to write the script of your TV show. It must be a dialogue in which all the students will have to role-play in one stage of the programme. You’d better make a draft first, in which, with your teachers’ help, you will be adding all the necessary corrections. ROLE-PLAYING You will have to practise your dialogues before beginning to film your programme. Remember that you don’t have to read your script: you will have to act! You will do your best to be natural and appealing for the spectator. THE PROGRAMME Your programme will be finally filmed!!!


The project is going to be evaluated in three stages:   

Attitude shown during the elaboration of the project (good behaviour, respect for the teachers and their group partners, interest shown, willingness to work) Written report and script. Oral production: In the oral production the teachers are going to evaluate the complete performance.

PROJECT SELF- ASSESSMENT A) Give yourself a mark:

B) Did you learn some interesting/new facts about TV programmes? Was it boring to make the project? Was it difficult? (Write here your answer):

 Everything is in English!!!!!!!!!!  Be creative.  Do your best. BEST OF LUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My TV programme -Student's worksheets  
My TV programme -Student's worksheets  

 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAMME Think of a suitable name for the programme. It should be an attractive name, or example, if it is a mus...