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International Olympic Commitee (I.O.C.) Lausanne, Switzerland, 14th February 2012 I.E.S. Sánchez Lastra C/ C/Reinerio García s/n 33600 Mieres (Asturias) Spain

Dear Mr. Rogge, President of the International Olympic Commitee,

We are a group of students from a Secondary School (IES Sánchez Lastra) located in Mieres, a small mining village in the north of Spain. On 2nd February 2012 a construction company was working on a new supermarket in a building site next to our school when they found some ancient objects: five Olympic rings, an old torch and a gold medal with some inscriptions in Greek and Asturian. This discovery made us think that an Olympic competition could have been celebrated in our village time ago, so we decided to send them to be analyzed in a laboratory. Some days later, we were informed that the objects belonged to an olympic competition that had taken place in the year 12 A.D. Therefore, we kindly request that the next Olympic Games be celebrated in Mieres instead of London. There are lots of reasons why you should accept Mieres as the next Olympic venue: - A wide variety of accommodation for all the people attending the Games: 6 comfortable hotels offering all types of facilities, an enormous University residence and lots of appartments and flats for rent. - Different restaurants and cafés where you can taste our Asturian gastronomy, like the fabada, a bean stew with pork, grilled lamb with Asturian potatoes (patatinos), the frixuelos, typical Asturian crepes, the casadielles, pie stuffed with nuts, sugar and anis, rice pudding, baked apples and the most famous Asturian drink, the cider, as well as a wide variety of cheeses. - A great deal of places for leisure: lots of pubs and discos, cinemas and theatres, a casino, 3 sports centres, tennis courts, 2 football stadiums, 2 indoor and 1 outdoor swimming pools, trekking paths, a fishing and canoeing river, a university campus with lots of laboratories and sports facilities, a shopping centre, a skating ring, a racing track and a public library. - Mieres has got an excellent location: it’s half an hour from the nearest beach, half an hour from the nearest skiing resort, 45 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from Oviedo, the capital of the region. We would be very grateful if you took into consideration all there reasons and vote fro Mieres as the next Olympic venue. Looking forward to hearing from you Your sincerely

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We are a group of students from a Secondary School (IES Sánchez Lastra) located in Mieres, a small mining village in the north of Spain. The...

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