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A message from the Director of Development As I walked into the office this morning, I noticed that a corner of the Farmhouse Boardroom had been overtaken by boxes. In those boxes were new Admissions brochures outlining to prospective parents “the case” for investing in an independent education for their children. The cover states “THE TOP 5 reasons to stop, take a breath, and think differently about your child’s education.” In the following pages, the brochure artfully outlines the case for independent education—and for MPH, specifically. And while, having spent nearly a decade on this campus, I know the intrinsic value of this type of education, seeing that value put into words in this way was no less compelling than if I were being introduced to MPH for the first time. In my role as director of development, I have the privilege of working daily with individuals, families, and organizations who understand “the case” for MPH and appreciate its value in positively shaping the trajectory of a young person’s life. Those listed in this report not only understand that value — they have invested in it! Each and every person named here made the choice to commit their personal philanthropic resources to MPH by making a gift during the 2018-2019 fiscal year. I am grateful to have the opportunity to witness firsthand the value of an MPH education and how the generosity of others can shape the next generation of leaders and lifelong learners. Watching this evolution in each student inspires me in my work every day and it remains my hope that, with each passing year, more donors will choose to support this remarkable place. For those listed here, who have already chosen to show their support for MPH through their philanthropy, please know how grateful we are and will continue to be for your investment in us and in our students. With gratitude,

Kelly Rose Director of Development





Endowment and Investment Fund MPH’s Endowment and Investment “Fund” refers to the investment accounts comprising the MPH Investment Portfolio. This includes the Restricted General Endowment Fund, the Donor Restricted Endowment Fund, and the Unrestricted General Institutional Fund.

Within the Donor Restricted Endowment Fund, there are numerous individual funds and scholarships, which are listed below in alphabetical order. Some of these funds were initiated in the 1970s and 1980s upon the retirement or passing of former faculty members, alumni, or friends.

The endowment, in total, allows the School to enhance its programs, retain student socioeconomic diversity through scholarships, expand professional development opportunities for faculty, and improve its physical plant. The School’s Board of Trustees oversee the investment of endowment monies and any and all withdrawals from those funds.

A brief description of each of the named funds follows, along with the total amount of accumulated capital for each. We have also listed the names of the donors that made gifts to support that endowment fund in the 2018-2019 year.

At present, our endowment is $6.8 million, this fund is small by independent school standards, which suggest a fund at least three to four times a school’s operating budget – for MPH that should be over $30 million. It is the growth of this fund that will safeguard our long-term financial sustainability and will ensure that the School continues as a vital educational institution for future generations of students.

Endowment and Investment Fund Growth

A minimum of $50,000 is required to start a new permanent named endowment fund. For information about funding a Donor Restricted Endowment Fund or scholarship, or for information on other ways to support the endowment, please contact Kelly Rose, Director of Development, at 315/446-2452, ext. 112.

Endowment and Investment Fund The Amos Scholarship

The David Bahner Fund

This fund was created in support of Native American students with an initial gift of $50,000 from John Amos ’33. Mr. Amos’ gift was later matched by Manlius Pebble Hill School.

This fund was created in October 1987 in memory of David Bahner, a former music teacher and band director at The Manlius School. In recognition of this fund, an award is made to a Middle School instrumental student at closing ceremonies each June.

Accumulated capital: $107,196

Donald ’66HQ and Ann Byles Neal Solomon ’62HQ

The Harold J. “Whitey” Anderson ’29B Scholarship This scholarship was established in the spring of 1977 to honor Coach “Whitey” Anderson on the occasion of his retirement from Manlius Pebble Hill. The Whitey Anderson Scholarship is given to an Upper School athlete in a team sport who reflects the qualities of a great teammate, demonstrates sportsmanship, possesses high ideals and personal character, and excels in his/her ability to effect winning outcomes in the team’s games. The recipients will also maintain academic standing that is characterized by responsible attention to his/her school work, which qualifies the athlete to participate in a Manlius Pebble Hill sport.

Accumulated capital: $7,701

Joseph J. Bovalino Endowed Scholarship Fund This fund was created in 2016 in honor of Joseph J. Bovalino, a Syracuse native and alumnus of Syracuse University. Upon his passing in 2014, Mr. Bovalino dedicated a portion of his estate to Manlius Pebble Hill School, so that his passion for education could endure by affording a young person of great academic promise an opportunity for an independent education. Accumulated capital: $82,734

John ’59C and Nancy Hyatt Paul ’59A and Sandy Morton

J. R. Clancy Scholarship

Accumulated capital: $122,088

This fund was established in the spring of 1998 with a gift from J. R. Clancy. Each year a scholarship is awarded to a student with exceptional promise in the area of performing arts. Accumulated capital: $26,790




The Class of 1997 Scholarship Fund

The Flag Scholarship

In recognition of their 20th reunion, members of the Class of 1997 created a fund to support the next generation of MPH students. It is the hope of the reunion class chairs, Steven Gullo and Rielly (Andrews) Vlassis that this fund will reach the endowment level by 2020, and can begin to “pay it forward” to the next generation of MPH students.

This scholarship was created in 1998 to provide scholarship assistance specifically for the children of alumni of The Manlius School, Pebble Hill School, or Manlius Pebble Hill to attend Manlius Pebble Hill. As part of this scholarship campaign, the Manlius School flagpole was moved to the Manlius Pebble Hill campus in 1999.

Stephen ’97 and Rebecca Gullo

Accumulated capital: $49,373

Accumulated Capital: $12,940

The Glynis George Fund The David Edwards Scholarship This fund was created in the spring of 1977 to honor David Edwards, former head of the English Department, on the occasion of his retirement. Mr. Edwards passed away in December of 1990 and in December of 1995, Mrs. Edwards passed away. In both their memories, a scholarship is given each year to an Upper School student who excels in his or her study of English. Thomas ’65B and Mary Alice Blake Thomas ’66B and Pamela Brandon Donald ’66HQ and Ann Byles David ’57HQ and Bevra Cole Accumulated capital: $105,886

The Faculty Development Fund This fund was initiated in 1983 with a gift from the Edward E. Ford Foundation, to provide lasting funds for the continued education and professional development of faculty and staff. Friends of the School matched the original grant. The Edward E. Ford Foundation later made another gift to this fund. Accumulated Capital: $100,078

This fund was initiated in October of 1980 in memory of young Glynis George Kelly, a former student at Manlius Pebble Hill who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. In honor of Glynis, an award is given each year to an Upper School student who shows particular aptitude for creative writing. Elizabeth ’76 and John O’Sullivan Accumulated Capital: $1,635

The Goodyear-Burlingame Scholarship This scholarship was established in May of 2001 in honor of The Goodyear-Burlingame School, a local private school, which closed in 1951. In 2014, sufficient funds had accumulated from gifts from alumnae in the Goodyear Burlingame name,. The scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving student. Sally Alden ’44 Betty Jane Boudreau John Cirando Ruth Hancock Margaret Hastings III ’51 Susan Dolan Moran ’45 Judith Oplinger ’59 Martha Wason ’46 Accumulated Capital: $63,951

The John P. Lenore ’47A Scholarship

This fund was established by the family and friends of Martha Heer, to honor the former Lower School Head, who was the embodiment of the “5 Cs” -cooperation, consideration, confidence, concern, and courtesy. Mrs. Heer devoted more than three decades of her life to the education of MPH students, and it is the School’s hope that contributions to this fund will grow in perpetuity.

This fund was established in November of 2007 by a gift from John ’47A and Dorothy Lenore. John, a Manlius School alumnus attended Manlius on a scholarship and credited the School with much of the success he found later in his life. John established this scholarship fund at MPH in gratitude for the education he received at Manlius. In the years following John’s passing in 2015, the Lenore Family made an additional gift to this fund in April 2019 to pay tribute to John’s memory and his passion for helping deserving students reach their full potential. This scholarship is awarded to a middle or upper school student(s) who demonstrate high academic achievement with priority given to those who may not otherwise have the resources to attend Manlius Pebble Hill School. Additionally, preference will be given to a student from the state of West Virginia.

Accumulated Capital: $11,407

The Major James R. Jacobs Scholarship This scholarship was established in December of 2000 through a gift made by Robert J. Smutny, former faculty member of The Manlius School. The scholarship is awarded each year in memory of Major James R. Jacobs, also a former faculty member of The Manlius School.

Dorothy Lenore in memory of John P. Lenore ’47A

Accumulated capital: $119,112

Accumulated capital: $1,135,388

The John “Doc” B. Joiner ’57 Endowment

The Lewis Memorial Endowment for Lower School STEM

This fund was established in April 2019 by a gift made through the estate of Pebble Hill School alumnus John “Doc” Joiner ’57, in honor of the education he received at Pebble Hill and his life’s passion, athletics. A scholarship is awarded annually in Doc’s memory to a student who demonstrates a strong interest in and aptitude for athletics. The recipient will also maintain strong academic standing and demonstrate characteristics of good sportsmanship at all times.

This fund was created in memory of Philip and Andrew Lewis, former Manlius Pebble Hill students and their father, R.B. Lewis, a 1945 graduate of Pebble Hill School. It is the wish of R.B.’s wife, Gelene Lewis Dorr and son Charles A. Lewis, that this fund serves as a memorial for Philip, Andrew, and R.B. and be used to support and enhance the Lower School STEM curriculum.

Estate of John Joiner ’57*

Charles ’79 and Janet Lewis

Accumulated capital: $127,571

H. Patrick Dorr and Gelene T. Lewis Dorr John ’56 and Candace ’57 Marsellus

The James Henry Knox ’34C Scholarship This scholarship was created in April of 1989 by Elizabeth Knox in memory of her husband, James Henry Knox ’34C, alumnus of The Manlius School. Accumulated capital: $12,835

Accumulated Capital: $29,876


The Martha L. Heer Citizenship Fund


The Malone Family Foundation Scholarship In May of 2010, Manlius Pebble Hill School was awarded a $2 million endowment grant by The Malone Family Foundation. The grant is used exclusively to provide scholarships to new students in Grades 7 – 12 who are in the top five percent of their class and in need of financial assistance. Manlius Pebble Hill is the only New York State school to be named a Malone Family Foundation Scholarship recipient. Accumulated Capital: $1,966,338

The Porter Family Fund This fund was established in March of 1989 by William and Carol Porter. Accumulated capital: $8,525

The Rugh/Lawrence Classics Chair Fund This fund was established in December of 2002 in honor of Torrance Rugh, former faculty member and coach at The Manlius School, and Jim Lawrence, former faculty member and chair of the World Languages Department. David ’57HQ and Bevra Cole

The Marcum Family Endowment for the Arts Established in 2016, the Marcum Family Endowment for the Arts is restricted to enhance the annual Performing Arts budget to support theatre productions. The specific use annually will be determined by the Performing Arts Department Chair. Accumulated Capital: $55,295

The Fay McCarthy Scholarship Established in October of 1980 to honor the former barber at The Manlius School, Fay “Mac” McCarthy, through this fund, an award to Manlius Pebble Hill is given to a student who exemplifies the ideals of Manlius. Accumulated capital: $14,882

MPH Memorial Fund Gifts to this fund are used to help insure the long-term success of the School and provide a Board-specified annual distribution to the School’s operating income to support academic programs and scholarships. These gifts are a powerful way to honor friends and loved ones and provide lasting support to future generations of Manlius Pebble Hill students. George and M.J Urist in memory of Baxter Ball Accumulated Capital: $23,181

Accumulated capital: $119,123

The Leibert D. Sedgwick Scholarship This scholarship was established in June, 2003 following the passing of Leibert D. Sedgwick, former Headmaster and faculty member from both The Manlius School and Manlius Pebble Hill School. Alumni have made gifts to this fund with the hope that sufficient funds can be collected to endow a scholarship in Captain Sedgwick’s name. Accumulated capital: $10,912

The Bernard Shaw History Award & Scholarship This scholarship was created in June of 1995 in memory of Bernard Shaw, former Head of the History Department at The Manlius School and at Manlius Pebble Hill. The Bernard Shaw Honors in History Award is given to an Upper School student each year as the top department award for academic excellence in History. A scholarship is also awarded through this fund. David ’57HQ and Bevra Cole Neal Solomon ’62HQ Accumulated capital: $81,374

The Jack Wells ’60B School Service Award

This scholarship was established in the spring of 1990 in honor of former Headmaster James W. Songster as he left the School. Each year, an award is given in honor of Mr. Songster to a graduating senior who has best met his or her potential both in academic and extracurricular areas.

This award was established on the occasion of the 50th reunion of Jack Wells, a 1960 alumnus of The Manlius School. Over the past several decades, Jack has worked tirelessly to revive and grow a now thriving alumni program. The award is given to a graduating senior who has given greatly to MPH in time, spirit, and service in Jack’s honor.

Maryellen Berry ’79 Accumulated capital: $6,028

The Verbeck Scholarship This scholarship was created in January of 1997 following the death of Samuel S. Verbeck, a former teacher at The Manlius School. Each year, the Verbeck Scholarship is given in honor of the many contributions made by the entire Verbeck family over the life of both The Manlius School and Manlius Pebble Hill. In July 2009, the estate of Guido F. Verbeck, Jr. ’32E generously made a $100,000 gift to endow this fund. John ’56 and Candace ’57 Marsellus in memory of Pieter L. Verbeck J. Douglas Pomeroy and Mary Verbeck Pomeroy Guido Verbeck Accumulated capital: $163,812

The Voorhees Fund Established through a bequest made to Manlius Pebble Hill School in the early 1970s. Accumulated capital: $36,196

Accumulated capital: $12,695

Richard J. and Elaine S. Zerveck Scholarship Fund Endowed in the fall of 2013 with an estate gift from Elaine and Richard Zerveck ´37B, the Zerveck Scholarship is awarded to an Upper School student. Accumulated capital: $52,629

Trustee Scholarship Fund The Trustee Scholarship Fund was established in 2017 by the Board of Trustees in an effort to ensure a vibrant and diverse learning community for all our students. This scholarship was designed to enroll high achieving students from diverse backgrounds. As with our other scholarship students, our Trustee Scholars understand and appreciate that their education is being funded by the generosity of others. As one Scholar stated “I didn’t know a stranger would care that much about changing my life! I hope I get the chance to do that for someone, someday!” Candace Campbell-Jackson and Mark Jackson Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss

The Robert S. Weekes Memorial Scholarship

Alexandra Epsilanty and Daniel Jonas

Established in 2016 by his sons to honor his memory, this Scholarship is provided to a middle and/or upper school athlete in a team sport who reflects the qualities of a great teammate, demonstrates sportsmanship, possesses high ideals and personal character, and excels in his/her ability to effect winning outcomes of the team’s games. The recipient(s) must also maintain academic standing that is characterized by responsible attention to his/ her school work.

Shannon Magari Leggat and John (Tod) Leggat

Neal Allen ’51A Elizabeth Kasting Accumulated capital: $64,491

Stephen Herron ’03 John ’56 and Candace ’57 Marsellus Suzette Melendez and Andre Martineau Donald and Florence Saleh Eric and Karen Spina David ’97 and Sara ’96 Temes Kimberly Townsend and John Gruninger


The James W. Songster Scholarship




1869 Society

($5,000 - $9,999)

Circle of Excellence ($2,000 - $4,999)

Donors $1,000,000+

1869 Society $5,000 to $9,999

John ’85 and Kimberly Mezzalingua t

Andre Martineau and Suzette Melendez t In honor of Alexia ‘14 & Bianca ‘18

John Joiner ’57 t *

$50,000 to $99,999

($100 - $499)

Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss t

Red & White Club ($99 and under)

Mark and Diane Wladis

Richard ’61 and Joan Doust t

Circle of Excellence $2,000 to $4,999

$10,000 to $24,999

Kyle and Cheryl Storie t

Dax and Rielly (Andrews) ’97 Vlassis

$25,000 to $49,999

Richard and Grace Mason t

Paul Morton II ’59A and Sandy Morton t

($500 - $999)

Pebble Hill Patrons

Eric Fung and Chantell Dalpe-Fung t

The R. Dudley Harrington Jr. ’51C Charitable Foundation John (Tod) Leggat Jr. and Shannon Magari Leggat t

$100,000 to $499,999

Verbeck Society

Carrier/United Technologies

Andrew Craig III ’50C * and Virginia Craig t

in memory of Philip Craig ’59C

$500,000 to $999,999

Friends of the Head of School ($1,000 - $1,999)

Dorothy Lenore in memory of John P. Lenore ’47A *

James Dunaway and Libby Barlow t

Anonymous (2)

John Gruninger Jr. and Kimberly Townsend t

Neal Allen ’51A t

Charles Amos ’64 t

Daniel Jonas and Alexandra Epsilanty t Thomas Mafrici and Elisabeth August t

Edward Amos ’79 t

Ivan and Tatyana Antonevich t

M&T Charitable Foundation

William Stone Jr. ’55 t * John and Amy Wildhack t

Richard ’44HQ and Suzanne Bicknell t Stephen and Edie Brown in honor of Donald Ridall Christopher Contard Jr.’95 and Ellen Contard t

Scott and Kari Davis t

Amin Fazeli and Vadjista Broumand t

Hadwen ’66A and Corinne Fuller

Amy Gross t

Mark Griffin and Kelly McGuire

David Gwynn ’60A and Vivian Sciarabba t

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased


Mark Jackson and Candace Campbell-Jackson t

Helen Jacoby and Peter Cannavo t

JP Morgan

Danielle Katz t

John ’56 and Candace ’57 Marsellus t Robert and Lynn Miller t Claire Myers-Usiatynski ’72 t

Andrew and Sherie Ramsgard

William Rankin II ’59HQ and Sally Rankin t

John and Jennifer Liddy

Wajeeh Sana and Theresa Heath t

Alan ’74 and Barbara Marcum t

James Schautz ’53A t

Anthony and Melissa Marrone

Duncan Somerville ’60C

Karen McGrath t

John and Krist4n Sullivan

Carlos and Amie Menacho

Paul ’78 and Catherine Sutphin

Mag and Anna Migeed

Adam and Toni (Torrillo) ’95 Zee t in memory of Josephine Torrillo

Susan Mitchell t

Richard and Kristin Reagan t

Tim Riccardi and Mary Swan t

Verbeck Society $500 to $999

Eric and Karen Spina t


George and M.J. Urist t

in memory of Baxter Ball

Jack Wells Jr.’60B and Claudette Wells t

Jeremy Winston and Tina Maxian t

Friends of the Head of School $1,000 to $1,999 Anonymous

Curt and Susan Andersson t

Richard Barter t

William and Jillian Packer t

Silviu and Maria Pasniciuc t

Jared Balanoff ’91

Jeffrey and Angela Pu

Nate and Shana Boyer

James Putnam ’58A

Duncan and Emily Brown

Azzy and Paula Reckess t

Jerry Cerf ’59B t

LaVonda Reed t

Joe Comprix and Deanna Lee

John and Andrea Danial t

Jeremy and Kelly Rose t

William Darrin Jr ’63HQ and Vicky Taloni t Christopher DeVoe and Marie Sarno t in honor of Jennifer Neuner

Brian ’63A and Shirley Sichol t

John Draper ’66B t

John and Lorraine Spear t

Betsy Dunlap t

John Staiger and Karen Kukla t

Donald Stiller ’56 in memory of Charles W. Leonard

John and Krista (Myers) ’87 Foley t James and Sara (Regan) ’89 Ford

Richard and Gayle Franklin

Ulrich Englich and Karin Ruhlandt t

H. Baird ’71 and Sarah Hansen t

James and Sandra Hewett t

Stuart ’63B and Ellen Hirsch

Benjamin Kram ’95 t

Elizabeth Liddy t

David McCusker Jr. and Steff McCusker

Michael and Janet McLaughlin

Chilukuri Mohan and Sudha Kailar t

Richard ’61C and Carol Munro t

John and Mona Paradis t

Carl ’99 and Adele Peterson t

Ryan Pipes and Kendall Hoekstra t

Robert Pratt ’67HQ t

Donald and Florence Saleh t

George ’61HQ and Sally Scholderer t in memory of Cameron George Scholderer

Lawrence Myers

Cristina Danial ’01 t

Nikhil Joshi and Swati Murthy ’01t

Traian Anghel and Ioana Amzuta t in memory of Sylvia U. Heer

Rhett and Cobbie Brundin t

Gerald and Helga Morse t

Peter ’64HQ and Sue Ellen Crego

Fred and Josette Montas t

Jonathan and Amy Abdo t

Todd and Sophia Battaglia t

Linda Chapman t Douglas ’89 and Amanda Craig t

Mehdi Mollapour and Dimitra Bourboulia t

David and Jacqueline Eng in honor of John Ochs

Joshua ’03 and Kassandra Kristoff t

John Tuttle

Jeremy Kraker ’03

David and Nancy ’51 Ridings t

Jeffrey and Shelbi Pisciarino t

Paul and Melissa Ko t

John ’74 and Jamie Sutphen t David ’97 and Sara ’96 (Lewis) Temes t

Jim and Mary Stokes-Rees in honor of Hilary Stokes-Rees and Margaret Stokes-Rees

Harvir Singh Gambhir and Ravleen Kaur Sain

William and Karen Streck

Samuel ’03 and Laura Temes

Carl ’69C and Linda Gibbs

Anthony Tringale ’60C t

Michael ’71C and Linda Goldsmith t in memory of Gregory B. Flynn ’71

I. Michael and Colleen Vella

John ’65A and Teresa Wall

Stephen ’97 and Rebecca Gullo t

Nicki Weeden ’69

Daniel and Carolyn Zimmerman

Ruth (Pass) Hancock ’40 t in memory of Karlene Webster, Nancy Brown, Anne Pagenstecher, Letty Murray, Louise Bristol, Frances Mahler, Virginia Yeager, and Gloria Gibbons Roger Hilfiker ’53A t

John ’59C and Nancy Hyatt

Stephen ’62 and Diane Johnson

Edward and Laura Jordan t

Patrick and Pamela Kinane

Eric Kingston and Nancy Smith t in honor of James T. Dunaway

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased


Circle of Excellence


Pebble Hill Patrons $100 to $499

Anonymous (7)

Katherine Adelson Mark Adelson

William Albee ’60A

Michael ’63 and Patricia Alford Donald Allen ’43HQ t

Abdulbasit Alsalih and Hend Salman

James Amodio ’65 t

Peter and Maureen Anderson t

Caroline Andersson ’11 t

Jonathan ’92 and Sarah Ball t

Brian and Kelly Bancroft

Elisabeth Barker ’70 t Jane Barlow t

Keith Batman and Barbara Post t

Charles and Elizabeth Beach

David Beach and Hanni Schwarzlander

Douglas Beard ’66HQ t

Michael ’62C and Bettie Beaudrias

Kyle Bell ’03 t

Matthew Benedict and Gina LaRosa Benedict

Daniel and Milissa Benincasa t

Bentley & Hoke, LLC

Romilda Bernazzani t

Maryellen (Songster) Berry ’79 t

Christopher Bianchi ’00 t

Penelope (Peterson) Black ’60 t

Thomas ’65B and Mary Alice Blake t

Conor Branagan ’07 and Jessica Gross

Donald and Karen Brang t

L. Earle Bretz Jr. ’49C and Barbara Bretz t

Matthew Broderick and Amy Shore t

David ’69C and Sandra Brown

David and Martha Bugin

Timothy ’68B and Paula Burback t

Brian and Sharon Bush t

Eric and Kristen Byers t

Donald ’66HQ and Ann Byles

Gavin Byrnes ’07

Patrick ’46C and Rita Calvey

Martha Cameron

Leonard ’68B and Susan Campolieta

Robert Cleveland ’70 in memory of Virginia Cleveland

Christopher Griffith ’69C t

Raymond Grinstead ’51B t

Jon ’64 and Mary Haacke t

Jake and Jennifer Hafner t

Kurt Hallock ’72 James and Suzi (Bahner) Harriff t in memory of David Bahner

Eric Cohane Jr. ’61HQ t

Angus Cook and Sondra Jones t

Amy Critz t

Donald ’67HQ and Heidi Cross

Vincent and Caroline Darden

Charles Davis II

Marty and Charlee Harris

Gregory and Alison Deldicque t

Katherine Hedges ’97

Thomas ’65 and Jan Denton t

Frank Herron and Sandy Urie t

Lorenzo DiFolco

Matthew Hinshaw ’15 t

Dan and Renee Dominie

Mark and Teri Hoekstra in honor of Kendall Hoekstra, Ryan Pipes, Aria Pipes, and Raedyn Pipes

Michael and Patricia (King) ’83 Dorey t

John and Amy Hogan t

H. Patrick Dorr and Gelene (Terpening) Lewis Dorr t in memory of Robert B. Lewis ’45

Richard ’62HQ and Lenna Dower t in memory of David Bahner

Michael and Danielle (Rutner) ’99 Holland t

John and Joanne Driscoll

David Duff ’51B t

Alexander Holstein Jr. and Charlotte Holstein t

Michael and Austin Dunyk

Debra (Crump) Hopkinson ’72

Donald Eaton ’64A t

Peter ’52C and Margaret Hovell t

Brian Hoke and Patricia Bentley Hoke t

Meg Edwards ’82 in memory of Benjamin Edwards ’74

Gary ’63B and Tami Huested Susan Hynds and Susan Scharoun

Antonio and Nancy Eppolito

Ron Iannone ’58A

Bradley ’69HQ and Tami Erbes t

Jon ’55C and Ann Ives t

Harold ’54C and Valerie Erichs t

Dan and Shelly Erickson

Edmond ’62C and Barbara Estabrook

Gertrude Jacoby t Russell ’59A and Ingeborg Jahn t Helen Jones

Raymond and Sarah Falso t

Michael Kardjian ’11

John Ferris and Corri Zoli t

Ronald Kasserman ’50B

Matthew ’96 and Wendy Ferro t

Elizabeth Kasting t

Barbara Ferro

Mary Jaqueline Keady t

Stewart ’49HQ and Marian Finkler t

Peter Kleinmann

Michael and Marion (Hancock) ’72 Fish

Tyrone and Sally (Torrillo) ’97 Fisher t

Thomas Kniesner and Deborah Freund t

Knowlton ’56HQ and Constance Foote

Danforth Knight ’43

Christopher and Kathryn Fortner t

Alexander and Michele Koziara t

Richard and Rosanne Fortner

Jesse Kraker ’03

Camille Francis ’11

Aaron ’53B and Helen Krakower t

A. Bruce ’58HQ and Nancy French

Luella Laney

Michael ’69B and Ellen Frith

Daniel ’64HQ and Rebecca Lear t

Alexandre Leclercq and Christina Limpert t

Joseph and Nancy Lees t

William and Pamela (Verbeck) Gallagher t in honor of Mary Pomeroy, Sam Verbeck, and Samuel S. Verbeck ’33

Richard ’66B and Lisa Carrick t

Elizabeth Gates Jobes ’70 t in memory of Christopher G. Gates

Robert ’54A and Janet Casciola t

Gregory and Kimberly Germain

Charles Cauper ’67C

Kent ’62B and Joy Gillis t

Christopher Cheney ’74

William ’59B and Catherine Goff

Ron and Nicole Cicoria t

Ellen Gorra ’03 t

John Cirando t

Steven Greenstein and Ann Elliottt

Charles ’79 and Janet Lewis t

Roger Lund and Sheila Murphy

Dorothy Maffei ’70

Kathleen Mahoney

Helen Marcum

Richard ’58A and Carol Matson t

Augustus Mazzocca ’58C t

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased


Louis and Jennifer Reid t

Frances Sullivan t

Stephen and Carol Resnick

Robert Swaney ’58B t

Mark ’67B and Michele Ann McDade t

Thomas Rhoades III ’59A and Trudy Rhoades t

Daniel and Gloria McGuire

Maria Ricciardiello t

Timothy and Donna Meehan t

Donald and Loraine Ridall t

Sara Ridings Morrow t

Cynthia Ridings Rinaldi ’78 t

Valdis ’95 and Darcey Rigdon t

Paul Melnikow ’98

John Meyers III ’68HQ and Jane Meyers t

Erick Sweet ’66HQ in memory of Stephen R. Burchesky ’66C

Francis and Marjorie Taylor

Sandy and Delia Temes t

Lloyd Tepper ’81

Peter and Sylvie Terry t

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Christine Thiaville

Brian ’95 and Mimi Thomas t Carla Torrillo ’03 t

Stephen and Maureen Mintz t

Wayne ’69HQ and Carol Mizerak

Stephen Montgomery

Charles Rinaldo ’64C t in memory of Richard H. Ferguson ’63C

Erin Mooney ’04 t

Jason Rogers ’00

Joseph Moorman and Catherine Gerard

Joseph Rogers Jr. ’53C t

Philip ’79 and Nancy Rothschild t

Ralph Torrillo Jr. ’98 and Kimily Thornton

Norman ’61A and Christina Mordue t

Patrick and Peggy Morocco

Lawrence and Margot (Hunter) ’66 Rowland t

Rene and Virginia Morrissette t

William Moseson ’08

Richard and Christianne Moseson t

Gary Toulson ’57A

Eric and Erica Toyama t

Mary Rulison ’73 t

Jennifer Tuozzolo ’97 t

Jim and Elizabeth Ryan t

Matthew Ulahannan

Gerald and Helen Ryan

John Ulahannan and Shoma Singh

Nora Muakkassa ’03

Grace Sack ’05

Donald Urbancic ’52B t

David ’68 and Kathleen Murphy t

John ’64 and Gail Sager t

Brian and Donna Videto t

Wilfred ’63HQ and Pamela Myers in honor of Bill Myers

Joshua ’00 and Rachel Saltman t

Sarah Wagner ’78

James ’58B and Sharon Sanders t

Wayne Wagner ’56A

Richard ’60 and Jill Sargent t

Douglas and Ann Walsh t

Andrew Schaffel ’98 t

Ting and Nancy Wang

Kent ’68A and Judith Schneider t

Joel ’94 and Rebecca Warburton t

Richard and Martha Schond

John and Jennifer Warren t

William Schu ’11

Martha (Dolan) Wason ’46

Tim and Patricia (Hurd) ’06 Schulz

Stephen Wheeler and Jane Metcalf t

Dustin ’91 and Sarah Sellon t

Suzanne (Bond) Whittemore ’61 t

Rajeev Seth

David Nathans and Katherine Hastings ’78 t Russell Nemecek and Mary Ann Niemczura t

David and Jennifer Neuner t

John and Joan Nicholson t

Allison (Cunningham) Nieves ’88

C. Douglas ’58C and Mary Obrist t

Charles and Sylvia Oelsner t

Kent and Deborah Ogden t

Timothy and Saundra O’Hara

James ’49C and Mary Williams

Mary Pat Sexton and Mary Ann Dwyer t

Howard Williams and Linda Morris

Paul ’76 and Cheryl Shanahan

Barbara Wisch

Francis and Sally (Lower) ’63 Sheehan

Steven Wojslaw ’98

Michael ’64A and Jody Silipo

Stanley ’54C and Ann Wright

Peter and Joan Simmonds

Mark ’69 and Merle Zilkoski t

John and Elizabeth (Pickett) ’76 O’Sullivan

John ’60HQ and Nancy Sleeth t

David ’48HQ and Ruth Slocum t

Ryan and Deanna Pleskach

Nathan and Jane Podkaminer t

Kara (Shidemantle) Smith ’09 in memory of Mitchell J. Murphy ’10

Stephen Polly ’04

Sarah Smith ’18

Steve and Kathryn (Brust) ’88 Adams t

J. Douglas and Mary (Verbeck) Pomeroy t

Jason and Rachel Smorol t

Neal Solomon ’62HQ

David ’06 and Lisa (Eade) ’06 Sonneborn

Kwame Amankwah and Allison Wadsworth t

William O’Malley Jr. and Deborah O’Malley t in memory of James C. Lawrence

Judith Oplinger ’59 t

Frederick ’55C and Jane Pordum

Thomas ’67B Potter and Mary Margaret O’Dowd t

Chandler Ralph ’70 and David Aldrich

David and Sarah Reckess t in honor of Mark Wladis

Earl and Marna (Suarez) ’96 Redding t

Brenda Reed t

Red and White Club $99 and under

Anonymous (4) Sarah (Benham) ’44 Alden

Peter Ault ’48B t

David Sonnenfeld and Kathleen McGrath t

Seth and Holly (Kozlowski) ’94 Austin

Matthew and Karen Spear t

Jason Autore ’01 and Alena Balasanova

Wayne Stafford

Christopher ’69 and Jill Barker t

Shephen Baron and Nancy Havernick

John Beckerman ’64

Kenneth and Margaret Bennett

Jon Statler ’68A t

John and Laura Stegeman t

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased


Pebble Hill Patrons


Red and White Club (Continued)

Terry and Pam Goode t

Albert Marshall ’71

Mike Goode and Jolynn Parker t

John and Janis Martin

Andrew and Ann Graham

Mikayla Mason ’13

Tyler Greco ’12 t

Richard ’60HQ and Ginny Maxson

Chad and Annmarie Gregory

Theodore McDonald ’04

Ryan Guerra ’04 t in memory of Baxter Ball

Daniel McIntyre and Colleen Congel t

Joseph and Kristin Bernazzani t

Brian and Katherine Berry

Robert Berwick and Susan Kelsey t

Elizabeth Binder

Joseph Binder ’14

Adam Haas ’10

Karen Bobrow-Breuer ’99

Nathaniel ’78 and Lisa Hancock

William ’64B and Gail Boucek

Betty Jane Boudreau ’44

Richard and Elizabeth (Beldon) ’68 Handler t

Richard Mitchell and Maureen Hays-Mitchell

Christina Bouvia t

Stephen Brace ’72

Clay Harpending and Paige Ouimette t

Thomas ’66B and Pamela Brandon t in memory of Stephen R. Burchesky ’66C

Neil ’56 and Mary Branin t

Nicholas and Caroline Brust

Elisabeth Burton t

Jeffrey Bush ’18

Andrew Butts ’03

Carolyn Cahill t

Maja Cannavo ’17

Amy Caruso Brown

Matthew and Nancy Chaffee

Zhanwen Chen ’12

Sanjay and Sarah Chhablani t

John and Christine Civello

David ’57HQ and Bevra Cole t

Anna Curtis ’15

Edward and Kathleen Curtist

Julia Curtis ’13 t

Marguerite Curtis ’17

Nichole Demers

Annie DeRegis t

William and Corry Derschang t

Robert ’62B and Lorraine Douglass t

Kevin Eastman Jr.

Beatrice (Monrow) Eberst ’46

Mark Egan ’80

Ann Ellerton

John Ellis ’67HQ

Richard and Paula Engel in honor of Colleen Congel

Pauline Englot ’12 t

Stewart Falso ’18

Matthew Fortner ’18

Matthew Freedman ’87 t

Tevita Gaines

John Gibson ’69

George and Eva Gigon

Luke Giroux and Christina Jureller ’97 t

James and Teresa Mirakian

Burt ’50C and Norma Mogol

Fred Montas Jr. and Kristen Montas Graves t

Robert and Kathleen Hanna

Susan (Dolan) Moran ’45

Kelly Harrington ’10

Liza Morrison t

Donaldo Hart ’61HQ t

William and Eliza Mulhern

Gregory ’68C and Kathleen Murin

Gary and Stephanie Hayes t

New York Life t

Stuart Heinrich and Cynthia Nickse t

Shyanne Ninham ’11

Margaret (Frey) Hastings ’51

Robert ’59B and Janet Oberst t

Andrew Herron ’00 t in honor of Stephen Herron ’03

Thomas and Beth Parks Torrey (Podkaminer) Peters ’97

George and Gal Hildebrandt t

Leonard ’53A and Muriel Pfeifer t

Robert ’50B and Elizabeth Pierson

Kara Podkaminer ’99

Zachary Podkaminer ’02

Randall ’72 and Pamela Poe

William Preston

Mark ’75 and Jo Anne Rakov t

Sara Randolph ’03 t

Patrick and Susan Reeve t

Joseph and Rebecca Rhody t

Cady Ridall ’16

David Riposo ’96

Olivia (Lillich) Hilton ’79 t in honor of Rebecca Lillich ’12 and Rupert Krueger ’15

David Hinshaw and Mindy Epstein t

Christopher and Monique Holligan

Gregory Holstein ’03 t

Richard and Tamara Huyge

Nika Jonas ’14

Elaine Keckley

Chester ’60B and Phyllis Kempinski

Sarah Kimmelman ’03

Katherine Knight t

Matt and Juhee LaHaye t

Monique Lang t

Emily Leggat ’16

Amy Leibeck t

Sylvia Ripps t in honor of Ariella Shever

Sondra Roberts ’91

William Robinette Jr ’69C

Ian Leong ’82

Joanne Romans in memory of J. Thomas Romans

Marian Levine

Joseph and Sarah Rosney

Jonathan Levine and Elana Shever

Carol (Solomon) Rothschild ’60

Timothy Rudd and Arati Clarry Rudd

Mark ’63A and Louise Scarlett

Carter (Barnhill) Schwonke ’71

Timothy ’73 and Donna Scripa t

Robert ’65A and Deb Lichorwic in memory of all who sacrificed for our country during the Vietnam War

Joseph and Susan Litera

Kurt Shafer and Catherine Keefe-Shafer

Stephen Lobban and Katherine Verbeck t

Tim and Rebecca (Gregory) ’09 Shields

Kristin Loop t

Phillip Maier ’14 in honor of Jeffrey Mangram

Peter and Susan Manolakos

Vincent Maresco and Susan Foster t

Mary Margeson ’64

James Slusarski ’64B

Sherilyn Smith in memory of David Smith

Kiley Sotomayor ’06

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased



MPH Golf Tournament

James Spoelstra t

Lana Stafford ’06 t

Joy Strickland t


Moris ’49A and Beverly Tcath t

Chairs: Mark and Diane Wladis P’25, P’28

Anna Tepper ’11

Gross Income: $185,700

Alexander ’65 and Cynthia Torelli t

Andrew ’98 and Mackenzie Torelli

Lindsey (Randolph) Torres ’00 in honor of Keith Gatling

Girish and Shveta Trikha

Mark and Karen Trivelpiece

Susan Turner ’69

Peter ’62A and Mary Van Alstine t

Jose Varon ’68A and Phyllis Greene t

Guido Verbeck III

Joe and Jessica Viscome

Edward Vreeland ’68A

Barbara Vural

Matthew Vural t

Paul ’84 and Christine Wanuga

Bill and Pat Waters t

Alexandra Watson ’07 t in memory of Elisa D. Vargas ’07

Daniel ’57HQ and Edna Whiteley t


Red and White Club

Gross Income: $10,250

MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Baker Hughes Foundation Bank of America Matching Gifts Bright Funds Foundation Carrier/United Technologies IBM Microsoft Midstate Mutual Insurance Company New York Life Foundation Thermo Fisher Scientific

Leeland Whitted and Tanya Williamson

Martha (Ives) Williams ’57 in memory of John Joiner ’57

Peter Williams ’54C * in memory of John Joiner ’57

Robert Wilson Jr. ’71A and Pamela Wilson t

Roberta Wladis in honor of Andrew H. Wladis ’25

Michael Wolff ’97

Gregory and Dawn Wood t

Gary and Linda Xavier

Keith and Audrey Yeager

Richard Young ’75 and Carolyn Davis

Scott Zimmerman and Meredith Theis ’02

Ryan Zlomek t

t Adscensio Member

Tree of Life

* Deceased



(The Manlius School and The Pebble Hill School are listed together by class year.)

CLASS OF 1943 Donald Allen Danforth Knight

Special thanks to Danforth Knight ’43, who made his first gift to MPH this year!

CLASS OF 1944 Richard Bicknell CLASS OF 1946 Patrick Calvey CLASS OF 1948 Peter Ault David Slocum CLASS OF 1949 L. Earle Bretz Jr. Stewart Finkler Moris Tcath James Williams CLASS OF 1950 Andrew Craig III * Ronald Kasserman Burt Mogol Robert Pierson CLASS OF 1951 Neal Allen David Duff Raymond Grinstead CLASS OF 1952 Peter Hovell Donald Urbancic CLASS OF 1953 Roger Hilfiker Aaron Krakower Leonard Pfeifer Joseph Rogers Jr. James Schautz CLASS OF 1954 Robert Casciola Harold Erichs

Peter Williams * Stanley Wright CLASS OF 1955 Jon Ives Frederick Pordum William Stone Jr. * CLASS OF 1956 Neil Branin Knowlton Foote John Marsellus Donald Stiller Wayne Wagner CLASS OF 1957 David Cole John Joiner * Candace Marsellus Gary Toulson Daniel Whiteley Martha Williams CLASS OF 1958 A. Bruce French Ron Iannone Richard Matson Augustus Mazzocca C. Douglas Obrist James Putnam James Sanders Robert Swaney CLASS OF 1959 Jerry Cerf William Goff John Hyatt Russell Jahn Paul Morton II Robert Oberst William Rankin II Thomas Rhoades III John Sullivan CLASS OF 1960 William Albee Penelope Black

David Gwynn Chester Kempinski Richard Maxson Carol Rothschild Richard Sargent John Sleeth Duncan Somerville Anthony Tringale Jack Wells Jr. CLASS OF 1961 Eric Cohane Jr. Richard Doust

Congratulations to the Class of ’61 for having the highest dollar total of all alumni classes with $28,000!

Donaldo Hart Norman Mordue Richard Munro George Scholderer Suzanne Whittemore CLASS OF 1962 Michael Beaudrias Robert Douglass Richard Dower Edmond Estabrook Kent Gillis Stephen Johnson Neal Solomon Peter Van Alstine

CLASS OF 1963 Michael Alford

The Class of 1960 had a 17% donor rate, tied for the highest participation with the Class of 2003.

William Darrin Jr. Stuart Hirsch Gary Huested Wilfred Myers Mark Scarlett Sally Sheehan Brian Sichol CLASS OF 1964 Charles Amos John Beckerman William Boucek II Peter Crego Donald Eaton Jon Haacke Daniel Lear Mary Margeson Charles Rinaldo John Sager Michael Silipo James Slusarski CLASS OF 1965 James Amodio Thomas Blake Thomas Denton Robert Lichorwic Alexander Torelli John Wall CLASS OF 1966 Douglas Beard Thomas Brandon Donald Byles Richard Carrick John Draper Hadwen Fuller Margot Rowland Erick Sweet CLASS OF 1967 Charles Cauper Donald Cross John Ellis Mark McDade Thomas Potter Robert Pratt CLASS OF 1968 Timothy Burback Leonard Campolieta Elizabeth Handler John Meyers III

Gregory Murin David Murphy Kent Schneider Jon Statler Jose Varon Edward Vreeland CLASS OF 1969 Christopher Barker David Brown Bradley Erbes Michael Frith Carl Gibbs John Gibson Christopher Griffith Stephen Keller Wayne Mizerak William Robinette Jr. Susan Turner Nicki Weeden Mark Zilkoski CLASS OF 1970 Elisabeth Barker Robert Cleveland Elizabeth Gates Jobes Dorothy Maffei Chandler Ralph CLASS OF 1971 Michael Goldsnith H. Baird Hansen Albert Marshall Carter Schwonke Robert Wilson Jr. CLASS OF 1972 Stephen Brace Marion Fish Kurt Hallock Debra Hopkinson Claire Myers-Usiatynski Randall Poe CLASS OF 1973 Mary Rulison Timothy Scripa CLASS OF 1974 Christopher Cheney Alan Marcum John Sutphen

CLASS OF 1989 Douglas Craig Sara Ford

CLASS OF 1976 Elizabeth O’Sullivan Paul Shanahan

CLASS OF 1991 Jared Balanoff Sondra Roberts

CLASS OF 1978 Nathanial Hancock Katherine Hastings Cynthia Ridings-Rinaldi Paul Sutphin Sarah Wagner

Dustin Sellon

CLASS OF 1979 Edward Amos Maryellen Berry Olivia Hilton Charles Lewis Philip Rothschild CLASS OF 1980 Mark Egan CLASS OF 1981 Lloyd Tepper CLASS OF 1982 Meg Edwards Ian Leong CLASS OF 1983 Patricia Dorey CLASS OF 1984 Paul Wanuga CLASS OF 1985 John Mezzalingua CLASS OF 1987 Krista Foley Matthew Freedman CLASS OF 1988 Kathryn Adams Allison Nieves

CLASS OF 1992 Jonathan Ball CLASS OF 1994 Holly Austin Joel Warburton CLASS OF 1995 Christopher Contard Jr. Benjamin Kram Valdis Rigdon Brian Thomas Toni Torrillo Zee CLASS OF 1996 Matthew Ferro Scott Loeb Marna Redding David Riposo Sara Temes CLASS OF 1997 Sally Fisher Stephen Gullo Katherine Hedges Christina Jureller Torrey Peters David Temes Jennifer Tuozzolo Rielly Vlassis Michael Wolff CLASS OF 1998 Paul Melnikow Andrew Schaffel Andrew Torelli Ralph Torrillo Jr. Steven Wojslaw

Forty eight percent of all donors to MPH during the 2018-19 fiscal year were alumni. Thank you!

CLASS OF 1999 Karen Bobrow-Breuer Danielle Holland Carl Peterson Kara Podkaminer Molly Taylor CLASS OF 2000 Christopher Bianchi Andrew Herron Jason Rogers Joshua Saltman Lindsey Torres CLASS OF 2001 Jason Autore Cristina Danial Swati Murthy CLASS OF 2002 Zachary Podkaminer Meredith Theis

The Class of 2003 had a 17% donor rate, tied for highest for alumni with the Class of 1960.

CLASS OF 2003 Kyle Bell Andrew Butts Ellen Gorra Stephen Herron Gregory Holstein Sarah Kimmelman Jeremy Kraker Jesse Kraker Joshua Kristoff Nora Muakkassa Sara Randolph Samuel Temes Carla Torrillo CLASS OF 2004 Ryan Guerra Theodore McDonald Erin Mooney Stephen Polly

Out of twenty-one first time donors, five were from the classes of 2014-2018! CLASS OF 2005 Grace Sack CLASS OF 2006 Patricia Schulz David Sonneborn Lisa Sonneborn Kiley Sotomayor Lana Stafford CLASS OF 2007 Conor Branagan Gavin Byrnes Velthur Pendell Alexandra Watson CLASS OF 2008 William Moseson CLASS OF 2009 Rebecca Shields Kara Smith CLASS OF 2010 Adam Haas Kelly Harrington CLASS OF 2011 Caroline Andersson Camille Francis Michael Kardjian Shyanne Ninham William Schu Anna Tepper CLASS OF 2012 Zhanwen Chen Pauline Englot Tyler Greco CLASS OF 2013 Julia Curtis Mikayla Mason CLASS OF 2014 Joseph Binder Nika Jonas Philip Maier

CLASS OF 2015 Anna Curtis Matthew Hinshaw CLASS OF 2016 Emily Leggat Cady Ridall CLASS OF 2017 Maja Cannavo Marguerite Curtis CLASS OF 2018 Jeffrey Bush Stewart Falso Matthew Fortner Sarah Smith


CLASS OF 1975 Mark Rakov Richard Young


Parents Thank you to each family who helped support MPH this year. Forty-seven percent of all parents made a gift! CLASS OF 2019

(32% participation)

Ivan and Tatyana Antonevich Stephen and Edie Brown Angus Cook and Sondra Jones Scott and Kari Davis Ulrich Englich and Karin Ruhlandt Gregory and Kimberly Germain Thomas Mafrici and Elizabeth August Timothy and Saundra O’Hara Andrew and Sherie Ramsgard Richard and Kristin Reagan Matthew Vural John and Jennifer Warren Gregory and Dawn Wood


(34% participation)

Daniel and Milissa Benincasa Brian Hoke and Pat Bentley Hoke John and Amy Hogan Peter Cannavo and Helen Jacoby Kathleen Mahoney John and Kimberly Mezzalingua William and Deborah O’Malley David Sonnenfeld and Kathleen McGrath Tim Riccardi and Mary Swan Brian and Donna Videto


(54% participation)

Abdulbasit Alsalih and Hend Salman Ivan and Tatyana Antonevich Matthew Broderick and Amy Shore Rhett and Cobbie Brundin David and Martha Bugin Brian and Sharon Bush Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss Eric Fung and Chantell Dalpe-Fung Amy Gross Clay Harpending and Paige Ouimette David Hinshaw and Mindy Epstein

John Gruninger and Kimberly Townsend Christopher and Monique Holligan Richard and Tamara Huyge Kathleen Mahoney Jeffrey and Shelbi Pisciarino Sara Ridings Morrow Timothy Rudd and Arati Clarry Rudd Jason and Rachel Smorol Kyle and Cheryl Storie John and Kristen Sullivan


(49% participation)

Traian Anghel and Ioana Amzuta David Beach and Hanni Schwarzlander Matthew Benedict and Gina LaRosa Benedict Linda Chapman Joe Comprix and Deanna Lee Amin Fazeli and Vadjista Broumand Christopher and Kathryn Fortner Jake and Jennifer Hafner Clay Harpending and Paige Ouimette George and Gal Hildebrandt John and Amy Hogan Patrick and Pamela Kinane John (Tod) Leggat and Shannon Magari Leggat Kathleen Mahoney Carlos and Amie Menacho John and Kimberly Mezzalingua Fred Montas and Kristen Montas Graves Silviu and Maria Pasniciuc Jason and Rachel Smorol Matthew and Karen Spear John and Kristen Sullivan Mark and Karen Trivelpiece Matthew Vural John and Jennifer Warren John and Amy Wildhack


(58% participation)

Joseph and Kristin Bernazzani Rhett and Cobbie Brundin Matthew and Nancy Chaffee Sanjay and Sarah Chhablani Gregory and Alison Deldicque Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss Eric Fung and Chantell Dalpe-Fung David Hinshaw and Mindy Epstein Brian Hoke and Patricia Bentley Hoke Christopher and Monique Holligan William and Deborah O’Malley John and Mona Paradis LaVonda Reed John and Laura Stegeman Tim Riccardi and Mary Swan John and Amy Wildhack Jeremy Winston and Tina Maxian Daniel and Carolyn Zimmerman


(50% participation)

David and Jacqueline Eng Tevita Gaines Amy Gross Stuart Heinrich and Cynthia Nickse James and Sandra Hewett Kathleen Mahoney John and Kimberly Mezzalingua Kent and Deborah Ogden Jeffrey and Shelbi Pisciarino John and Kristen Sullivan Leeland Whitted and Tanya Williamson


(74% participation)

Todd and Sophia Battaglia Brian and Katherine Berry Gregory and Alison Deldicque Amin Fazeli and Vadjista Broumand John Ferris and Corri Zoli



(43% participation)

Jonathan and Amy Abdo Sanjay and Sarah Chhablani Harvir Singh Gambhir and Ravleen Kaur Sain Anthony and Melissa Marrone Mehdi Mollapour and Dimitra Bourboulia Joseph and Sarah Rosney Eric and Erica Toyama Keith and Audrey Yeager

Michael and Austin Dunyk Eric and Erica Toyama John Ulahannan and Shoma Singh


(60% participation)

(63% participation)

Joseph and Kristin Bernazzani Cristina Bouvia Nate and Shana Boyer Timothy Rudd Arati and Clarry Rudd Patrick and Pamela Kinane David and Sarah Reckess David Beach and Hanni Schwarzlander John and Laura Stegeman

Amy Caruso Brown John Ferris and Corri Zoli Paul and Melissa Ko James and Teresa Mirakian Jeffrey and Angela Pu Rajeev Seth


(44% participation)


(45% participation)

Paul and Melissa Ko Jonathan Levine and Elana Shever Kurt Shafer and Catherine Keefe-Shafer Matthew and Karen Spear David and Sara Temes Joe and Jessica Viscome


(60% participation)

David and Sarah Reckess Louis and Jennifer Reid Wajeeh Sana and Theresa Heath


(75% participation)

Brian and Kelly Bancroft Duncan and Emily Brown Jim and Elizabeth Ryan Kurt Shafer and Catherine Keefe-Shafer


(33% participation)

Brian and Katherine Berry Vincent and Caroline Darden James and Teresa Mirakian Ryan Pipes and Kendall Hoekstra Ryan and Deanna Pleskach


Mike Goode and Jolynn Parker Jake and Jennifer Hafner Danielle Katz John and Jennifer Liddy Mark Griffin and Kelly McGuire Carlos and Amie Menacho Mag and Anna Migeed David and Sara Temes Girish and Shveta Trikha Douglas and Ann Walsh Mark and Diane Wladis


Employee Donors 72.83% participation

Emily Gannon

Donald Ridall

Amy Abdo

Annmarie Gregory

Kelly Rose

Patricia Bentley Hoke

Kendall Hoekstra

Timothy Rudd

Kristin Bernazzani

Mark Hoekstra

Jim Ryan

Katherine Berry

Amy Hogan

Rachel Smorol

Karen Brang

Richard Huyge

Matthew Spear

Kristen Byers

Sondra Jones

John Stegeman

Carolyn Cahill

Katherine Knight

Joy Strickland

William Cardamone

Michelle Koziara

Erica Toyama

Sarah Chhablani

Juhee LaHaye

Karin Trouyet

Nicole Cicoria

Alexandre Leclercq

Matthew Vural

Christine Civello

Kristin Loop

Dawn Wood

Colleen Congel

Donna Meehan

Audrey Yeager

Amy Critz

Teresa Mirakian

Carolyn Zimmerman

Edward Curtis

Fred Montas

Ryan Zlomek

Nichole Demers

Liza Morrison

William Derschang

Jennifer Neuner

James Dunaway

William O’Malley

Betsy Dunlap

William Preston

Kevin Eastman

Susan Reeve

Ann Ellerton

Rebecca Rhody

Susan Foster

Maria Ricciardiello

as of August 2019

By naming Manlius Pebble Hill School in your will or including the School in your estate plans, you can become a member of the Tree of Life Society. This society, founded in June of 1995, recognizes anyone who has chosen to leave a legacy gift to Manlius Pebble Hill School.

Anonymous Kathy and Mark Adelson (iho Virginia Satterfield) Michael P. Alford ’63 Mary Ellen M. Andrews Phillip M. Andrews ’99 Russ Andrews ’64 Lydia P. Arnold Wheeler Carr Bachman * Baxter F. Ball * Mr. Edward Barber * Elisabeth Barker ’70 Mr. and Mrs. Don Barter Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barter Charles W. Beach Hugh I. Biele ’60HQ * Bill Bisgrove * Donald Blair and Nancy Dock Ernest Bockli ’48C* Joseph Bovalino * Col. John M. Brooks (Ret.) ’39C Eugene Chappell Paul Clark ’52B * George Clune ’43C * Robert J. Costa ’53B Virginia “Jake” and Andy Craig ’50C Doug Craig ’89 Peg Cram * Dr. and Mrs. John R. Cryan ’59HQ Jim and Ceme Curley Patrick Danial ’98 Mr. and Mrs. James Dawley * Mr. and Mrs. Les Deming ’46A

Tom Denton ’65 Evan and Elizabeth Dreyfuss Richard and Therese Driscoll Anna Dodge * Anne and John Endries Edward W. Foley, Jr. ’28 * Friedman/Heavenrich Family Karl Gates ’77 John Gibson ‘69 Stuart R. Grossman ’56 Tom and Penny Gunerman Bob and Jan Hampton Honorable and Mrs. Stewart F. Hancock, Jr. ’40 Robert “Dudley” Harrington ’51C * Jack M. Hastings, Jr. ’40* and Peggy Hastings Martha L. Heer * Jennifer Hicks Roger Hilficker ‘53A Charlotte and Alexander Holstein Gloria Hooper-Rasberry* Tami and Gary Huested ’63B Jim ’59B and Charlotte * Inglis John Joiner ‘57* Dan S. Jonas and Alexandra C. Epsilanty Laura and Ed Jordan Walter Keating ’48B * Elspeth and George Kerr ’51B * Dr. and Mrs. David Kunz Laura Lavine ’73 James C. Lawrence* Bill* and Sue Leahey

John (Tod) Leggat and Shannon Magari Leggat Elizabeth and Reginald Lenna ’32B * Mary (Rugh) Lerner – in memory of J. T. Rugh, Jr. Gelene and Robert B. Lewis* ’45 Charles A. Lewis ’79 Susan and Peter Manolakos William M. Marcussen ’43B* John F. Marsellus ’32 * George McCrillis * Edward W. McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Crandall Melvin III ’74 Kathy and Dan Mezzalingua ’56C Lynn F. and Robert I. Miller Frank E. Milliman* Melissa and Stephen Montgomery Tina Morgan Claire A. Myers-Usiatynski ’72 A. Boyd Pixley 1908HQ* Susan Platner ’66 William and Carol Porter Robert H. Reakirt * Mr. and Mrs. Tom Rhoades ’59A Seymour Roth * Kelly Gillis-Rose Elaine Rubenstein Kathy Ruscitto Virginia P. Satterfield Elizabeth W. Shake James C. Shake

Jason and Donna (Blount) Sherr ’89 Maryon Simmons * Robert Simonton ’50 * and Tanya Simonton (iho Peter Manolakos, Alex and Chuckie Holstein, Fran Gates, and Tina Morgan) Elwyn L. Smith, Jr. ’37 * Robert Smutny* Jon Statler ’68A William V. Stone, Jr. ’55* Jamie Sutphen Sara (Lewis) Temes ’96 and David Temes ’97 Robert J. Theis, Jr. ’67B Terry Turnipseed George and MJ Urist Pamela Marie Usiatynski ’05 Rielly (Andrews) Vlassis ’97 Estate of Carolyn W. and Guido Verbeck, Jr. ’32E* Charles Verbeck ’48C * Guido F. Verbeck III Kathy and Jon Verbeck Claudie and Jack Wells ’60B Orrin B. Werntz ’21C * Dorothy Witherill * Leba Zaborny Elaine S. and Richard J. Zerveck ’37B * Brahim Zogby *deceased

For more information about making a planned gift (estate plans, stocks, gift annuities, etc.) please contact Kelly Rose at krose@mphschool.org or by phone at 315-446-2452, ext. 112.


Tree of Life Society


Profile for Jennifer Neuner

MPH Annual Report 18/19  

MPH Annual Report 18/19