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Preventing Common Neck Pain Think of your head as a 10-12 pound bowling ball and consider the pressure on the muscles in your neck; it is no surprise that holding your head in an awkward position will cause the strain. The main cause of common neck pain is most often muscle strain or tension, and it normally occurs while you're going about your everyday activities. Poor posture while reading or watching television, poor sleeping position, incorrect ergonomics in the workplace, or twisting the neck during exercise are frequent culprits. Neck problems are especially common amongst office workers. Many businesses, unfortunately, put any thought into the furniture ergonomics, with lots of the workstations more geared for the average size person. Any people who are shorter, taller or more heavy set will often find themselves sitting too far away from the desk or too close, with their keyboards and monitors put in a position that will require them to look up or down while they work. It's not surprising that at one point or another that up to 70% of Americans have had problems with some type of neck discomfort. Exercises that stretch muscles at the bottom of the skull and strengthen deep muscles toward the front of the neck can counteract damages caused by poor posture. You can even find studies that show that regular neck and shoulder stretching will give you the same type of relief for minor pain that professional treatment and medication will. You are able to ask your health care provider for instructions or there are several sources online that can show you the appropriate exercises. Less than thirty minutes every day will help alleviate existing strain and help prevent it from occurring in the future. Prevention Most of the advice concerning prevention of neck pain is simple common sense once you know the underlying causal factors. Unfortunately, the most obvious suggestions are the ones many people take for granted and often forget to heed. The following are things that people should take into account to prevent common neck pain. 1. Prevent muscle strain and tension in neck muscles through frequent exercise and relaxation techniques. These should be performed daily, or at least before and after you perform any kind of strenuous activity or sports. 2. Avoid having your neck flexed or extended for prolonged periods - take frequent breaks while reading, sewing, working at the computer, etc. 3. It is likely that you hold your head in an awkward position when reading if you wear bifocal or trifocal glasses. Getting separate reading glasses could help you to be much more comfortable. 4. It's not a good idea to cradle the phone on your shoulder between your ear and shoulder! Utilize some kind of speaker function or a headset. 5. Make sure that your computer monitor and source documents are at the correct eye level whenever you are typing or reading. 6. Use armrests when sitting for long periods of time so your body weight isn't pulling down on

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Preventing Common Neck Pain your neck. 7. Use safety belts and bike helmets to prevent injuries while on the road. 8. Position the height of the car headrest so that it will support the center of your head during fast stops or small fender benders. 9. Try not to carry heavy book bags or purses that may put additional stress on your neck or upper back. 10. Practice good sleep hygiene by making sure your pillow provides sufficient and comfortable support to your head and neck. Learn to sleep on your side or back instead of on your stomach. To hold your neck in a neutral position, make use of a neck pillow while traveling on a plane, a train and so on. It's advisable to only have neck pain in Florissant cared for by qualified chiropractors with an abundance of experience. Go to to read more information on Back & Neck Care Center of North County.

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Preventing Common Neck Pain  

It's advisable to only have neck pain in Florissant cared for by qualified chiropractors with an abundance of experience. Go to backandneck....