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Matt, Theseare questions I have gotten from DEAnumber customers. Try and answer them and then send it back to me so I can make sure you’re on the right track! Thanks! 1. Can you send me a copy of my DEAlicense?I can not find the original for my files. Joanne We are only technical support for the website. You will have to contact the DEA,here is their number 800-882-9539.

2. I am a Dentist. I have DEANumber which i got with NJLicense in record, if I am going to practice in CT, should I apply for a new DEANumber again or can I use the one I already have We are only technical support for the website; you would have to contact the DEAfor information about applying for a new license. 3. we are trying to decide which of your products to purchase. If I purchase 5000 querries do they expire or can i use them over a few years? Thesequeries will expire one year after the purchase date, or when you use all 5000

4. If I purchase the monthly update version, how long will the fee cover? one year? meaning I will get 12 CDs? If you purchase the CSA Database on CD - Monthly Issue you will receive a CD every month for one year after the purchase date. Yes you should receive 12 CDs

5. I was wondering if the website save all the DEAsearches I made. I forgot to print the DEA. Unfortunately, we do not. 6. I have a physician Dr. Galen E. Howard DEAnumber FH0243395.His DEAis current (or the copy is) but I cannot find him in the database. Could you help me with this please? If the certificate was issued within the last 30 days it is possible that it has not been entered into the databaseyet. You can try again after the next update. If the certificate was issued over 30 days ago it is possible that their may be an issue or it was an oversite, and you should contact the DEAoffice at 800-882-9539 7. I paid for a search to locte a practitioner dea number and no results came up, but I know the practitioner has a DEAnumber and is licensed to practice and has an address to practice in state of MD. I don't believe your system performed an accurate search of: SALTER,REGINALD- C (practitioner) I want a refund of my money paid to perform a search or ability to perform the search again, so the DEAnumber can be located.

I will refund your query to your account, this could be an oversight by the DEAoffice if your account is over 30 days old, you can contact hem at this number 800-882-9539

8. I need to know where my invoices are mailed? Would this fall under the “My Account� page? Shipping address?? 9. I need to verify the DEA# for Dr. Sarine John-Rosman, DEA#PB5032660.On your website her name is spelled Dr. Rosman-John. Pleaseadvise. I can verify that the DEA# you provided is for Dr. Sarine, but to have the name fixed, you will have to contact the DEAto have this change made, it may take up to 2 weeks from the time you contact them. 10. We have had a turnover in staff since our account was created. I am the new business office manager and I am unable to accessthe DEAwebsite. I do not have any idea what our username and password are and no one else does either. How can I get this information? Ask for the name of the organization or the name of the previous businessmanager, and look up their information via Tools > Customer Management

11. Hi, I'm questioning how I can tell if a provider has submitted an addresschange? Thanks so much Diane You should be able to tell by going into Tools > My Account

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