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August 26,2013 Today in our newspaper A very ecological class project on science.

A very interesting interview .

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Todays horoscope Today you will find your true destiny, don't be confused it is not love.

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The weather today will be sunny a great day to go to the pool and highly recommend to put on sunblock on .

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On science class we are planting a plant with Mr. M. It is actually fun. I am planting a flower called Zinia liliput enana. The flower comes in every color except blue. We started the project today and we planted three seeds. Each seed in a different pot because the roots grow to much. I can not wait to see it germinate . The purpose of the project is to grow a healthy plant. Depending on how well the plant grows that will give us our grade. Yesterday we planted three seeds two we kept on our house. The other seed we kept it at school to see witch place has a better effect on the seed. We decided to water the plant every two days because a lot of water is sometimes bad for a plant. IF we take care of the plant it will sprout a beautiful flower. It can come in any color green, pink, white ect. I think this project is very exciting because I like doing experiments on science class. Hope you liked my first article of the day.

Name: Octavio Agusto De La Hoz Ordo単ez Age: 52 Where do you work? I am an anestecilogo and I work at the suncion and the hospital named Puerto azul. Where were did you study? In Mexico for 5 years Tell me your best trip? To the grand canyon. you were going to Hogwarts what house might you be in? IfI am not a big fan of Harry Potter but I think I might be in Ravenclaw. Your passion? I like to do sodukos on the newspaper. What article of my newspaper did you like the most ? I liked the one about encouraging kids to read. Tell me what books have you read from what I placed in my article? None but I still like it. What is or was your favorite TV. Show? Sabados Felices.

Most people don't like to read. But maybe it is because you have not found fun book. Maybe you have read boring books. Today we will talk about some books tat may be fun. If you don't read a lot I would recomend this books. Series of unfortunate events Judy Moody, and bones. This are series but each book is considerly short. I f you like to rad a lot I recomend this books. Harry Potter series Hunger games series and Percy Jackson series. I think this three series are the best in the world because I read most of them. I really tell you to read because it is fun and enjoyable. It can also help you on school work and spelling test. This books are easy to find and they are awesome !Hope you consider reading them. This was our surprise section today hope you like it!