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The very first step in the bed bug control process is locating the hiding places for the insects. While this may sound as a simple and direct task, many homeowners find it extremely challenging. Bed bugs are very good at finding the best time to suck human blood and a place to hide after that. They proliferate quickly and their infestations can easily become a disaster you cannot control personally. Whether you want to hire an exterminator or apply do it yourself techniques, the very first step in eradicating these pests is tracing their hiding places. By the way, you may require some sort of a lighting source. There are known frequent hiding places that any exterminator would start with. They include the following. Bed and its components This is a surefire secret home for bugs. What you have to do is to dismantle the bed and keep its various parts on one end of the room. Then examine each part at a time. To be specific, examine the mattress seams and other crevices and you will most likely see dark spots of dead insects. Look for the live pests as well as the beige molted nymph skins. The mattress itself, its cover and beddings provide a sweet comfy home for little parasites and the box springs. Look for the crawlers in the cracks and crannies of bed frames, particularly if they are made of wood. Do you have cluttered items under your bed or even a wall headboard? These are potential hide outs for the bugs. Furniture Another tip on bed bug control is examining the home furniture extremely well. Do not just give preference to your bedroom furniture because bed bugs are the best travelers existing. If their infestation began in the bedroom chances are that it has proceeded to the living room, home office, and other areas. Examine all upholstered sofa sets and chairs carefully and focus more on the corners, cracks, seams, cushions, throws and so on. Even the dressers must be checked thoroughly while empty, especially the wooden sections. Other areas There are many other areas that accommodate these parasites. They include picture flames, clothes in the closet, free wall papers, and electronic gadgets like alarm clocks, power sockets, carpets, wall-wall or wall-ceiling joints and so on. Target things or sections where humans use often as they provide food for these insects. The process of identifying the hiding places should definitely be unhurried. When done properly, it is easier to get rid of extensive or mild infestations. Many ways of killing and eliminating bed bugs exist. However, the best approach is the IPM (Integrated Pest Management), which combines many different methods, including best chemicals. When using IPM, the aim is not just killing the parasites but also their eggs and larvae. What is more, this intelligent approach allows for general preparedness incase of a future infestation. This bed bug control technique includes preventive

measures including proper sanitation and hygiene. All the same, the procedure is rather complicated and should be safely conducted by a professional pest exterminator in your area.

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==== ==== Find out everything about bed bugs from locating to killing them at: ==== ====

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