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Informing Inglewood and the community


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July 12, 2013

Morningside Park • Briarwood • Century Heights • Inglewood Knolls • Fairview Heights • Arbor Village • North Inglewood • Hyde Park • West Athens • Westmont • Crenshaw-Imperial • Lockhaven • Imperial Village • Downtown Inglewood

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Luis Huerta: Gates Millennium Scholar . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . page


Mayor Rushes to Metro HQ After Chronicle Call 30-foot wall to be built at Crenshaw Line’s La Brea station


“Official” paper paid with city trash fees . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . page

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Liberation School of L. A. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . page

I Spy...After-hours Action at City Hall


An aerial view of the meat-packing plan and dirt trench where Metro has cemented plans to build the La Brea/Florence station (red arrow) and a 30-foot wall that will divide Inglewood Districts 1 and 2.


. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . page Are residents being given the shaft?

Swearing-in of new council members . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . page


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By MP Chronicle staff Inglewood mayor James T. Butts rushed to two Metro meetings in late June. He went on the record to discuss a quarter-mile-long 30-foot wall Metro will be building at the La Brea/Florence station on the Crenshaw Line. The mayor apparent-

ly learned of the wall after a Chronicle staffer’s call earlier in the week requesting comment. Butts did not return the call. But he was at the June 20 Metro Construction Committee Meeting and again at the Metro Board Meeting on June 27. At the June 20 meeting, the mayor commented ex-

tensively on Item 53 of the Metro committee’s agenda. “Please keep in mind that we intend to have a project at Florence and Market site. We call it D-3. It used to be a Cadillac dealership. We plan to have a something like hotel there,” he said.

please see Metro Wall, page 6

Four New Taxes for District 1

Reduced service to be followed by more taxes District 1 homeowners are already on the hook for nearby parks that are frequently used by residents of Districts 2, 3 and 4 as well as L.A. residents and sports teams, and there will be more blood drained from District 1 if Dotson fails to stand up for homeowners regarding four sets of new property taxes called “assessments.” In 1974, the Morningside Park Improvment Project in its entirety was funded by Morningside Park property owners. Three of the four assessments will exclusively target District 1 homeowners: the Morningside Park Maintenance District and the Darby-Dixon Maintenance District. Darby Park is the site of a recently refurbished please see More Taxes, page 6

Everything is Science International Science Discovery Center By Teka-Lark Fleming African American Male Achievers Networks (AMAN) is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics program for girls and boys from kindergarten through the 12th grade. It was named to honor the men who helped Dr. Bettye Walker a former principal and school teacher get the program off the ground. When Dr. Walker was a principal she received a grant from UCLA to use science as a tool for learning. She recruited over 100 African-American men from the worlds of business, science and politics to give motivational talks at her school

to inspire her teachers and her students to love science and math. It was so successful she realized she had to make this available all year to the entire community. “I grew up in DC on the same block as my science teacher. On the weekends we had all kinds of science projects going on. My father worked at the Pentagon. I spent every afternoon at the Pentagon, so we always knew the importance of science,” said Dr. Walker. With all the budget cuts sadly in some schools creativity is seen as an extra. Science is part of creativity. “Science is at the crux of it all. It is not some-

A-MAN Summer Science Academy

thing separate. Everything we do is science,” she added. If you want your child to have hands-on experience with science have them visit the A-MAN center it’s right next door

to Inglewood City Hall. A-MAN Summer Academy is still going on and the A-MAN After School Academy starts September 9. For more information, please call (310) 412-2680.

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Morningside Park Chronicle A word from the publisher


I have two passions: the arts and the environment. To me they are two things that always have gone together. Many of my art projects have had to do with the environment. I had a project in San Pedro where I invited the public to give me their car to destroy on stage. The car was symbolic of not just driving, but of out of control consumerism. And to me that’s a big part of the issue in Inglewood. The bureaucrats who run the city and our urban planners don’t appreciate what and who is here. They want to get bigger. They think more stuff and “better” people equals an improved quality of life. They want us to look like Westwood in 1989. They want us to look like Santa Monica in 1999. Why can’t we just look like 2013 Inglewood with some minor know, library hours and a cultural affairs department. Most cities are trying to go smaller, because the new world is smaller, local and sustainable. The people at One Manchester for the last 30 years have been chasing this dream of “white” “suburbia” and hoping to somehow bring that to a black and brown largely bohemian and working class city, because for some reason the people of City Hall who don’t live here think that we want 1000 chain stores, because that’s what they think we think Santa Monica looks like. City Hall, we’ve left the city limits of Inglewood. We’ve probably been to more places than One Manchester who seem to only see the world as Santa Monica circa 1990 and not Santa Monica. The amount of times I hear Santa Monica referenced during City Hall and commission meetings makes me forget sometimes that Inglewood is a suburb of the great City of Los Angeles and not the inland empire of Santa Monica County. Do you know why big retail development is looking at Inglewood now—after 30 years of begging? Because middle and upper middle-class L.A. doesn’t want this kind of development anymore. Red Lobster is unhealthful, so is Chile’s and all the other fast food crap that lines Century, Crenshaw and Manchester Boulevards. There is no need to have a 24-Hour Fitness because Santa Monica, Los Feliz and Long Beach are building bike lanes. The reason big development is coming here to put up their trash is that no one else wants it in their city. People who have read about global warming and have a modern eye on urban development don’t view a mall or giant freeway signs as modern or as progress. Our “development” is going to continue to put us behind all of the cities One Manchester continues to chase.

Teka-Lark Fleming

July 12, 2013 Publisher Teka-Lark Fleming Editor-in-Chief Randall Fleming Design and Production: RD & F Design

Writers & Contributors:

Birtram Birtran Elisia Harkins Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari Gerald Morales Anne Cheek La Rose Brad C. Stone Sweet Rice Tea

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July 12, 2013


Early Churches of Inglewood By Anne Cheek La Rose Of the 20-plus religious denominations in Inglewood, four stand out for their history in Inglewood. Since all of California was originally part of Mexico, it is not surprising that the first settlers here were Catholic. The Antonio Ignacio Avila family arrived in 1826, and built a ranch near the Centinela Springs. However, the Catholic Church did not have a sizeable presence until 1911. The land for the present church was purchased from Grace Freeman Howland (daughter of Daniel Freeman) after her donation of the property was turned down. The structure is in the contemporary Gothic style and was completed in 1960. Due to changing demographics, St John’s began

First Presbyterian Church on Hillcrest Boulevard in Inglewood.

offering mass in Spanish in 1975. Dating to 1888, the oldest congregation is the First Presbyterian Church. Originally located at Queen and Market Streets on land donated by Archie Freeman (the brother of Grace Freeman Howland), it was moved to La Brea and Nutwood to allegedly escape the noise of Market Street. First Presbyterian’s current home at the corner of

Hillcrest Boulevard and Queen Street was built in 1946 in New England Colonial style. A lovely tree stands to the left of the entrance. It was planted by pioneer John Aerick in what was then his front yard. Built in the Spanish Colonial style in 1943, the First Methodist Church occupies the corner of Spruce and Kelso Streets. Methodists have been part please see Churches, page 6

INGLEW OOD COMMUN ITY C ALEN DAR Open Mic every Thursday at Vibrations from 8 p.m. until the last poet standing. The only poetry reading with its own theme song. 2435 West Manchester Blvd., 90305. For more information call (310) 261-6463 or e-mail ••• Using Census Data for Grant Writing Workshop at the Inglewood Main Library in Gladys Waddingham Lecture Hall on Thursday, July 18 from 9:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. 101 W. Manchester Blvd., downtown Inglewood. Learn how to use census information to fund your nonprofit, because we need more non-profits. For more information call (310) 412-5380. ••• Free Movie in the Park at Edward Vincent Park located at 700 Warren Lane. Grad your lawn chair and blanket and sit under the stars for a free family friendly movie on Saturday, July 20. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and the movie starts promptly at 8 p.m. Refreshments available for purchase and free popcorn if you bring ten or more recyclables!

For more information on the movie playing and the event call (310) 412-8880. ••• Morningside Park Sustainable City monthly (re) Think-ING meeting. For updates on the Clock on Manchester and Van Ness, the Book Festival, the Josephine Baker Ride and more. Wednesday, July 24, 6 until 8 p.m. ICOP Center 2901 W. Manchester, 90305. Get involved, stop traffic congestion, trash and unsustainable practices. For more information call (424) 261- 3019. ••• Planning Commission Meeting meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 p.m. The next meeting will be on August 7. Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, located at: One Manchester Boulevard downtown Inglewood. The planning commission decides what Inglewood will look like in the future. If we want more sustainable practices we must be active at planning commission meetings. For questions about the agenda or meeting call (310) 412-5230.

Hollypark Knolls’ Health Fair 2013 is on Saturday, August 24 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. We invite you to join us for our Annual Event! This year we are hosting a Health Fair at Hollypark Knolls Apartment Community! Join us as we promote health and happiness with free community resources, nutritional information, fitness awareness, demonstrations, raffle gifts and more! Food! Fun! Music! For more information please contact our Leasing Center. Hollypark Knolls (310) 412-5040 3120 Hollypark Drive Inglewood, CA 90305. ••• Janet E. Dandridge is planning a Block Party for September 1. She’d like volunteers for a committee. The block party will be at Olive and Eucalyptus in the Inglewood community of Arbor Village. She’s looking for a DJ, a jumpy house, and people who want to be involved. If this is something you’d like to be involved in please e-mail evorevophoto@gmail. com. •••

Calendar items in the Chronicle are free of charge. Please send calendar items to our P.O. Box or via e-mail. (See contact info at left)


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Gmail - Dr Brann

J. Warren Lane Elementary Part 1 of two parts By Diane Sombrano

MorningsidePark Chronicle <>

Dr Brann Kirk-Carter, La Tanya <> To: RFleming <>

Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 6:43 AM

Randall Do you have confirmation that Dr Brann is starting on July 1. Sacramento hasn't told me or confirmed this for me. Senteditor, from my iPhone Dear

If the Baptist pastor of a church where he has handled a cover-up of pedophile pastors is the place where the mayor of a city regularly holds town halls and has given $18 million as well as a massive

land grant near a recently built Southland freeway, swears in two sworn Catholic council members in front of a convicted felon while a former city administrator who happens to be of the Jewish faith looks on, does that mean our beautiful city

of Inglewood is damned to a Hell that none of the aforementioned faiths’ alleged believers could survive? It’s a hypothetical question but one I feel needs an answer. Sincerely, An Inglewood resident

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Inglewood Today Paid for by Inglewood Taxpayers’ Trash Fees 1 of 1

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Morningside Park Chronicle

July 12, 2013

The next school year will bring many changes for students of the Inglewood Unified School District (IUSD). Those living near the Warren Lane Elementary site are soon going to see older students in the hallways. Owing to the declining enrollment of K-8 students in IUSD, “City Honor” high school students will soon be walking the halls of the school named for one of Inglewood’s most forwardthinking pioneers. Born in Philadelphia on November 19, 1872, Lane came to Fresno, California where he studied fig cultivation in 1897 under the direction of the George Roeding who was considered the Central California “father of the fig industry.” While in Fresno he met Dora Gibbs; they were married in 1907. The young couple came to Inglewood on their honeymoon and continued to live

please see Warren Lane, page 7

Luis Huerta: Gates Scholar By Gerald Morales

The last student awarded the Gates Millennium Gates Scholar at Inglewood High School is Luis Huerta. He is a senior at Chronicle investigation reveals “official” city paper remains funded by city Inglewood High School and part of the Advancement Via Individual De6/28/13 8:02 AM termination (AVID) program at the school, a program designed to help students attend college. Huerta has had a lot of people around him win the same scholarship; he has The Warrant Register for the City of Inglewood’s bills for one week of July shows a nearly $6,000 payment for a single half-page ad in Willie Brown’s taxpayer-funded paper. had a cousin and neighbor receive the award in By Randall Fleming In the March 15 edition Brown’s paper mysterithe past few years as well. of the Chronicle, an invesously dropped to $475 As he progressed through Inglewood taxpayers are tigative story revealed that each—down from 10 high school he realized that on the hook for the lavish Inglewood Today owner times that much in the it was definitely possible Playa Vista condo and Willie Brown was overpreceding months. to obtain this award. AVlifestyle that Inglewood billing the city by thou During the months of ID instructor Yanick Clay Today owner Willie sands of dollars monthly. low payments from the had this to say about him: Brown is enjoying. The allegations were corcity, Inglewood Today re“Luis has been a student in The paid political conroborated by statements by ceived several tens of the Inglewood High School sultant to the mayor is the Inglewood city clerk, thousands of dollars from AVID program for four now being paid to print who at a December 4, the mayor via Dotson’s years. He is an AP student his paper by the Decem2012 city council meeting campaign ads. as well as a college summit ber trash fee increase that stated that “those [ads] In the immediate wake peer leader. He’s an outhomeowners are paying to cost anywhere from of the end of the election standing student.” Republic/CDS Services. $3,000 to $5,000 each.” run-off, Brown is again He will be attending The money is coming In the months following being paid nearly $10,000 University of California from the city’s Sanitation the Chronicle’s investigaevery month by the city Berkeley in the fall. He and Public Works Funds, tion, payments from the ads that neither the city plans to double major in as shown above. city’s General Fund to nor Brown will identify.

here until 1940 when he passed away. Because of his horticulture and nurseryman skills acquired in Fresno, Harry Lee Martin, Archie Freeman (son of Daniel) and Louise Garrett hired him to oversee the sale of the large nursery stock and greenhouse plantings located at Redondo and La Brea Ave. (Jessie Fremont, wife of John Fremont, had previously operated a floral stem nursery at this site furnishing fresh blooms.) As the owners of the Inglewood Water Company (established in 1903) and the co-owners of the Los Angeles-Inglewood Floral Company nursery, Martin and Freeman set about to establish a new water system utilizing the artesian wells surfacing as the Centinela Springs where the nursery had been. Lane scrubbed the interior of the reservoir, operated the water wagon, made repairs at the pumping sta-

Luis Huerta

Communications and Chicano Studies. If it were not for the Gates Millennium Scholarship he would not be able to afford to attend Berkeley for his undergraduate degree. In addition to the scholarship, he is also a recipient of the Posse Foundation Scholarship which will pay for his tuition at Berkeley. “Always apply to things such as scholarships. If you do not take the opportunity then you never know what is going to happen,” he said when asked advice regarding school plans. He was recently fol-

please see Huerta, page 7

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Morningside Park Chronicle


The Lavender Blue Restaurant & Lounge Inglewood’s best-kept new secret At just after 5:00 p.m. on a Monday, the bar area is well lit. A few gentlemen are enjoying drinks, conversation and CNN on a large screen TV. In the dining area, an attractive woman with a warm smile is working away on a laptop computer. That woman is Marsha Tekeste, owner of the Lavender Blue Restaurant & Lounge. In her own words, “Lavender Blue has a warm and inviting dining room, a bar/lounge area featuring blues, jazz and your favorite sporting events.” The restaurant is oneof-a-kind in the Morningside Park community. Marsha poured 28 years of restaurant and lounge experience into creating a special place for mature lovers of great blues and jazz entertainment to enjoy a delicious meal, have cocktails and host. I ordered a salmon burger and sweet potato fries. The food is SU-B-L-I-M-E! The burger was cooked and seasoned to perfection and the fries were crispy outside and hot and flavorful

Lavender Blue on Manchester.

inside, served with a side of maple syrup. The meal was juicy, messy and delicious! Specials include 35¢ Wing Mondays, Peel ‘n’ Eat Shrimp and a $7 Burger Combo. They’re open for business breakfast meetings and offer food and beverage catering for private and corporate events. Tekeste’s Mixin’ Vixens, an all- female staff of bartenders and cocktail waitresses, is available for off-site beverage catering. 3310 W. Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood, CA 90305 Parking: Private Lot + Free Nearby Street WiFi: Yes Accepts Cash, Credit and Debit Attire: Casual

July 12, 2013


Summer Celebration Salsa

We are in the middle of summer and it’s also the season for tomatoes. Over the holiday I toured a farm in Fresno where tomatoes were abundant and being harvested. The Farmer offered me 15 pounds for only $2. I was happy with the bargain but needed to figure out what to do with all those pretty heirloom and beefsteak tomatoes. I decided to create what I call, Celebration Salsa because I was celebrating the holiday with my family. The temperature outside was 105 degrees so I served it cold with chips. You can use this recipe as a condiment for salads, tacos, enchiladas and even greens and beans. It enhances the flavor of just about anything and it’s nutritious. Hey, did I mention that it’s also pretty? Please give it a try and let us know what you think by sending an e-mail

to SweetRiceTea@yahoo. com.

Celebration Salsa: 6 medium tomatoes 1 medium white onion finely diced 1 bunch of fresh cilantro stems removed 4 sprigs of curly parsley stems removed 2 limes (you may need three depending on taste) 1 tsp of crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 to 1 tsp of sea salt 1 jalapeno pepper diced Directions: Wash & cut up tomatoes in small chunks. Place in large bowl, add diced onions then set aside. Finely chop the parsley, cilantro and jalapeno pepper and place in small bowl. Use seeds only if you want a hotter flavor. Squeeze the limes and pour over the tomato and onion mixture. Add sea salt, and the herb mixture

and stir with a wooden spoon until well blended. I prefer to use a wooden spoon but if you only have a metal spoon that’s fine too as long as the mixture is well blended. Sprinkle in the crushed red pepper flakes and mix well. Chill and serve with tacos, crackers, beans or greens. Brings a refreshing flavor to just about anything. Enjoy the summer celebrations!

Mz. Sweet Rice Tea is a native of the Midwest where she grew up on a farm and learned to cook. Her educational background includes business administration, art and photography, but it’s her culinary experience by which she creates a mix of fun, tasty and healthful foods. She was cookin’ in the kitchen with her Grandma Odessa at age 10 learning everything from setting a table, to how to dress and fry a chicken, to traditional farm fare. Contact her: or visit her culinary website at:

Poetry Readings in Inglewood (re) Think-ING poetry readings every 1st and 4th Saturday from 12 noon until 1 p.m. Bring someone else’s poetry or your own!

July 12, 2013

S T AR 5 Page Page 5

Morningside Park Chronicle

IT’S T H ELiberate South Central!

Dive Into Reading!

club is an Inglewood gem run by award-winning elementary school teacher Terri Norwood. If you want to encourage your child to love literature contact Bright Stars Reading club at (310) 673-READ.

The Liberation School of L.A. is housed in Skira Martinez’s CIELO galleries/studios. When I read about it being on Maple Street, I assumed it was in downtown Los Angeles. The School borrows from the unschool movement and takes learning out of the ivory towers and places it in accessible places so that all socialeconomic classes, races and generations can teach and learn. But I thought, “How liberated can an unschool be in the center of gentrification and oppression?” I looked on the map and learned that it wasn’t the downtown Maple but the South Central Maple—the part of L.A. that is South L.A. It’s the place that was my grandmother’s home before they took it for the 105 freeway that zips and zags and has the fewest exits possible. It’s the place christened “South Central” immediately after the Watts Riots by a white East Coast reporter who was searching for a label for this section of the burning City of Angels.

photos: Elisia Harkins Photography

On June 29, Inglewood’s most innovative reading club had a Sea Sational Saturday. It included reading, a tidepool, games and fun—all with a Southern California beach theme. The Bright Star Reading

By Teka-Lark Fleming

Skira Martinez of CIELO galleries/studios.

“It’s off the beaten path,” laughed Skira Martinez. I love historic South Central. I love historic black L.A. that is now Latino, but prior to historic “black” L.A. being “black” it was Latino and Asian and black. Prior to the 1950s, everyone but white people went to school together and lived next to each other in Los Angeles. Even though Martinez, a Canadian transplant, isn’t from South LA, she is a part of the city. In spirit, she is a local. Martinez is figuratively and literally a child of the Black Panther and the Brown Beret movements. “I had a dream of opening up this art gallery a community cultural center that encompassed all forms of art, but also was

very political,” she said. I sat in on a Feminist Radicalism class where a multicultural, gender and age diverse group of people sat in a circle and discussed feminism within the Black Panther, East Wind and Casa organizations. Martinez facilitated along with Jazmine Delgado and Emma Heaney. The School is going on all summer. There are free workshops on a variety of topics as well as a GED prep class. It’s friendly to older people who have been in various political movements and want to share their knowledge and to younger people who want to learn first hand from people who were there. For more information, please visit the School’s Web site at

Page 6


Morningside Park Chronicle

An I on Religion By Brad Elliot Stone

cares). Indeed, there is room in one’s prayer life for petitionary prayer, especially since it is important to pray for other people, but simply praying for things is not enough and often leaves one disappointed when God seems not to “answer” those prayers. Prayers of “thanksgiving” are prayers where one thanks God for something that has happened or simply for being and existence. These are better than petitionary prayers insofar as they come from gratitude instead of expectation; they are always “answered” prayers. People who feel frustrated in their prayer life should focus particularly on this level of prayer. As Meister Eckhart once wrote, “if the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” One is already very blessed simply

PRAYER You do not have, because you do not ask. You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly. -James 4: 2b-3a Prayer is an essential element of religious life, be it meditation or straight up asking God’s opinion about things. Yet many have never thought about what they pray about and how to pray. Let us explore three kinds of prayer, each of which is better than the previous. Most people pray “petitionary” prayers. These are prayers where one asks God to do something. We are very good at this kind of praying. We ask God to intervene in the affairs of the world, to help us overcome an ordeal, or even to influence the outcome of a sporting event (as if God has time for that, let alone

by existing, so make sure that there is joyful thanksgiving in prayers. Prayers of “oblation” are the best kinds of prayers. These are prayers where one gives oneself over to God and to the divine plan for the universe. This simple offering of oneself aligns us with what we ought to ask for. This is often why prayers go “unanswered;” one wants God to give him or her something without offering oneself to God. Thus, they “ask wrongly.” Many ask God to show them the plan for their life, yet they are secretly asking God to fulfill the person’s own plan. Alas, it does not work that way. There are, of course, other types of prayer (e.g. prayers for forgiveness), but these three, when consciously balanced, will improve the prayers we pray. May we all pray more fully as a result.

BRAD ELLIOTT STONE is Associate Professor of Philosophy and African American Studies at Loyola Marymount University. He is a lay preacher in the Baptist, Congregational, and Episcopalian traditions and is a proud resident of Inglewood’s beautiful Morningside Park.

City of Inglewood Elevator Shaft

Metro Wall, from pg. 1 The committee motioned to pass Item 53 on to the Metro Board without recommendation. The wall, which had been in Metro’s Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) since 2011, is mentioned as being a “screen wall” that is required to be “minimum 6 [feet]” in height. Unlike the pleasant aesthetic that greets Metro Gold and Red Line passengers disembarking in Hollywood, downtown and Pasadena, straphangers who exit in Inglewood will be immediately greeted by a 30-foot wall that blocks the nearby meatpacking plant’s exhaust More Taxes, from pg. 1 baseball park that is used almost exclusively by Sportsman Little League (SLL). Residents from all four districts as well as from L.A. use Darby and other District 1 parks, as do soccer teams from around the Southland. Nevertheless, the mayor and city council expect only District 1 homeowners to pay for the park’s allegedly increased maintenance costs. According to Assistant City manager Michael D.

July 12, 2013

vents. When they exit the station they will be jettisoned onto a barren strip of Florence facing a lot near city hall that has been neglected for many years. The June meetings’ agendas can be found at board/Agendas/2013/06_ june/2013_06_calendar. pdf. The June 20 audio transcription can be heard at http://host1.cyberears. com//19755.mp3. The June 27 meeting may be heard at (The June 27 meeting is in three parts, and this is the third part.) The item and its 30-foot wall was hurriedly approved despite the many objections. Falkow’s letters to the mayor and city council, costs for District 1 parks, sidewalks and street-cleaning have increased approximately $200,000 per year since Butts became mayor. Also according to Falkow, “The City’s General Fund subsidized the costs to maintain the Darby-Dixon...Morningside Park Maintenace District... and In-Town [i.e.,Market Street] Maintenance District.” These areas have also remained open to use by all Inglewood residents as well as anyone from L. A.


9th floor—Political Propaganda

8th floor—Legal Lies

Despite impending service cuts and more taxes, Dotson gave his street a fresh look last week.

7th floor—Whiteout Dept. 6th floor—Voter Fraud, Inc.

Churches, from pg. 2

5th floor—Parks and Wreck 4th floor—Homeless HUD Funds & Redirected Redevelopment Money 3rd floor—Exorbitant Fees 2nd Floor—RSI Embezzlement 1st floor—Document Forgery

and Garage—Extramarital Affairs (BYOB*)!

*Bring Your Own Backseat!


of the fabric of Inglewood since 1905. There is an ivy vine growing on a wall of the inner patio brought from London, England at the beginning of World War II. Church of the Holy Faith (Episcopal) was the church of our founder, Daniel Freeman. He and his daughter, Grace, gave the land and the structure in memory of Mrs. Daniel Freeman. Daniel himself carved the tabernacle door on the altar and the front

of the baptistry. This church has remained at Locust Street and Grace Avenue since 1914 and is the only home of this congregation. Constructed in the Gothic style, it is considered one of the finest examples of pure Gothic architecture west of the Mississippi River. Heavily damaged in the 1933 earthquake, the church was fully restored. No matter your religious preference, these venerable structures deserve a look for their beauty and their history.

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Morningside Park Chronicle

July 12, 2013

Hoof Beats LIMITED


by Birtram Birtran The last day of the spring summer meet for Betfair Hollywood Park is July 14; after that, the horse races for southern California change to Del Mar race track—which is just north of San Diego. For myself, I will be relying on the off-track facilities in the closer area. Although the closer tracks don’t have racing at their facilities, they do offer betting for the Southern California race tracks that are running live programs. Del Mar race track also has a synthetic surface but a different kind of synthetic and horses have to get use to that type of surface all over again. Although there are a few horses that will run on any type of track at any time or in any type of weather, they are few and far between. If you are a reader of the Daily Racing Form, you will find them by looking at their record on the different type of tracks they




have run on in the previous months and how they have finished the race. As new tracks start their seasons, many of your favorite jockeys will move all over the country or go back to their home track where they live with their families and resume a more normal family life, where they are home every night like the rest of the folk. We sometimes forget how lonely this game can be for those that make their living riding horses—and how dangerous this game is. I always wish them good luck when they ride, even if I am mad at them for making a mistake when riding the horse that I bet on. (Just a note: the Kentucky Derby’s winning jockey, Joel Rosario, is the leading jockey in money and mounts in the nation at this time. The leading lady jockey is Rosie Napravnick who was fifth in the Derby.) I am curious if the

Rhonda’s Wellness Corner

Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari

Smart Detox Guidelines Summer is the season for detox and cleansing. Here are a few common sense tips to help you choose a program that suits your lifestyle.

Fourth of July’s loud fireworks affects the horses the same way it affects our family pooch. Horses are pretty skittish animals in their own right. I once heard that they feel they are prey for predators which would give them cause to have trust issues. I will be changing my bet anytime I see a horse having trouble at the gate. Here’s hoping everybody had a nice and safe Fourth of July with plenty of BBQ and family fun. Whether you go to the track or bet from an offtrack location, I am hoping you are having good luck. And don’t forget to be sure to play with your head and not your heart— unless you just love that horse’s name!

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1. State of health. If you have a chronic illness or condition, or are under a doctor’s care, ask your physician before starting a modified eating program or adding dietary supplements. Check for substances that may conflict with your prescription meds or scheduled medical procedures. 2. Daily routine. Do you have access to a private restroom throughout the day? Is brown-bagging a reasonable option for? Is there sufficient time and opportunity to consume water? Select a plan that works with your work life or that you can administer while taking planned time off. 3. Level of discipline. Some people thrive on challenge and achievement. Others just want to get things over with. Most fall somewhere between these two extremes. Detoxing is an important wellness component and finishing is as important as getting started. Most require you to refrain from salt, sugar, flour, meat, dairy, tobacco and smoking, caffeine and carbonated drinks for some period of time. Choose a program that is realistic for you. This is not a time to be too lofty. Plan to start and complete your chosen program. 4. Affordability. Choose a program that meets the above criteria AND fits your budget. It’s great if you wish to sacrifice luxuries and frivolities in the name of getting well, but don’t fool around with your mortgage or car payment! Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari is a Morningside Park resident where she lives with her “tween” son, Damani, and his father. She has a BA in Spiritual Healing and is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner. “Like” her page at www. or visit her on the web: Warren Lane, from pg. 3 tion, and sent out bills and collected payments. He planted fig and other fruit trees along the pipe line from the springs to the pumping station. The sale of fruit yielded additional income for the young water company. Under Lane’s management, the small water company grew from servicing 343 to more than 6,000 consumers. The company provided samples of the fresh pure water at an exposition at the Shrine AuHuerta, from pg. 3 lowed by Univision for a documentary. The crew followed him and another girl in a school in Los Angeles to get an idea of

ditorium where many considered selling bottled Centinela Spring Water. His efforts became one of the city’s greatest assets and was purchased by the City of Inglewood in 1918. It continues to provide much-needed water for most of the city. Sanford Anderson campaigned to pass a bond measure for the Inglewood to buy the water company. The water treatment plant is named for him. Part 2 of “J. Warren Lane” will run in the next edition

a day in the life of the two students. He is not sure when the exact air date will take place but would like to let people know to keep an eye out for it in the future.

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Morningside Park Chronicle

July 12, 2013

Charles Luckman Forum to be Restored to Original Red

Madison Square Garden Company, which purchased the Forum from The Forum Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) in 2012, is restoring the venue’s original red paint scheme.

New Inglewood Council Members Sworn In

D-1 council member George Dotson, D-2 council member Alex Padilla, Mayor James T. Butts, D-3 council member Eloy Morales, Jr. and D-4 council member Ralph Franklin.

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer swears in George Dotson while wife Ida holds the bible; Alex Padilla and his wife watch.

On Tuesday, July 9, two new Inglewood city council members were sworn in. George Dotson is now seated for District 1 and Alex Padilla is seated for District 2. The ceremony was executed by Bishop Kenneth

C. Ulmer of Faithful Central Bible Church. The city council meeting was SRO with dozens of people standing in the aisles and many more standing outside in the hallway. Ulmer departed immediately following his part.

George Dotson and Inglewood realtor Larry Springs.

Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer swears in Alex Padilla while wife Stella holds the bible.

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A word fro m the pu blisher

M or ni ng

When Dr. Brann was tapped to take over IUSD, the Chronicle broke the news. Inglewood

is not L.A.

sid e Pa rk Ch ro ni cl

Dr. Don Bran

How much more do you want to save by being informed?


n Appointed

, Metro 3 When a Former W iseburn Sc award was L.A. county innovatio goi hool Distr By Randall organizer wa ng around I asked n ict super Fleming the ste ps was told tha s Inglewood included. up El Segund to IUSD on o’s I July 1 Dr. Donald county and t it was open to all of ed and in fac Street Scho Center L.A. that Ing t the ol new state-app Brann is the I love Leim y had just gone to Le lewood was includSchool Distr and Wilsona ict (the latter intendent for ointed superblack people ert Park, but just bec imert Park. bei ng near Lanca Inglewood Unified Sc that you onl and Inglewood has bla ause Leimert Park has ster). At the age of hool y need to pic ck people doe 35, he becam k one. Are white sn’t mean Brann will District. e L.A. Coun be replacing ty’s younges ple in Bever people in Santa Monic interim sta t school sup a the same ly Hills? te adm eri in as sidentendent. La white peoThey are bot Tonya Kirkwww.Morning .com He has als Carter. ParkChronicle We are not h on the Westside. o worked at Re ach a Ol mo ed d nolith. for comme Adobe Un No one is. nt via e-mail District (So ion School th e , Ki Inglewood noma Coun ment did no rk-Comty) and Mothe the Crensh deserves consideratio t r Lode Un aw area. Brann’s app comment on n that is sep ion School Di site ara oin Me to see the te code tm tro the strict (El Do fro ent. giv Scan m According rado to put up whing Leimert Park a sta Co to un ty). tio toned, levity the sepiaDr. Donal 2013 Inglewood at is essentially a fre n doesn’t allow them June 21, In d Brann recent yea -la ew from the res ood graphical pag den bio2 — town Inglew t of Inglew ay that cuts off North as Wiseburn rs, he served That will e • Down B rial Villag council wh ge ood aven • Impe Sc com mu nity remains ava e that rial • Lockh ere he pa destroy any destroy the Inglewood . haw-Impe and the trict’s superi hool Disont • Crens ila lew ood un ble cha Ing com s • Westm til December remained at nce ng see nte Athen mu www. ndent from of us having nity and it wiseburn.k wood. Park • West B Info rmi 1993 until — ood • Hyde wil a 12 via l North Inglew .ca • ble e For six mo 2011. .us/bran 2008. He ret Villag downtown ts • Arbor npic.htm, The Inglew nths until ew Heigh ired Ingle10 Brann served - and that same Knolls • Fairvi ood commu June, 2012 Inglewood Vol. 2, No. year was Heights • con at nit sid he • Century y era ood served as des ele tio Briarw erv cted to El Se n e Park • San Gabri Morningsid ence/LaBrea as the Westside. The es the same aesthetic gundo city el Unified’s final design Station is una ter im and for sup rk the Co cceptable. erintendent inuncilperson FlorS ngside Pa T Wh rni . N Ra en E Mo lph Ma T So of tor uth Bay Me Fra yor Butts June 21, Sena CON 2013 th sides tropolitan Tra nklin, who is Chair On June 12 D.A. says ngs out bo this man of the ped for , event bri heduling initially, it is unknow nsit Authority, fou Don Brann tap member Ste AssemblyZion Hill ings and im nd out about claims “sc n to me, but Someone sho ven Bradford te admin sta son D po M rea IUS thi ses or as uld s is una (D-Inglewo new ni ng sid e a vouch have inform sign. er discount conflicts” e2 od Pa rk Ch ro ed the public cceptable. down federa system tha .... .... pag famous “gu ) used the inni cl e l guide es. about this de.... .... .... t At a Metro will result t and amend in rat omdoBradford appearslin ” procedure ago this des meeting that I attende ses and unpredic e increafr 1407 guts to be to strip and ign was not d less than ing the bid Page 3 table month Bradford’s AB repla sug on hal ce ges din the vice f the a ted to enhanc g of the ly phone bil table. The pro year ne ser language in Ar Telecom ind ls. e e jec Lifeline telepho the As It foo yo ts cou sem sta t tha u wall cut ustry at the ld strip tion wo bly Bill (A t were ready the CP e2 Will AutoZ of wa y (RO det .... .... pag to downtownting off train riders not uld not work with a 30 one make andrim after the bil B) 1407to be ty to UC of its aut .... .... .... hosta locent ri-tion W)Ca ate of low the -income only from Inglewood, Ma l req Ra pas lev nc uir el sed ilr onhe lifo e that car oadthe As ster a me easy access rnians. The to avoid the clim The commu but also fro de, 15 sembly. He rs ow Flo gra t bel potential ss? b up thebil l stin inserted laned -by collect Universa feerie dis-g regceard exi ren serves to be nity deserves notice m bus transfers. Dotson turns s e.and dis Av l Se wa Norvi guage that Mndets ro ele steres Fu AutoZone ad pects und ll. Inundermines escala and?provid was cevator or the characteristi able to put input in a . The community decon park into an torcerns the of an erpass, the powers of play e3 project that nned. c voice alit raild rise vice. It will e qu the CPUC Dear editorser .... .... pag by sthe come. ly- of the community will alter the overhead as hu nd , The .... .... .... red on als re s it Wi wh its are o replace two proble drastically crosse reless LifeL o hav ght at Hol s La e tes WriIng s Thustro ng Jun for years to ms: Thi 1) to reach ti-Brea Ave. state fie rsday, ine proceeThi lewood is las Senator Rod June consum 22. the e 27, CPUCs req the dN! Cooking erwopro- downtodwnatInon Metro tec t line for eve pu uirces a massive Botio wood Park NEW COLUM Our city ardns hearings in 1/4 od, passen wilwi th watergle rything and -milebli l be voting on trial for deserves just as Rice Tea g structure s need suppo 15es, toedthe rt oflon walk up a alger The Julygel much consid we’re sick of it. with Sweet Culve reighrt Cit t rise Lif 15-foo changes to final design eLhine rattha s toa 30 r Rod Wr e4 t y era hig ato pag and feet above wa tio Sen the e .... ll te San pla n to get to Crenshaw.... as Los AnSta Th regisard La Brea. n. ta Monica. ing LAX light not .... .... .... L.A. ood)is Florence Av the exit on rail (D-Inglew Inglew Metro made “When the enue; and 9:00 a.m. boa train at the ood and perjury d n and the frau Pa 2) er st om its a vot rd meeting. Comes The 25-foot dee residents wh because the this change tax hed Back,” a pla es ninpus Kevin Sandblo p bee L.A fin tren in L.A. y o al are pay . aga ch and ter cou Env y wo d ood aware by has some of the is hav iro v. 4. nty deserv Mildr nment that the tren n Inglew : Inglewoo ingalan excitinuld split Inglewood transi e to No Dumas Fri The corner e our fai highest of the nabe ch con and now—i ds and day, June 21 edImpact Rep Pac (EI’sR) in half.g Fun i- at the back, this timt fun both sides another Aut of Manchester and 5th had orig e5 Jou 7:30 p.m., atapproved ortific located at wa bare minim r share in Metro public dents from Measure K the Final EIR has cept in tria rne s y Assembly Julyjec oZone. .... .... pag t ltha Avenue will Thepro yed by resi Sat Ste Zion Hill is t doe by the um we sho fors not a serip ont Ci Los . .... .... .... y was enjo tizacc soon be a Bo ous o ard eness the at dors June 22-23 urday/Sunday scheduled rui s’ n 30 uld Avenue in Aq ven the Block Part Ov BY RANDALL n h site for bee ill of the uar A be end ers 10t ly ibil ra Z-H 0 ium giv com nal tho ity igh of at Wh The con 786 foontly en a The Par rt 201eel on k Co issue remunity. t Coqui t 1/4 FLEMING 1 and s. Fac fic, a ple mm rece mile Green Boys! eral Admis 7:30 p.m. Ge giant firinitte weent was just one sho . ck ne It g pai out nce the nBlo all shi e rui es— Me ril. ntin pt to ill eath pas gel n hoe Ap d eti bid g, our peared to hav Z-H An ben sio sengers to and ng Talkclim ood Line train artsPark lace in 201 com The repmu cra2.fts, I Spy...S sat up The annual to the The nit over $18.00 n $22; 62 and yum were set th of Inglew s as being tha fre b ury. ps bid ed 15 nor 7 t ew my Sat e Pla cou peo ck s hoo fee firm ple ay on we pag s, foo nni blo y ld t d Tak re boo to get to the deter AutoZ e failed to dle wall will in charge Flo ng Commish . Inglewood hel earl havd, receiv .... .... cus tree the for210 k giv e been ato ed e-a e Park sad Party was inflatable earwa doceket of one ter ren s, gsid bus .... .... .... Ce lithe the er for ce p Ge y fro nteen rnin g... the sou on this and Av org Spi dis m e Mo the thin sta La e. exit. Bu th to the Gr e Dotson’s yeaTh ritu reaa/F asbreaking CA tion, Bre dinlor r and up for e eve of a good g.ence ter that is Measu , but the nab thentaw when day, June 1. first een Line 105 is ard Market St. al Living 525 air quality ses were set vember. but don Too much $8.00 per per ’t get project as Noloo Station rethe the city line despite the l be annand Zion Hill K.y solved one t laws. Inglewood wilN. / Crenshaw would son “jumpy” hou s and food councilma oungua al will take on the Green Lin k up-triand nday, July proble ct Hosted by cedrdi nt have solMo , Cali- . Thu an must atte fornia. (31 The pre n now kid m, 0 e, just sta elect is to 1 at 6:3 remains inta line drawn ved rch, the eve they caused 0) 412-4027. day up for the all. with childr rsnd h ober 1. imagine the Cre In August introduce al Thon Octwh blems and p.m.,bot Baptist Chu er neighat’s two d floormoCo available to en. Saturdpro 2012, the re: adding nshaw Line nd there and more place pithy politic Street beat Me traffic and as a bon2n . tro wa A number eth was made ay,atly nferencea massive California 29of gre ••• Junenh on it. pollution to Room, us frodes brought tog h sides of e ances ording to L.A d day and m W. 79th wa sse 12: page 6 nts to put in Acc ign Air ng ht, ll 40 ble 00. alo a tha S. T 1 s Wrig cha alre the 4 bot S. t ek “It’ downtown p.mtow splits Inglew nges we e see downady over-c ts Inglewoo a. 714 pleasLa es Board (CA ResourcEarestma Avenue and bors from leAvenu Madench rk Flemin d Inglewood. e the residen ood in two “Sea”sationa tween 8th toester Blvd. n. e, Inglew e Park: Ing the Final EIR pothole-fille rowded and we welcom ” raising the ood, and a settlement RB) reached enue. g wood, Ingle- ch For Morningsid Angeles. d streets of that attend, durCA 30 trai ing903 Victoria Av Off, Brigh l Summer Kic with Auns as90 modre inform the01. For The tren Los is covere District 1. . and visitors we ll 1. as the area t Star Readi BidkPhase;info wood and witmo therm ati Pickens said h arepark andplease h on Bo ce closed atio Set aff , ard Pla r selling and n, h Clu ect tor ng ple 78t will vote on Pas b and Enric ase pla Memphis, a transitcall (310) ed by the noise With emza. foffering for info ail The the @b TN-based hment Ce they mrig through-tra make.41The 9- Me this 27(at htstarsreadi sal plaza 00Flo Thu AutoZone orr-visit htt to vehicular ic converter e catalyttro Station encngc These has lub e or p:/ and alre . cal des at /iu ady Ma La l del ign sd. 310-673-R rkenet cha s are ete pipes broken gro Calenda /mcon t) is eas- ure-k-up Brea/Expo is a goo (delete pip necEA und at 260 supposed rry Aubry tedD. to the trai examp r itetombesngemin dale: es). d te/ima to the late 0Thnisplaeve 2610 West . gine it lumnist La inorth t- nt is fre As a result form by a CAAM tribute Manchester adje Please se as in a ust Cnts cene: tralGO of the com Sentinel coYoung. n, Jr. hronic Boulevard bus!!! no public dis me nd ca iness distric pany’s an bri le small pedestrion ny. Leo Branto le w with LA


ate Admin

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’s Rod Wright Voter Fraud d Trial Delaye

Bradford’s A B 1407

photo: Randal

l Fleming

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June 21,



The Chronicle City, State, ZIP_______________ LETTERS broke Wright’s Dotson Allo our R E A D E ws More Po RS llution new trial date e-mail _______________________ THREE WEEKS Mail your check or money order to: before theIN G LE W O O D C O M M U N IT Y C A Morningside Park Chronicle LE N D A R L.A. Times. P.O. Box 2155 • Inglewood CA 90305 Guts Basic Te lephone Serv ice

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e e Same is th And glewood, than Inglewood Juresident revealed Metro’sar Inwhen In e fre ne 21, 20 12 13 30-foot wall, the Chronicle was the only outlet to listen. e of charge.

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e intervie still sitting at the table was An exclusiv LEMING ich Dorn had F EKA-LARK

Johnny ethical,” hePublish er “Less than Tek said. Writers & nny Young a-Lark Fleming Contributor Possibly Joh re ethical publisher@M s: Birtram Birt e mo PChronic ran has becom The worn on. Rhonda Ku as time has ious ykendall-Jab in mysterEdi ari Anne Ch Lord works ung] has ator-in-Chief eek La Ro se nd ways and [Yo hich Ra ansall Flemin Mi me ke Stevens —w g big church lot. itor@MPC Sweet Ric Lord aed hronicle.n e he loves the Tea into et tinued Aubry con “In towns w what n’t knoDe and cities sign sist he did there is a where Ingle- and Production: on in RD stro & F Design community ng sense of was going important , there is no more d.” wood. RDF rme des info institution ign local pap than the , “I’m just not gs changeWO er.” m -Warren thin ry L.A Times, The more Larry Aub 28 May 201 Buffett, y remain the 2 the more the ple in M or nin gs ide he said. peo st ice cream,”Pa rkinCh Of same. The Po ro nic le/ M am Inglening this fic e Bo Thex ice PC 21cre a 55n •tastIn inggle charge of run was a kid bee Dis has I wo od play Ad od CA 90 ce,vewo ybe beplace when rtising 30 5 funny—ma ning this pla

from wh TS BY T TMEN come. DE PA R d me as the 2 Note at Bourbon “Dorn sue Publisher’s I sat down to ed article I ..................... talk and r result of an 2 Street Fish a Morningity Calenda Aubry. “I Commun , wrote,” said k some ..................... Larry Aubry dent and too he d r me resi Edito clai the ge 3 side Park Letters to he said he LA Senand the for ney ..................... mo columnist ure: ” Architect on n’t. e did Ann tinel. d Pioneers me that his ge 4 et Fish is a Inglewoo Aubry told Inglewood Bourbon Stre ased ..................... e on enue-b perspectiv with Randall Prairie Av Reading though from t movers and of the Hive 5 was dated, The Spirit doesn’ hangout for .............. ns) in the dern eye it felo ..................... d mo (an my s ” shaker ch has s from Mike ions. (It’s a Stevens “Greeting look like mu Member City Champ station adjaby Council 6 gas changed. ut his ..................... converted mn um.) In fact ed him abo ood For ask ness Colu ge 7 I the Well to t cen Rhonda’s Inglew ked in I saw ..................... tenure on the District when I wal yor d School ts Limited 7 d former Ma ifie ove Un Hoof Bea ....... bel ....... our rd 20 years ..................... rn. (IUSD) boa oosevelt Do


w w w. M P C h r o n i c l e . n e t

repeat closure dge. It’s an ndar ite t in a community was grante of 5th Avenu the corner elegan ms to ou of 110,000 sales, som ed illegal wary to ent d. An ma e, The firm residents. e former Au P.O er Inglewood t jor changes to (See yco will build toZone cus ntact info Downtow. Box a 6,816 squ or . the EIR des tomers ma at left) n Pasadena via e-mail. areign would req foot single fin has uir d sto the e a ful ry mselves unw y similar l public building 2001 par The Metro on the lot. ticiAC NA itti pation Board will targets of the Gold Lin design for P. decide on the CARB ng e; it respec The Board theater imag The decisio this ’s stin ma the ts g. ssiv is env e iro e aw wa nmar ne set to approve aO hastily at a n was made the inat ll this Thursday. It’s 30-footph CARB req Community entdofno Jun higen par iot of h, omen uested infornsAgend al win!and enhancm A1/4 ning Comm e 12 Planre-mivileva mation reg long by es ission meetin commercia Metro claims a Item #53. crete ard wall that wil l con popuitsla over which l district. of the conver ing all sales Anrythde Dotson pre g l izens of Ing that the citing les ter m Inglewood isolate north sid s an sho ed. lew uld d pip ood be unaccepta es that were delete from the res have no say on ble. Fundof the city t made to Au the toZ Cal ma one has twi ing for the . This design tter as it ifornia res has no imp ce add change wa been levied act toZone pro idents. Authe park and ed cost of s not a par fines by the only imagin . One could vided the ret the plaza can be EIR proces Sta te e of quested doc California found throug s and was in Pasadena the protests um for nevent h community er disclosed sel s reling were Metro garding the products tha development to to have sai sale of the t Metro’s pos the public. would allo d that city delete pipes various sou funds from w Califorition is tha had no say on and rce t adding this nia motorists the erated with fully coopconcept wa s. This park wall is a mito illegally and a 30-foo Gold Line AR s gl pre B’s nor In eva ew sen inveschange and oo d de Californi ted to t tigation. Metro staff will not C en a air qualisplitting the high wall two impact ty laws. ir downtown rs ago 52the5 com Mnity Even if Au andte r fo r yeairi in hal toZ tu arke f. in t St was ignoreSp any way. N. mu one al Living According ’s apparent disreg ., Inglewd. to the Cal Now ard

When he Past Com es Back… Jun e 21-23, 2013

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