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Writing a Business Letter Workshop Worksheet 1 Informal letter Fine Foods Ltd. 10 Bridge Street London SW10 5TG

Hello Mr. Robert Jones:

I got the letter you sent on 1st September, and the stuff about the stock control system you make. It sounds great for us, but I want to check some things before we buy it. You said the system is bang up-to-date, but what happens if you update it again soon? Do we get money off the new one? You said it takes 3 weeks to install the system – that’s too long! Can’t you do it any quicker? Hope you can reply soon, we’re in a bit of a hurry. Thanks,

Mishaal Al Mabrouk

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html


Worksheet 2 Comparison Letter Fine Foods Ltd. 10 Bridge Street London SW10 5TG Mr. R. Jones Sales Manager Thames Software Systems River Buildings Stockwell Walk London SW17 5HG

12th September 2006 Dear Mr. Jones, RE: Stock Control Software System Thank you for your letter of 1st September and the information you sent regarding the stock control system offered by your company. I certainly feel the system will meet our requirements. However, there are some points which I would like clarified before we go ahead and order the system. Firstly, although you mentioned that the system has recently been updated, I wondered whether we might be eligible for a discount on any future upgrades. Secondly, the installation and implementation period of three weeks, to which you refer in your letter, seems rather long. Is there any possibility of getting the system up and running on a shorter timescale? I would be very grateful for a swift response to these queries, in order that we can begin the process as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely,

Mishaal Al Mabrouk Purchasing Manager ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html


Worksheet 3 Scenario for letter writing You are Head of Human Resources at an international plastics company. You have been in touch with an IT Training company about training for some of your staff. You have now received information about the training but need to change some of the details. Here is some extra information The IT company’s name and address is: ITC Inc, Technology House, Silicon Valley 12345, Palo Alto, California. Your address is: Saudi Plastic Company, PO Box 1880, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - You need to change the numbers of people that need the training from 100 to 80. - You want the training to focus on a stock control programme instead of quality assurance programme. - You want to negotiate the price from $3,000 to $2,000 The name of the person you are writing to is Mr. Andrew Myers. He is the Training Programme Manager. Remember: 1. Underline the phrases and expressions in your own letter and on worksheet 2 which you could incorporate into the letter. 2. Use the useful phrases. 3. Use the layout for a formal letter.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html

ENGLISH 214 Writing Business Letters: Useful Phrases Function



Dear Mr Brown Dear Ms White Dear Sir Dear Sirs Dear Madam   Dear Sir or Madam Gentlemen


We are writing to inform you that … to confirm … to request … to enquire about ... I am contacting you for the following reason. I recently read/heard about . . . and would like to know . . . Having seen your advertisement in ... , I would like to ... I would be interested in (obtaining/receiving) ... I received your address from ...      and would like to   ... I am writing to tell you about ...

Referring to previous contact

Thank you for your letter of March 15 ... Thank you for contacting us. In reply to your request ... Thank you for your letter regarding ... With reference to our telephone conversation yesterday ... Further to our meeting last week ... It was a pleasure meeting you in London last month. I enjoyed having lunch with you last week in Tokyo. I would just like to confirm the main points we discussed on Tuesday . . .

Making a request

We would appreciate it if you would ... I would be grateful if you could... Could you please send me . . . Could you possibly tell us/let us have... In addition, I would like to receive ... It would be helpful if you could send us ... I am interested in (obtaining/receiving...) I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter. Please let me know what action you propose to take.

Offering help

We would be happy to ... Would you like us to ... We are quite willing to ... Our company would be pleased to ...

Giving good news

We are pleased to announce that ... I am delighted to inform you that ... You will be pleased to learn that ...

Giving bad news

We regret to inform you that ... I'm afraid it would not be possible to ... Unfortunately we cannot/we are unable to ... After careful consideration we have decided (not) to ...


I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with ... I am writing to complain about ... Please note that the goods we ordered on (date) have not yet arrived. We regret to inform you that our order n°--- is now considerably overdue. I would like to query the transport charges which seem unusually high.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html

ENGLISH 214 Function



We are sorry for the delay in replying ... I regret any inconvenience caused I would like to apologize for (the delay/the inconvenience) ... Once again, I apologise for any inconvenience.


Thank you for your quotation of ... We are pleased to place an order with your company for ... We would like to cancel our order n°...     Please confirm receipt of our order. I am pleased to acknowledge receipt of your order n°... Your order will be processed as quickly as possible. It will take about (three) weeks to process your order. We can guarantee delivery before ... Unfortunately these articles are no longer available/are out of stock.


Please send us your price list. You will find enclosed our most recent catalogue and price list. Please note that our prices are subject to change without notice. We have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation. We can make you a firm offer of ... Our terms of payment are as follows:

Referring to payment

Our records show that we have not yet received payment of ... According to our records ... Please send payment as soon as possible. You will receive a credit note for the sum of ...

Enclosing documents

I am enclosing ... Please find enclosed ... You will find enclosed ...

Closing remarks

If we can be of any further assistance, please let us know If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me If you require more information ... For further details ... Thank you for taking this into consideration Thank you for your help. We hope you are happy with this arrangement. We hope you can settle this matter to our satisfaction.

Referring to future business

We look forward to a successful working relationship in the future We would be (very) pleased to do business with your company. I would be happy to have an opportunity to work with your firm.

Referring to future contact

I look forward to seeing you next week Looking forward to hearing from you Looking forward to receiving your comments I look forward to meeting you on the 15th I would appreciate a reply at your earliest convenience.   An early reply would be appreciated.


Sincerely, Yours sincerely, Sincerely yours,

(for all customers/clients)

Regards, (for those you already know and/or with whom you already have a working relationship.)

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html

ENGLISH 214 Formal Letter

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html


___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7 Adapted  from  h/p://<vi<es/a-­‐business-­‐le/er h/p://www.learn-­‐english-­‐­‐english/business-­‐le/ers.html

Lecture 9 - Writing a business letter  

These are the handouts for the business letter workshop given as lecture 9.

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