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Midterm 2012 Examination Revision Advice The midterm exam is made of four different parts. They may be in a different order to what is shown in this paper. ________________________________________________________________________ In one section there will be five questions. You will have to fill in the MISSING words. Here is an example:


1. Good technical writing arrives ______ or before the due date. ________________________________________________________________________ In another section you will have to tick ☑ the correct answer. There will also be five questions in this part. There may be FOUR different answers or there may be a TRUE / FALSE answer. Example: 2. Good technical writing includes all the information about a subject. This must include everything on that subject. !





! ! ! ! B. FALSE ☑ ________________________________________________________________________ One section will have three questions where you will have to answer by completing a space with a phrase or a complete sentence. There are also two questions (five in total) where you will have space to write a small paragraph describing something from technical writing in your own words.

clarity, conciseness

3. Workers rank writing skills in this order of importance:___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

organization and grammar

4. In your own words, describe what the qualities of excellent technical writers are: ! ! ! !

! ! ! !

I believe that excellent technical writers ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ have the following qualities: they are ______________________________________________ objective, honest, effective, critical, clear, ______________________________________________ methodical and painstaking.

________________________________________________________________________ In the final section of the exam you do not have to write any paragraphs or reports. It has two parts. This section is worth 40% of the final exam mark. In this section you will have to choose a topic from a list. First you will either use freewriting, brainstorming or mindmapping to develop a topic. In the second part you will use the ideas from part one to write a plan under the headings. You can see an example of this question on the next page.

SECTION FOUR: Part one is worth 20 marks. Part two is worth another 20 points. ________________________________________________________________________ PART ONE Choose one topic from the list below. Use freewriting, brainstorming or mindmapping to develop and focus the topic you chose. You can use this page and the next for this part. Note: You must choose one of the topics given below. (20 points) - Foods from Greece - Ancient Greek Mythology - Comparing Apple computers to Windows computers - The city of London - Kingdom Tower in Riyadh

Freewriting: Apple computers and windows computers ________________________________________________________________________ i think that the best place to start with comparing both types ________________________________________________________________________ most of this is to do with the operating system though in the ________________________________________________________________________ last few years there have been increases in the sales of apple ________________________________________________________________________ harware this is probably due to the success of the iphone the ________________________________________________________________________ ipad and the ipod we must not forget that macintoshes have not ________________________________________________________________________ been susceptible to the virus threats that windows computers ________________________________________________________________________ have this is probably due to the unix system that mac computer ________________________________________________________________________ OS is based on i find them to be innovative and the advertising ________________________________________________________________________ campaigns have changed to make them more competitive also ________________________________________________________________________ steve jobs has always been i know behind the main ideas of ________________________________________________________________________ making life simpler for the user whereas windows computers ________________________________________________________________________ have always focused more on the business user the mac has ________________________________________________________________________ always been in the heart of the home user and the creative . . . ________________________________________________________________________

PART TWO Using your ideas from part one, write an outline for a report. Remember to include an introduction, topics (making up the main body) and conclusion. Write brief notes under the headings. (20 points) ________________________________________________________________________ A Comparison of Apple & Windows Computers ________________________________________________________________________ Introduction ________________________________________________________________________ Brief outline of objectives - comparison of software & ________________________________________________________________________ hardware ________________________________________________________________________ Indication which is considered to be superior. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Comparison of Hardware ________________________________________________________________________ Quality control strictly compared by Apple ________________________________________________________________________ Top quality materials used. Producers sourced in China ________________________________________________________________________ Designed by Jonathan Ive. Windows computers free suppliers ________________________________________________________________________ any machine can install software. Wider range in quality. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Comparison of Software ________________________________________________________________________ Mac OSX - advantages and disadvantages (Major - No viruses!) ________________________________________________________________________ Windows OS - advantages and disadvantages ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Clash of the Titans ________________________________________________________________________ Comparison of sales between Apple and Microsoft ________________________________________________________________________ Which is considered to be the superior computer? ________________________________________________________________________

Conclusion ________________________________________________________________________ Apple computers are superior to Microsoft Windows computers ________________________________________________________________________ because of quality in both software and hardware. Roundup of ________________________________________________________________________ arguments. ________________________________________________________________________

Areas to focus on: The exam will focus on the following areas: Lecture One: Overview Lecture Two: Composing Lecture Three: Planning your report Lecture Four: Writing Collaboratively Lecture Five: Achieving a Readable Style Remember that you do not have to focus on the examples. They are just there to help you to understand. You should look at both the lecture notes and the presentations online at: Special areas you could focus your studying are: - The composing process - The qualities of technical writing - What good technical writing is - The relationship of the reader and the audience This is just to guide your revision. There will also be other things not mentioned here in the exam. Also make sure you know how to do brainstorming, mindmapping and freewriting well in addition to planning by writing out the themes and the topics of your chosen subject area from the question. If you have questions about the exam (except what is in it) please come and see me BEFORE. You will not be able to ask me questions during the exam. Practical Points: - Remember that the exam is at 08:00 am on Thursday 5th April. - Please bring two pens / pencils with you. - Make sure you visit the restroom before you enter the exam. - Please turn up on time. - Find your seat by locating your section number. - Please turn your mobile phones before coming into the exam hall. - Cheating is not tolerated. If you are caught you will be sent out of the exam hall immediately and you will receive zero. You will have to visit the dean.

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