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GreenTech International Ltd Renewable Energy Systems


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Bijal Shah

Dilesh D. Karia

MSc Renewable & Sustainable Energy

B.Eng Mechanical Engineering

GreenTech International Ltd. Renewable Energy Systems

US GreenTech International was established out of passion for the African continent, to protect its rich and beautiful, but very delicate environment. The idea behind the business is to reduce, re-use and recycle. The aim of the company is to plan and implement renewable energy systems with sustainability in mind. Incorporated in July 2010, the company started by two young professionals with intent to provide innovative solutions in sustainable development and renewable energy sector. The company is young but with backing of experienced and world renowned companies in Germany and Spain. A daughter of Ductio GmbH Berlin, GreenTech International brings you a long term experience in finding solutions for your complex problems. GreenTech International, bringing you a solution for all your problems.

We DILESH KARIA - Managing Director; B.Eng. Mechanical Engineer (FH). Qualified at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen, Germany. Specialised in Automotive Engineering and worked with Daimler AG for 1 1/2 years. Parallel to studies, he has worked with various companies including Robert Bosch GmbH and Wachendorff Electronics GmbH. Has gained experience with regenerative systems at university, where he worked with developing a Biogas machine and on a solar thermal project. BIJAL SHAH - Technical Director; MSc. Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Qualified at Reading University, UK. BSc (Hons) Mechanical Engineering, GPA 3.18, Florida Institute of Technology, USA. Worked as a Mechanical Engineer with a bias in renewable energy and low carbon buildings. Currently, experimenting with low end Biogas digesters made of local products in Kenya. STEFAN BENCKERT – Technical Advisor; Dipl. Physics. Qualified at University of Mainz, Germany. Specialist in the field of Photovoltaics. Parallel to his studies Stefan started working in the field of Renewable energy . Is a Co-founder of Desarrollos Solares des Meditarråneo with its headquarters in Malaga, Spain. Founded Conduco Project Management GmbH & Co. KG in 2007 togehther with Frank Zitzelsberger. He is since then responsible for the coordination and Application of Renewable Projects.

Our Belief We believe that the world requires solutions that allow future developments to be sustainable and conservative in consumption of all resources. GreenTech International focus is on technologies that contribute to sustainable development by: Generating energy from renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass. Solar energy comprises of solar water heating and solar electric (Photovoltaic (PV)). Our solar products are made in Europe for the world with a high level of quality, service and experience. Producing energy from waste with involves converting bio-degrade able waste into Biogas (used for heating, cooking or generating electricity). Providing energy efficient lighting solutions such as light emitting diode (LED) lighting and solar lighting. When using renewable sources as power it essential reduce the load, this nominally done by using energy efficient products. Energy Assessments and Energy Audits; creating behavioral charts, identifying energy consumers and solutions for energy reduction Recycling of grey water, waste water treatment and rain water harvesting. Project Management, Project and Product Implementation and Project Financing. Feasibility Study for large scale renewable energy projects. .

Our Partners and Suppliers

conduco project management


Our Partners conduco project management

"conduco – bring together". Putting investors in touch with project developers in the field of renewable energy sources – world-wide. Their goal is to make optimum use of the available synergies. As consultants and project managers they help clients find secure and profitable projects for their investments. They also investigate and analyse existing projects and suggest them to investors after thorough checks. Their specialist knowledge is based on many years of experience as project coordinators and assessors for photovoltaic and wind-turbine projects all over the world. They know the markets and the conditions in a wide variety of countries and also have access to a network of partner companies who will cooperate to find the optimum solutions. They take over coordination of the entire project, and offer a comprehensive risk management for the full life of an installation. The numerous contacts to project developers, manufacturers, installers, electricity companies, government and local authorities, and also providers of capital, helps find the best investments for clients. Dependable cooperation and mutual confidence are important components of the company’s philosophy. They do all they can to see that their clients are more than satisfied, with individual and personal advice and assistance. “We work and act sustainably – hand in hand for a successful future!” ©

Our Partners Oloriz Marí Asset Investment S.A was founded by professionaly of the alternative energy and Real Estate sctor with more than 10 years experience in the market. O&M Asset Investement S.A is a company dedicated to investment advice and management, with expertise in obtaining maximum profit. One of the main issues is to bring the investments, based on the profile and strategic intentions of their clients. O&M Asset Investment S.A in cooperation with Conduco Project Management GmbH & Co. KG, an expert in renewable energy with more than 12 years experience has analyzed 400MW in Photovoltaic and 1GW in Wind Energy, offer technical analysisi of the investment (due diligence) in both, Wind and Photovotaic. O&M Asset Investment S.A and Conduco Project Management GmbH & Co. KG have been active toghether in various European countries like Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, in Asia and now in Kenya and Tanzania. At the moment O&M is involved in projects for clients, in several countries interested in Wind and Photovoltaic for the total the total investment of more than 500M €.

©O&M Asset Investment S.A

Our Partners

301 kWp in Valencia

2.5 MWp in Mota del Marques

111 kWp in Valencia

111 kWp in Valencia

O&M Asset Investment and Conduco Project Management GmbH & Co. KG under the banner of Ductio GmbH. have developed and analysed operations of wind farms in; • Almogía, 20 MW • Cadiz, 2 x 50 MW • Palencia 150 MW • Penã el Santo 6 MW • San Vicente de Leira, 60 MW

©O&M Asset Investment S.A

Our Partners Schwarzrechtsanwälte

Schwarz Rechtsanwaelte is made up of a young team of lawyers in Berlin extending their to all areas of business law, corporate law and civil procedure. They also specialize on all aspects of agricultural law including international EU-law. Another field of expertise extends to the problems of service providers and charitable associations. They also give advice to companies that are based in Eastern Europe, especially in Bulgaria, regarding their legal problems in their home country and in their international relationships to Germany. Their expertise goes all the way into renewable energies and their long term experience in this field makes them a valuable partner to GreenTech International.. Private clients for them are just as important as the corporate ones. They consult private clients in civil law and unemployment law. They have been focusing for many years on consulting and assisting corporate and private clients regarding their legal problems related to the reunification of Germany.


Our Projects Projects Completed: Completed: Energy Audit at a lodge in Masaai Mara Energy Audit at an aluminium utensil manufacturing company in Mombasa Supply of Solar Water Heaters to various individual housing and business premises Supply of energy efficient LED lighting solutions for individual housing and business premises Supply of solar powered LED lighting solutions for Sign boards

LED lighting with motion Sensor

Solar Water Heater at a premises in Kisumu

Our Projects Projects underway: underway: Supply of various energy solutions, including a heat to power plant and a Photovoltaic/Grid hybrid power plant to a factory, for new production premises in Mombasa. Photovoltaic/Diesel Generator hybrid power plant to supply electricity at a Lodge in Masaai Mara. Supply and installation of a BioDisk waste water treatement plant to a hotel in Dar es Salaam

Our Goal “It is our goal to protect our environment and help put a stop to the current climate change, fight poverty and make electricity and clean water accessible to all. Dedicated to bringing you the best quality products and services for your needs, we offer clean energy and sustainability. Customer satisfaction is out topmost priority. We believe in quality made in Germany.” “Let’s work and act sustainably together for a GREEN future!”

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Corner Rhapta Road/Mvuli Road P. O. Box 46395 00100 Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 356 3332 Mobile: +254 735 277 249, +254 737 648 970 E-mail: Website:

Š GreenTech International Ltd. 2010

Š GreenTech International Ltd. 2010

GreenTech International Ltd  

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