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2011 Cambridge LRC Fall Survey Results Total Respondents: 28 Thanks for your participation!

Did you know that the Cambridge Library study space is open whenever the building is open? Yes: 20

No: 8

Your opinion on Cambridge LRC Hours (for access to staff and collection): 16



Awareness of Library Hours

12 10

No 22%




6 4 2 Yes 78%

0 I am satisfied with the current hours

Did you know? The Library is open whenever the Cambridge Campus is open. If the door is locked, contact Security at (519) 748-5220 EXT. 4557

Have additional evening Have weekend service hours service hours

Our response: We will continue to monitor use and listen to your preferences, and adjust service hours as needed during the new term.

One thing I would change or improve about the Cambridge Library is:

We intend to grow as the Campus grows.

Quiet study space

Themes 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Larger Space

We agree, quiet is important (see Too Loud)! Try visiting the LRC during off-peak hours. You may also check out the small lounge areas around campus.

10 7 4


4 2

Great! We’re happy you are enjoying the space and service.

Other Comments More Computers

Too loud

Larger Space Quiet Study Space


Themes (and our responses): More computers The LRC has 18 computers. A2103 is an open access lab.

Too Loud Your peers may become disruptive. To address this:  Staff monitor and address noise as needed  We have policies in place regarding disruptive practices, such as cell phone use  Free earplugs are available at the Service desk  Please feel free to respectfully ask others to lower their voices

(and our responses or explanations):  Blinds for windows – blinds needed throughout the campus are under review by the college  Longer meeting room time slots – 2-hour maximum slots allow meeting room use to be fair to as many students as possible, and are consistent with practices at Doon  Plugs for Study Cubicles – many electrical outlets are available under the counter seating; in future if we move the study carrels, we will request outlets  Printers closer to computers – the printer is located in the Copier Room to reduce noise  Better positioning of computer towers – we will ask ITS to review this situation  More study rooms – we will keep this in mind as the campus grows; other options include unoccupied classrooms, Room A3101, and small lounge areas about campus

We appreciate your suggestions. Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve.

You told us what you really think  

LRC Cambridge Fall 2011 Survey Results

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