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2011 Cambridge LRC Fall Survey Results Total Respondents: 28 Thanks for your participation!

Did you know that the Cambridge Library study space is open whenever the building is open? Yes: 20

No: 8

Your opinion on Cambridge LRC Hours (for access to staff and collection): 16



Awareness of Library Hours

12 10

No 22%




6 4 2 Yes 78%

0 I am satisfied with the current hours

Did you know? The library is open whenever the Cambridge Campus is open. If the door is locked, contact Security at (519) 748-5220 EXT. 4557

Have additional evening Have weekend service hours service hours

Our response: We will continue to monitor use and listen to your preferences, and adjust service hours as needed during the new term.

One thing I would change or improve about the Cambridge Library is:

We agree, quiet is important (see above)! Try visiting the LRC during off-peak hours.



7 4

Great! We’re happy you are enjoying the space and service.

4 2

More Computers

Too loud

We intend to grow as the Campus grows.

Quiet study space

Themes 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Larger Space

Larger Space Quiet Study Space


Themes (and our responses): More computers The LRC has 18 computers. A2103 is an open access lab.

Too Loud You peers may become disruptive. To address this:  Staff monitor and address noise as needed  We have policies in place regarding disruptive practices, such as cell phone use  Free earplugs are available at the Service desk  Please feel free to respectfully ask others to lower their voices

Other Comments (and our responses or explanations):  Blinds for windows – blinds needed throughout the campus are under review by the college  Longer meeting room time slots – 2-hour maximum slots allow meeting room use to be fair to as many students as possible, and are consistent with practices at Doon  Plugs for Study Cubicles – many electrical outlets are available under the counter seating; in future if we move the study carrels, we will request outlets  Printers closer to computers – the printer is located in the Copier Room to reduce noise  Better positioning of computer towers – we will ask ITS to review this situation  More study rooms – we will keep this in mind as the campus grows; other options include unoccupied classrooms, Room A3101, and small lounge areas about campus

We appreciate your suggestions. Thanks for your patience as we continue to improve.

Cambridge LRC Fall Survey - Our Response  
Cambridge LRC Fall Survey - Our Response  

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