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Vol. 1 Issue 2

The Regional Leader's Connection Source


September 2010

A brief look at what YOU want from LCA

62% are members or want to be members

65% Plan to renew membership

74% want to see

LCA continue

Y our Suggestions

>>>On Programming "I like the idea of training for serving as a board member of a community organization. Seems like a natrual next step for LCA members..." "I think that there should be a balance of events that are simply socializing, professional networking, and educational." "Community service projects." "Use LCA to create specialty work sessions where leaders come together to help solve a community or business problem. Kind of a task force approach..." >>>On Improvements "A strategic plan." "Consistent communication." "Tap into the talents of LCA by building a communiation network that will allow those who are made aware of needs within our community to offer their services" "A website."


Congratulations Carl Brown (LC '04) for being recognized as a 201 0 Courier/Eco Latino Community Service Awardee. Read the full article: New Job? Promotion? Tell us... we will feature your good news!

"Leaders must invoke an alchemy of great vision." 足Henry Kissinger

News -1 Member Spotlight- 2 Features- 3 Volunteer Opportunities- 4 Editorial- 5


Member Spotlight Shana Young, Assistant Director The Cunningham Center for Leadership

Hometown: Columbus, Ga. Education:Hardaway High School ('95);Valdosta State University ('99)-B.F.A., Radio/Television/Film; Auburn University ('01)-M.A., Communication Husband: Donnie Young Children: Parker Ruth, 4 & Camryn Ann, 5 months

Why was Leadership Columbus important to you?

The Leadership Columbus class I was in was great! We were outspoken, we asked questions, and we were all extremely interested in how and where to get involved with our community. We really bonded together as a group and I gained some terrific friends from our experiences in LC together. We still try to get together a couple of times a year for lunch. I have been able to reach out to several of my class members to join committees, work on projects, and to help me in my most recent Endeavour (which grew out of our LC class project) which is to write the 10 year plan to end homelessness in Columbus for the City of Columbus.

Shana Young Pictured with daughter, Parker Ruth (4 years)

What did you learn from Leadership Columbus?

Our LC class project was to work with Homeless Resource Network and the City of Columbus to conduct a point in time of the homeless in our city on the night of January 25, 2009. as well as conduct housing status surveys in places the homeless frequent throughout the city that following week. We had to work together quickly and succinctly to pull this off in the short time frame we were given and we were able to do it with great success. Shortly after, the City of Columbus approached the Cunningham Center for Leadership Development about writing the 10 year plan to end homelessness for our city. Due to my experience with this project Dr. Cavezza accepted this challenge and asked me to take the lead in making this happen. We met with local homeless service providers, the homeless task force created by the city, visited other cities who have successful 10 year plans in place and attended our state and national level conferences on homelessness to ensure we had done our due diligence, research wise, to write the plan to fit the needs of the homeless here in Columbus. I have used the data collected from our Leadership Columbus class project throughout the report to demonstrate the need for additional resources in our community to the help the homeless who live here. We hope to have the final draft of the plan ready for our community to see and review in September 2010.

Why is Leadership Columbus Alumni important to you?

Going through Leadership Columbus was important to me because I wanted to learn about where I grew up, now live, and plan to raise my children. I wanted to be more than just a bystander in my own community. I wanted meet others who cared about Columbus and wanted to be actively involved with the running and planning for our city, for my future and my children’s future. Leadership Columbus Alumni is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to be involved in my community on a strategic level. Through LCA I hope to learn about issues my community is facing, such as homelessness, how I can help/be involved, and to know others I can call on who share the same passion for our city that I do. pApAGEIssue 1

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Features... outh eadership olumbus... Y L C Many Are Called, Few are Chosen The Youth Leadership Columbus Program will select students from the region for the 2010‐2011 class. Keith Paul (LC '03) presides as the overall chairman with a host of day chairs.

Leadership Columbus

The Leadership Columbus Program kicks off the 2010­11 class August 17, 2010. Amy Askew, VP Talent Retention & Community Development overseees the program.

Mike Gaymon, President & CEO, The Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce address the 2010­11 Leadership Columbus Class

SAVE THE DATES Join LCA for lunch!

LCA Luncheon Series When: October 26,201 0 11 :30-1 :30 Where: St. Francis (Woodruff Atrium) We will discuss the survey results and plan more of what YOU want for LCA! Sponsored By:

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LCA Steering Committee Meeting When: October 1 3, 201 0 Where: Saunders Boardroom, Chamber Depot (1 200 6th Ave. Columbus, Ga.) To Join the Steering Committee Email:

V olunteer Opportunities




It's that time again ­ time for another group of 40 leaders to open their eyes to opportunities in our community while learning more about their own leadership and how others experience it.

By incorporating Regionalism, other current issues and Emergenetics profiling, Leadership Columbus is now an 11 day program. We need at least 30 volunteers to make it happen. That's where YOU can help. Opportunities exist for both Day Coordinators as well as support team members.

2010‐2011 Tentative Schedule

Tuesday, August 17, 2010‐Orientation Day/Emergenetics Tuesday, September 28, 2010‐Bonding Day

Tuesday, October 19, 2010‐Water/Environmental Day

Tuesday, November 16, 2010‐Health & Human Services Day Tuesday, December 14, 2010‐Public Safety Day

Tuesday, January 18, 2011‐Economic Development Day Tuesday, February 8, 2011‐Education Day Tuesday, March 15, 2011‐Ft. Benning Day

Tuesday, April 19, 2011‐State & Local Government Day Tuesday, May 17, 2011‐Arts & Culture Day

Tuesday, June 21, 2011‐Final Emergenetics/Project Presentations/Graduation We want to challenge each of you to make a difference and to tackle the tough issues of our community by getting involved with our 2010‐2011 Leadership Columbus Program.

Please volunteer to serve TODAY! Contact Amy Askew 706-596-7000 or pApAGEIssue 1

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ditorial E Thoughts From the Editor... In just a few short weeks, my husband and I will move our oldest child to college. For the first time in almost 19 years, we will not see him over breakfast, help him study for tests, proofread his latest essay, ask him about his day, or remind him to take the garbage. We are proud of him and are in many ways ready for him to take this next step in his life. We hope that we have “given him roots and provided him wings”. I mention this personal journey I am on because it occurs to me that our journeys in our personal lives are often parallel to those in our professional lives. We reach places in the road that we have not encountered before and often tiems we are asked to take on new or different responsibilities without warning or

Chair's Corner

expectation. Looking back we find that often the most unexpected turns in the road turned out to be the most rewarding.What unexpected turns in the road have you encountered? Looking back on them, where did the choices you make lead you? It has been said we learn much more from failure than we ever do from success. I believe that is true. One of the great things about being part of the LCA is I am surrounded by people making choices and taking leaps almost every day. We are changing roles at work and at home and providing leadership throughout our community. It is energizing and enlightening to be part of such a dynamic group of people who are achieving new levels of growth and

Dear Fellow Alumni, Since we began our journey to revitalize LCA, 80 alumni have paid their dues to help LCA get back on their feet. To those who have paid ‐ thank you so very much for your support! While 80 active dues paying members are wonderful, it is not enough to keep LCA alive financially. We need funds to provide programs/events and bring speaker to discuss our community's challenges. Currently our LCA dues support and fully funds the Youth Leadership program, which allows 40 to 50 high school students to participate in leadership programs and learn more about the

success everyday. I am particularly fascinated by the spotlight on Shana Young and the incredible journey she is taking to help the homeless in Columbus. As we pack up our son for school, and wish him well, I will outwardly wish him great success along a road with few hurdles and bumps. But inwardly, perhaps, I will also wish him those unexpected turns‐ so that he too may be forced to make choices, “leap,” and learn. Toward a better community and life, Your editor,

Renée Sturkie (LC ’04)

Columbus business community. While this is a viable program for these students, this school year will be the last year LCA can fully fund the program until we are able to raise enough money. LCA programs and events will be the main focus going forward so each alumnus will benefit from paying their dues. Our May 17th Summit, which was our first lunch program in three years, was a great success. We had approximately 80 people attend. This summit was the beginning of many forums to come. LCA has many goals moving forward. We want to offer LCA members something of value that merits not only financial

commitment but also contribution of time and talent. If you are an alumni and want to see LCA and its mission stay vibrant, please consider paying your dues and getting involved. It takes monetary resources, as well as time resources to help the community be a better place to raise our children, to grow our business, and live our lives.Please get involved with YOUR Leadership Columbus Alumni and call your fellow alumni and ask for their support too.

Denise Kendust

2010 LCA Chair (LC ’06)

LCA Steering Committee

Denise Kendust (LC '06)­Chair Susan Berry (LC '03) Carl Brown (LC '04) Seth Brown (LC '06) Sommer Bundy (LC '09) Don Cooper (LC '94) DaNae Lacy­Watts (LC '03)

Donna Morgan (LC '00) Terri Parodi (LC '93) Randy Robertson (LC '05) Renée Sturkie (LC '04) Catherine Trotter (LC '89) Shana Young (LC '09)

Leadership Columbus Alumni is a program of the Greater Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce 1200 6th Avenue Columbus, Ga. 31902 (706)327.1566 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1200 Columbus, Ga. 31902‐1200

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