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FEATURING... The Real King By#The#Numbers They Know My Name, Not My Story

by lucy bloomstran

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Ele-Fans Author: Lucy Bloomstran || Editor: Mrs. Finkenkeller ||Design: Lucy Bloomstran ||Inspiration: Gabby Carmichaell

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2013 By The Wilson School


Table of Contents The Real KIng {page 4} Elephants: By The Numbers {page 5} They Know My Name, Not My Story {page 6} A Quote to Live By {page 11} Token of Gratitude {page 12} 3

The Real King

As I watch the great beast floating across the hot sand. I think sorrowfully. Even in the presence of this heaven-sent, shining creature: What many, haplessly, see as a lumbering, gray, animal. I see as all the beauty in the world. Greater than all the greatest leaders. Regal, majestic, the real king. 4

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the amount of food an African Elephant eats per day in pounds.




The year that Walt Disney’s famous “Dumbo” was released.


The number of African Elephants that used to be left in the world before they were hunted by poachers.




The weight of an elephant’s brain, in pounds.

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The approximate number of elephants left in the world.

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of extinct elephant species that have been discovered.

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The speed an elephant usually walks, in miles per hour.

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The average amount of bones that makes up the elephant’s skeleton.

The year the world’s most famous elephant, Jumbo, was born.

The number of hours an elephant spends eating a day.




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The age of the oldest elephant to




Elephants: By the Numbers

Do you agree or do you agree that these are the most adorable baby elephants in the world?

They Know My Name, Not My Story ~~Eleanor~~

“Go home, Eleanor! No one likes you here! Can’t you see? Oh wait, you can’t see, your glasses fell off! They’re sooo ugly! You’re so ugly!!” Jade and her mean friends laughed and sprayed dirt at me as I scampered off towards the trees, away from school, tears slowly dripping from my weird, glowing elephant eyes. I ran as fast as I could until I got to my home, a patch of grass. My whole family died in a freak storm two years ago. None of my family survived, and I came from a HUGE family. No one knows this because I don’t want them judging me more. I’m not all that pretty, but I really do try to be nice to all of the elephants that l live with. I help the older elephants find food and take care of the sick. Why do they always pick on me? Why me?? It’s not fair. They know my name, not my story. They know what I look like, not what I’ve been through. I don’t make it very far on the way to school until I run into, guess who. Yeah. That’s right. “Look!” one of the friends said, “It’s Smelly Ellie! I wonder what she’s moping about today!” I made a quick turn to the right, but it wasn’t long before Jade & Co. was right next to me. AGAIN. “Guess what, Eleanor?” I turn my head away and ignore Jade. “What? Are you deaf?” Once again, I ignore the comment. “I got an ePhone yesterday! The NEWEST version! It’s so cool! It’s even green!” Jade knows green was my favorite color. It’s all I wear. “Do yoouuu have one?” “Yep. And I bet it’s better than yours!” I quickly turned, and ran as fast as I could towards the school, leaving Jade and her friends with wide, dropped jaws.


~~Jade~~ “Ugh! The little brat,” I muttered under my breath. “How dare she insult me in front of my friends. Am I really that terrible?” Somewhere, a little voice inside my head said, “Yes. Change your ways, Jade,” Bah. Everyone loves me. Why would I change my ways? Peasant voice. I ignore the voice and keep walking. Suddenly, I think of a brilliant plan. A brilliantly terrible plan. I’ll show her who’s boss around here. I stop walking, without even knowing what I am doing. “You know what I’m going to go?” I said to the nearest tree. The nearest tree blew around in the wind. “I’m going to follow her home. She’s not going to see me. I’m going to stay hidden all night. I bet she lives in this huge house and she has more money than all of us combined!!!” The nearest tree stops waving for a second as if to say, “Jade, you’re so mean! Don’t do it!” Peasant tree. ~~Eleanor~~

The Ell-Bell rings, signaling the end of the school day. All the elephants ran out of the front doors. As usual, I got trampled. I slowly made my way over to the edge of the forest. As I stood up, I heard a rustling behind me. I whipped around, hitting my head on a branch and my good-for-nothing trunk on the trunk (no pun intended). I’m the clumsiest elephant EVER. Is that giggling I heard? No, it must be one of those annoying birds. I kept walking. When I got to the little patch of dirt that was my home, I could almost swear there was a gasp. Maybe all the scary stories I’ve heard about lions attacking little elephants were true!!!! I slowly walked to where I heard the noises. I occasionally heard weird noises where I live. After all, this isn’t exactly Ele-Wood. But none were as strange as this. They seemed so elephant-like. Like someone was following me. No. That’s not possible… or is it?



Oh no. I think she’s figured me out. Why did I not pay attention during those camouflage classes?? I made a mental note to pay more attention in classes like that. Classes. Classes? What? Why was I even thinking about paying attention at a class! I don’t think I’ve raised my hand to answer a question since 3rd grade! Suddenly, I started thinking of formulas. Dates! Thoughts like this swirled around in my head. a2+b2=c2.? Unalienable rights? What????? How do I even KNOW this stuff? Where is this coming from? This is NOT good. Not good at all. What will they think of me if I raise my hand? I’ll no longer be the most popular elephant. ~~Eleanor~~

Slowly. I crept up to where I thought the noises were coming from and saw not a lion but a fleeting streak of gray?? With a little pink? Could it be--- no, of course not. That’s crazy. Jade wouldn’t follow me home. Wait. Yes, she would. Yes, she could. She does what she wants when she wants. Yes. That was definitely Jade. I plopped down in the middle of my ground, and I cried. I cried for my family. For my life. For my home. For my looks. For everything. And Jade emerged from the trees. ~~Jade~~ Ok, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I did that. Maybe it was just an impulse. Or maybe it had to do with that whole formula thing. I stood there for a long time. She looked at me. I looked at her. After about 5 minutes of staring, I managed to get out a few words. “Sss-ss-o yy-yy-you-uu l-llive h-h-he-here?” First time I’ve ever not had an instant response to something. “Um…yeah…why are you here??” Eleanor had more confidence in her voice than I did. “I…uuuhhhhmm…I… thought-you-lived-in-a-mansionso-I-decided-to-follow-you-home-because-I-wanted-toknow-why-you-were-always-sad-and-I-live-in-a-big-housewhere-are-your-parents-do-you-live-here-I’m-scared-I’mnot-supposed-to-be-here-so-ok-bye.” 8


We stood there staring at each other. Thinking. Not talking. Thinking. Suddenly, Jade started to turn just about as green as elephants can turn green, especially considering the fact that elephants can’t turn green. She opened her mouth, as if to say something, but quickly shut it again. “I’m scared,” she said. “Yeah, the first time in the forest is pretty scary. There’s a lot of creatures, but they learn to respect you after five years of living here, since after all, I am a strong elephant. It takes a lot to break me.” She took this in as I stood in awe of myself. I actually just talked to her. I stood up for myself. “No,” she said, trembling, “I’m not scared of the forest. I’m scared of myself.” ~~Jade~~ As I spoke, I felt different. I no longer wanted to be the most popular. The most pretty. The dumbest. I wanted to help. I enjoyed helping. I just talked and talked and talked about how I was going to change Eleanor’s life. I was going to get her a job that paid a lot of money so she could go to the high school she always wanted to go to. She would live in a real house. She looked at me. I looked at her. “No,” she says, “This is my home. It always has been since my family was killed in that freak storm a couple years ago.” “But Eleanor. Remember all the bad things I’ve ever done to you? This is me, repaying you. I know I’ve done some terrible, horrible, nasty things to you. And I know sorry isn’t going to cut it. You’re never going to forgive me, and I’m never going to forgive myself. I feel terrible about what I’ve done. So I’m going to pay for high school for you. You can still live here in the forest, but can I at least bring you, like, a shelter thingy? Oh, what are they called?” “Tents,” she said, “All right. I’m going to accept this because no sorry in the world would ever be able to fix it.” ~~Eleanor~~

Holy Ganesha. Was this really happening? Jade? What? Who? Did she really just change like that? I was so grateful, I couldn’t even find the words. I managed to mumble “thank you” over and over again. What’s crazy was she seemed so happy and free willing. No one put her up to this. This wasn’t a joke. 9

EPILOGUES Jade Jade graduated from Ele-Wood College and became a movie star (her parents made her). She had that job and quit after two years to start a charity for orphaned elephants. She treated them all fairly as if they were her own children. She taught seminars on how terrible it is to judge others because you don’t know what that person has been through. Jade was a big supporter in anti-bullying acts across the elephant kingdom. She died penniless but extremely happy. She was much loved by children of all ages all over the elephant kingdom. Eleanor Eleanor got a full academic scholarship to the best college for architecture. She spent the rest of her long and happy life designing beautiful houses for famous people, but what she really loved to do was to design and build for the poor. She never charged a cent. Eleanor died in her little patch in the woods. She would always be remembered as the one who came from nothing and with just a little help rose to the top.



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