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CONTENTS Cloud Picture Book ~ pages 1- 26 Writer: Grace Newhall Editors: Mr. McGinnis and Mrs. Finkenkeller Head Consultant: Lucy Bloomstran

Once upon a time, three clouds were planning a party in the park.

p. 1

Bob, a stratus cloud, planned to bring punch.

p. 2

Joe, a cirrus cloud, planned to bring homemade cookies.

p. 3

Fred, a cumulus cloud, planned to bring paper party hats. p. 4

They talked for a long time about their party.

p. 5

“So, how many people are we having at the party?� said Bob.

p. 6

“I don’t know, lets just make it us. I don’t want people to come and eat all the cookies. I want cookies, too!” said Joe. p. 7

Near by, another cloud was listening.

He was very upset that he wasn’t invited.

p. 8

The three clouds were at their party.


They were drinking punch and having a good time. p. 10

Bob was talking to Fred and Joe.

p. 11

“I rained right before I came in because I ran into a pole, and I scrapped my knee,� said Fred. p.12

“I’m going to New York on Wednesday,” said Joe. “Cirrus clouds can only travel east.” p.13

“A few other stratus clouds and I are going to the Rocky Mountains to make fog!� said Bob.

p. 14

They continued to talk and eat cookies.

p. 15

Suddenly, they heard a big BANG!

It was coming from the front door. p.16

George, a CUMULONIMBUS cloud, was breaking into the party!

p. 17

He rained, hailed, thundered, snowed, and shot lightning at the other clouds! p. 18

He finally ran out of rain, hail, and snow.

p. 19

George sighed and started to cry.


“Why are you so upset?” asked Joe. p. 21

“You didn’t invite me to your party, and you were talking about it right in front of me!” whined George.

p. 22

“We’re sorry, George. We didn’t mean to hurt your feelings,” said Bob, Joe and Fred.

p. 23

“Well, now you’re officially invited!” said Bob enthusiastically.

p. 24

George leaped with joy, and he had a great time at the party with his new friends. p. 25

!e End!

p. 26

! FAIRY TALE Once upon a time, there was a Cloud Kingdom. The Cloud Kingdom was deep in the land of Freckles, right above the Fruit Mountains. One day, a little boy cloud named Charlie was floating down the street in a city named Oop, watching all the clouds glower at him. He stopped by the supermarket to pick up some delectable potato chips. This cloud boy was very overweight. So he went to join the other fat clouds on a large couch in front of a T.V across the street from the supermarket in a small shack. He and the other overindulged clouds where not very happy. They were fat, lazy, and uncool. The towns’ people wanted to stop obesity, but were unwilling to do anything about it. Charlie plopped down upon the couch next to Sara, a girl cloud that was obese and George, a boy cloud that was also obese. Eating the delectable potato chips, he watched T.V for sixteen hours. This was very unhealthy. After sixteen hours, the inert clouds heard a knocking on the door. None of the clouds on the couch acknowledged this knock on the door. It came again. Charlie looked over towards the door. The knocking came again. “Who could it be?” he thought. This time, there was no knocking. The door swung open and standing there was Charlie’s mother, wearing her purple glasses. “You need to get some exercise. Why don’t you take Chloe for a walk? You need to get outside some today. At the mention of her name, the sound of toenails on the tile floor filled the air. Reluctantly, Charlie grabbed the leash. “All you guys should get outside, too,” Charlie’s mother said to the other clouds. “FINE,” they all said. p. 29

“Let’s go down the road until we get to the edge of the Cloud Kingdom, and then we’ll turn around and go home,” Sara said. “Okay,” said Charlie. They walked down the street and turned left. Then they walked for about half a mile, and they saw the edge f the Cloud Kingdom. “IT LOOKS SO COOL!!!” said George. Over the edge of clouds, they looked below and saw the peaks of the Fruit Mountains. “ It is really beautiful,” commented Sara. “Isn’t it Chloe?” Sara looked down, but Chloe was not there. Charlie noticed, too. “Where is Chloe,” he said. They heard a bark from the highest peak of the Fruit Mountains. “CHLOE!” Charlie yelled angrily. “We’ll have to go get her.” The clouds floated off the side of the kingdom, and ran after Chloe. They ran for so long, they lost half their body fat. Clouds lose their body fat 85% faster than us, the humans, because they sweat out their water vapor. By the time they found Chloe, they couldn’t run. They were cured of obesity, but they were very far away from home. “How are we going to get back home?” asked Charlie. “ I guess we walk,” said Steve, a now very thin cloud. No one objected, so off they went, passing through the brown sugar desert. “Come on Chloe!” said Charlie. Everyone continued to float very slowly. “I’m hungry!” whined Sara. “Well the sand is brown sugar! Why don’t you eat that?” “But then we’ll get fat again! We’ll just have to wait until we get to the Fruit Mountains,” replied Sara.

p. 30

Every one floated very slowly. After a long, tiring journey through the desert, they reached the Fruit Mountains. “Finally! We can eat! Let’s stop and look around. Maybe we can find some strawberries and watermelon!” The clouds wandered around and ate LOTS of fruit. Sara, Charlie and some other clouds wandered around the Mountains until they saw something hidden in the grape vines. “Look! It’s a cave!” cried a little girl cloud. They all scrambled in with the rest of the clouds that heard them. They heard a groan, and something behind them moved. They immediately turned around. Out of a Jell-O pond, the Fruit-ness Monster, a cousin to the Loch ness Monster, rose so his head and neck were visible. “Everyone! Get out of the cave!” Sara screamed. Everyone scrambled to the cave entrance, but the Fruit-ness monster struck his tail against the fruit above the entrance, and the crashing piles of grapes and oranges swallowed the only way out. Everyone screamed frantically. The Fruit-ness monster was now climbing out and swinging his tail rapidly, and he glowered ominously at the clouds. Charlie looked around and noticed a slightly plump cloud eating and digging his way out. Charlie got an idea. “Half of the clouds come eat with him! Fruit is nourishing!” he said pointing at the cloud eating and digging. “ Half stay over here to distract the monster!” The clouds evenly distributed themselves so half ate. The others ran around, so the monster would chase them. After about 5 minutes, a cloud yelled, “Aaaaahhhhh!!!” Looking up, Charlie and Sara saw a very thin cloud in the mouth of the Fruitness monster. “Aaaaahhhh!!!” the cloud screamed again.

p. 31

“ WE HAVE TO HELP THAT CLOUD!!!” yelled Charlie. Considering everyone was staring at the cloud in the monster’s mouth, there was no question of which cloud Charlie was talking about, but by the time everyone started poking at the monster’s feet, it was too late. The monster had already swallowed the thin cloud. Since the Fruitness monster was made of fruit and fruit flavored Jell-O, the clouds could see her floating in the Jell-O. Suddenly, she started to shove the Jell-O from the monster’s belly into her mouth. “Everyone fighting! Stop! Start eating the monster’s belly!” Sara yelled over the chaos. “The wall is open!” half the clouds screamed over Sara. “Help us eat her out!” said Charlie in response as everyone in the cave calmed down. Everyone ate. The monster smacked some clouds as he fought, but there were to many clouds for the monster to defeat. The monster’s belly didn’t stand a chance. With the trapped girl’s help, in less than a minute, they ate through the Fruitness monster’s belly, and they pulled out the girl. “Go!” Sara yelled over the roars of the monster. Everyone filed out and ran into another cave. “Everyone! Through that crack!” Barely visible, a small crack in the far corner of the cave showed. Everyone was amazed at what they saw. In front of the crack stood wild orange, pink and blue Pegasus. They almost shimmered as a hole of light from the top of the cave hit the magical creatures. “WHOA!!!” said Sara, staring at a pink Pegasus. “They’re so pretty!” said a little group of girls in awe. “Majestic magic beasts,” whispered George. “WE CAN RIDE THEM HOME!!!” said Charlie enthusiastically. “Great idea, but we better see if they’re approachable.” said Sara. p. 33

She picked an apple of the side of the cave and offered it to one of the Pegasus. She slowly walked towards it and stopped. The Pegasus approached Sara and took the apple from her hand. She rubbed the Pegasus’s neck. “They’re approachable. Just give them an apple,” said Sara. The clouds grabbed apples and fed the Pegasus just as Sara had. In a few minutes, they had clambered up the Pegasus’s back, and prepared themselves for flight. “Hear we go!” the clouds said simultaneously as they took off. Soaring through the sky was nothing anyone of the clouds thought they would do on a wild Pegasus. With great ease, they steered the wild creatures into their hometown. They dismounted near the supermarket where Charlie had gotten his potato chips. All the now thin clouds were very happy to be home. They approached the shack where he had watched T.V for so long. Inside the shack they saw Charlie’s mom. “Well, you were gone for four hours, and you must have lost a hundred pounds each! I’m so proud of you all!” Charlie’s mom said a she saw them floating in. “Why thank you, mom,” said Charlie. “I’ll get you some juice!” said Charlie’s mom. As the clouds were drinking juice Sara asked “Well, now what do we do?” “We could have a slumber party!” suggested Charlie. “That sounds like a good idea,” said Charlie’s mom. And that’s what they did. The clouds decided to change their eating habits. They LOVED being skinny, but they would still allow a soda once in a while. And they lived happily ever after. p. 34

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