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Werewolves by Andrew Keeney Some people think that werewolves are shape shifters.

Here are some facts about werewolves. Did you know that some people have a mental illness where they believe they’re werewolves at night, and they eat things like squirrels and dogs.

The average werewolf weighs 230 pounds.

Table of Contents Bitten- pages 1 - 8 Adrenaline Rush - page 9 Werewolf Rap - page 10


Bitten One summer night, Jack Yoshi was walking on Lakeside Ave in Denver, CO. All of the sudden, he felt like he was being watched. He looked around and saw a pair of yellow eyes staring back at him. Jack backed away frightened. “They could be fake,� he told himself. But then, with agonizing slowness, they moved.


Jack screamed and ran for his life! He heard grunting and footsteps from behind him. Jack looked around, but it was too late. The werewolf bit him and pulled him up a hill, through a tunnel, down a hole, and into his cave lair. When Jack woke up, he was surrounded by darkness and beings chanting and moving in a circle around him. He looked down at himself as he remembered what happened. He cried out in fear as he had grown thick brown hair. When he looked up at the beings again Jack was scared, and he didn’t know what to do. “I think that these… things brought me here, screwed me up and now they are dead meat.” He leaped out with unnatural speed, clawed the being closest to him, and felt nothing. There was nothing in front of him. He jumped at another, and it too vanished. Soon there were only two left. He thought “Right or left? Well I’m right handed, so I’ll go left.” He jumped and passed through the being. Suddenly, he heard clapping and sinister laughter filled with contempt. “Good job, verdy good job.” The werewolf that bit him said. “Wha????????” Jack said confused. Jack then heard the voice of the werewolf in his head, “You do realize that lycan are telepathic, and that’s why we understand each other so well. Our leader Gorvïchiväüvê, or Gory, can give directions that we can all hear, but the enemy won’t. At first we only used telepathy to yell at each other without making noise. But one day I made a friend, Gory, and we started thinking at each other. We decided to make a giant army of lycans using telepathy. When we were in the process of building our stronghold in Transylvania, the vampires attacked. We fought like the devil when he is mad. When the sun came out all the Vampires that attacked were incinerated. Out of 5000 lycans there were only 1500 left. So here we are now, recruiting again. There have been some skirmishes between the armies, but we are on top.” “What is this place, and what is your name werewolf?” “Grrrr… never in your life will you call your master a werewolf.” He said in a cold voice as he spat out the word. “What are you than?” He said the next words slowly,, as if it was hard to explain, “I, in the English language, am called a lycan. Just then, there was a shutter, a crash, and a cold whistling noise. All of the sudden figures appeared in the entryway. They had guns and were shooting silver bullets at the lycan. “Duck! Run! Weave! Get out of the way Jack!”


The lycan then turned to the sound and howled a sound only the ones condemned to death can make. The lycan then charged like an enraged steer at the whistling sound out of the cave and then was gone. Everything in the cave was quiet. Then, out of the blue, the lycan that bit him said through telepathy, “As my last wish, look under the 5th stalagmite, go meet Gory, and do not forget Drangovichivin.” Jack went to look under the 5th stalagmite, and he encountered a surprise. There were platinum claws, a platinum breastplate, and platinum horns as the label said, “For piercing on the go!” There was a note on one of the claws that said: “Jack, I want you to go to Transylvania to meet Gory.” Sincerely, Dragovichivin “I have to go meet Gory in Transylvania,” Jack thought to himself. As Jack ran out of the cave, looking for a car to hot-wire, he realized he was still in lycan form. Jack thought to himself “how do I change back to my human form? Aha! I’ll just visualize myself in my human form!” As Jack closed his eyes and thought of himself as a human… When he opened his eyes, he was wearing a black leather jacket, a black shirt with a silver wolf on it, silver mirror aviators and neon yellow Adidas high tops. When he came out of the cave, he looked around for a car to hot-wire, and his eyes settled on a cherry red Ferrari next to a house. There was a girl in the car. Then he walked over to the girl. “Um, can you drive me to L.A?” Jack said pleadingly. “I’m sorry, I just can’t spare the time to drive some random dude to L.A.” she said shyly. “Oh well then.” he said with a smirk. With that he lifted her over, protesting, to the passenger side and drove away. A couple minutes later after much protesting, she passed out. “Thank god i thought she’d never shut up.” Hours later they had to stop at a gas station. There were some country folk talking there. As soon as they saw the car pull up, one lady said, “HOLY CRUD! A FERRARI


As soon as they left, the girl said, “OMG, YOU JUST STOLE MY FREAKING CAR!,” she yelled angrily. “Yep and you shut your mouth!” Yelled Jack “Don’t even say a word.” Jack said dangerously. Just then Jack accidentally turned into a lycan. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! YOUR A FREAKING LYVAN, DUDE! “Ya i kinda knew that. Now, I don’t want you to say anything unless you absolutely need to.” They drove in dead silence until it was pitch black outside, and then Courtney wanted to go to a hotel. “Jack can we please go to a hotel?” Courtney said pleadingly. “Why do you want to go to a hotel and spend money?” Jack asked inquisitively. “First, I want to sleep on a real bed. Second, I want to shower, and third the humidity is making my hair frizzy.” “Fine, we will stop at a hotel in LA, so we will stop in like 10 minutes.” As the pair rolled into L.A., they looked for a hotel. “There! a Holiday Inn!” said Courtney. “I’ll go make the reservation” “Ok.” As Courtney went to make a reservation, Jack saw a shuttle in the parking lot, and he thought to himself “ I can just ditch Courtney and take the shuttle to the airport.” Jack made a run for the shuttle and told the driver to go to the airport. After a 20 minute drive Jack got off the bus, went inside, bought a plane ticket to Transylvania, and got some snacks for the flight. “Hey, it’ll be better than airplane food.” He thought. When he got on the plane, Jack felt sleepy. “I need a nap,” he told himself. As soon as he hit the seat, he went into a deep sleep. After a long flight and a long nap he heard, “Please put your seats in an upright position, and put your trays away. We are coming in for the landing in Transylvania.”


Chapter 2 When Jack got out of the plane, he looked for a car to hotwire. When he looked behind him, there was an army tank that was just sitting there on the runway. Jack ran over, vaulted in, threw the soldier out of it, and drove away. 120 miles later he pulled up at a tollbooth in the tank and scared the living daylights out of the little old lady. “Um y-you c-c-can pass for f-f-free.” said the little old lady. “Thanks my good miss.” Jack said politely. “Hmmmm… how do I get to the lycan stronghold? Oh, here we are, a GPS. How convenient.” Jack thought to himself. “Hmmmm ok, so lets put in lycan stronghold. Ah here we go, turn left in three feet, and knock on that tree. Huh, sounds simple enough.” Jack walked over to the tree three feet away. It was humongous. It was 12 feet by 19 feet and 999 feet tall. Jack then knocked on the trunk and found it hollow. A slot slid aside and a pair of eyes said telepathically, “Do you want to pass into the World of Demons?” “Yurp” Jack said weirdly. “Ok,” the face said disinterestedly. On silent hinges the tree opened up and produced a swirling golden portal. Jack walked forward cautiously and stepped through the portal. On the other side of the portal there was dead grass and a magnificent fortress on a cliff face. As Jack looked in front of him, the land was dead. The grass was grey and trampled, and there were a countless number of tents of blood red gathered under the cliff. Next to the fortress there were 10,000 tents of pure silver. A guy with wings came up to him and said, ”Ok what vampire clan are you in, and what is your name?” “Uh…”Jack said confusedly. “Come on chop chop! I haven’t got all day ya know,” the vampire said agitatedly. As soon as the vampire finished talking, Jack changed forms, put the platinum horns on his head and whacked him in the face. After that, Jack ran for his life towards the cliff, with vampire guards chasing him.


Jack got to the base of the cliff and jumped as high as he could. Jack jumped 50 feet in the air, but he started to fall. He scrabbled onto a ledge. Jack then used his claws to climb to the top of the cliff and to the safety of the lycan fortress. As Jack walked around the mass of tents, a random hand grabbed him and said, “Where is your name tag?” asked the voice slowly. “Um, I’m new here, and I have to see Gory immediately, Dragovichivin is dead.” Jack said gravely “Follow me.” They ran past 2,000 tents and up into the Great Hall of the Castle where they found a group of lycan huddled over a map of the valley below them. “Gory! There is a new guy who wears the platinum armor of Dragovichivin and says he is dead. He also says that Drago trained him and that he is his successor.” “Hey, I never said I was the heir of Drago, and that he trained me. I said he bit me. Then vampires killed him.” Gory turned around and studied Jack. Gory was about 8ft tall and 700lbs of pure muscle! “So you claim to be the successor of my brother from another mother. You can prove yourself on the battlefield tomorrow at noon.” Right after that, Jack was ushered out of the hall and taken to a tent by the lycan that found him. Right after that, he ate dinner and fell asleep. The next morning, the camp was silent, while everybody was lined up in rows of 500 on a slope going to the valley. Gory, Jack, and some of the lycan that had been at the map table were in the front line. Surprisingly, they all had weapons. Most carried spears, while Gory had a battle-axe, and Jack had a huge broadsword. The vampires were opposite them, so it made it a pitched battle. Everything was silent. Then with a hiss, the vampires surged forward individually. As soon as they moved the lycan gave a blood-curdling ]roar and charged in a blood wrath toward the enemy.


The stench was horrible, but the vampires fell before Jack’s sword like grass before a scythe. Every time Jack struck one down, two more would take its place. The lycan fought for hours never tiring of the battle. In the middle of the battle a mist rolled in from the south, and they could only see what was 10ft away from them. Then it all stopped. The mist cleared, and the vampires were all dead. A howl of anguish erupted from thee lycan army. Only 300 were left. The great leader Gory had fallen. That night a funeral pyre was constructed 40ft high and 18ft wide. There was much drinking and many ballads sung. The food was the best that the castle cooks could provide in Gory’s honor. “Everybody! Everybody! Let us have a moment of silence for the greatest leader in lycan history.” called one of the surviving generals of the massacre. There was silence in the great hall and the entire castle for three minutes “Now you may eat until you pass out in our leader’s honor!” He yelled with such ferocity that the window panes shuddered with the force. One of the lycan stood up and said I would like to take a vote on our next leader.” There was chaos in the hall. Daggers impaled the table in a roar of approval. The lycan then nominated people to be their leader. When Jack’s name came up nobody raised their hands because they thought he was too young. When it was over, one of the councilmen was elected. “Well I don’t know about y’all, but I’m going to go live life. So can I leave now?” Jack asked, clearly bored. “Yes, Jack, you can go now.” the new leader said in an irritated way. Jack walked out of the great hall through the camp and down the slope to the entrance of the little world. When he left, he got in his tank and drove to the nearest village.. When Jack got to the village there was a busy tavern with a “HELP WANTED” sign. Jack went and interviewed for the job, forgot about collage, and worked as a happy bartender for the rest of his life.


The End

Jubilant and Anguished Energized with adrenaline, my strength surprises me. Panting with fatigue, ears flying back, I come to a stop and I howl! My heart pounds, and my body shakes with bottled up energy. I see my prey a hare. He looks into my eyes, sees my intention, and bolts. I charge after it like an enraged moose. I gain on him and pounce, crunchity crunch crunch. Jubilation. How come I just killed the hare? I am a monster. That hare did nothing to me, and I just killed it! Being a human was fun. There were no screaming ladies saying “Monster! Monster!� I am a monster. Anguished.


W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Howlin at the moon! W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Eatin people up! W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Lookin like a BOSS! Fluffy an’ deadly that’s what they are Bathed in silver, howlin’ at the moon MAAAN! See I really wanted to have lamb chops tonight, so I made a plan where I wear a ghillie suit and pounce on a sheep as it comes my way. Man where are the sheep? Did the did the sheep man find my plan? Sheep are like candy sweet and tasty like carmel corn.

! !


W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! When the moon shines bright my fur is as dark as the night. My eyes shine bright like the sun. Right? When I find my next victim i’m eatin’ them like burgers and fries I feel like the hunters be huntin’, but they just can’t find me i’m like the shadow of the dark night! ! W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Howlin at the moon! W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Eatin people up! W-w-w-w-w-w-Werewolf! Lookin like a BOSS!


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