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Are you ready to laugh? Well, then you’re in the right lane! Sit down, curl up with your favorite horse, and relax! Maybe even eat some apples. Just don’t get any ideas.. Do you want to know the most favored horses in the world? From all around the world, horses with brains, beauty and personality are just a page turn away!

Exclusive Summer Line! Jackets, gloves, britches, chaps and shirts at amazingly low prices for fun, and for show! All the proceeds will go to the featured charity of the month, Blue Horse Charity. This is an organization that keeps horses out of the slaughter house.

Our charity of the month, Blue Horse Charities!

Table 2 A letter from the editor.

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3-4 All horses are amazing. There are so many different breeds, it’s had to keep track! But, on our international website, we had people from all over the world choose their top five. Who knows, you might even see your top five on our list!

Contents 6 This month’s clothing line is here!

We have adorable new styles and great tips to make not only you and your horse look great, but to make you look great together!

7 The rolex just passed, and we have all the info you need about it! And...surprise! Once in a lifetime contest inside! Could you be the next grand champion of the Rolex?!

5 Are you ready to laugh? Well,

8 Our favorite fan photo of the month. then you’re in the right lane! Sit down, For a chance to be in our magazine, curl up with your favorite horse, and send in yours at relax! Maybe even eat some apples. Just don’t get any ideas... p. 1

Letter From the Editor

Hi readers! I am always excited about each months’ issue release, but this month I’m especially excited. We know that we get a lot of readers, for we are the World’s most known equestrian magazine. However, there are still a lot of riders who think our magazine is dumb. Well, you wait ‘til they hear about this! In the table of contents, you might’ve been surprised to see that there was an extra page. Well, that’s because we knew that if people saw it on the cover, they’d buy our magazine and say it’s their favorite! For all you loyal readers who buy every edition of our magazine, here’s a little something for you. How about a chance to compete in a World renowned competition?!! If you’re a rider, and you think you have what it takes, we’re giving you a chance to enter..... THE ROLEX! I have a connection with the people who run the competition, and they all agreed that we would host a competition to give you an all expense paid trip to compete! To read more, check out the flyer on page 7! This month I chose Blue Horse Charities as our donation charity because of their amazing love for horses. Their goal is to protect the beautiful creatures that have served us for hundreds of years. We make horses go through grueling work, and we make them carry us through wars. Still, some people just want to turn them into a burger. Please, help us support Blue Horse Charities, and let’s keep horses out of the slaughter house. I hope you like this months edition, and thank you for sticking with us through all our strange months.

Kyra Ruben editor of The Chestnut

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TOP 5 HORSE BREEDS All  horses  are  beautiful,  and  different  breeds  have  different  personalities.    So  most   7ind  it  hard  to  choose  a  favorite  breed.    A  horse  needs  to  be  strong,  yet  gentle,  and  a  loyal   friend.    And  also,  most  people  don’t  mind  if  they’re  pretty.    So  here  is  the  world’s  top  pick  of   beautiful  horses  with  beautiful  personalities. 1. Arabians- Arabians are a breed of horses that evolved from ancient deserts of the Middle East. Arabians are now one of the most popular breeds in America, because Arabians have incredible energy, a gentle personality, and are very intelligent. These traits allow riders to do better in most equine sports and activities. Today, Arabians spend as much time on trails and in the fields as they do at horse shows and other events. 2.Quarter Horses- Quarter horses are great at sprinting over long distances, and are nicknamed ‘World’s fastest athlete’ and ‘America’s horse’. They are short, usually don’t need a martingale because of their refined head, and a well- body with powerful, rounded headquarters. Quarter horses come in nearly all colors. The most common color is a brownish red color, or sorrel, which is part of the ‘chestnut’ group. Quarter horses also come in different colors like black, bay, brown, buckskin, grey, , dun (blue and red), bay roan (blue and red also) and white. 3. American Paint Horse- the American Paint has a pattern of a white and darker color, and looks like it has ‘paint’ splattered on it. It is nicknamed a ‘Paint’ horse, put is sometimes called pinto, although there is a huge difference between the two. Those two terms are both used to describe spotted horses, but a pinto is different from a paint solely due to bloodlines. A pinto can be born from any different breed of parents, although recently some Pinto registries have added some restrictions, but for an American Paint horse to be registered, it must have been born from an American Quarter horse, an American Paint, or a Thoroughbred, although a small number of ‘solids’ have registered in to the Paint registry.

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4. American Miniature-the american miniature is a breed based on height, which means by the time they’ve finished maturing they can’t be more than 34 inches tall. These tiny horses are replicas of their larger cousins and will look like Quarter Horses, Arabs, and Draft Horses. Minis thrive on attention and are actually very intelligent, which makes them great companions for young children especially. People who can’t afford the time and upkeep of a horse find them wonderful for relieving stress, and being a sweet and adorable friend. 5. Thoroughbred- The Thoroughbred is a horse originally bred in England, and only came to North America in 1730. The Thoroughbred comes in a wide variety of colors, such as Bay, Black, Chestnut, Gray, Roan, White, and Palomino. It developed in the 17th and 18th century, when the native mares were crossbred with Arabian, Barb, and Turkoman stallions. The Thoroughbred is a tall, slim, athletic horse who is used mostly for racing, but also used in many other equestrian sports. Although ‘Thoroughbred’ usually refers to any purebred horse, it technically only refers to the Thoroughbred breed. thoroughbreds are said to be ‘hot blooded’, and are known for their agility, spirit and speed. !




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The REAL Horse News So, everyone  has  probably  heard  of  bike  lanes,  right?    Well,  we  are   proposing  a  new  idea  that  equestrian  bike-­‐lane  lovers  will  love!    Horse   Lanes.    Yes,  Horse  lanes,  lanes  for  horses.    I  mean  really,  we  have  lanes  for   over-­‐sized  treadmills  with  pedals,  why  can’t  we  have  them  for  beautiful,   caring  animals  who  just  want  to  mingle  and  canoodle  with  bike  riders?!    

Now, here’s  how  we’d  set  this  upon  the  roads.    Of  course,  horses  and  bikers  would  have   different  lanes  so  the  puny  bikers  wouldn’t  get  run  over,  and  then  cars  would  be  in  between  the   two.    And  we’re  considering  having  an  English  lane  and  a  Western  lane,  with  poles  on  the  Western   lane  and  jumps,  preferably  oxers,  on  the  English  lane.    Then,  of  course,  we’d  have  a  pregnant  and   old  horse  lane  with  lots  of  grain  and  pretty  7lowers.    And  if  a  horse  kicks  or  bites  other  horses,  they   would  wear  a  special  bumper  sticker  saying  ‘I  have  muscle  spasms’  or  ‘I  sharpen  my  teeth  every   day’.    Don’t  we  have  such  creative  staff…? Since  horses  sometimes  have  a  tendency  to  ‘run  out’  on  a  jump  or  barrels,  a  penalty  for  a   driver  hitting  a  horse  would  only  be  the  cost  of  the  horse  times  10,  for  food  and  board  costs.    Of   course,  it  would  depend  if  the  driver  is  an  equestrian,  because  they  would  never  hit  a  horse.    On   the  other  hand,  some  horse-­‐hating  humans  would  probably  get  a  seven  hundred  dollar  fee,  plus   10  times  the  horses  cost.       So,  now  that  we’ve  explained  how  our  horse  lanes  will  work,  we  want  to  show  you  an   actual  image  of  a  horse  lane  that’s  been  set  up  in  the  virtual  world  of  horse-­‐tropica!  ENJOY!     @http;

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Most people, when thinking of equestrians, think of tight jackets, uncomfortable boots and collared shirts. But, you can have much more fun with clothing than that. One of my favorite things that are going on right now are the color coordinations between horse and rider. Riders are designing their show wardrobe based on their horse, and it not only looks cool, but the judges seem to like the idea as well. It makes your horses beauty stand out, and it makes you seem more together and professional. We also have some new apparel that cannot be found anywhere else. We want to make sure that you and your horse look as amazing as you are. So, enjoy, but don’t take too long! This is a limited pre- Summer edition. An adorable suit and tie set, made preferably for riders owning a gray horse. The light tangerine of the britches will bring out the silver of your horses coat. For a nice touch, have a white close contact pad with an cream colored all purpose pad. Only $59.95 for the jacket plus tie, and the cream shirt and orange britches for $23.99 and $34.99. If you buy the whole set, we’ll give you it for only $120 plus shipping. Baby blue cotton top, white full scarf colar. This is a particularly interesting shirt, because collars like this are not commonly found in US competitions, not because they’re disliked, but because they are usually very expensive. It’s 100 percent cotton, and guaranteed to last you a while. This shirt goes beautifully with dark chestnut horses, but not black. Leave the saddle pad simple and white, and let your horses coat seem dark and deep. It’s a beautiful contrast, for only $19.95.

These adorable half chaps are the finest quality, and guaranteed to last you a few years. The stripe down the zipper and the unique coloring that latches under your boot are some of the many beautiful details that these chaps provide. In baby blue, dust rush, and noir chic, they’re only $21.99, so this is a deal not to pass up.

All the proceeds from this line will be donated to the Blue Horse Charities, and organization that keeps horses away from the slaughter horse. For more info, visit them at www.bluehorsecharities. org

This sweater is our custom piece of the month. It’s airy, but thick so it’s perfect for Summer and Winter. With an adorable fringe ‘main’ on the sleeve, it adds a cute yet fierce personality to the item. It has a slimming shape near the waist, but widens towards the hips. This piece is meant for riders, as it is not for a ‘skinny’ shape. For a great price of $18.95.

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Rolex, 2014

  The   Rolex   just   passed,and  we   would   like   to   congratulate   the   winner   of   the   2013   Rolex,   Andrew   Nicholson   and   his   amazing   steed,   Quimbo.    For   those   of   you   who  don’t   know,  the   Rolex  is  one   of  the  biggest  equestrian  competitions  in   the  World.     It   is   a   three   day   competition   based   on   three   different   skill   tests   :   dressage,   show   jumping,   and   cross   country.     It   takes   a   great   relationship   with  your   horse   to  win   the   Rolex,   and  do  it   safely.    The  horse   and  rider  must  train   for  years  to  win  a  competition  like   this,  and   for   your  horse   to  be   loyal  to   you   like  that,   it  takes   love.    And  now  that  you  know  a   bit  about   the   Rolex,   lets  talk  about  the  upcoming   Rolex,   2014.     I   bet   you   haven’t   even   started   thinking   about   next   year,   and   if   you   have,   and  are   already   training   to  either  redeem   yourself  from  loss   or  win  as   a   beginner.                      If   so,   you  are  like  us.    Because   we   have.     And   we   have   an   offer   that   no   equestrian  can  pass  up.     Being  the  most  famous   equestrian   magazine   in   the   world,   we   have   great   connections.     Great   like   knowing   everyone   in  the   eventing   world.    So,  considering   our   reputation,  the  Rolex  has   finally   considered  an  idea  we  had  a  while  ago.    Holding  a  competition  to  let  one  of  our  readers   compete!!!!!!!  You  must  represent  the  United  States  of  America,  no   matter  where  you’re   from,  and  remember   that  you  will  have  to  do  well  in  all  categories   to  win.    A  competition   like   this  can  be   dangerous,  as  you  can  see,  and  think  it   over  before  you  enter.    But,  if  you   are  safe  and  know  what  you  are  doing,  you  should  be  okay.    No  promises.      

Would  you  and  your  horse  like  to  be  the  next  faces  of  the  horse  world?    If   so,  call  the  number  at  the  bottom  of  the  page.    We’ll  be  waiting!            -­‐Kyra  Ruben,  editor  of  the  The  Chestnut 1 314 304 4651

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This was sent in by Katy Lilihann . Thanks so much! This is a gorgeous shot. The picture on the second page, the editor’s note, was also from Katy. Keep it up, Katy. You have a gift!


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Kyra's Author Project

Kyra's Author Project  

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